2017 Stars on Ice - thoughts on my first ice show!

Having survived my first season as a figure skating fan, what better way to kick off the off-season than with an ice show? It was really a combination of incredible timing, some encouragement from fellow figure skating fans, and a stroke of luck that I was able to attend my very first ice show - Stars on Ice (SOI). Figure skating is not very big in southern California so when it was announced that Anaheim would be one of the stops for the SOI tour, I was thrilled and immediately bought tickets.

(above: Honda Center in Anaheim, CA)

As any southern California native will tell you, traffic is notoriously terrible. 

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Guess who finally finished the olympics AU??? (Give you a hint- its me!)

Thanks y’all, for being so patient. It’s a little over 3k, and i have no idea how hockey, figure skating or the olympics work, so…. yeah. I hope its okay.

         One thing Eric wasn’t expecting while going through a quick run through of his routine for that day’s meet, was a hockey puck to the face.

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