bei bei shuai


Applications of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. The video’s description state that the applications in the video are from Tang Lang Quan (Praying Mantis), Tong Bei Quan, and Taiji Quan mostly, but also from Chang Quan (Long Fist), BaGua, Xing Yi and Shuai Jiao. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of Pelosi's statement that reproductive rights are a pretty settled question so the Dems don't have to be strict in requiring their candidates to support them? I saw a lot of rightful anger at Bernie but a lot of silence about that, not that it's news, Tim Kaine was the VP pick, but for her to outright state it like that...

I fucking hate it.

I mean, I also can barely bring myself to be mad at Pelosi during this of all possible times because she was a fucking general last week and I want to give her the credit she deserves for keeping everyone united and in line. 

But I fucking hate it because the most frightening question to me right now is who is going to be abandoned in the quest to build a new left-of-center coalition that can defeat Trump and Ryan?  

I am, for example, not personally invested in hating Bernie.  I really want to be pro-Bernie and to give him the credit that he absolutely deserves for pushing the Overton window hard and for proving that you can get really far with young, educated voters with an aggressively left-wing agenda.  If nothing else, Bernie’s populism is the real deal that Trump is the grotesque imitation of.  But Bernie is also  stand-in for a push towards economic populism that isn’t so much actively sexist or racist as it is assuming that the white male lens on economic issues is the universal one and that women and people of color have specific identity based issues that can be treated as add-ons with varying degrees of importance.  What’s the Matter with Kansas came out  almost 15 years ago and I think Trump’s victory should demonstrate that it’s message is either way more complicated in 2017 or was dangerously naive even at the time.

I’m also concerned that an Obama-style coalition is going to get lazy on abortion because there’s not going to be as much passion on the pro-choice side.  This article, which I cannot recommend enough if you want something to both inform and terrify you, raises these concerns first by profiling women like Purvi Patel who have already gone to prison for having abortions (Patel was sentenced to 20 years for feticide).   And then discussing how the availability and effectiveness of  misoprostol might worsen the existing class/race differences in how women get abortions. 

For example, when my middle-class sister was a pregnant junkie just out of rehab, she didn’t have to go to an abortion clinic. She went to the primary care provider whom she’d known since she was a toddler, was given misoprostol in an environment of respect and privacy….because she was middle class. Are the differences in how women get abortions going to become even starker? Are only the abortions of poor women, women of color, or mentally ill women going to be socially visible? Are the exact kind of women that we tend to turn away from going to be the women that go to prison for having abortions? I mean, after all Purvi Patel and Bei Bei Shuai (who was also prosecuted under Pence) were women of color (it is also not insignificant that they are both Asian, since Asian women have been especially targeted by racist anti-abortion laws) struggling with mental illness, and just struggling in general.  They were women that it’s easy for feminists to forget about, or to not find sympathetic.  

If women with means are less and less likely to have to have abortions then are we going to stop caring about the women who do? Are we going to assume that reproductive rights are settled because Nancy Pelosi’s daughter and granddaughters have access?