being girly

To all women, never be ashamed of -

● Periods
● your body
● sexual orientation
● breastfeeding
● your curves
● being skinny
● being chubby
● flaunting your body
● going to parties
● doing what you want
● wearing makeup
● not wearing makeup
● dressing as you feel comfortable
● having short hair
● being educated
● being smarter than all boys
● dying your hair
● having a attitude
● not wanting to be married or have kids
● having no interest in cooking and cleaning and looking pretty and do nothing else
● spending weekends by going to movies by yourself
● wanting to live in your own way
● going for shopping
● not going for shopping
● not having/wanting a boyfriend
● looking like hell
● putting career first
● being girly
● not being girly
● not wanting to have sex
● not wanting to give a blowjob
● returning late from work
● working in another country
● being badass, punkish,goth, emo
● wearing ratty leather shorts
● making tattoos
● making your own decisions
● decorating your body as you like it
● wanting to sleep 5 minutes more
● going to the college you want
● going for higher studies with your fav subject
● being ultra modern
● listening to rock metal
● drinking only if you want to
● B E I N G A W E S O M E

I fully support boys wearing pink and florals and other girly things. Don’t let anyone tell y'all you can’t wear what you want because you look great in those things. there is a long standing bias that pink is girly and being girly is negative but that’s not true!! Colors don’t have genders and genders don’t need to wear certain colors💕

It’s actually so refreshing to see two guys in the public eye with a huge audience not be afraid to dress up and not say anything about being “too girly” while doing so.

This is not to imply what they were doing in the ‘pastel edits irl’ video was specifically ‘feminine’ or ‘traditionally female’ - I just mean it’s nice (and important) to see them be open to wearing clothes/colours people would typically associate with “girls” and instead just forget about that and enjoy themselves - whilst also being open about how it feels…even if some of their comments were exaggerated for entertainment - it’s still just nice and reassuring!

Generally (outside of the video too), Dan & Phil are very open-minded about a lot of things to do with gender, gender roles, gender presentation and expression etc - and speak about it often in recent years.

I know the video may not really be that…. ~deep~ to many but this is something that’s been on my mind for a while when it comes to D&P and I just wanted to talk about it more after that video posted tonight.

Overall, I’m very grateful to have D&P to look up too. I don’t think they realise what even their ‘silly’ dress up videos can do for viewers like me - who are questioning their assigned gender and the struggles that brings internally and from society - and even those who just have difficulties with embracing the gender expression/presentation they find most comfortable.


Q: Who would you date from GOT7 if you were a girl?
and Jackson using his honey thighs to his advantage 👀 ✌🏼

can people stop portraying east asian boys in such… feminized or subservient ways??? especially when their actual personalities/appearances are nothing like that??? e asian boys are already routinely emasculated and fetishized for being submissive or innocent like Cal m Down,, pause the anime,,


he/him, even with the hijab picture

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Dear Young Women of Tumblr,

Never feel you must identify out of being female.

Never feel you must identify as non-binary, agender, gender-neutral, genderqueer, or any other option outside your natural sex. Even if:

  • You don’t “feel like a girl.”
  • You have little or no interest in sex or relationships with boys or girls.
  • You dislike makeup, feminine clothing, and “being girly.”
  • You are uncomfortable with your body.
  • You are uncomfortable with how others view your body.
  • You enjoy doing “boy” things and feeling powerful and in control. 

All of these things are perfectly normal for a women to feel, and due to our highly gendered society can sometimes seem unbearable. I know. I have been there. But creative, intelligent, strong, kind, and fiercely unique and independent women have always existed - and you can, too, just as you are.

Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Agatha Christie, Sally Ride, Rachel Maddow, Georgia O’Keefe, Abby Wambach, Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai and so many others are here for you - however you want to express yourself, whoever you want to be. 

It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. So worth it. Hang in there. <3

Iris Cabin Headcanons

-the cabin is octagonal

-the front porch has rocking chairs and a swinging bench

-it also has homemade wind chimes strung up everywhere outside

-the inside has colorful tapestries and scarves hung up on the walls and from the rafters so it feels more like a tent than a cabin

-it’s lit by magical lanterns that don’t give off heat

-it smells subtly of incense

-they have a fountain that they can use to iris message inside (similar to percy)

-they don’t have to pay to iris message (handy on quests)

-they hang up colorful stained glass ornaments on the windows

- a glittering gold mobile hangs like a chandelier from the center of the roof, decorated with pegasi and prisms that cast rainbows

-they fly a rainbow flag from the roof

- if you make fun of rainbows for being “girly” or “gay” they’ll ask you “and what exactly is wrong with either of those things?”, stare you down, and then beat you up

-generally good with pegasi

-good sense of color and aesthetic

- they know all the camp gossip 

-they walk very quietly so they surprise people a lot accidentally 

-some more powerful iris demigods can manipulate light or create light based illusions with false images 


pansy parkinson headcanon

pansy prefers pastel colors (mostly pinks and grays) to darker colors. she loves mini skirts (like those cute white pleated tennis skirts), fuzzy pom poms, coral lipstick, and the smell of chanel (no. 5), but that doesn’t mean she won’t throw on a leather jacket just for fun. she wears doc martens, but she can pull off either the red vegans or the pastel bubblegum. the best part about pansy parkinson is that she isn’t afraid to be girly, because being girly doesn’t mean you don’t know how to kick some ass