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Here is my Cinder painting all finished! Based on ‘Cinder’ book one of ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ by Marissa Meyer. I have more paintings based on the other books in the series coming soon!

Scott Keenan, 2017




Another new card - a wedding card❤💍👰🏻🤵🏻🙏🏻if you have friends who tied the knot in China, the. it’s a perfect card to congratulate them with😊did any of them ever leave for their honeymoon on a tricycle?😁


Gold medalist and Olympic champion representing the United States of America….

Athens 2004 - gold Carly Patterson (United States), silver Svetlana Khorkina (Russia), bronze Zhang Nan (China)

Beijing 2008 - gold Nastia Liukin (United States), silver Shawn Johnson (United States), bronze Yang Yilin (China)

London 2012 - gold Gabby Douglas (United States), silver Viktoria Komova (Russia), bronze Aliya Mustafina (Russia)

Rio 2016 - gold Simone Biles (United States), silver Aly Raisman (United States), bronze Aliya Mustafina (Russia)

赵赵 Zhao Zhao (b. 1982), Cobblestone, 2007 [Chambers Fine Art, Beijing] | now at MoMA PS1: Zero Tolerance – On view October 26, 2014–April 13, 2015"Informed by Joseph Beuys’s “life is art” principle and influenced by his longtime mentor Ai Weiwei, Zhao seeks to create works using materials that surround him. -Cobblestone- documents a performance in which Zhao used a strong adhesive to glue a rock to the surface of Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The action, imbued with symbolic and visual energy, demonstrates the power of even the smallest irregularity to disrupt the cold, endless grid of the paving stones.“ [photomomaps1

So just wanted to say I’M ALIVE XD and I’m SOOOOOO sorry for not uploading anything the past weeks, but I have a LOT work with my movie. So…. Yeah… Here a photo of me with a cute panda cap I found at the great wall XD China is great and I love it ^^ (Especially the “Bauze”) I’ll return in 12 days and I hope to draw again. LOVE YOU ALL and please don’t forget me

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China photography provocateur Ren Hang dies at 29

One of China’s most promising and provocative young photographers, Ren Hang, has died aged 29, his gallery confirmed Saturday.

The artist was known for racy nude shots of his friends in which genders blur and limbs intertwine.

His gallery, Hong Kong-based Blindspot, confirmed the death to AFP.

Born 1987 in Changchun city of northeastern Jilin province, the Beijing-based, self-taught artist gained recognition abroad even while his work was censored at home, where the ruling Communist party bans what it deems “pornographic”.

Ren had long grappled with depression, a struggle that he chronicled in poetry and prose online.

“Every year, the wish I make is the same: to die earlier,” he said in one of his final Weibo posts, published last month on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year.

“For so many years I have been trying to cure myself, splitting my one self into the two roles of doctor and patient,” he wrote on his website last summer.

“If life is a bottomless abyss, when I jump, the endless fall will also be a form of flight.”

Reports allege his passing was a suicide.

“My friend Ren Hang left us this morning in Berlin, I am sad and in shock,” wrote Pierre Bessard of the Paris-based independent publishing house Editions Bessards Friday on his company’s website.

Ren’s self-titled photobook – his first – featuring major works from 2008 through 2015 was published by Taschen on January 20.

“There is no doubt that we have lost one of our era’s best artists, a brave man,” Vice China posted on their official account on China’s Twitter-like Weibo platform.

“In his photographs and poems, he expressed admirable talent and honest heart; an artist can do no more.”