My YOI pilgrimage in Beijing Part 1 @深巷子

Hi guys! Yesterday I went to the restaurant Yuuri and Victor taking hot pot in ep6, and the newsstand where Guang-hong has his 煎饼 and meets Leo, and the ice rink and the official hotel of China Cup. 

I also post it on my twitter. Part 2 of my YOI travel of the stadium, the hotel and the newsstand in Beijing, click here.

It will be a really long report, so I decided to divide it into two parts. Part 1 is the hot pot restaurant appeared in ep6.

The restaurant’s name is “深巷子”, which means “deep alley”. But in the anime it was changed to “深老子”. (I guess it’s because of copyright? XDDD)

it’s little bit hard to find the location. So I wonder how Sayo & Kubo found it.

There are YOI posters on its gate and wall showing this is where the anime Yuri!!! on ice chose a location.

The restaurant in reality looks like almost the same as in the anime. (The background artists might cry when Sayo&Kubo showed them the reference photos of this place XDDD)

The restaurant staff know YOI and know what’s going on. They even serve YOI special meal and play “history maker” and eros as BGM. The staff said many YOI fans came here for cosplay in last winter when YOI just ended.

This dish is duck blood that Victor takes in ep6. Yes, it’s real DUCK BLOOD. I know it sounds weird for non-Chinese, but it taste really great. The duck blood they served is different from what I used to eat… it’s a dish of liquid, fresh blood, not blood Tofu. At the end pouring the blood into the pot and  it clots, then you can take it~

BTW, actually hot pot restaurants don’t have crabs or drunk shrimp in their menu. Sayo&Kubo mixed the cuisine they had in China.

The full name of this restaurant is 深巷子老灶火锅(白石桥店)The address is 紫竹桥新苑街16号(白石桥地铁口6号线9号线,首体南路与新苑街交叉口东行50米路南)

You can also see the hotel “Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing”and the stadium “Capital Indoor Stadium” of China Cup in this map.

And more picture in the restaurant.

Phichit: Hello! Yuuri!

Guang-Hong: Is it to post this online?

I tool these pictures at the front door of the restaurant.

And more pictures