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A little early but IT’S ROBIN’S BIRTHDAY! Just one piece doesn’t make justice for this amazing human beign, i’ve never seen an actor so kind and full of happiness like him. I will post this piece too on instagram (_torirdz). Go wish him a happy birthday because he truly deserves it! 

don’t repost my art anywhere else, reblog and enjoy.

Regarding Monster Souls (also Mettaton)

so like, I don’t often to posts like this, but there’s something I couldn’t help but notice about the way most of the fandom seems to be drawing monster souls like. (which is a thing that is more common for undertail reasons, but this is an informative posts for all)

So I’ve seen monster souls being drawn like this:

pretty standard typical heart

However, I’ve noticed monster souls don’t actually look like this, in fact

they are upsidedown hearts

you can see it when you kill toriel before her sould breaks

and the same happens when asgore dies (at least in the ending where Asgore commits suicide and Toriel becomes queen, can’t rmemember the others):

Though, perhaps something that wouldn’t match with this is mettaton’s soul:

since it looks like normal heart, but then remember the paper on Alphy’s lab:

and now look at mettaton NEO, who’s soul us upsidedown

Conisdeing Neo’s uselessness, it seems to be a prototype before Mettaton Ex (possibly made to impess Asgore since to make the impression of being a human killing machine as some has suggested), and since Alphys was working with determination, it seems Alphys changed Mettaton’s Soul, porbably injected it with determination, and made it resemble a human soul.

Remember how human souls can survive even outside of the body due to determination?

Well, Mettaton probably wouldn’t be able to have this little “heart-to-heart”, if it weren’t because he’s infused with determination

And given Mettaton’s interest in humans, I wouldn’t be surprised if he agreed with exprimenting with his own soul tomake him more human

But yeah, mainly I just wanted to point out that monster souls are actually upsidedown hearts rather than the normal heart some have been drawing them as.

Though, now I’m wondering about Frisk’s soul when it turns yellow, ‘cause it becomes upsidedown and can shoot pellets, which could be asosiated with magic. Could Alphy’s device have tempraly modified frisk’s soul into one resembling a monster soul so that they could use magic? idk just a thought.

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May I have Josuke, Jotaro, Joseph, Caesar, and Gyro when their S/O hasn't eaten all day because they were too invested in a video game (me AF with Pokémon and Overwatch) thanks

Honestly, Josuke totally understands them. Whenever he buys a new game that he really likes he may spend one day doing nothing but playing it. At least until Tomoko finds out and takes the game away from him! But when he sees that his s/o isn’t bothering to eat or even drink anything, he practically turns into his mom. “What the- Josuke, why did you turn the console off?! I was about to win the match!” “Yeah, no. Enough of that. We’re going to get a proper meal. Now.” He will take the game away from them and only give it back after they ate, went to the bathroom to do their necessities and took a shower. And give him a big kiss for being the best boyfriend in the world!

Jotaro will pretty much just check out on them once upon an hour. The first hour it was alright. The second too. But after the third, fourth and even fifth hour it was pretty much enough for him. “Oi, are you planning to do nothing but sit your ass there playing that? Good grief, and i thought Kakyoin was bad enough….” He isn’t their mother though, so after warning them that it could be bad for them, he just leaves them be. But they better not come complaining to him later about back pain or stuff because he is going to straight up ignore them. (But if they tell him how hungry they are, he will reluctantly buy them some food!)

“Helloooooooooo are you there? Do you remember me? I’m your boyfriend! A real human beign! …..Are you ignoring me?” Joseph would act like a kid. He didn’t really realize that they haven’t eaten all day, but rather notices how they were slowly replacing him for a video game console. “Ok, that’s it!” He will toss their console/joystick/mouse away, pick them up and carry them on his back, taking them to the couch or the bed or wherever he can capture them and make them cuddle him. “Joseph Joestar, let me go right now! I’m capturing the point! We’re going to lose!” “The only thing you are going to lose is my love if you don’t give me attention! C’mere!” And then he would constrict them with a bone crushing hug, that actually resembled more a wrestling lock.

Caesar, at first, will give them the cold treatment. They want to ignore him to play a video game? Fine! He will ignore them too. At least he thought like this, until he notcies that hours passed and they didn’t even went to have a snack. “…Amore, are you ok? You’ve been playing that for hours now, would you like to rest for a bit and come to eat something with me?” “I can’t right now, i’m trying to capture this rare character!” He would then sigh and let them be. After some more hours passed, he would make  a  delicious dish for them, the smell of it being enough to make their stomach rumble and get them to go to eat. Caesar will give them a soft smile and pet their head while they are practically devouring the food. “I knew you couldn’t resist the Zeppeli secret recipe!”

Much like Joseph, Gyro would get pissy because his s/o was ignoring him to play some silly video game. “Wouldn’t it be a shame if you lost that round?” “Leave me alone.” “Ohh, careful there, you got hit! Woha, you got hit again!” “Quit it!” He will start pestering them, all while a devilish smirk was plastered on his face. “Ok now, i thought of a new gag, pay attention.” “Gyro, stop it! You’re distracting me!” “RAVIOLI RAVIOLI RAVIOLI-” “STOP.” Eventually he gets tired of bothering them and finds something else to do. But after some time passes he notices that his partner hasn’t even gotten up to eat something. “Hey baby, do you want me to go buy something to eat for your vicious ass?” No response. “Alright then, you asked for it!” While going to ask them again, he accidentally tripped on something and whoops, it was the power supply plug of their console! How careless of him! “Oh my, sorry! But you have no excuses now, so let’s go eat something. Then again, i think you didn’t pay attention to my gag, so here it goes…..”



Autism research in the past and ableism

When autism was first discovered as an actual mental condition, it was branded as “autistic childhood psychosis”.
The main research in that time was conducted by Leo Kanner and the more famous Hans Asperger. Both of them didn’t really have contact with one another, they both just seperately developed interest for autistic children. 
In this post, I’ll write a little about the differences in their research and how it still affects autistic people today. 

Leo Kanner - Kanner Syndrom/Early infantile autism 

Leo Kanner mainly  focused on the early infantile autism in his reasearch. All of his subjects had a drastically delayed development of speech and a noticeable reduction in intelligence. He was the first person to observe stimming behavior and echolalia in autistic children. 
He described autism as:

  1. Lack of affective contact with others 
    Children don’t react to social stimuli. They don’t smile back, they are more interested in things than in faces.
  2. Obsessive desire for the preservation of the sameness
    A need for routines in regard to eating, sleeping, getting dressed, etc.
  3. A fascination for objects with manipulative mechanisms 
    For example gyroscopes, etc.( Things that work simple.); these are mostly handled with fine motor skills. 
  4. Mutism or a language that doesn’t serve communicational purposes 
    This is for example the echolalia mentioned above (repetition of words/phrases, etc.) or making noises which are “not approrpriate” (for example humming as a reply, or making animal noises, etc.) 
  5. Intelligent and pensive physiognomy and good cognitive potential 
    Regardless of the reduction in intelligence, Kanner observed that the autistic boys he studied still had some very specific cognitive talents. 

Kanner has also been the first person to “blame” mothers for their autistic children. He concluded that mothers of autistic children were “cold, distanced” and “not loving enough”, naming this as the main reason for autism. He also observed that most parents of autistic children seemed to be very intelligent. 

Hans Asperger - Asperger Syndrom 

Hans Asperger was the first scientist who stopped seperating autistic people from their autism. He had the opinion that every human beigns character consists of unique traits that, as he put it “give each other meaning”. He saw every person as an individual and autism defined as a varrying set of “normal” traits. He concluded from his observations that the only way to identify an autistic individual was by looking at their traits and character as whole (something that nowadays many people don’t understand or get right. Which is even more devastating considering that this knowledge has been around for almost 90 years now). 

His observation of autistic traits were pretty similiar to Kanner’s, even though he made some additional observations (which I will list here): 

  1. Unusual speech 
    This includes echolalia, using noises and phrases for something other than communication and using words and phrases that some would rather expect from a grown-up from an early age on. This pattern of speech sounds unnatural, causing others to make fun of it or not taking the autistic individuals seriously 
  2. Different way of learning 
    While allistic children tend to take advices from others, autistic children mainly base what they know and are able to do on their own observations and conclusions. Autistic children are basically self-taught in all regards. 
  3. Mature perspective on their surroundings 
    Asperger describes the perspective of autistic children as just as mature as their speech. Autistic children are interested in topics that are (far) ahead of their age and have unique perspectives on the matter. 
  4. Different relation to their surroundings 
    Asperger describes autistic children as “more conscious about their surroundings” in comparison to allistic children. He describes autistic children as hyper aware of everything and yet oddly distanced. He concludes that autistic children have this conciousness because of their distance, concluding that it gives them the chance to “observe from the outside”. 
  5. Odd social behavior 
    As previously described, Asperger observes that autistic children have a distanced relationship to their surrondings. He sees the cause for these issues in the way that autistic people see social interaction, describing it as an inability to process social interaction other than cognitive. Autistic children also tend to have different instinctive reactions to social stimuli than allistic children. 

Last but not least, Asperger concludes that there is a lot of potential in autistic children. He says that “not everything that is different has to be inferior” and that instead, people should see autistic individuals as valuable for their unique talents and skills. 

My Conclusion 

Kanner- and Asperger-Syndrom have been viewed as parts of “different ends of the spectrum” for a long time. Kanner-Syndrom was always branded as early-infantile/low functioning autism while Asperger was perceived as something “even better” than high functioning autism. (yuck yuck yuck). 
However, if you observe the points made by both Kanner and Asperger, you’ll notice that there are a lot of similarities. And that the only real difference lies in how much in-depth the analysis of both “professionals” were. 

I think it’s also obvious how Kanner’s theories are more ableist than Aspergers. 

Psychology today still focuses on Kanner’s description of autism more than on Asperger’s. Many people are still convinced that both of them described different types of autism. 

In my opinion, it’s important to know how similar both theories are. And how the only real difference is in the observed intelligence level which, frankly, is a kind of difference that also occurs in neurotypical people all the time (because variations in intelligence are a general thing! Who would’ve guessed!? [sarcasm]). 

So please, autistic and allistic people who read this… bear in mind that the differentiation auf autistic people based on intelligence and “functioning” is higly ableist and has its roots in the begining of research on autism. If you’ve got the spoons, try to educate people about it or, if you liked this overview, link them to my post! 

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Waoooo! You sing amazing, I love your voice so much! How can you be so cuuute and fantastic! ❤😍

Aieeeee!! thank you so much for your love, i accept it with open arms! Also you’re such a lovely human beign, i don’t know who you are but ily 💖

What if Saffron stabbed himself and just… you know, started turning into some balrogy blood nightmare.

     A new year, a new start… I hope senpai notices me-
I started this some time ago and since Tuesday comes soon it’s gonna be nowhere close to the canon, but yeah - I think that makes it some sort of “speculation fanart”?
    Just for a word: I think TBWF is taking a huge step with the recent turn to all-colored pages, and that it will make things… much more gruesome. Hell, it’s been turning gruesome and had some really creepy moments for some time. I mean - first Lord Devil’s reveal and the way he handled Ren when confronted (seriously, those hanging bodies everywhere…), then the whole business with Sorian beign stained in possibly human blood… and now she’s ruthlessly trying to kill Saffron (who bears a resemblance in both nature and appearance to Ren) while smirking. Who says she wouldn’t be able to hypothetically do that to Ren, too?

Also - I love your comic and I think you’re doing a tremendous job, now with all the coloring especially… I know this sounds goofy but I hope to be like you one day. It’ll take time since I’ve put my own thing (at least i got the plot simils sorted off) on hold for indefinite time, but still.

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tbh i mostly Skip farrah and ambers parts. I really couldn´t care less about them, sometimes i watch Ambers when Leah is with her but Farrah is just a horribal human beign, the way she treats People just makes me want to Punch the TV. And Sophia is no better she´s on the direct lane to become a twin of her mother. Simon is the same he really fits the Family, they all Think they´re superior when really, they´re just vile. Maci is the most natural and Cate and Ty are the same as they were on 16&p

I find the whole lot of them hard to watch for different reasons tbh.

Lumiere had his eyes down at the bushes, looking at a little and pretty bug on a leaf. He could feel that someone was near to the castle’s gates, but didn’t gave too much attention to it. Then the bug flew away and he started to watch the human beign. Quietly he walked till the gates and cleaned his throat. Bounjour, mon ami. You look a bit lost, can I help you?” He said while cleaning his hands on a white tissue like if they were really dirt indeed.

mental hospital / calum hood


i know this is not how mental hospitals work.i altered it so i could write a smut about was impossible to write it in the conditions of the real mental hospital,that’s why this is a fiction.i’m sorry if this offends anyone.


“how come you are never afraid of him?” one of my colleagues asked.we worked at a mental hospital as nurses and she was aiming at a particular guy here,calum,who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in first phase.due to all that he had a bipolar disorder,depression and a lot of mood swings.

“he’s a really nice guy and it’s our job to keep them company sometimes,it makes them feel better.” i said,clearly annoyed by her words. “yeah i know.but do you realize that he has a mental disease?he’s manipulative and dangerous so you shouldn’t be closer to him than you already have to.”

“he’s a patient and i can’t treat him like he’s one.he needs to be treated like the human he excuse me now,i have to give him his meds.” i said and left the changing room.

maybe she’s telling the truth.maybe i was closer to him than to other patients,but he was fun.he was harmless and beautiful.he wasn’t like other lifeless patients we have here.he was tan,his golden skin radiating light whenever it came in contact with the sun.he had beautiful full lips and jawline,cheekbones every guy could wish for.according to his medical record,he was only 20 and he was in his finest age.i was 22 and he said he didn’t mind when he asked me,but didn’t explain why.and,i never asked.

i entered his room and his face lit up when he saw me.i didn’t know how he managed to style his hair in a perfect quiff every morning regardless the place he’s into.he surely made my day better because in here,no one ever smiled and i was glad i was chosen to be his nurse.

it was a delight watching him do things.he often wrote in his diary he got when he first arrived here.he didn’t write the things he was supposed to when they handed it to him - every day journey - instead he wrote songs,poems and short stories.i could tell he was a shy guy when one day,when i wanted to read some of them,he closed it and hid it under his pillow.i could never understand why this perfect,brown eyed human beign can sometimes be violent and rude.i was emotionally strong enough to cope with these people,that’s the way i’d learned in school,but i was always afraid i’d fall for one of them.and i was afraid this maori boy was getting me there.i decided to just give him his therapy and leave,because of my recent thoughts.

“where are you going?” he asked.i knew it would be a problem to him because i always stayed,but i couldn’t do this anymore,afraid that i would grow closer to him. “i’m going to,u-uh,out.” i tried and nodded my head in reassurance.

“but you always stay,” he starred at me with puppy eyes. “and now,i have a little problem that should be taken care of.” he smirked but i didn’t quite caught on what he was talking about.

“what kind of problem?” i was a bit curious but afraid of what his response might be.but,after all,it was my job. “come here,don’t be scared,” he motioned with his hand and i suspiciously inched closer to him.

“sit on the bed,i don’t bite,” he laughed and i got more comfortable,but still anxious.he again showed me with his hand to come closer to him,until his lips were close to my ear. “i,-um why are you shaking?” he moved his face in front of mine and looked over my eyes and face,his look landing on my lips and then my chest. “what i wanted to say was,” he devilishly smiled, “you are making me really hard.every day.and i really want nothing more than to rip off your uniform and bend you over this bed and fuck you.” he said making goosebumps rise on my skin.i immediately flinched away from him and he stood up.he gripped my hips and pulled me closer to him. “just once please.let me have you,” he said gently biting a special place on my neck.

“move away from me or i’ll call the security.” i said not moving an inch,afraid of what he’s capable of doing.he let go of me and nodded. “think about it princess.i’ll be waiting for you.”


later that day,before my shift ended i had to go to his room again and give him another dose of medication.before that day i would spent all day with him.i had only one more patient i was in charge of,but he was old and medication was getting the best of him.he slept all day and i just went to drop off his therapy.i decided not to tell anyone what happened because this boy needed help and this wasn’t who he really was and from now on,i would just give him his food tray and meds and leave.

when i came in he was in his bed,writing something in his diary under the dim light of the bedside lamp.he didn’t say a word and i just gave him the pills and glass of water.i waited for him to drink it and leave before he could have the opportunity to say something.

i took his glass and when i was about to leave,i heard quiet sobs coming out of his heart sank and i forgot everything he did previously and came closer to him. “calum what’s the matter?” i asked and he softly looked up at me and then dropped his head down again,looking at his lap. “i-i remember what i said to you earlier.i d-didn’t mean to,y-you know i’m not like that,sorry,” he sobbed and tried to inhale but his tears were stopping him.

“don’t worry cal,i’s just the way you are,i told you so many times.i trust you don’t worry.” i said and he pulled me into a hug. “thank you,” he whispered and i nodded.

after some time,i left his room and went down the hallway,making my way to the changing was the end of my shift and i have never felt this relieved.when i was about to take off my uniform another nurse called me.

“hey,david wants you to go to his office.”

i froze at her heart stopped and i felt like i was going to pass out.david was the dean of this hospital and i became paranoid because of the thought that he knew what happened with calum.i gathered myself and walked over to his office.

he ended up asking me if i could work night shift tomorrow.even though i hated night shifts,i was relieved he didn’t ask about calum.i agreed and left to change and then slowly walked to the comfort of my warm apartment.

calum’s words couldn’t seem to get out of my head.and i know it’s the way he is and that he can’t control himself and his words,but i knew i wanted him as much as he wanted me and it was fearing me.i was afraid of what i might do and i knew i had to try hard to contain myself.i grew to like him too much,ever since he had been admitted to this hospital.ever since the day i first met him.he seemed normal,he wasn’t like everyone else.he was depressed a lot,but i doubt he would hurt anyone.i fell asleep with my thoughts of him,like i did every other night.


“thank you for doing this,” david said as he waved and left the hospital,leaving us,few nurses in with few was almost the time i had to give calum his meds and i felt a little bit one was at our floor and i would be alone.

i left the elevator and walked dimly lighted hallway to his room.i opened his door and he was sitting on the bed,looking at his feet. “hi calum,” i said politely and walked over to him.

“hi princess,” he smirked at me and i felt myself froze in the spot again.did i even expect this side wouldn’t surf out again?

as i put his water and pills on the bedside table and prepared to leave,he pulled me into his lap.i tried to go away but he just held me tighter.i wanted to scream but he put his hand over my mouth.

“let me go!” i mumbled but he just laughed. “i want you princess.and i always get what i want.” he smirked and i stopped moving.i looked at his eyes in hope he would break under my look.he let me go and i stood up. “please don’t leave me like everybody else.”

i turned on my heels to him again.he has nothing to hope for in his life.maybe i really was the only thing he has. “just kiss me please.touch me,make me feel like i am human.” he said.

i got closer to him,forgot about morals and policy and sat next to him.i pecked him on the lips and it turned into a makeout session.his lips perfectly molding over mine.he bit on my lower lip,making me moan lightly into his mouth as i gripped the back of his neck.he knocked me down on his bed and got on top of me.he ground himself into my thin uniform pants. “mm cal,” i exhaled and he smirked. “that’s it baby girl,moan my name.”

he quickly took my pants down along with my plain white panties and undid the buttons of my uniform,starring at my bra covered chest.i took off his shirt and admired his toned chest and abs,just as i imagined.he took his grey sweatpants off and allowed me to palm him through his boxers,earning soft moans from him.i was already getting wet and i just wanted him inside of me.

he pushed two his fingers inside making me arch my back and moan out his name softly.
“faster,” i moaned as he lowered his head my breasts.i tried so hard to focus on his lips,tongue and teeth on my breasts,but it was impossible because of the work of his fingers.

he pulled them out,licked them and dropped his head down to kiss me,letting me taste myself on his tongue.he pulled his boxers down surprising me by the length of his dick before slamming hard inside of me.both of us moaned at the feeling before he looked confusingly at me as if he was wondering something.he began to pull out but i stopped him. “i’m on birth control,” i said before he repeatedly pounded into me,immense pleasure taking over me.

moans,gasps,skin slapping on skin and the pleasure i was feeling made me forget about the immorality of this deed.when i finally remembered and began to think about it,his words stopped me.

“oh princess you feel so good around me,” he grunted and gripped the headboard of his bed.he got on his knees and put my left leg on his shoulder and slammed inside me again.the new angle made him hit my spot and my legs shook from the pleasure i was receiving.

“you keep me sane baby girl,you know that?i would go crazy without you here,y'know?” he struggled to say through gritted teeth.i nodded eagerly pulling on his hair as he buried his head into my neck. “i’m cumming,” i said as i let go on him.

“i’m pretty close baby,” he said and thrusted faster inside of me before finally cumming.he fell on top of me to relax.

“you know that we can’t do this again?” i said scratching the back of his neck.he just nodded and sighed on my chest and then got up to get dressed.i cleaned myself up,got dressed and picked his sheets up to replace them with the new ones.i got back to his room and smiled at him and he smiled at me.

“dont be mean to her,you hear me?” calum almost yelled and i looked at him.there was no one in the room and that’s why i was so shocked.

“c-cal who are you talking to?”

“to my mate,michael.he’s sitting on that chair,” he pointed to an arm chair,but again i saw nobody.

“he’s in my band along with two other guys.we are going to be very popular.when i go out of here,we will practice everyday.”

Lionel Messi didn’t win the cup. However, he did win my heart. Seriously. A month ago I didn’t even know a thing about football… I was all way for hockey and could care less about him, FCB or World championship.

But then I laid my eyes on him and he literally made me hooked on his game. Because of him I started to watch and care about football and became fascinated by it and especially by him. From what I’ve learnt, he is awesome human beign and great football player and I was rooting so damn much for him. I wished so much for him to win that one precious thropy. I know he wanted and deserved it so much. 

I am so sorry for him, I cried when he tried to keep his face straight. But I am also so proud of him. He did amazing job and no one can blame him. Fuck all those haters who are thrashing him. For me he is  the best. 

Thank you, Leo. Thank you for making me fall in love with football and for making me fall in love with the way you play, fall in love with who you are. ♥

From now on, you have a new fan who is rooting for you from the bottom of her heart. I am looking forward to watch you play for Barcelona. You are my hero