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WTF? I dont remember any general sentiment or wave of tags along those lines for Eleanor. The more polite ones were things like #finally or #shavetime the less polite ones were salty af. I think people forget just how angry, done and frustrated Louis looked around her for the last 18 months of her contract at least. I think they also forget how bitchy her behviour became, and her unforgivable treatment of Harry.


Political Rituals

How to know that magick is alive and well:

If they could, a not-insignificant number of Republicans would overturn the Affordable Care Act and rally behind a Republican-crafted replacement (RCR). However, because the ACA has done so very much good for so many, it’s likely that the only RCR that would have enough support to pass would be one that looked almost identical to the ACA. The only material difference would be that it didn’t have President Obama’s name on it, and that would only be true due to some arcane ritual bullshit. And yet…

It would be touted as a “Crushing defeat for President Obama’s signature legislation.” It would have lasting impacts on the world. People would be emboldened, others defeated, and new laws, social rules, and behviours would be undertaken, all because someone’s name got removed from a thing in just the right way.

And that’s Magick.