Lemons have a variety of magickal uses, as well as household uses.

I feel this post may be pretty beneficial to our Kitchen witches. :)

Metaphysical properties of lemons:

  • Feminine

  • Planet: Moon or Neptune

  • Element: Water

  • Magical Properties: Purification, love, blessings.

  1. Summer is coming up, and we all hate mosquito bites and bee stings, but who wants to deal with the crazy chemicals in bug repellant? No one. Therefore, lemons come to the rescue! Lemon juice rubbed on the skin is a natural bug repellant. If you have problems with ants or cockroaches you can also clean your floors with lemon juice, and voila, bugs be gone! :)

  2. Lemons can also be a natural odor blocker, if you don’t mind the clean, fresh scent of lemons, then this tip will be awesome for you! I put lemon peels in the trash and the cat liter box to block odors. It works great for about 3 days then I have to replace them. It also leave a wonderful lemon scent in the air!

  3. If you are against using bleach on your clothes because of the harsh chemicals but you still have nasty stains in your clothes, you may want to consider using lemon juice! Lemon juice will get the stains out, and not ruin your other clothes while doing it!
    - Also; you can put lemon juice in your hair, then stay outside for a couple hours and it will gradually lighten your hair, NATURALLY! :D

Well, that sums it up for this time, but I will do an update once I figure out more uses! Blessed be xx

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