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Michael Gray x Reader

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Michael didn’t really expect anything to happen as he left his home that morning, he most certainly didn’t expect to see you, Tommy’s Assistant and the woman he has adored so much from afar in the arms of a man that wasn’t him. It all seemed terribly cliché - something right out of one of those awful romance books your mother reads in front of the fire - but he felt like the wind had been completely knocked out of him, like the world was caving in beneath him. Michael watched as the stranger embraced you in one of the longest hugs he’d ever seen, clearly this man loved you (or claimed to) very much and the feeling appeared mutual.
Turning up the collar of his beige raincoat, he strode away hoping to get away without you seeing, knowing he’d be far too disappointed and angry to form a coherent sentence if you were to stop and talk to him.

~ x ~

You’d no idea what had gotten into Michael, he’d been avoiding you for days, whenever you entered the same room as him he’d glare at you before storming out. No matter how much you tried to shrug off his peculiar behaviour you couldn’t help but feel hurt by his chilliness towards you.
“Polly?” You called out as you entered the Shelby household before taking off your coat and hanging it up on the stand.
“In the kitchen (Y/N)” Polly shouted back just as you began to make your way to that very room.
“How are you (Y/N)? Tommy keeping you busy? She questioned as she pottered around putting cups and plates away.

“Can’t complain to be honest Poll, I think I spend most of my time tidying up after him than doing any secretarial work.” You chuckled, leaning against the kitchen units.

“Now that doesn’t surprise me, he’s never quite learnt the art of putting things away.” Polly said as she began to boil some water on the stove. “Anyway I’m guessing you’re not really here to talk about Tommy’s flaws, what’s on your mind?”

“It’s actually concerning Michael, I’m not really sure what I’ve done but I seem to have pissed him off somehow. Maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid but I’m convinced he’s avoiding me. I was just wondering if you knew why because if I have done something I want to try and make it right.” You explained as you rubbed your hand anxiously.

“Hmm I think I have an idea what might be the problem but let me speak to him first and I’ll try and get him to talk to you. I don’t believe it’s anything you’ve done, it’s just his childish idiocy stopping him from seeing the truth. Leave it with me and I’ll see what I can do.” Polly says as she gently rests her hand upon yours in a bid to reassure you.


It must have been the early hours of the morning when you were woken up to the sounds of shouting and banging coming from the front door and windows of your home, it took you a few moments to adjust to being awake before you realised that that the voice you could hear was familiar.
Getting up and wrapping your dressing gown around you, you walked over to the window to look down at an all to familiar figure.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! ARE YOU AWAKE? I WANT TO TALK TO YOU! (Y/N)!” Michael shouted as he staggered from side to side beneath your window.

“Michael? What the hell are you doing? Be quiet you’ll wake my parents.” You answered in a tone just above a whisper.

“BUT I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.” He continued to shout despite your pleas for him to stop.

“Oh golly.” You said aloud to yourself as you took a deep breath and headed down the stairs to open the door for him.

Upon opening the door, you watched as Michael struggled to stay upright as many attempts to grab the door frame failed.

“Are you drunk?”

“Mmm maybe just a little bit.” He slurred as he demonstrated using his thumb and forefinger before gesturing to the doorstep “Sit with me.”

“Michael, what’s all this about?” You asked as you sat on the cold hard step.

“Who was that… that…. that GUY you were with a few days ago? I saw you both as I left to get some cigarettes.” He finally blurted out as he began to tense his fists.

“Ahhh so this is what has had your knickers in a twist.” You giggled. “That ‘guy’ is my brother, he travelled here from his home in Edinburgh to tell me he was getting married.”

“Oh… good.”

“Who else could he have been? Besides why are you so bothered?”

“I like you (Y/N), I like you more than you realise.” Michael admitted whilst taking your hand and gently encasing it within the palms of his own. “I may be more drunk than I’d care to admit but Polly was about to kick my arse if I didn’t tell you the truth, I was only going to have one drink for Dutch courage.” He chuckled at his own stupidity.

“Well Mr Gray, you might be interested to know I happen to like you a lot too.” You said smiling as you watched Michaels eyes open wide like a child’s on Christmas morning.

“You do? Can I kiss you to confirm I’m not imagining this?” He asked albeit rather cheekily.

You nodded as he leaned in, capturing your soft lips with his own.

Preference {14} AU: He's Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One of His Band Mates

Hello, Lovelies! Finally, after losing the first document to technical difficulties yesterday, I made myself start and finish the newer version. I hope the requester, who asked I do more brother/sister moments, likes this one. It was a joy to write, and I hope you all enjoy it, Lovelies! Requests are still open, by the way, and I wanted to pint out that the guy you have a crush on in each one is the guy who paid the most attention to you when you surprised your brother on tour in Preference {12}.

- Chrissy

Master List

Harry: You Have a Crush on Louis.


                The sound of the front door slamming ran up your spine, making you cringe mid-sip.

                You brought your cup of tea down to the smooth top of the wooden kitchenette you were sitting at before replying to your brother’s call, “I’m in the kitchen!”

                You heard his loud footsteps cross the living room and enter the kitchen from behind you. When you knew he had entered the room, you twisted around in your chair, resting your manicured hand on the back of it.

                “What’s wrong with you?” you asked, furrowing your brows at your fuming brother.

                “You!” he pointed an accusing finger. “Stop looking so pretty!”

                Your eyes widened at his demand, “Excuse me?”

                “Whatever you do in the mornings, stop!” he growled, pulling back the chair adjacent to yours and nearly making it topple over. “Stop being attractive and smart and kind and funny and…”

                “Harry,” you tapped the top of the table to get his attention. “Calm down, and look at me.”

                He did as you commanded, pressing his lips into a thin line.

                “Now tell me what this is all about,” you said, leaning back in your chair.

                “One of my band mates called you ‘fit,’” he murmured between clenched teeth.

                You didn’t see a problem with that. One of his friends paid you a compliment. What was so bad about it?

                “Which one?” you questioned, hoping, secretly, that it was your crush.

                “My best mate!” he growled. “Louis who wants to fuck my sister Tomlinson.”

                Your heart nearly leapt in your chest; you were so happy, but you frowned for your brother.

                “I’m sure he doesn’t want to have sex with me, Harry,” you chided him. “He’s your best friend, and he’s more of a gentleman than that.”

                “I guess you’re right, but…why my sister of all people?” he groaned, leaning his head back on the chair.

                You shrugged, blushing slightly, “Well…I don’t know…I kind of find it sweet of him to call me 'fit.’”

                Harry jumped up before you could finish the sentence, his green eyes almost the size of golf balls before narrowing into tiny slits, “You don’t find him fit…do you?”

                You hung your head, unable to help the smile on your lips, and that was answer enough for Harry.

                “Oh, God,” he brought his hands up to his face, falling back into his chair. “My little sister…and my best mate. I’m going to die.”

                “You are not,” you said, rolling your eyes at his dramatics. “Just because I have a crush on Louis doesn’t–”

                Harry’s fingers moved to reveal his face, “You fancy him, too?”

                Your embarrassed silence confirmed it for him.

                “Oh, God.”

Liam: You Have a Crush on Niall.

It was a normal day when all Hell decided to break loose. You had just gotten home from another routine day at school, and you were sitting on your bed, cereal bowl in hand and papers scattered across your comforter.

                You were planning to finish your snack before starting your homework, but your elder brother had other plans.

                He had knocked on your door, giving you a weird smile, “Hey.”


                “So…how are you?” he asked, strolling over to your side of the queen bed.

                “Fine…” you gave him a confused look.

                “Good,” he nodded, looking around your room as if it were the first time. “So…do you, by any chance…have a Tumblr?”

                You froze mid-bite, “Yes…”

                “And does it happen to be a blog completely dedicated to Niall James Horan?”

                That’s when your heart fell into your stomach. You gulped down whatever was in your mouth, putting the bowl on the nightstand next to you.

                “Promise you won’t tell.”

                Your words were meant to be a plea, but your face expressed that it was a warning.

                “I won’t tell…but why are you so obsessed?”

                You looked down at your lap, blushing, “I kind of…fancy him, and I know my feelings will never be reciprocated. So…I created the blog.”

                “Well, of course they aren’t,” Liam threw his head back in laughter. “I would kill him if he acted on any feelings for my sister!”

                You groaned, “You’re so annoying! Why did you come up here anyway? To laugh at me?”

                “No…I just wanted to trick you into telling me you had a crush on my best mate,” he chuckled, sitting on the edge of your bed.

                “You mean…!” you gaped at him, and he nodded.

                “I never knew about your blog or your crush,” he confessed. “I just figured, by the way that you act around him, that you have some hidden feelings for him. Who knew you had a whole blog?”

                “Liam James Payne,” you growled, getting up onto your knees. “I am going to kill you!”

                “Hey, I wouldn’t threaten the one guy who could help you get the boy of your dreams,” he smirked, arching his brows.

                You immediately sat back on your bum, pouting, “Why are you so mean to me?”

                “I’m not mean…wait? Are you crying?” he leaned forward to take a better look at you.

                You nodded, bringing your hands up to your eyes to stop the flow.

                “Wow…you really have fallen for him hard, huh?”

                You hummed between your sniffles in confirmation.

                “I’ll kill that Irishman…stealing my sister’s heart,” he vowed, pulling you into a hug only to be punched in the chest. “Ouch! Hey, that hurt!”

Louis: You Have a Crush on Zayn.

“What are you doing?”

                “Waiting,” you sighed.

                “Waiting for what?”



                “None of your business,” you sent a glare Louis’ way.

                He made an angry cat noise and hissed, “Wow. Someone’s feeling feisty.”

                You rolled your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest as you moved your gaze to the empty street.

                “So…who you waiting for?”

                “No one.”

                “No one is obviously someone because you just told me you were waiting for someone,” your brother reasoned with a laugh. “So…who is this no one, or should I say someone?”

                “Louis,” you turned your head to look at him, “I am going to punch you in the face.”

                “But why?” he pouted. “We used to tell each other everything! Why can’t I know?”

                “Because you’re going to be angry,” you whispered, looking back out the window.

                “Why? Is this 'no one’ a male?”



                You sighed in exasperation, “If I tell you, will you be quiet?”

                He nodded, giving you a fake smile.



                “You heard me,” you smirked, finally seeing the familiar car parked outside your house. “He’s here!”

                “Where are you going?” he followed you to the door.


                “Out where?”

                “The cinema,” you said, shrugging on your beige raincoat.

                “Why?” he asked, leaning on the stair railing.

                “Because there’s a movie we both want to see.”

                “Why wasn’t I invited?”

                “Because you weren’t? I don’t know, Louis.”

                “Ah…I see what’s going on.”

                You looked over your shoulder at him, “You do?”

                He nodded, a confident smile on his face, “Someone has a little crush on Zayn, and she wants him all to herself. Am I right?”

                Well, he wasn’t necessarily wrong, but you weren’t going to tell him that.

                “And you don’t want me tagging along because you think I’ll just get in the way,” he concluded, heading over to the closet and grabbing his jacket. “Well, Y/N,” he threw his jacket on over his shoulders, “you are a hundred percent correct.”

                “Louis…” you warned, “don’t you dare put on your shoes…”

                He smirked and slipped on each Tom, spinning his foot around for you to see.

                “Maybe if you admit you have a crush…I’ll consider staying home…” he glanced at you.

                You let out a sigh, “Fine…I fancy Zayn Malik. You happy now?”

                “Very,” he smiled, walking over to the front door and opening it. He looked outside and waved at Zayn before turning to talk to you again. “Come on, now. We’ll be late for the movie.”

                “We’ll? What happened to your promise?” you questioned, walking up to him.

                “I said maybe, Y/N,” he chuckled, closing the door behind you. “I never promised anything.”

Niall: You Have a Crush on Harry.

                You were sitting on the couch, enjoying a bowl of popcorn and an episode of The Simpsons, when your brother came into the house.

                “That made tonight, Harry. You have no idea,” he said in between laughs, entering the living room.

                “Hey, Y/N,” Harry greeted you first, giving you one of his smiles that made you swoon.

                “What’re you watching?” Niall asked, leaning on the back of the sofa.

                “Simpsons,” you mumbled.

                “Do you mind if we join you?”

                You looked over your shoulder to meet his green gaze.

                “Um…no?” you said, turning away, but you did mind.

                “Great!” Niall shouted, jumping into the cushion next to you while Harry did the same on the other side.

                Sandwiched between the two boys, you continued to watch your show…or at least, you tried to. Harry kept reaching over you to take some popcorn from Niall, who had stolen the bowl from you.

                “Excuse me, Love,” he would say every time he invaded your personal space, but his apologies weren’t helping. If anything, his velvet voice was making it worse.


                It was later on that night that Niall came into your room, closing the door behind him.

                You looked up from your book to see him leaning against your door, his head down.

                “Something wrong?” you asked.

                “I could ask you the same thing,” Niall retorted with a small frown. “Why do you always act so shy around Harry nowadays? You weren’t ever like this before.”

                You honestly wished you could’ve died then and there. Your brother had noticed your odd behavior, and because you could never keep something from him, he was going to figure it out.

                “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Niall,” you said, playing with the bottom of your plaid pajama shorts.

                “You suddenly get quiet, and you aren’t as talkative…You can’t even look at the poor guy,” Niall pointed out. “He just asked me if you were mad at him or something.”

                Great. Now you were sending the wrong signals!

                “Oh, well, I’m not angry…”

                “Then what are you?”

                You looked down at your comforter, letting out a sigh, “You have to promise you won’t laugh or tell.”

                “I promise,” he put his hand on his heart, something you two always did when giving each other your word.

                “I kind of…fancy him…a little…”

                “A little?”

                You rolled your eyes, “Okay, a lot. I know you’ll never approve, and I know it’s just one-sided…”

                “Are you kidding me, Y/N?” Niall was grinning from ear to ear. “Harry’s been pining on you since he first met you.”


                He nodded, “Since day one, and he’s had my approval since day two.”

Zayn: You Have a Crush on Liam.

                Liam: So when am I going 2 c u again?

A smile forced its way onto your lips as you read that message, and you quickly replied back.

                You: Idk. Next time u boys get together?

His response was instant.

                Liam: But when will that b? :(

                You sighed because you honestly didn’t know. Ever since Zayn got back from tour, on break, he’s been spending most of his days at his flat in London, only visiting you and your parents on the weekends. You missed him, but this was his way of relaxing. Who were you to stop him?

                You: Idk…:(

                Liam: But I miss hanging out with u.

                You: Same.

“Why are you grinning like an idiot?” your brother asked, peering over your shoulder.

                “No reason…” you left your messages, returning to the home screen.

                “If I knew any better…you were texting a boy,” Zayn chuckled, taking a seat next to you on the couch. “So…who is the lucky arsehole?”

                Liam: Would it b weird if u and I just hung out?

“What’s he saying?” Zayn asked, trying to catch a glimpse of the text.

                “Nothing, Zayn,” you frowned, pushing him away. “This isn’t any of your business.”

                You: No. Y would it b?

“I know, but I’m curious…” he pouted. “Please tell me, Y/N. I promise I’ll leave you alone.”

                “No,” you growled, holding your phone closer.

                Liam: Well…u r Zayn’s little sis.

                You: So?

                “Come on, please. You know who I’m dating,” Zayn tried to reason with you.

                “Everyone knows who you’re dating,” you scowled, facing your cell away from him. “All I have to do is look in a magazine or search your name online.”


                “The answer is still the same,” you brought your cell back up to your face.

                Liam: So…he told us u were off-limits.

                You: But this isn’t a date…is it?

You turned to your brother, hitting his arm lightly.

                “What was that for?” he shouted, rubbing his arm as if it actually hurt.

                “For telling the boys I was off…” you shut up as soon as you realized what you had revealed.

                “Which one is it?”

                “No one, Zayn!” you struggled against his strength as he tried to get your phone out of your hands, but alas, he was stronger.

                “So it’s Liam…” he frowned, glaring at your screen. “Bloody bastard.”

                Then, your phone went off, signifying a text.

                “What did he say?” you lunged for the phone, but Zayn managed to get away, walking around the couch as he read the message.

                “Do you like him?” Zayn asked, looking over at you.

                You nodded, “A lot…”

                Zayn let out a sigh, “Great…just great.”

super-the-natural  asked:

Hello I am absolutely obsessed with your writing and was wondering if you could write a CastielxReader smut where Cas and the reader have sex for the first time and at first he's a little confused but he's a badass angel so he gets the hang of it real quick and shows the reader just how powerful he is. Thanks you so much!!!💕💕

First of all thank you so much, that’s the absolute sweetest! More than happy to give you some CasxReader smut!

Also I read this at 4 a.m and started writing it when I was half asleep and finished it this morning and got carried away with writing length and if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for please let me know and I’ll write you something else <3

First Time For Feathers 

Pairing: CasxReader 

Warnings: Virginal first time sex, smut, might be mild language 

Word Count: 3274 ( Like I said got a little carried away)

“ I need you Cas.” you’d say, your words alone caressing him and pulling him in tight. You always reward the faithful, he reminded himself of that on the daily when he found himself watching over you more frequently. Your shadow had a pair of wings and your enemies had an angel blade in their back. Cas didn’t want to admit it, but he revered you in almost the same way you revered him. Was that blasphemous?

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Word of the Day: Wamble

wamble \WOM-buhl, -uhl, WAM-\, verb:

1. to move unsteadily.
2. to feel nausea.
3. (of the stomach) to rumble; growl.

1. an unsteady or rolling movement.
2. a feeling of nausea.

You meet frequently for dinner, after work, split whole liters of the house red, then wamble the two blocks east, twenty blocks south to your apartment and lie sprawled on the living room floor with your expensive beige raincoats still on.
– Lorrie Moore, Self-Help, 1985

I’ll have to take you there. It’s a cheery sensation, you know, to find a man who has some imagination, but who has been unspoiled by Interesting People, and take him to hear them wamble.
– Sinclair Lewis, Our Mr. Wrenn: The Romantic Adventures of a Gentle Man, 1914

Wamble may be related to the Norwegian word vamla which means “to stagger.” It entered English in the 1300s.

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Когда начинаются недели моды, для меня начинаются райские дни полные вдохновения. Я просматриваю все показы, все обновления и новости с каждого мероприятия. Но больше всего я люблю рассматривать образы известных блоггеров, it-girls, редакторов, журналистов. Они меняют несколько нарядов в день, от показа до показа, продумывая каждую деталь, каждый аксессуар. Сколько нужно потратить времени, чтобы подготовить столько нарядов на неделю? 

When the start of fashion week, days begin paradise full of inspiration. I look at all the shows, all updates and news from each event. But most of all I like to look outfits of well-known bloggers, it-girls, editors and journalists. They change several outfits a day, from the show to the show, thinking through every detail, every accessory. How long time they prepare as many outfits for the week?

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