bein' dumb and stuff

Im late to this lol but I was tagged by @cop-a-fili!! Thank you so much!! 😄❤️

Relationship Status: single 😋

Favorite Color: Black

Pets: Two cats! Honey and Boo 😻

Last Song: Enter Sandman by Metallica

First Fandom: The band Kiss which I got into when I was like 7 years old 😜

Hobbies: Art stuff, listening to music, bein’ dumb online 😂

Currently reading: Nothing really right now, unless you count my Intro to Conflict Management class textbooks😂

I tag: @alex-is-gold @frusciantesoctopus @the-fragile @the–sweeet–escape @torn-out-of-reality @scartissuejosh if you guys want to do it/haven’t done it yet 😄❤️