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Yknow that one interview where the cast were asked that if they had to dress each other up in cosplay? what would they be

and Becky got SO EXCITED about the idea of Naomi dressing sexily as Tomb Raider. She keeps repeating herself

And then Naomi says … I’d put you in a chicken suit.

someone write a fic where Trimberly go to a comic con as gf’s in these outfits please

Harry is being really artistic and dramatic and deep. DO WE GET DORK HARRY SOON TOO? Please? Our lovable dorky bean whose eyes squint to no end when he smiles big and he wears colourful suits and giggles and trips over thin air. I want that to still be a big part so badly

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Hogwarts AU I imagine kuroo growing an anxiety because he thinks he scared kenma. one night he sees kenma sneaking into the forbidden forest to get some ingredients for his gift. Kuroo ends up saving kenma from trouble and confronts him why hes been avoiding him. Kenma taking kuroo's hand and leading him to the washroom where he's been secretly making his gift. Kenma performs the spell but for some reason it doesnt work out so he gets upset and kuroo just wants to kiss him for being such a cutie

ravenclaw kenma is a muggle-born and some of kuroo’s more conservative slytherin friends start giving him shit for hanging around kenma so much. he gets into a fight with daishou after he calls kenma a mudblood and almost gets suspended for casting a spell that makes daishou’s head bloat up.

while comforting kuroo about the incident, kenma tells him not to blame daishou for how his parents raised him, but he should help his friend know better because (as much as kenma dislikes daishou) he’s not really a bad person inside. kuroo knows that he’s right, especially since he personally knows daishou’s elitist parents, but is still a little sulky.

to cheer kuroo up he takes the opportunity to show him his completed gift. with a wave of his wand, gorgeous green-purple lights spill out from the tip and halo around them, dancing and flickering like the northern lights. kenma can’t help but let out a huge smile because finally it works, and turns to see a gobsmacked kuroo. he confesses, “i remember you telling me that at your very first quidditch game, you saw the northern lights in the sky and decided that one day you wanted to fly into them like those pro quidditch players did. i thought this would be a good alternative while you chased your dream.” and when kenma blushes, kuroo pulls him close and kisses him, and he doesn’t stop kissing him until the feeling of wanting to cry goes away.

he also hates that he’s now kind of glad daishou was being a dick this morning.

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥