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Tangled Rapunzel Wig Tutorial by nocturnalbloom

Hello bunnies, this is my rapunzel wig I just finished for Anime Revolution 2015 in Vancouver. No photoshoot pics yet because the con is August 14-16. The wig is 150 cm and does not weigh too much! I saw these on etsy selling for like 300$??? I think in total this costed me like 75$. Not gonna lie though, this wig made me cry once, I hate tangly wigs ToT. Thinking about adding battery operated lights? I looked up a ton of tutorials but i ended up doing it a bit differently. Anywho here’s how I did this, i’m sorry I’m terrible at explaining things:

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Um. this baby is coming to me around November and I might sell it after my birthday on Dec 19 because I don’t like babies but I want to have a photoshoot with him hahaH. 

I also have a rabbit hood and 2 beige beri boys up for pre-order if those who lost the bid or someone else is interested. I’m trying to save up for something so I have to let go of those I have because of impulse buying :’( 

Eggsy Unwin Radio: fifteen tracks from The Kingsman’s iPod


1. Bonkers, Dizzee Rascal 2. The Beigeness, Kate Tempest 3. 19-2000 (Soul Child Remix), Gorillaz 4. 10:15 Saturday Night, The Cure 5. From the Ritz to the Rubble, Arctic Monkeys 6. Woo Hoo, Ke$ha 7. Dreamy Days, Roots Manuva 8. Bus Passes and Happy Meals, Lizzo 9. Digsy’s Dinner, Oasis 10. Partition, Beyoncé 11. 5/4, Gorillaz 12. Get Myself Into It, The Rapture 13. My Molly (ft. Ariel Pink), Sky Ferreira 14. On the Run From the MI5, Arctic Monkeys 16. Money for Nothing, Dire Straits

So tonight I stopped at my local Target to pick up a few essentials.  Milk, pasta, flour, Jupiter Ascending, you know, just the staples.

But while I was cutting back to my cart with the DVD in my hand, I stopped to scan the price.  And while I was glaring at the scanner, I hear, “Oh, she knows everything, let me just ask her.”

And I look up, and there’s a Target employee standing next to me, with a lady hovering right behind him.  And the kid says to me, “So it says that these are in section D2, but they’re not there, can you help me find them?

Simultaneously, I realize three things.

1. I am wearing a red shirt and beige pants.

2. The employee thinks I work there.

3. The lady behind him had the look all retail workers know.  The look of a person who is either having a bad decade and is happy to take it out on anyone working minimum wage who can’t tell her to shove it, or she’s just a miserable human being.  She is glaring at the back of the poor boy’s head like he has personally ruined her life.  If I point out his mistake, she’s going to treat him like dirt for it.

And I go, “Sure, Luggage Tags are over here,” and I tuck my dvd under my arm and head over to the luggage section.  

“HE doesn’t know ANYTHING,” the woman says.

“He’s brand new, and the store is so big, it’s hard to remember where every odd and end is,” I say in my best mock sympathetic voice.  “I’m sorry you had to wait to find what you wanted.”

“You’re not wearing a nametag,” the woman says, because she’s smart enough to figure that out but not smart enough to figure out the obvious.  “What would your manager say about that?”

The kid’s eyes go huge.  I could SEE his brain click over to, ‘you do not actually work here, do you?’ I smiled at him, and the woman, and said, “Wow, you’re right, I should go get that.  Can I help you locate anything else today?”

She grudgingly says no, and we both escape.  I make it to the ‘seasonal section’ before I start giggling.  The kid is apologizing up, down and sideways, and I cannot stop laughing.

And just in case she does try to ‘report’ me, because I know her type, I stopped at the customer service desk to explain that another customer had mistaken me for an employee and hadn’t been impressed by my lack of a nametag. 

It was a surreal experience.