beige rabbit


Pote Usa Loppy Pearl | $12.99

Get to know their names!

  • Shiroppi (white rabbit with rainbow pearls)
  • Ruby-chan (white albino rabbit with pearled pink bow)
  • Chappy (beige rabbit with rainbow pearls)
  • Mimi-pyon (pink rabbit with pearled purple bow)
  • Maburin (white rabbit with brown patches and rainbow pearls)
  • Strawberry Milk-chan (white rabbit with pink patches and rainbow pearls)
June 18, 2016
  1. Aries
     Table tennis

  2. Libra
     Western-style utensils

  3. Leo

  4. Aquarius

  5. Scorpio
     Report card

  6. Sagittarius
     Light blue

  7. Pisces
     Iced coffee

  8. Taurus

  9. Virgo
     Taking lessons

  10. Gemini
     Viewing platform

  11. Cancer
     Psychology book

  12. Capricorn
     Rabbit goods