bein whiny

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I don’t appreciate all the toxicity some assholes add onto my positivity posts. I block so many people because they’ll say something like “well this isn’t all inclusive because it excludes this this and that so I don’t think it’s very posi”. Like????? Maybe I don’t want that post to be all inclusive????? Maybe I jus wanna have some nice good ol representation for a specific group??? Like, god damn. Let me make a post about the gays without bein all whiny over a lack of representation???? HOW BOUT DAH? Like yo get over yourself. I’m over here spreading love and kindness meanwhile you’re spending 160 characters on some nasty reply. I don’t wanna be like “IF YOURE BREATHING YOU ARE VALIIIID”. Because ik a lot of breathing assholes. I’m a breathing asshole.

I am on a mission to replace ‘bitch’ with ‘fuckboy.’

i.e stop bein a whiny little fuckboy

ah yeah this test is a fuckboy to deal with

you son of a fuckboy << this one especially.

And so forth.

Negative slanders for female identifying people have been slung around for so long, i’d like to present this as an alternative.