beige leather jacket

rey: dad…. these are my friends finn and poe theyre very excited to meet you also theyre married

luke: Why Hello how are you two this fine even-

luke: …,,,,,,,,,,….,

rey: dad. Whats wrong

finn wearing poes jacket: master skywalker is everything fine

luke: *is visibly sweating*

luke: oh no nothings wrong of course not. nothing could bother me i mean why would would i be upset when im looking at Custom Made Antique Beige Viscose Lining Leather Jacket With Three Outside Pockets And Belted Cuffs that han never got me meanwhile im here wearing rags i got from Sears,

poe: mr skywalker are you crying

luke: No,,Poe they are midichlorians god keep up

A tall, slender figure walked around the corner. Remus choked on his latte when he saw Sirius, who looked like a model in black skinny jeans, a plain beige t-shirt, a hoodie of the exact same shade of beige, and a black leather jacket. His hair was pulled back into a fashionably loose bun, and his feet were dressed in shiny new Doc Martens.

“‘Ello there, lads,” He said, and James stood up to welcome him. Remus pretended to look in his bag for something so he could hide his bright red cheeks. Sirius and James ended their quick catch up, and Sirius turned to Remus.

He had to blink a few times to confirm what he was seeing: Remus had gone home at the end of last year as an awkwardly tall book-nerd, whose hair flopped down and covered half of his face, but now, his height was - Sirius had no other way of describing it - hot and attractive… and Remus had had a haircut so that his blonde hair was swept back and you could see his beautifully bright green eyes.

Sirius had a sudden urge to rush to the bathroom and check his hair, but he was sure it looked good enough. “R-R-Remus!” He stuttered. “You look…different.”

Olicity Prompt: Chance Meeting

Requested by @captainolicitysbedroom 

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Prompt: Felicity is with Billy but falls in love with the guy she see’s training through the window of the they gym she passes every morning. 

As you know I never truly stick to these because I always see some nugget of hidden inspiration within the prompt. I hope you like it and as always my friend thank you for thinking I can write! 

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Chance Meeting

Every morning her routine was the same…

Her alarm went off like a shotgun, her eyes rolled to the ceiling in immediate distaste while she reached toward the loud siren of the approaching day. Per usual her fingers slipped just past the edge of the blaring machine; Felicity groaned, “I’m such a clutz…” beneath her breath right before the knuckle of her index finger became ensnared on the partially open dresser drawer.

She rolled until her face was buried in the warmth of her purple pillow case; her knuckle like it did every morning ached from being re-injured for the hundredth time. She lifted her arm and raised her palm until it was over the blaring stereo, seconds later the clunk of the clock as it landed over the area rug over her wood floors chimed throughout the space. She smiled into the soft fabric and let her shoulders ease into a relaxed pose. “Okay day let’s get my humiliation over with…” she whined lowly before bringing her elbows towards her center. With a loud huff she managed to jerk herself upward into a cluttered mess of blonde hair and wrinkled pj’s. She heard his soft steps from the foyer and, shot a quick glance toward the door.

“Felicity? Please tell me you’re actually awake?” he called as the clang of his keys hit upon the ceramic bowl on her small kitchen island.

She resisted the urge to fall backward when she moaned, “Yeah I’m awake…”

His soft chuckle made her smile but as usual it didn’t reach her tired eyes. Felicity frowned realizing that while Billy was sweet and, often kind their relationship still didn’t make her feel whole. She heard him bustling about her small, cube like kitchen with practiced ease. Felicity shifted her legs towards the floor then stood on shaky legs as she asked, “Hey can you put my coffee in the to go mug with the black lid?”

“Sure…” he replied swiftly before a small, “Felicity you promised!” could be heard echoing around the walls of her apartment.  

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