bein magical

Wait just a god fucking minute

I was thinking about how Execk was heavily trick-filled to think he’d be the main villain

And I was thinking about the theories about how he would be the main villain since his colors matched the Forbidden Power

And so I compared that to Rubirules

Yep, totally not the Forbidden Power’s color scheme, Mr. Printer Ink

But then I realized

Rubi is pink/purple

Just like the antivirus

Rubi uses the Forbidden Power only once, but in the final battle he’s mostly shown using the antivirus as a weapon


Holy fuck

I draw A LOT of similar pics of rina like I’m pretty sure by now I can compile “bustshot of rina staring into the distance featuring mainly pink colourscheme: the extensive collection” BUT!! she’s the only girl I can draw even when I’m artblocking or feeling uninspired so short haired rina it is :^D she’s wearing a shirt from the same brand as yun’s wearing here

anonymous asked:

I think that your comparison of Zeke to Rod for not saving Bertolt is too harsh considering that 1: Eren would have killed Bertolt if Zeke tried to rescue him and 2. If he was truly heartless he would not have risked saving Reiner with Levi potentially being on his trail. Not that Zeke isn't a bad guy, but he wasn't cowardly like Rod was. -Magical Clothes

Hey Magical Clothes! It’s been awhile :)

Maybe I was a bit harsh. Let me compare…

I get what you are saying, but everything about Zeke points to him being a bully. In chapter 77, when Reiner hesitated to follow orders, Zeke mentioned killing him as casually as most parents would talk about sending their kids to bed without dinner. He’s shown no compassion for anyone, certainly not Annie. And let’s not forget he’s “war chief” of a village that sends 12 year olds to commit mass murder.

Abandoning Bert was sentencing him to death. He rescued Reiner because he needed a soldier. Rather than express concern for Reiner or his injuries, he smugly calls him “a lucky bastard”.

I believe the teaser that closed the chapter, “AN ADULT’S HEARTLESS DECISION WILL CRUELLY ROB THE LIFE OF A CHILDHOOD FRIEND…” refers to Zeke’s heartlessness. Reiner is going to lose Bert because of it. 

i just can’t believe ppl think adam has to have magic in order to be special like the ENTIRE POINT OF HIS ARC is he was already special, it’s just that the sentient forest he made a wild, unplanned and desperate sacrifice to, bc he didn’t know what else to do in order to be worthy, helped him realize that he was special and worthy all along