beige leather jacket

rey: dad…. these are my friends finn and poe theyre very excited to meet you also theyre married

luke: Why Hello how are you two this fine even-

luke: …,,,,,,,,,,….,

rey: dad. Whats wrong

finn wearing poes jacket: master skywalker is everything fine

luke: *is visibly sweating*

luke: oh no nothings wrong of course not. nothing could bother me i mean why would would i be upset when im looking at Custom Made Antique Beige Viscose Lining Leather Jacket With Three Outside Pockets And Belted Cuffs that han never got me meanwhile im here wearing rags i got from Sears,

poe: mr skywalker are you crying

luke: No,,Poe they are midichlorians god keep up

The Hardest Goodbye - Stiles Stilisnki

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warnings: swearing, angst, mentions of Allison’s death (this IS a warning LEAVE ME ALONE) 
word count: 2671

You parked your car in the lot by the school, and slowed every movement you made.  Turning off the engine, putting your phone in your purse, unbuckling your seat belt, you somehow managed to stall five more minutes.  You breathed in deeply, and opened the door.  Walking out to the lot where your friends were.  Scott, Lydia, Malia, Kira, Liam…


You wore  sad smile as you wandered over to the group.  A slow drag in your feet, converse scraping against the pavement.  Lydia caught sight of you, and beckoned you to come with her arm.  You picked up the pace slightly, holding your purse tightly to your body as you came closer.

“Hey, y/n” Scott said quietly.  You nodded your head weakly.

“Hi guys” Your voice came out in a hoarse whisper.  You looked around, taking in Scott’s UC Davis hoodie, Lydia’s MIT lanyard that hung her keys around her neck, as well as a key chain with a picture in it that you’d seen a thousand times before.  

The one with you, her, and Allison.  Where you were in your swimsuits, on the beach in the early hours of the day.  How you were able to stay overnight at the beach without getting into trouble, you weren’t sure.  But it had been an amazing night.

Your eyes watered slightly as you looked at it, but you turned away quickly, making sure to avoid looking at Stiles as well.  Your eyes landed on Malia’s new beige leather jacket.  She cocked her head to the side and gave you a look that showed you she knew you were shying away from him.

“Come on, I’ll drive” Scott said, taking Stiles’ keys to the jeep.

I think that Tony is better” You said, popping a few M&M’s in your mouth.  Stiles gasped loudly from where he sat next to you, the popcorn he was trying to put into his mouth falling right out of his hand.

“How.  Dare.  You!” You began to giggle as he glared your way.  As though you’d just stabbed in him the throat.  “I feel… I feel so betrayed, y/n how could you?” You giggled again and scooted closer.

“I’m just messing with you Stiles” You said, wrapping your arms around his neck, and continuing to watch the movie.

So you’re still team Cap?” You chuckled, nuzzling your head into his neck.

“I’ll always be team Cap with you my spastic friend” You said.

When Scott parked the jeep, you slid out after Lydia and Malia and Liam.

“My flowers are in the back, will you get them for me?” Lydia asked, and you nodded, walking around the back of the Jeep.  You opened up the trunk, eyes caching the eerie metal sign above the gates.  Beacon Hills Cemetery.  You shuddered slightly, and went back to grabbing the bouquet of flowers.

“Cold?” You jumped, grasping the plastic wrapped stems as you spun to face Stiles.

“N-no I’m fine” You muttered, closing the trunk, and holding the flowers more delicately.

“You’re fine?” You nodded, looking down as not to meet his eyes.  “So why aren’t you looking at me?”

“Because I’m here for Allison” You muttered again, and pushed past him to get back to Lydia.  She let you cling on to her.

She knew you wouldn’t be able to handle today.

“Stiles!” You called as he was walking down the hallway. This was it, you needed to do something.  He turned around, smiling at you and waiting for you to catch up.

“Hey little girl” He said with a wink, and you rolled your eyes.  “What’s up?”

“Look, can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Yeah of course, what have you got on your mind?”

You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath, and trying to suppress the memory of rejection from over a year ago.  No, yours and Stiles’ friendship wasn’t ruined.  He’d politely told you that he had a girlfriend and that he was happy with her, he did it so kindly that you fell for him more, but you backed off.  You even focused more on your studies than things like dating, and boys.

“You want to put them down?” You opened your eyes, to see Lydia holding the flowers towards you.  You looked down, seeing Allison’s name written beautifully on the stone you’d memorized.

“We’ll do it together… yeah?” You asked, wrapping your hands around the stems, just like her.  Together you both put them down in the soft grass in front of her grave.  “She’d uh… she’d love those” You said quietly.  Lydia smiled at you and wrapped an arm up around your shoulders.

“She’d be going with you” Scott said, and you looked over at him.  “To Berkeley.  That’s where she’d uh… where she’d wanted to go” You gave Scott a sad smile and nodded solemnly, looking back down to her name again.

No y/n you don’t get it, I want to be with you, I like you” You shook your head, staring unbelievably at him.

“Stiles do you even-” You stopped, looking around at the people dressed in black.  “I can’t believe this” You muttered, shutting your mouth and setting your jaw.

“No y/n I like you, I want you, Malia and I… it’s just not the same as when I’m with you” He said.  You crossed your arms, staring at him angrily.

“We are at a funeral.  Stiles.  Allison’s funeral.  This is.. this is literally the most inappropriate time you could’ve chosen..” You rolled your eyes shaking your head.  This just made no sense.  Of all the fucking places he could’ve done this…

“I know, I know poor timing but I can’t hide it anymore y/n you gotta understand-”

“I don’t”

“You did once” He replied.

“Well you’re too fucking late Stiles” You said, tears welling in your eyes as you began to walk back towards the service.  “You’re too late” You mumbled, bee lining towards Lydia, who was doing her best to keep herself together.

Stiles stood by himself, looking down at the grave that belonged to a girl too young to be in it.  Then back to his friends.  He stood and cried over Allison by himself.

When you got back to the school, you knew this was it.  This was the part where you all said goodbye, then went home to relax for a night before you took your flights and car rides in the morning.  The pack spreading across the country.  Tomorrow was a new beginning, the start of the college experience.

“Well, shouldn’t we be hugging and stuff?” Malia asked.  Scott chuckled, pulling the girl, who’d somehow wound up becoming his love interest, in for a solid hug.

“I’ll miss you, you crazy animal” Malia chuckled, hugging him back.  You stood and smiled watching the two, glad that they’d wound up with who they were meant to.  Though Malia was taking a hiatus for a year, she’d likely go with him to UC Davis and find something that’d interest her while with him.

Lydia walked over to you, smiling at you with watery eyes.  You returned the gesture and hugged her quickly.

“Don’t make me cry you’ll ruin my makeup” She scolded before you could even say anything.

“But you’re going so far, what am I gonna do without you?” You whimpered.  Lydia cooed and rubbed your back.

“There’s FaceTime, and airplanes, and Christmas break” Lydia went on.  “We’ll figure something out, and I promise not to lose touch okay?” You nodded.

“I promise too”

“Okay pull away and don’t make eye contact on three” You nodded in agreement.  “One, two, three” You yanked away from one another and she turned to say goodbye to Scott instantly.  You took in a deep breath, and when you opened your eyes again, Stiles was there in front of you.  Suddenly you were very aware that you were pretty much trapped between him and your car.


Your mind flashed back to all the times you and him have talked since his confrontation at Allison’s funeral, almost a year ago.  They were minimal, and random and just not important.

“You’re not gonna leave without saying goodbye, right?” He asked, and you shook your head.

“No… no I don’t think I could do that even if I wanted to” You said.  Stiles nodded slightly, rubbing the back of his head.

“Look y/n I’ve got a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it” You licked your lips, rocking on your feet anxiously.

“Yeah… yeah me too I suppo-”

“But well to sum it up, I still love you, and I’m gonna miss you like hell.  Even if we haven’t really…. haven’t really spoken in a while” You blinked, not really expecting that.

“I guess we… we missed too many moments huh?” You said softly.

“Yeah” Stiles sighed.  You gave each other sad smiles.

“Maybe we weren’t ever.. ever meant for more” You said quietly, unable to look up at him in fear of bursting into tears.

“Ha, bullshit” Your brows furrowed, and when you looked up to question this remark he leaned down, hand sliding easily across your cheek, cupping the back of your head, and before you could even smile are what you knew he was doing, he was kissing you.  A quick, far too rushed, but passionate kiss.  “Still not meant for each other?”

“Keep kissing me you fool” You replied, and Stiles smirked for a moment before leaning back down and connecting his lips with yours in a much more pleasingly slowed and tender.  Your arms wound up around your neck, not even caring that all of your friends were watching, and likely taking pictures.  

When you couldn’t hold your breath any longer, you pulled back, standing flat on your feet from your tippy toes, and smiling up at him.

“No goodbyes?” You shook your head.

“No, no I don’t think I can emotionally handle that” You said, slowly letting yout arms fall from behind his neck, and wrapping them around yourself.  “I’m… I’m sorry.  I fucked up big time I should’ve just talked to you” Stiles shrugged, giving you a kind smile.

“It’s okay, I think we’re definitely both in the wrong here” Tears welled in your eyes.  “No, no sh don’t cry” He stepped slightly closer, not that he could move any closer to you than he already was.  “We’ll talk, we’ll be close, we’ll figure this out” He murmured.  You figured Scott Liam and Malia were listening in from across the lot.

“Work what out?” You said brokenly.  “A long distance relationship?” He looked defeated.  “You and I both know those never work.  They just… it just won’t happen” You entire features, once displaying an expression of peace and happiness, now fallen, making you look depressed.  Like you’d been dragged through the bottom-most pits of hell.  Which your heart was, at least.

“I know, I know it’s just..” His fingers combed through your hair, knuckles brushing your cheek softly as his eyes searched deep in yours.  “I just got you and I don’t want to let you go” 

Your tears began to fall, and you began sniffling.

“I love you” You said through a small whimper and wet eyes.  Stiles’ lips parted, a small smile taking over them.

“I love you too” He said in a murmur, and stroked your cheeks gently with his fingers.  His brows drew together, just a little, as he stared at you intently.  “So much, y/n” 

By the time you’d driven yourself home, you were a mess of tears, puffy eyes, and a pink nose from sniffling and sobbing so hard.

Your mom even let you have a couple beers before you went to bed.  At least it got you the energy to finish packing up your things for your dorm.

Your pillow ended up soaked with tears and mascara.

The next morning was just as bad.  Loading up your car, getting ready for the drive to your new dorm, your new college.  This was it.  Your life was beginning, an independent woman, no longer just a teenage girl in high school.

Not to mention you no longer had to chase down the supernatural beats in your free time, your education would come much easier to you with nights full of studying rather stakeouts and werewolf fights.

Or movie nights with Stiles, parties at Lydia’s, bowling with Scott, hiking with Malia, and with Liam and Mason… well whatever weird shit you’d do with them you’d probably miss that too.

You plugged your phone into the car, playing your playlist that your friends had made for your four hour drive to Berkeley.  Most of the songs on it were from Stiles though.

Tears welled in your eyes again, and you pulled over, and double checked your gps a few times.

Then you yanked the suction cupped screen right off the windshield window, and began furiously typing.

Stiles sighed as he walked back into his dorm after a long day of trying to get used to the city of Washington DC.  It just wasn’t exciting adventuring around alone.  He didn’t bear a smile as he ordered a new and fun coffee he was sure you would’ve loved.  He didn’t skip along the sidewalk the way you would have after grabbing his hand.  There was no thrill and happiness in his eyes at the idea of starting his new life.

He wasn’t starting it the way he wanted to.

You weren’t there.

He shrugged off his jacket, setting it on the kitchen table.  At least he wasn’t stuck with a roommate.  He could have peace, quiet and privacy.

Not that he really used it to his own advantage.  Mostly, he spent it sulking, even crying occasionally.  It had been three days since he’d left Beacon Hills.  Four since he’d seen you.


The young woman that he was sure was the love of his life.  And in a matter of one kiss and minutes, he let you slip through the cracks of his hands.

Was there anything he could’ve done? Not logically, but he still felt it was his fault.  He just prayed that you weren’t in the same pain that he was.

How could he start classes next semester and focus in class? How could he pursue this dream of becoming a cop, when you weren’t there to urge him on?

Sure, he’s texted you, and you seem fine, settled.  but it wasn’t the same.  He wanted to hear your voice in the mornings, see you dancing in the kitchen to music that sometimes didn’t exist.  

He wanted to look over from the driver’s seat to see you playing with your hand out the window, occasionally sticking your head out to feel the wind in your hair. 

He wanted to come home to the dorm, drop his keys and coat on the table, set down his bag and walk over to where you sat on the couch, a book in your lap, hair tied back messily, glasses perched on your nose.  He wanted to walk over and place a sweet hello kiss on your lips before asking where you wanted takeout from.

He wanted to continue your movie nights, and carry you to bed when you fall asleep.  He wanted to cuddle and cradle you so you wouldn’t wake up from nightmares.

He wanted to spend his life with you.  But you weren’t even here.

Stiles flopped down on the couch, groaning and closing his eyes.  Maybe if he napped he’d be out of his misery.

When he woke up it was to a pounding on the door.  He mumbled a string of curses, an d got up from the couch, dragging hi feet to the door.  The pain of separation creeping right back into his mind.  He opened the door with a frown.

“What?” he al but growled out before looking to see who his visitor was.  Instantly his jaw slacked.

“Hi” You said quietly.

yes, there’s gonna be a part 2 bbies no worries

xoxo ~ jordie

A tall, slender figure walked around the corner. Remus choked on his latte when he saw Sirius, who looked like a model in black skinny jeans, a plain beige t-shirt, a hoodie of the exact same shade of beige, and a black leather jacket. His hair was pulled back into a fashionably loose bun, and his feet were dressed in shiny new Doc Martens.

“‘Ello there, lads,” He said, and James stood up to welcome him. Remus pretended to look in his bag for something so he could hide his bright red cheeks. Sirius and James ended their quick catch up, and Sirius turned to Remus.

He had to blink a few times to confirm what he was seeing: Remus had gone home at the end of last year as an awkwardly tall book-nerd, whose hair flopped down and covered half of his face, but now, his height was - Sirius had no other way of describing it - hot and attractive… and Remus had had a haircut so that his blonde hair was swept back and you could see his beautifully bright green eyes.

Sirius had a sudden urge to rush to the bathroom and check his hair, but he was sure it looked good enough. “R-R-Remus!” He stuttered. “You look…different.”

Olicity Prompt: Chance Meeting

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Prompt: Felicity is with Billy but falls in love with the guy she see’s training through the window of the they gym she passes every morning. 

As you know I never truly stick to these because I always see some nugget of hidden inspiration within the prompt. I hope you like it and as always my friend thank you for thinking I can write! 

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Chance Meeting

Every morning her routine was the same…

Her alarm went off like a shotgun, her eyes rolled to the ceiling in immediate distaste while she reached toward the loud siren of the approaching day. Per usual her fingers slipped just past the edge of the blaring machine; Felicity groaned, “I’m such a clutz…” beneath her breath right before the knuckle of her index finger became ensnared on the partially open dresser drawer.

She rolled until her face was buried in the warmth of her purple pillow case; her knuckle like it did every morning ached from being re-injured for the hundredth time. She lifted her arm and raised her palm until it was over the blaring stereo, seconds later the clunk of the clock as it landed over the area rug over her wood floors chimed throughout the space. She smiled into the soft fabric and let her shoulders ease into a relaxed pose. “Okay day let’s get my humiliation over with…” she whined lowly before bringing her elbows towards her center. With a loud huff she managed to jerk herself upward into a cluttered mess of blonde hair and wrinkled pj’s. She heard his soft steps from the foyer and, shot a quick glance toward the door.

“Felicity? Please tell me you’re actually awake?” he called as the clang of his keys hit upon the ceramic bowl on her small kitchen island.

She resisted the urge to fall backward when she moaned, “Yeah I’m awake…”

His soft chuckle made her smile but as usual it didn’t reach her tired eyes. Felicity frowned realizing that while Billy was sweet and, often kind their relationship still didn’t make her feel whole. She heard him bustling about her small, cube like kitchen with practiced ease. Felicity shifted her legs towards the floor then stood on shaky legs as she asked, “Hey can you put my coffee in the to go mug with the black lid?”

“Sure…” he replied swiftly before a small, “Felicity you promised!” could be heard echoing around the walls of her apartment.  

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