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why does no one talk abt how Pearl would have just let Steven die bc of an argument over a Lion and literally watched him fall and did nothing buy stare bc she was bein a whiny bitch per usual

wasnt that fucked up? i feel like that was fucked up and we dont talk about it enough

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ok 1.) I LIVE for your Desus fics. 2.) a request for jealous Paul? ilysm!! please keep doing what you’re doing. ✨

thank you :) xx

Paul was furious.

Mostly with himself, actually, only with himself, but his self-doubt had crept in and taken hold of him in an ugly way. He was not normally like this, in fact, he was rarely like this that it even surprised him. 

It was just that the new guy was so good looking. 

Naturally,  Paul was a pretty confident person. He knew he was pretty, he knew he turned heads. What he was less confident about was everything on the inside of him. Before Daryl, no one really stayed, or if they did it’s because Paul went above and beyond and sacrificed a lot of himself to have them stay. Daryl was the first person who didn’t demand anything from him. Just to be himself. 

The new guy was brought by Daryl, he was maybe a year or two older than Paul, more clean-cut but taller and wider muscles. He was also gay.

Paul trusted Daryl, he knew Daryl would never cheat on him. Hell, Daryl barely even looked at other people that weren’t part of the inner circle.

But the new guy definitely had eyes for Daryl. His name was Sam, and he was already making moves, but Paul couldn’t exactly go out there and hold Daryl’s hand or anything because Daryl and he were in a secret relationship. It was fresh, very new, and only Rick knew (because he had walked in on a heavy make-out session). 

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Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby // Poor Baby

Per request HERE, re: One of Nevada’s men hurting Crybaby.
Referencing back to THIS tale.

Originally posted by sarahgracej

Okay this is actually pretty dark considering what I usually write so that’s a warning, and there’s violence as in Nevada pummels someone to a bloody pulp, but that’s pretty predictable considering the request.

Nevada had been out of town for about a week now, had planned on it being another before he’d get back.

They knew. 
Caroline knew they knew.

She got dumped out of their dingy car by her apartment, the one they all knew Nevada paid for, late at night after the nice old ladies turned off their hearing aids and the dogs had all been brought in for the night. Delicately, sniffling still, she trotted up the stone steps and slid her key into the door.

They hadn’t even robbed her.
Just tore her down.

Once making it through the heavy double doors and hearing the lock click behind her; poor Caroline cried, moreso than her little Crybaby heart had ever done before. Oh, she wept, so broken there was no strength to muster sound. Silently, she slid up the staircase, hands wringing nervously through the material of her cotton kimono. With shaking fingers, she managed to force the key into the knob.

As soon as she was in, she slammed that door shut.
The lock; the slip chain; the dead bolt.

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Yo man I saw you were bummed out yesterday and I have come to ask if you are okay or if there's anything you want me to do to cheer ya up

Nah man dont worry im fine now i was just tired n bein whiny bout it is all

Nevada Ramirez; A Letter of Awakening & Adieus For Crybaby...

Per a request re: Crybaby finds a letter Nevada wrote in case he dies.

I took some liberty with this, and, am willing to admit it may seem a tad out of character, considering how much most of us love this trashcan as a trashcan.

However, I’ve come to find, those who speak less tend to think & hold more; and those who appear hard typically have some soft deep inside of them.

Originally posted by vadasultenfuss

As such, if you’re not ready for flufftastic internal Nevada Ramirez feels, you may want to move along or re-visit some of my other fics.

Nevada had been gone for five days now; not unexpected, or particularly unusual in the least. Of course, his sweet Crybaby had been left behind, apparently this job was one she wouldn’t be welcomed to attend… no matter, though- since moving into their apartment together, she hadn’t had much time alone, unlike what she’d grown accustomed to while they were living apart.

And so, with the rarely-gifted solitude, she took advantage. Her music, classic piano pieces, flooded through the rooms. Boxes, all the cardboard boxes that had been so carefully packed and labeled, were now dwindling; she was busy putting away decorations and accessories.

Curiously enough, she ran across a few folders and notebooks that were unfamiliar to her. Double checking the box she had pulled them from, it was easy to confirm that they were indeed Nevada’s and not hers.

Honestly: she hadn’t had plans to snoop. However, the words scrawled out across the front of a crimson journal looked fresh- not faded, unlike the titles atop other works. It was a date: July 10th 2017.

Today was the sixteenth.
The date was precisely one day prior to her man’s leaving.

Going against her initial judgment, Nevada’s nosy little Crybaby opened the hard cover- in the center of this first page was a sentence that made her breath catch in her throat;

“Should I not return.”

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can i have bottom!josh bein loud n whiny n loving praise please?

Josh was lying on their bed, ass up in the air as he waited for Tyler to get home. Josh couldn’t wait till Tyler got home, he had been hard for nearly an hour now, but he wanted to wait for Tyler. 

He heard the front door open and his heart almost leaped out of his chest. Tyler walked towards their room, looking for Josh. Tyler open the door and gasped loudly as he saw the way Josh was splayed out for him.

 Josh was completely naked, lying on their bed with his ass towards Tyler, his legs spread slightly. Tyler moved towards the bed, rubbing a hand across Josh’s asscheek. Josh hummed softly before sitting up to kiss Tyler. 

The kiss was quick and sweet. Tyler quickly undressed, throwing his clothes on the floor. Josh returned to his position on the bed, his ass up in the air and his chest pressed against the mattress. 

The position made his back arch beautifully, Tyler couldn’t get enough of it. “Look so pretty for me baby, what do ya want Josh.” Tyler praised as he ran a hand across Josh’s back and over his ass. Josh was always slightly shy about telling Tyler what he wanted, but this time he had thought it out ahead of time, “I want you to fuck me Ty, been wanting it all day.” 

Tyler smirked sweetly as he moved behind Josh. Tyler climbed onto the bed, placing both hands on Josh’s ass and rubbing it softly. Tyler grabbed the lube from their bedside table and lubed up three fingers. Tyler carefully began inserting one finger into Josh but there was nearly no resistance , and Tyler’s finger slid in smoothly. 

Tyler smiled and looked at Josh, watching him blush. “Looks like somebody has been having some fun while I’ve been at work.” Tyler grinned. Josh blushed, “I already opened myself up, I’m ready for you.” Tyler breathed deeply at the thought of Josh fingering himself open.

 Tyler stroked himself, spreading the lube across himself, “You sure that you’re ready baby?” Josh nodded in response. Tyler moved closer to Josh, Rubbing his hard cock across the boy’s hole, Josh whined loudly and begged, “Please hurry Ty, can’t wait any longer please fuck me!” Tyler smiled at the begging and slowly, teasingly, trust into Josh.

 “Fuck baby you’re so fuckin’ tight for me, feel so good Josh.” Tyler moaned as he began to move inside the boy beneath him. Josh moaned at the praise, moving against Tyler, “Harder Tyler, f-fuck I’m not gonna last.” Josh moaned. Tyler picked up the speed of his movements, pounding relentlessly into Josh, who had become an absolute mess. 

Josh was moaning, writhing on the bed unable to speak coherently, Tyler looked down at him and smiled before fucking into him harder. Suddenly, Tyler felt Josh contract around him, the boy moaned loudly as he came all over their bedsheets. Tyler didn’t last long after that, thrusting deep into Josh as he came.

I am on a mission to replace ‘bitch’ with ‘fuckboy.’

i.e stop bein a whiny little fuckboy

ah yeah this test is a fuckboy to deal with

you son of a fuckboy << this one especially.

And so forth.

Negative slanders for female identifying people have been slung around for so long, i’d like to present this as an alternative.