Grey seal personalities affect pups

Researchers from the universities of St Andrews and Durham found seal mothers were often unpredictable and adopted a wide variation of mothering styles.

The study shows, for the first time, the extent of personality differences in marine mammals in the wild.

It shows how individual animals have differing behavioural styles, and how they may be limited in their ability to respond to different environments.

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i just wanted to say that i admire you very much. i know how incredibly difficult it is to get out of a toxic fandom, and it's so brave to now be pointing out the problmatic behviour of people you might have once looked up to. it shows real growth. i'm glad you're breathing clean air again and i'm proud of you xo

Thank you so much!! This message warms my heart. <3

If you wanted to share your experiences of getting out of a toxic fandom, I’d be interested.