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A continuation of Rescue Mission I posted a few days ago…I just love Beifongs and how close they can be. I need a Beifong huddle at some point, but in case I don’t get one, I made my own.

Coming Home

Lin, Toph, and the twins rescue a weak Suyin and bring her back to Zaofu.

Words: 846

They figured Suyin was behind the door that was hardest to bend. Of course, her mother could bend about anything, but Lin and her nephews helped out anyway. When the door gave and fell, she immediately ran up to Su, chained by her arms and ankles. A gag, made of metal of all things, covered her mouth. Tears ran down her sister’s face the second she saw her family.

“Kiddo,” Lin said, grabbing onto the metal band. She pulled it apart, threw it to the floor, and wrapped her little sister in her arms. Partly because the cries that followed were muffled by Lin’s shoulder and neck. Mostly because she wanted her sister safe.

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Can I just….

I’m gonna leave this right here okay

Look at this shit okay, just look. They may not always get along and they may have even hated each other BUT LIN IS ALWAYS THE PROTECTIVE OLDER SISTER! I CAN’T. LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS BABY!

Look at the way she’s got her pulled against her side.