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Hey love everyone's designs! (sorry if this has been asked before I cant find it) What are everyone's skin, hair and eye colours?

Hey there! Actually, it hasn’t.

Eugene: Dusty blonde hair, tan skin, eyes are black.

Kennedy: Dark brow hair, dark brown eyes, medium beige skin tone(maybe a bit darker)

Hannah: Same as Ken, only with dark green eyes.

Elliot: strawberry blonde hair, blueish grey eyes, pale skin with freckles

Manager: they don’t actually look like this, but technology shields what they look like legitimately. Light brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes.

Kiera: medium beige skin, dark dark brown hair, green eyes

Icarus: medium beige skin, medium brown hair, one green eye one blue

Jeremy: chocolate brown skin tone, black hair, brown eyes

Oswin: black hair, light beige skin tone, green eyes


Aesthetic Inspo Series: @christeeneytiny as requested by @luna3141 

“Yea, and if some god shall wreck me in the wine-dark deep,
even so I will endure…
For already have I suffered full much,
and much have I toiled in perils of waves and war.
Let this be added to the tale of those.”  
 ―    Homer

  • just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  repost & tag away !

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001. Melancholy 
002. Fixated
003. Amiable
005. Reliable
006. Perfectionism


001. Greyscale
002. Fire engine red
003. Soft beige
004. Earthy tones


001. Clean laundry
002. Citrus
003. Fruity shampoo


001. Umbrella
002. Portable tissues
003. Water bottle
004. Phone
005. Earbuds/Headphones


001. Expressive hands
002. Touches neck
003. Hand on cheek
004. Nodding
005. Head tilt


001. Being outside in the rain
002. Singing under your breath
003. A clean, tidy home
004. Exchanging small smiles
005. Happily Ever Afters ( ? )

Adulthood is here: for my birthday I asked for a cast iron skillet, a pestle and mortar, a pack of muted beige tone roving wool and a bottle of liquid smoke seasoning. 

I am cackling. What a list. 

this is a redraw of one of those color-based ocs I have, like Indigo, Ruby or Grey. She is from another world apart from those characters, where everything was monochromatic. She was the princess of one of the two continents there, and her name is Pristine White, (Like Christine only a color pun). Her fiance is Obsidian Black, who hails from the opposing continent. Their world is much smaller than Earth, and had no colors whatsoever; The concept was introduced by the character Ecru, who despite being beige/sepia toned, was really bright and confusing to them, because nobody had ever seen a color before. Ecru eventually curses their world and White and Black had to escape, and combined their magic to reach a new world where everything and everyone was very colorful. The curse has followed them to the new world however, and Obsidian no longer can live in a physical form due to the strain of passing realms, so he resides as her shadow and she is desperately trying to find a way to return him back to normal and keep Ecru’s curse from destroying the new world they had found.