Gratuitous grilling photos. Summer nights in Montana are hard to beat. Cool enough for a fire and warm sunsets from burning forest.

Grilled onions, scallions, peppers, shallots, mushrooms, corn, potatoes in foil, and bear/buffalo sausage.

The Remington1816 cookbook is full of great ideas for cooking over a fire or with cast iron. It’s full of vintage imagery and great photographs. Nothing taste better than cooking outdoors.

Utensils made by the guy holding them. James Behring of behringmade on tumblr. They are awesome!

This Behring Made Fighter features a 5 ¼" hammermark blade from tip to perfectly hand soldered tall brass guard. The spacers consist of black, maroon, green and brass and they transition to a beautiful sambar stag handle with a brass pin that brings the overall length to 10 ¼" and it comes in an incredible Rowe’s leather sheath with a gorgeous elephant skin inlay.  

Price Delivered:  $560. $540.


Huge James Behring Camp Knife with mastodon ivory handle!  20 ½" overall length.  This is a pre-Behringmade knife made by James when all his work was custom and/or experimental.  Tang stamps are from this early period.

Actually it’s more like a sword than a camp knife, but whatever you call it, it’s gorgeous.  Comes with a Mudbone Jones sheath custom made for this one knife.

01 steel blade, nickel silver guard and fossil mastodon ivory handle.

Selling on eBay for $1,395 shipped in USA.  Selling direct for $1,200 or best offer.  Contact me at if interested in this or any other offerings you see here.