beige loafers


-dark green green hair parted down the middle
-raw crystal crown with plants*
-elf ears*
-swampy blue / green eyes
-pudgy belly and round face*
-long lashes*
-rosy cheeks*
-funky patterned earthy knit sweater 
-blue and green plaid skirt
-brown tights with beige stars 
-brown loafers

* not in game

- lon lon (milk mustaches) 
- love letters 
- giggling 
- pascal’s advice

- waiting for coffee to cool 
- villagers falling into pitfall seeds
- sleeping through the sunrise 

Undress Me

This is a one shot based off of Tatina Pilieva’s Undress Me Project where she asked complete strangers to undress and get into bed with each other on camera. This is our Klaine spin off of that. Enjoy :) If you would like to watch the video that we were inspired by here is the link:

“Are you nervous?" 

Kurt stopped tapping at his phone and looked up, his shoulders dropping slightly as he released a long breath.

"This won’t be the first time I’ll get undressed in front of people, Lena. I’ll be fine… Well as long as I don’t have to deal with boobs." 

He smiled when he saw the mock offended look Lena threw his way. 

"But you know, if I have to, I’d rather deal with yours." 

Lena gave Kurt an unimpressed look and rolled her eyes, but Kurt could see her trying to keep herself from smiling. 

"You know there won’t be your classmates or Ms. Clearwater evaluating your posture right? I don’t want to hear you rant about how I tricked you into this later. You’ll actually get undressed in front of a stranger and get in bed with them while there will be at least three cameras recording you. There are no other rules. It is totally up to you what you want to do next once you are in the bed. But you have to make it to the bed and you have to do it naked." 

Kurt pocketed his phone and ran his fingers through his hair as carefully as he could, checking his reflection on the window he was leaning against.

"I know all of that, and like I said I’ll be fine. It will be good for me. And you said I could put this on my resume right? It’ll give me an advantage against others when we audition for the same role in the future. Besides, these are your people. I trust you." 

Lena took a break from her incessant typing on her MacBook and got up from her chair, standing next to Kurt. 

"I’m just worried you’ll give a poor, old lady a heart attack up there that’s all. I’ve seen those abs. They aren’t easy to get over." 

Kurt clicked his tongue and shook his head, but the crinkles around his eyes giving him away as much as he tried to look serious.

"I’ll try not to offend anyone with my humble nudity, honey." 

"Nothing about you is humble Hummel." 

Lena squeezed his shoulder and turned to look over at the stage, shouting a “got it” before returning her gaze to Kurt again.

"You’re up, next. Try to act as naturally as you can. This is just another performance for you." 

Kurt nodded shortly and did some breathing exercise before making his way over the stage.
He smiled a kind smile at the director and went up the stairs, his eyes taking in the bed right in the middle of the stage. He was alone. For now. He did well by wearing a tank top under his blue button-up. It would give him time to get used to his partner once they start to undress. He turned his back to the cameras and faced the bed, trying to calm his nerves with an inner Kurt Hummel pep talk. "Okay” he thought. “No need to make it a big deal. You have undressed with guys before. You have undressed guys before. And as for women, here is a chance for you to prove to yourself that you can be comfortable with women as your partner too. Because this is what it will be anyway. Acting.”

Blaine stood at the bottom of the stairs taking deep breaths trying to steady out his rapid breathing. He didn’t know what to expect when he got up the stairs and the not knowing was what made him the most nervous. He has undressed several people in his 25 years of life but this “experiment” was different. All those times the undressing was just an obstacle to sex, the purpose of this was just that, to undress another person. And that other person could be anyone; different ethnicity, race, age or gender. None of that bothered Blaine, but the gender piece is what made him anxious. Not because he was opposed to undressing a man, in fact being with a man was never outside the realm of possibility for Blaine but up to this point in his life he had only ever been with women. He knew how to undress a woman; be gentle, turn on the Blaine Anderson charm to make her feel comfortable, the only hard part would be to just slow down and remember this wasn’t about sex. But with a man, he had no idea even where to begin, how to touch him, how to ease the tension, where to look. Blaine took one last deep breath before starting up the stairs shaking his head; he was a natural at pretty much everything he did, what would be different about this?

Blaine raised his head after stepping off the last stair and saw a tall, slender man staring at the bed in the middle of a large room. His palms instantly started to sweat and he wiped them on his pants vigorously, taking slow cautious steps towards the stranger in the middle of the room. Once he was a couple feet away from this guy who, Blaine had to admit had the most fantastic ass he had ever seen on a guy or girl, he cleared his throat.

“Hi. I um… I am…”

Blaine let out a nervous laugh and looked up from his feet only to be met with mesmerizing wide eyes, seeming to change from blue to green every time he allowed himself to blink. This sight didn’t make it any easier to form a sentence but Blaine tried to speak once again.

“Blaine… Anderson… is my name. Jesus, sorry! So much for trying to hide my nerves. Let’s try this one more time.”

Blaine bit his lip and gave this stranger a shy smile while extending his hand hoping he could keep it from shaking.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Blaine. And you are?”

Kurt, though how ready he thought he was, startled when he heard the footsteps behind him coming closer with each second, a deep nervous voice accompanying them. He took one last deep breath and turned around, biting his bottom lip hard upon the sight that met him. Were those eyes for real? And what about the eyelashes? He would have to spend days if he wanted to count them one by one. And the bonus was that no boobs. But he didn’t even care. If any female carried this face upon their shoulders, Kurt would even be okay with dealing with boobs. He smiled at the nervous rambling of the stranger and let his eyes drop lower, taking in the broad shoulders and the tiny waist begging to be wrapped by Kurt’s arms. He looked up apologetically and reached out to shake the hand the beautiful stranger held out. 

"Kurt. Kurt Hummel. Pleasure is all mine, Blaine." 

Blaine took Kurt in, noticing the arm muscles flexing in his arm as they shook hands. Kurt’s face was flawless, beautiful and he imagined it would be as soft as the hand he held on to at the moment. He could tell that Kurt worked out and it paid off because it was obvious that his whole body was toned even through layers of clothes. The handshake seemed to stop but they held on to each other’s hands a second longer not realizing as each of them was drinking the other in. Blaine’s eyes met Kurt’s and he blushed dropping his hand to his side. He turned to face the bed hoping Kurt wouldn’t notice the blush spreading across his face and swallowed hard looking at the bed. He returned his gaze to Kurt who had a sweet smile on his face that made him instantly feel comfortable.

“Well, this will be a first.”

Kurt smiled a secret smile at the way the beautiful stranger, Blaine, was looking at him up and down and raised one eyebrow at Blaine’s words, waiting for him to return his gaze to himself again before speaking.

"For some reason I find this hard to believe…" 

Blaine shook his head a little too adamantly. 

"No, no I have undressed plenty of people before, just not um not a man. So you will have to show me how it’s done Kurt.”

Blaine winked at Kurt surprised at how the flirting came so natural with another guy but he hoped it would ease the tension, if any, that his confession caused. 

Kurt made a quiet oh sound and bit his lip, trying to understand why he was feeling a little disappointed by the fact that this gorgeous creature in front of him, of course, wasn’t on his team. He shook his head and tried to relax his shoulders, taking one, small step towards Blaine.

“You know the whole point of this thing is just get undressed and get in bed. There isn’t any rule about undressing each other. So um if it’ll make you more comfortable, we can just fly solo too.”

Blaine had no clue what the hell he was doing but he knew he didn’t want that so he took a step closer to Kurt placing a hand gently on his shoulder to steady himself as he slipped off his shoes, looking at him the whole time. 

“I can take care of my shoes but if it’s okay with you could you maybe help out with the rest?”
He bit his lip trying to read the expression on Kurt’s face.

“I just might be less nervous if we do it together.”

Kurt grabbed Blaine’s arm instinctively, not letting it go until Blaine stepped out of his shoes and moved even closer to Kurt, making his heart pound in his chest with the way he was still looking at Kurt. He kept Blaine’s intense gaze and nodded slowly, mirroring Blaine’s movements and kicking off his shoes, as gracefully as he managed. He looked down at their shoes, Blaine’s beige loafers lying next to Kurt’s red oxfords. He looked up with a smile, now highly aware of the closeness of their bodies as he reached out to grab the collar of Blaine’s shirt. 

“We will take turns, then." 

He licked his lips and dropped his gaze to his hands on Blaine’s neck, unbuttoning the first button of his shirt really slowly.

"Is that okay?" 

Blaine breathed in deeply as Kurt started unbuttoning his shirt a sweet smell of vanilla coming off of Kurt’s porcelain skin. He nodded at Kurt’s question enjoying the tingling sensation he felt all over his body. Kurt unbuttoned each button carefully and pushed Blaine’s shirt off of his shoulders leaving him in just his undershirt. He licked his lips unknowingly as he eyed the buttons on Kurt’s shirt. 

"My turn now.”

His voice came out a little shaky as did his hands when he brought them up to Kurt’s shirt. He struggled with the first button and then focused on Kurt’s eyes, instantly calming him.

Kurt released a deep breath and chuckled nervously, his eyes zooming from Blaine’s now dark green eyes to the scarcely scattered chest hair poking out of his under shirt. Blaine’s eyes on his making him feel grounded no matter how crazy his insides were going, a spark shooting through him at the simple brush of Blaine’s thumb against his ribs. He smiled approvingly when Blaine tossed his shirt away gently, landing it on the bed. 
He brought his hands to the sides of Blaine’s under shirt, grabbing the hem of it between his fingers, his heart feeling like it stopped right in his chest when Blaine lifted his arms up immediately, eyes never leaving Kurt’s. Kurt bit his lip and slowly pulled Blaine’s shirt off over his head, letting it drop to the floor because his hands were shaking too much to try to land it somewhere on the bed. He pulled back slightly to drink up the sight of a half-naked Blaine, his throat feeling dry when he took a breath. As he kept looking at Blaine’s chest, down his stomach, the way his v-line disappeared under his pants, he could feel his cheeks getting darker and his breathing heavier.

“Sorry. It was uh it was a nice under shirt.”

His eyes dropped to Blaine’s chest again, his fingers itching to reach out and run all over that chest hair. 

“Very beautiful." 

Blaine grinned at Kurt noticing a beautiful blush going from his cheeks down his long neck and he thanked God he wasn’t the only nervous one. He let Kurt take his time looking over his body, this type of intimacy was foreign to Blaine but he kind of liked the closeness and the excitement of what was next. When Kurt’s eyes trailed back to Blaine’s he pulled Kurt closer by the hem of his under shirt inching it up his torso. Blaine’s hand dusted the side of Kurt’s stomach as he slowly pulled his shirt over his head. Now it was Blaine’s turn to admire what was in front of him and the sight was breathtaking. Kurt’s creamy skin stretched over his toned muscles was too much for Blaine to take in at once and he closed his eyes taking a deep breath before refocusing this time on the small trail of hair that went from just underneath his belly button and then disappeared under Kurt’s pants. Blaine desperately wanted to follow that trail so he pulled Kurt by the button on his jeans, a little rougher than he had intended, making Kurt close enough that their hips were now touching. He looked back into Kurt’s eyes noticing how his voice seemed to drop an octave as he spoke.

“If I’m beautiful Kurt, then y-you are stunning. Pants now?”

Kurt dropped his head to Blaine’s shoulder when their hips collided lightly, bringing them closer than their task required them. He exhaled against the olive toned skin and pulled back a little, placing both hands on Blaine’s chest and kneeling before him slowly, palms down. He looked up at Blaine and slowly glided his hands to Blaine’s belly and down to his belt, unbuckling it skillfully. He looked down and watched his own actions, throwing the belt over his head. He let out a nervous chuckle and inserted his hands into the waistline of Blaine’s pants and pushing them down slowly, his gaze focused on what he was doing although he couldn’t help looking up at Blaine as he slipped off the pants from his legs. He did his best not to look at Blaine’s crotch as he stood up and failed terribly. His eyes were drawn to the faint outline of Blaine’s cock in his CK briefs. He cleared his throat and looked up to meet Blaine’s gaze, a small smile on his lips. 

"Y-yeah pants now." 

Blaine had to stifle a gasp when Kurt got on his knees in front of him and he silently begged his cock to stop twitching when Kurt ran his hand down his legs as he tugged Blaine’s pants off. He looked at Kurt as he stood up, his eyes a lot darker than he had remembered and he suddenly got the feeling things were getting a little more serious. Blaine dragged his hand lightly down Kurt’s stomach, surprising himself at how forward he was being and unbuttoned his jeans. He unzipped Kurt’s pants slowly, focusing his eyes on Kurt’s lips as he dragged his tongue across them, almost like he was teasing Blaine. Kurt had chosen to wear skinny jeans today, Blaine wasn’t complaining though because his ass looked like a piece of art in them, so Blaine just hooked his thumbs on the inside of the waist band to assist him in taking them off. He slowly got to his knees the lower Kurt’s pants got and pulled them off one leg at a time tossing them across the floor looking up at Kurt as he reached out to grab his arm to help him up. He let Kurt pull him up, still watching those lips the whole time causing him to clumsily fall into Kurt’s chest. The sensation of their bare skin touching sent shivers down his spine and he left his hand on Kurt’s pec, pushing the rest of his body back slightly.

“Sorry, my legs don’t seem to be so steady all of a sudden. Kurt, you are like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, male or female.”

Kurt didn’t think it was even possible but he blushed deeper at Blaine’s words, the way his voice was in a breathy whisper as he spoke created goose bumps all over Kurt’s body. 

"You are awfully charming for a guy who has never done that before." 

He let himself be backed against the side of the bed slowly, a playful smile on his face as he reached out and wrapped one arm around Blaine’s tiny waist loosely, his palm flat against Blaine’s back.

"So um.. Right or left?”

He pointed at the bed with his head, feeling like there was a fire coursing through his body as Blaine’s legs brushed against his. 

Blaine didn’t know what had come over him, he hadn’t been lying when he told Kurt he had never undressed a man before but things just felt so natural with him. He had never limited himself to a specific gender; he just always seemed to gravitate towards women. But now that their bodies were touching Blaine thought it wouldn’t have mattered if he was the straightest guy in the world, how could anyone not be infatuated with Kurt’s beauty. He looked at the bed and then back at Kurt, a smirk forming on his face.

“Right is my normal side.”

Kurt nodded at Blaine and pushed him gently so he fell to the bed causing Blaine to let out a nervous laugh that caught in his throat as Kurt climbed across his body. Right before Kurt swung his other leg over him Blaine grabbed Kurt by the hips loving the sight above him. He felt his heart beat out of his chest at the way Kurt was looking down at him noticing the quickening pace in his breathing as well. They stared at each other for a while both sharing shy smiles before Blaine gently guided Kurt over to the other side of him and then pulled the covers over their lower half’s. He traced his fingers down Kurt’s chest, the urge to press his lips against his becoming overwhelming.

“N-now what?”

Kurt let his hand stay on Blaine’s arm, feeling the hard muscles beneath his fingers even when he got to his side of the bed, heart racing at the proximity of their bodies, the way Blaine’s bottom half pressed against his. He turned on his side to face Blaine who had done the same even before Kurt did and tangled their legs together, looking into Blaine’s eyes all the time so he would stop the moment he saw any discomfort. That was the last thing he could see in those stunning green eyes. There was expectation. Excitement. A little bit of nervousness maybe. And if Kurt wasn’t wrong, lots of desire. He leant in a little, just enough to make Blaine feel his breath on his lips, his fingers trailing down his stomach slowly.

“Let me be another first for you?" 

He whispered against Blaine plump lips, his hand gripping Blaine’s side as he tried hard not to just close that tiny distance between their lips. 

Blaine had to remind himself to breathe when he tasted Kurt’s sweet breath on his lips. He moved his hand to cup Kurt’s face and he closed his eyes taking a shaking breath before opening them again to look deep into his eyes.

"Please kiss me Kurt.”

Kurt didn’t hear what came next after “kiss”, going for it the moment he heard Blaine whispering please right against his lips, sending chills down his spine, closing the distance, making them both sigh into each other’s mouth. He wrapped his arm around Blaine’s hip tighter and pulled him closer, pressing in and swiping his tongue between Blaine’s lips as he parted them almost automatically, moaning at the way he tasted. He pushed one knee between Blaine’s legs and climbed half on top of him, his whole body on fire from where it touched Blaine’s. He grabbed the back of Blaine’s head with his free hand and pressed his lips a little harder this time, sucking on Blaine’s tongue like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted, his certain body parts certainly agreeing with him. 

If Blaine wasn’t completely immersed in Kurt he would have probably been embarrassed at the moan that left his mouth when Kurt grabbed the back of his head and forced his tongue deeper. That kiss was pure electricity and Blaine felt it all throughout his body and because of the thin fabric separating them he could be pretty sure Kurt felt it too. He grabbed Kurt by his waist settling him over his body completely, thrusting up instinctively when Kurt dragged his tongue hard across the roof of his mouth. At that moment, there were no cameras, no director, no one else but Kurt and him and the idea that the director could technically call cut at any time increased the urgency in their kisses, Blaine not ready for the fireworks to end. He ran his hands down Kurt’s back feeling all the muscles in his back flex as his hands got lower and lower until they disappeared under his briefs, squeezing Kurt’s ass hard. He spoke against Kurt’s lips kissing him short and hard.

“Kurt. Fuck! Where have you been all my life?”

Kurt bit down on Blaine’s bottom lip hard as he felt the strong hands grabbing his ass, fingers rubbing the swell of it oh so nicely. He dragged his hand down Blaine’s crotch, palming him through the thin fabric of his black briefs and moaning into Blaine’s mouth at the way it felt in his hand, hips rolling down as the movements of Blaine’s hands got more daring. He moved his body down slightly, both their eyes closing shut as their now achingly hard erections rubbed against each other. Kurt leant down and attached his mouth to Blaine’s neck; scattering open mouth kisses all over while grinding down against Blaine harder.

“Tell me… Tell me I can be your other firsts too." 

He took Blaine’s earlobe between his teeth, enjoying the way Blaine’s fingers trailed down between his ass cheeks.

"Tell me I can show you how much better it can feel. F-fuck, please Blaine." 

Blaine wasn’t even trying to stifle his moans any more as Kurt found the exact spot on his neck that drove him absolutely crazy. Blaine took Kurt’s head with both hands so he could look at him, his lips were beautifully swollen, his eyes black as coal and both of their chests moved up and down quickly as they each tried to catch their breaths.

“Damn Kurt, I fucking want all my firsts with you. B-but maybe not on camera?

Kurt’s head dropped to Blaine’s chest as he seemed to remember where they were, the blush coming back to his cheeks and down his beautiful neck that Blaine wanted to spend hours tasting. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt’s slender frame and kissed his hair, the butterflies going crazy in his stomach.

“God you are adorable. C’mon let’s get out of here beautiful.”

A Journalist Comes to Visit

Title: A journalist comes to visit

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Author: delusionsofnostalgia

Which Tom/Character: Actor Tom

Genre: Fluff/DaddyTom/TomxReader

Fic Summary: You are an author and married to Tom, with whom you have a wonderful son. A magazine reporter comes to your home to interview your ever busy husband and your son disrupts the interview ever so slightly.

Rating: K+

Author’s Notes: Hey guys, just a short piece of fluff that’s been in my mind for a while now and had to get it down. Sorry it’s so short but hope you enjoy it anyway! All feedback and comments are always welcome :) xx


The doorbell sounds throughout the multi-story town house you and your family live in; that meant the reporter was here.
 There’s an infectious little giggle from the bed which you share with your husband (when he is home) and your son (on most nights). You stick your head out the door of your walk in closet, to cast a wary eye over your son; the light filtering through the ceiling to floor window opposite your bed sprinkling his tan complexion with golden spots.

Keep reading