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Using the power of fiction - Similarities between Kaneki and Saiko

Remember how folks have been seeing similarities between Kaneki and the original Q squad? Some go trough similar events or share character traits with him. With these thoughts in mind, this new chapter revealed something very interesting about Saiko. She has incredible imagination and skill to manipulate the shape of her kagune. She reads a ton of manga, watches anime and plays games, which inspire her to try and copy some of the interesting things she sees there.

During the fight with Urie she was reminded of Urie’s weightlifting so she created macho hands to counter him. Saiko copies stuff she reads and sees in fiction and in real life.

Well who, another nerd this reminds you? Our beloved bookworm Kaneki Ken. He read books to master and copy all kinds of skills, either them being martial arts related, or stuff like being able to turn into Sasako. Kaneki also copied peoples moves, like Shuu´s coiled spring kagune and sword, and as Sasaki his fighting style started to resemble a lot like Arima’s.

I think this skill for Saiko is very, very fitting and I like it a ton. It’s very like her to take something terrible like a kagune and turn it into a super cool and fun anime weapon. I think with her stances she also mimicks some typical shounen battle stances.

Prompt #42 “Sometimes, You Fall for Someone You Didn’t Expect but that Doesn’t Make it Wrong” PART 2

Originally posted by hi-i-am-paula

Written by Danielle

Word Count: 1504

A/N: Our most liked fic EVER is a lovely one Christina did a little bit ago and a lot of people really wanted a part two so… here it is!!! Although Christina wrote the first part, I really tried to capture the characters and keep cute moments from her writing to really tie this part two in with the first one. I am really nervous, but I hope you guys still like it! Christina and I both agreed that we’re not as good with coming up with more parts to a fic, but this one was highly requested. We would love to know what you think and requests are still open :) Love you guys! 

Originally loosely based off of prompt #42 from this list

Requested by: anonymous, @princeofsassgard , @tmrhollandkay , @lacklusterleah , @twilight-loveer , and @psychh-ic 

Read Part 1 here

There he was. You couldn’t help but smile as you entered the library and spotted Peter in his blissful state while studying. He was the only one you ever saw do so. He had a massive textbook out with papers sprawled like always. As he’s writing you walk towards him making sure he doesn’t see you (which isn’t too difficult since he tends to get really focused in his work). You stand behind him with your test paper in hand. You had gotten a B+ and couldn’t wait to show Peter your improvement. You wrap your arms around Peter, putting your paper in front of his face which confuses him for a moment. He smiles when he realizes it’s you and you both look at each other.

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Bookstore Mayhem

I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that’s how we both got banned from the quirky community bookstore AU 

[not my gif. Prompt via @dailyau & @lizdexia

Tony Stark x Reader

“I still don’t know how you convinced me to come in here.” Tony Stark complained. You had done your best to ignore him up until this point. He might be your best friend, but good god could he be a real pain in the ass without meaning it. You turn you head away from the shelves you’d been perusing just in time to see him wink at a passing store clerk. 

“Oh don’t give me that look!” He smirked at you. “You know you’re my number one girl.” You cross your arms and mirror his smirk. Of course you were his number one girl. The pair of you had known each other since…well you couldn’t really remember how long, which was probably due to the countless number of birthday tequila shots he’d encouraged you to down the night before. 

“I’m just impressed you found someone in the this city you haven’t already slept with is all.” You laugh, turning your attention back to the bookcase beside you. 

“Something like 8 million people live in this city. So there are pretty good odds against me having slept with that particular shop girl.” He pointed at the woman in question. She was now leaning against the counter whispering to another one of the bookstore’s employees. You rolled your eyes. Another clueless girl completely smitten with the man, the myth, the legend that was Tony Stark. 

“What is the population of Manhattan alone, like a million?” You try to change the subject since the two bookshop clerks had taken to throwing some serious hateraid your way. 

“Its actually one million, six hundred thirty six thousand, two hundred and sixty eight, but you know, who’s counting?” You could see him shrugged in your peripheral vision. 

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So I'm imaging how a Yeptune friendship starts
  • Yang: Hey Neptune, what'd you call me over here for.
  • Neptune: Oh, you know, not much... I just need a hand, not like I can't handle it on my own, pfft, I'm like, the master at handling things on m-
  • Yang: What's the problem Neptune.
  • Neptune: *Pauses before taking a deep breath*
  • Neptune: So-yesterday-I-hit-on-like-3-different-girls-and-that's-not-like-a-record-or-anything-but-they-all-turned-me-down-and-called-me-mean-names-and-so-I-went-to-sleep-all-sad-and-woke-up-feeling-crumby-this-morning-and-so-I-pilled-out-my-MV-Calc-test-I-just-took-and-redid-the-problems-I-got-wrong-because-that-makes-me-feel-smart-but-then-Sun-walked-up-and-asked-me-what-my-favorite-candy-was-and-I-told-him-Twizzlers-cause-that's-the-truth-but-then-he-said-"Are-you-sure-your-favorite-candy-isn't-Nerds?"-and-I-know-the-comment-wasn't-made-with-bad-intentions-but-it-still-hurt-and-I-started-to-cry-a-bit-
  • Neptune: ...
  • Neptune: So... uh... yeah I'm not having the best day so... I might want some help with... uh... you know...
  • Yang: ...Are you okay? Normally you're not so open with how... uh...
  • Neptune: Lame I am?
  • Yang: No, that's... not it.
  • Neptune: Yes it is and you know it. But that's why I need you're help. I wanna be cool! And you're, like, really cool. So could you, like, uh... teach me?
  • Yang: Like, give you... coolness lessons?
  • Neptune: If you wouldn't mind.
  • Yang: ...okay.
  • --------------------------------------
  • Yang: Okay, so the key to being cool is not to do things that are cool, but to do things in a cool way. Do what you would normally want to do, but just do those things with confidence. For example, what's something you want to do right now?
  • Neptune: Well, there's this book in the library on multi-variable-differntiation that I wanted to take out... Hey, I'm not a nerd, I just... like math.
  • Yang: Which is fine. Just own that you like math. Go over to the check out and don't worry about anyone judging you. because they won't.
  • Neptune: Yeah!
  • Yang: If anything, they should be jealous that they aren't as smart as you!
  • Neptune: Yeah!
  • Yang: Now go over that and get that book!
  • Neptune: Yeah!
  • --------------------------------------
  • Yang: So he grabs the book.
  • Blake: Okay.
  • Yang: Brings it over to the check out.
  • Ruby: Got it. and then?
  • Weiss: *scrunchy face*
  • Yang: Things were going fine. He had swagger, maybe he he was trying to hard, but he seemed confident if nothing else.
  • Pyrrha: So, what went wrong?
  • Yang: So, as it turns out, the person at the check out was some cute girl and he gave that look he gives girls, but...
  • Blake: But?
  • Yang: She asked him what he was going to do with that book and he started getting all defensive. And she started to tease him about it...
  • Ruby: And? How did he respond?
  • Yang: Well, he started to cry a bit. I guess he was still a bit sensitive after what happened earlier. He tried to play off by saying that he just found math incredibly beautiful.
  • Blake: *facepalm*
  • Yang: And he, in a state of panic, said "but not as beautiful as you"
  • Blake: *facepalm intensifies*
  • Weiss: *Scrunching intensifies*
  • Yang: And then she gave him a black eye.
  • Weiss: *face gets less scrunchy*
  • Blake: Seriously Weiss, what made you fall for that guy in the first place?
  • Ren: Well, probably because, when he first talked to her, he didn't know who she was, but still hit on her, complimented her, and was incredibly attractive to boot.
  • Pyrrha: couldn't you say the exact same thing about Jaune?
  • Everyone: ...................
  • Nora: Whatever you say Pyrrha.
  • Ruby: So, like, how's he doing now?
  • Yang: Yeah, well, that was about 2 hours ago. I bought him an ice cream and brought him back into his room where he started watching TV with this blank look on his face. I checked back on him later, but he was doing that finger gun thing to himself in the mirror and whispering "boo-yah" while tears were running down his cheeks. I figured it was better not to intervene. That was 5 minutes ago.
  • Yang's scroll: *Rings*
  • Yang: It's Neptune.
  • Ruby: What does it say?
  • Yang: It says "Today was great! I feel like I made some really great strides! I can't wait for next lesson! ;)"
  • Everyone: ........................