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I didnt even think of it NOT to be a misha(mockumentary-eske)-prank until I read all this rant LOL. Do u guys honestly think staff at SDCC is so unprofessional and unorganised they’re not able to produce another chair? what have dabb and singer got to do with the number of chairs being put out?? Some peeps in this fandom need to cool their tits. How old are y’all, 14?

Also, a panel at this huge comic convention is not really the place for deep and profound panel questions & answers. It’s all fun and light.

Being almost exclusively friends with actors is wild tbh. Every discussion inevitably ends with us talking about makeup. I don’t even know anything about makeup. My friend Noah won’t watch Stranger Things bc one of those kids beat him for a part

Why has the TWFanmily lost it's mind? Stop pitting the boys against each other!

I swear some of the fandom has lost it’s mind. Some are hoping and wishing for some of the boys solo careers to fail. Why? 

Some people have a fave, it’s clear I do. But I am not going to start wishing the others to fail. The thing that I loved and still love about The Wanted was how different all 5 are. They all look different, act different and most importantly all have completely different voices. You always knew who sang what line. Voice’s are like art, 10 people could look at the same painting and feel something different. It’s the same with voices. There isn’t the best, there is the one that speaks to you the most.

Given how different they boys are, they are all gonna do different music, they aren’t rivals. Wishing “Nathan and Siva to flop and Max to slay” is not going to do anything only make the fandom look childish. They are not going to affect each others record sales. Last time I checked you could like more than one artist. If Tom’s album does amazing well it doesn’t mean Max’s or anyone elses can’t. Same for any of the boys

It’s clearly how excited I am about Nathan’s album, I am excited about some of the others but not all. Not gonna lie, I don’t personally like Siva’s voice and I can’t imagine wanting to listen to a whole album of him on my ipod. Do I want him to fail? No. I wish him well and that he achieves all that he hopes and is happy. Like if your not much of a Max or Nathan fan and you don’t want their albums, fine. But why the hate???

I want Nathan’s album to sell huge, I want tours, grammys, the glore. I am dreaming big for him. In no way does the others affect that dream, I am not hoping for the others to fail. They will all have such different sounds, different images, attract new fans. It’s not a competition with only one winner.

All 5 of the boys need all the help they can get. The music business is tough and unfair. The Wanted were not doing well, lets not forget “As of December 2013, the album had sold just 40,000 copies in the UK” and Glow in the Dark reached 177 in the UK charts!!! The boys solo careers failing is not gonna bring back The Wanted. What record company will sign the band again (Remember they were dropped)  after the band flopped and then the individual members flopped, no one.

The Wanted may never be back, or they may be back in 3 years. Whatever the case lets not have the last memory of the fandom wishing failures on any of the boys. You don’t have to love them all or even wanna support them, but leave the childish hate out. 

Here’s to all 5 guys reaching their dreams and goals whatever they maybe. I may not be a fan on everyone's solo journey but I wish them well. 


So I reached 2,000 followers on this wonderful site and I AM CURRENTLY SCREAMING. I can’t thank you guys enough for putting up with my football rants and constant crying over footballers. I remember joining back in July of 2014 & to be honest it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made! I would like to thank you all for always being here and here are a few special people people that I would like to thank(not that I love you guys any less)

#Banter squad: Jesh, Satah, Suba <3 - Where do I even start with you guys? YOU ARE MY WORLD AND THE ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT HAVE EVER HAPPENED TO ME. We literally talk about the weirdest shit but we do have our serious moments where one of us is having a bad day but then the rest of us immediately do our best to put a smile on their face. I thank you guys for being amazing and the realest friends ever. I love you guys so much and the day we finally meet we will collapse in a group hug filled with tears. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING <3  

P.S : Dr. Martin says hi

The poldi to my basti <3 - Brianna, you are my best friend and best sister <3 I want you to know that no matter what, I’ll always be here for you. You may be an arsenal fan but you are the coolest gunner out there. I love you so much and I cant wait till the day we meet and I will give you the biggest and longest hug. THANKS FOR BEING THE MOST AMAZING SISTER IN THE WORLD <3 


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Well, In the end I couldn’t figure out how to animate this to the muisc! Hopefully you guys can still enjoy and not be bugged by my silliness. I’d Like to think I might clean this up someday, but ass of right now with not being able to put it all together, that’s not likely XD

In the end, this is just me being silly towards some cool peeps, a good chunk of which I havent really spoke to all that much but, that doesnt mean I don’t think you’re rad! forgive me for clogging up your dashes.
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