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Batfam cleaning headcanons
  • Dick once accidentally sucked up Tim’s iPad charger with the vacuum. 
  • Damian once intentionally attacked Tim with the vacuum. They ended up having to cut his hair just to set him loose and Tim was not happy.
  • When told to clean his room, Jason would, without fail, stuff everything into the closet and drawers… only to be busted by Alfred. 
  • Cass tends to do the same thing at her place, but more because she genuinely thinks she’s cleaning? Alfred is appalled when he opens a closet door and Literally Everything pours out.
  • Damian and Tim once had a “Windex fight”. 
  • Dick is really bad for not pointing the nozzle in the right direction when dusting or cleaning, and has sprayed himself in the eye many, many times. 
  • Jason once mopped the kitchen and forgot to tell anyone… so Bruce came back from patrol and slipped, falling face-down on the floor. When confronted, Jason shrugged and said that if Bruce had let him go on patrol “this wouldn’t have been a problem”. 
  • There is an ongoing competition to see who can scare Damian while he’s cleaning and wearing his headphones the most. Dick is currently winning with 7 confirmed scares. 
  • Eight-year-old Dick being made to do the occasional chore (at the behest of Bruce, “to teach him the values of diligence and hard work”) and singing “It’s The Hard-knock Life” from Annie just to piss of Alfred and Bruce. It works. 
  • Dick fell out of a window once when he was cleaning one of the top floor windows. Tried to do it again because he claimed it was “good practice”. 
  • Steph is forbidden from cleaning or touching anything in Wayne Manor after breaking a rare, antique vase that cost $1.2 million. She’s allowed to sit on the couch though.
  • Babs definitely stress cleans. Like, everything in sight. Don’t leave your stuff out when Babs gets really stressed because she will probably throw it away.
  • Dick dances and sings while he cleans, which means it takes him much longer and gets on everyone’s nerves because it’s usually cheesy pop or 80′s tunes. 
  • Bruce once took it upon himself to clean his own shower and Alfred found him laying on the bathroom floor, barely conscious, a strong fume permeating the room:
  • Alfred: *coughing through the fumes* Master Bruce! What on earth is— is that fear toxin?! Laughing gas? 
  • Bruce: No… *weakly points to a spray container* I used too much… Cillit Bang…. 
  • Alfred: *slowly stands and leaves the room without another word*

So, two buddies of mine and I have this cute Family AU with Victor, Yuuri and their adoptive son Yuri(o) going in which Yurio gives a crap about gender-norm clothes and wears skirts. However, one time he got bullied to the point he had to switch school.

And that’s when he met Otabek who totally encourages him to wear skirts and is ready to kick anyone’s ass if they dared to make a remark on Yurio’s clothing style.

(they’re still young kids here. Like, Yurio being about 5-6 and Otabek 7-8 years old)

I have way too many feels for this au ok?  b y e

Part 1 of the Family AU comic!

Once Upon a Time Casts Walking Dead Alum Andrew J. West in Finale Mystery Role, Possible Season 7 Regular

Walking Dead alum Andrew J. West has landed a potentially pivotal role in the Once Upon a Time finale — and any possible Season 7.

TVLine has learned that West, whose recent TV credits include the Once creators’ Dead of Summer, will guest-star in the Season 6 finale in an undisclosed role. He could then become a series regular if the “bubble” drama gets picked up for fall.

Though ABC is parting with no details on the role, TVLine previously reported that Once was casting a “strong yet vulnerable” leading man in his late 20s to mid-30s, a gent who was once optimistic and hopeful but now is a friendless, cynical recluse. That said, he still possesses a dormant, deep-seated spark of hope that waits for the right person to reignite it.

The other role being cast for the finale/Season 7 is a precocious 10-year-old with a “constant twinkle of mischief in her eye.” And though this girl comes from a broken home, those struggles have only made her stronger — something which will come in handy when darkness threatens “everything she holds dear.”

Once Upon a Time‘s recently resumed Season 6 continues this Sunday at 8/7c, with Episode 12, “Murder Most Foul.”

The Lucky One Pt 3

Characters: reader, James (Bucky), OC Caleb, OC Marjorie (reader’s mother), mention of OC Kevin Jenkins.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: mostly fluff, a lil angst.

Word Count: 2554

Tags at the bottom 

A/N: This fic was originally for Stark’s Tower Movie Challenge ( @hunters-from-stark-tower ). I hoped to have another part or two finished by the deadline, but life happens. :) I’ve based this fic on the movie/book “The Lucky One”. I’m really enjoying fleshing out this story and putting my own spin on it! I hope you agree. Please let me know your thoughts! 

<<<Part Two   Part Three   Part Four>>> 

The Lucky One Masterlist


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You heard the stable doors sliding shut, breaking you from your reverie. James closed the padlock around the chain and handed the keys to you.

“Thank you,” you responded, throat still a little thick with emotion.

“He’ll be okay,” James assured you. “Caleb. You’re doing right by him, I don’t doubt that.”

“I appreciate that. Have a good night, James,” you said with a sniffle. 

A generous smile touched his lips, this time even reaching his stunning blue eyes.  

“Good night, Y/N,” he echoed before walking away.


The rest of the week, James continued to be the perfect employee. He came early to start any repair projects he saw, fed the horses, mucked out the stalls, hauled bales of hay, and did all of it without complaint. Most days you had to remind him to take a lunch break and when to stop at the end of the day. You wondered if he actually even had an off switch. Around noon, when reminded, he would disappear for that hour for the first few days, but by the end of the week he was bringing a lunch of his own and would spend time with the horses. You could tell he was more comfortable around them and that fact made you oddly happy.

One evening after work was done for the day and James had gone home, you were sitting on your porch with your mother beside you. Caleb was laying on a blanket with his sketchbook, perfectly content. As the sun set and darkness rose slowly, you saw a figure walk past on the main road. It was James walking back from town with what looked like at least 5 grocery bags in his left hand and 3 or 4 planks of wood over his right shoulder. Quite the load to carry over such a long distance, although come to think of it, you weren’t sure where he was staying since there wasn’t much past your stables for miles.

Curiosity got the better of you so the next day, after discussing the training and feeding schedule, you breeched the subject.

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To go along with the ‘every batboy needs a Kryptonian best friend and an Amazon warrior’ post I just reblogged.

Just imagine tho, Jon and Dami with a little Amazonian girl keeping them in line.

She would have to be around their age, which is precious. Like 10-13. Or maybe a little older too, 14 or 15.


Damian Wayne being bossed around by a tiny but fierce 6-7 year old Amazonian girl.

I need this.

So badly.


Species: Galra
Age: 18 (assuming they have a similar lifespan to humans? If not he’s the equivalent of a 18 year old human)
Gender: Male
Height: 6′4 (average being 7′6) - 1.94m
Family: Orphan (?)
Story: Abandoned at an orphanage at a very early age and sold as a slave to the Galra military not long after. The soldiers and officers simply call him “runt”.Cares for the prisoners and performs simple tasks around the base.Frequently steals more food and medicine for the prisoners.

10-Year-Old Busts Myth About Trans People With Powerful Sign

According to Rebekah’s mom, Jamie Bruesehoff, Rebekah began living as her authentic self at 8 years old. She had suffered from mild anxiety and crippling depression as a result of being assigned male at birth. “We had a 7-year-old child in crisis,” Bruesehoff told The Huffington Post. “With the help of some excellent professionals and a lot of learning, we all came to realize she wasn’t a boy. She was a girl.”


Favorite Disney movies in no particular order                                                                                     - The Hunchback of Notre Dame [1996]

anonymous asked:

im kind of hoping for the yuu, mika, mitsuba and the others to find out about shinoa's past, i know its been explained in the light novels but they dont really know how much crap shes went throught and i really want them to know 😭

Yeah, I would like that too. Her childhood was… really messed up. Maybe she wasn’t physically assaulted (well, Kureto grab her by the neck once when she was little)… but mentally she had to endure a lot.

She basically grew up completely alone and neglected (and she also had poor nutrition).

The treatment towards Shinoa made her develop a mind that wasn’t “normal” for a 7 years old girl, being aware of themes like torture and the dark side of life and people, all because her family was basically like a “mafia” (She was even used as a hostage by her own “family”).

She couldn’t enjoy the feeling of being a kid and never had any friends to play with.

I remember one scene of the LN that hit me, it wasn’t super shocking but it made me feel sad: Guren went to Shinoa’s apartment and found her sitting on the sofa with the lights off, just staring at nothing. She was completely spaced out, with no life in her eyes, and that shows how pointless everything was for her. 

She woke up every day and just waited for the day to end, she didn’t understand why she was alive; And being abandoned by her sister, the only person that cared about her, just made it worse.

I don’t know if the Squad will ever find out tbh but, personally, I want to know everyone’s past!    


After looking through a lot of details between the Vinsmoke Family and Sanji… I just realized something. 

Could it be that the Straw Hats have their own arcs, like Sanji?

It isn’t impossible, considering that the manga is 65% complete prior 2015 (?) or 2016 (?). Though this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

Because you know, there are certain Straw Hats who did have an arc where they are the main focus. 

But let’s get down to this weird thoughts of mine.

Roronoa Zoro

We don’t know a single shit about the Roronoa family… aka Zoro.

We know practically nothing about his history, his family, his birthplace. All we know was that part with Kuina, and I think that’s the only major thing we know about his past. 

But I don’t think that’s all there is to it.

I mean, we knew about Sanji’s history relating to Zeff. I believe we all thought that’s all there is to it, but currently we have the Vinsmoke family. Surely almost no one anticipated the revelation of his relationship with a family of assassins. In fact, maybe no one thought that Sanji’s history would have an extension from his time with Zeff until way back from when he was born.

What if Zoro could have the same deep backstory… that may be revealed in the Wano arc? 

Look, Zoro’s childhood, as to how much was shown, is pretty shallow. It was said that he kept challenging dojos to get their signs, or whatever those were. Then he challenged the dojo where Kuina hailed. He couldn’t defeat her, so he became a trainee instead. He did that as a child, not more than 10 years old I guess. I think he was 7 at that time.

Where was his parents at that time? How did he end up alone, as a traveler? I mean, being alone at 7 years old is not normal.

Who are his parents, anyway? 

I have this strong feeling that his family has something to do with Wano. Well, this is just a speculation. There are notable theories about Zoro relating to Wano, like forbidden clans and the like. Check it out. 


Okay, I know we all agree that for Whole Cake Island Arc, Brook is the real MVP. He gets shit done for this arc. 

And you know what? Like Zoro, his history has some loopholes that could use some researching.

This is a common speculation about Brook’s past. He mentioned about being a leader of a battle convoy of a certain kingdom before becoming a pirate. Now, most speculate that this certain kingdom is the Germa 66. I’m not going to lie, this is a good theory. 

Brook reacted differently when hearing the name of the Vinsmokes and the Germa, and knew some facts behind those names.

And this:

The way Brook bowed at confirming about the Vinsmokes was something to note about proving this theory.

Main conclusion is that Brook was involved once with the Germa, learning about his fencing and swordsmanship skills, and somehow ended up being defected from the kingdom and joining the Rumbar Pirates. However, when Brook became a wanted man, the Germa must have looked out for him and annihilated him and his crew, considering that Brook’s crew was poisoned and the Germa is advanced in technology. 

Now, my question here is that: who is ruling Germa back when Brook was there?

Brook was a member of the Rumbar Pirates fifty years before the main storyline. Let’s say he was 38 years old. Where did he spend his childhood, and how did he end up being a battle convoy leader of Germa? Who was ruling Germa as it became the center of an enormous empire spanning the entire North Blue? Was it Judge’s predecessors? Some other Vinsmoke?

Now, I don’t think it was Judge who was ruling at that time, I mean it was 50+ years ago… unless Judge is not technically human

See, I noticed that during the Conquest of Four Nations, which was stated to have have happened some time in the distant past, Judge’s features were the same. Even thirteen years before the storyline, at Sanji’s flashbacks with his shitty family, Judge’s features is still the same as the present one.

It’s like Vinsmoke Judge isn’t aging at all.

Anyways, during the current story arc, The Whole Cake Island arc, Brook has yet to see Judge. If Brook recognizes him and Judge recognizes his name (if ever mentioned, because Brook cannot be recognized as a skeleton duh), then this Brook-has-a-history-with-Germa is confirmed. 

Main point here is that Brook is a potential arc-holder some time in the future. Maybe.

Nami, Usopp, Franky

Well, their backstories are pretty much already narrated, with clear stories of childhood and everything…

I only mentioned them for the sole reason that they have no surnames. Not like it’s a big deal, but I just thought of it. 

I mean… Who is that Straw Hat who didn’t have a surname until it had a great toll with the story? Vinsmoke Sanji.


We know nothing of Nami’s real parents. It’s just said that she was an orphan of an unknown village in a war where Bell-mère, as a Marine, was. We know Franky was abandoned by his parents, but who were they? 

As for Usopp, well… we know his parents. I just had the feeling I had to include him, for some reason.

Monkey D. Luffy

Don’t even get me started. He’s the mainest of the main characters.

Who is his mother? Why is Dragon a revolutionary, and not a Marine like his dad? What is Dragon’s power? 

A lot of mysteries surrounds his parents. If anything, he’s the most well-deserved to have an arc relating to his parents. 

Chopper and Robin has their own arc and clear history. Well, actually, Robin could still have one or two secrets but who knows? 

I know the exact moment I stopped being Christian.

I was 7 years old in Sunday school and I remember the pastor dude or whatever telling us about Heaven and angels, and he was going on about how angels looked like beautiful women but were in fact men and the entire time I was l thinking What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t remember reading about this? This makes no goddamn sense.

I was always super inquisitive as a kid and I questioned a lot of what was taught to me but it was this one moment with this Sunday school teacher’s weird angel headcanon that obliterated my trust in what adults at church tried to teach me.

I’ve been watching Big Little Lies and Chloe is my fave because 90% of the time she is listening to music from her incredible playlists and the other 10% of the time she’s just being adorable and sweet. She’s only like 7 years old and yet I’ve never related to a character more.

y'all are wild. like, the earliest that we know of natasha working for shield is 2009 in odessa, and by that time she was 25 years old. that’s 7 years between her being 18. she did not look younger than 16 at her graduation ceremony in aou so even if she had been working for shield for YEARS before odessa she still wouldn’t have been a minor when clint recruited her.

hers and bucky’s affair in the red room lasted for literally a total of like a month in the comics. 7 years equals to 84 months. and y'all are saying that there is no way in hell that they can fit four weeks in between those 7 years? 🤔


I’m not gonna reblog the original post this was on, because I’m not about to start something but: When did starting dance at 7 years old make you a late starter?!

Late starter at 7 years old???

Y'all, when I was growing up being a late starter meant starting at like 12. Not 7. That’s insane. Can we like un-do where that’s a thing? Calling someone who started competing at age 8 a late starter is toxic to say the least. That’s how we drive kids into being burned out by 12 years old and that’s how we end up with 10 year olds who think they’re never gonna be good (and yes, I have students that age worrying about their dance future because so many minis on youtube are doing the most. Ridiculous…)

I understand thinking it’s cool when minis are really good, I also think it’s cool when they are really good. But, supporting this idea that anyone who doesn’t live at a studio by the time they are 4 is late to the game is so terrible. Most kids don’t actually get good until they’re in their early teens anyway (with a few exceptions). Until then they mostly have a lot of potential and are good for their age.

Circle (2017 tvN)

Circle 써클 (2017 tvN) trailer

I didn’t know that tvN is airing a new SF drama called Circle 써클 (2017 tvN), and I realized yesterday that it is the very drama that the Six Flying Dragons writers wanted to create some day.

I remember when Tree with Deep Roots (2011 SBS) ended its run, the writers said in an interview that their next project would be SF genre because they were sick of writing Sageuk (historical drama) for so many years. 

They complained “We had difficulties to make King Sejong and Jung Ki-jun reunite in the drama. If it is a contemporary drama, they can use a cellphone to call each other and set up a time to meet." 

And they explained the concept of their future SF drama : the story in parallel worlds of present time and 20~30 years in the future.

I was patiently waiting for their drama to be aired. Several years later, however, they announced another Sageuk drama, Six Flying Dragons, and I thought they gave up their dream SF project until yesterday. 

Circle 써클 (2017 tvN) is based on their 7-year-old idea. Even though it is being written by their pupils, the initial idea was theirs and their drama company is producing this drama. So, I need to watch this.

Being good at a Special Interest be like
  • People to 7-year-old me: wow you're so good at x!!
  • People to 10-year-old me: you're talented for you age, you're amazing at x!
  • People to 14-year-old me: wow you are soo good at x you are the best at it!?
  • 17-year-old me: *finds out there are thousands of people who are better at x than me* WELL TIME TO FEEL TERRIBLY INADEQUATE