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Have you thought about what Baphomets imperial phase will look like? After seeing what playing a role did to Lucifer, I'm kinda worried what'll happen to him. Provided he doesn't get his innards pecked out and left as a warning.

yeah, a few days back i found an old post with this bit from #23, and i’m still thinking about it: 

baph believing that the two-year rule doesn’t exist doesn’t bode well with what we saw in 455, and he’ll see the majority of the pantheon die before his time to go. i can see him going back into denial and maybe attempting the prometheus gambit again. 

that said…his and morrigan’s relationship has certainly gone in a direction a lot of us didn’t predict, and i imagine that might affect his behvaior in a way we also haven’t expected? worst case scenario he gets killed in something involving her, but i also don’t know if this book would get that sort of bleak (similar to how i find it hard to see minerva dying brutally). i can see him outliving morrigan and not really knowing what to do with himself- i mean, he needs to get away from her, but they’ve also been alone together in the underground for months on end, so that’s not an easy process. i get the impression he’s genuinely blaming himself for how things are going down with her right now, and i hope he doesn’t do anything self-defeating or risky because of it. i imagine #30 is about stuff like this, judging from the solicit. 

Rebsgoddess Call Out Post

I didn’t want it to come to this. But this is the right thing to do. I will not be responding to any anon hate about this post, but if you wish to talk to me on your blog, you are absolutely free to do so, and I promise to be 100% civil and polite. 

Rebgoddess, previously truecrimejunkie77, has been harassing my friend Sophie and I for the last few days.

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