I saw a meme going around Facebook that asked users to post pictures of themselves when they felt beautiful. After a conversation about beauty standards with @queen-among-writers and @ladyspades, though, I decided to modify that to show them that supermodel thin and bleach blond isn’t the ONLY type of beautiful woman out there. So I challenge you, my readers, to post a picture of a woman you think is beautiful (preferably yourself) to show them that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Here’s mine:

My mom fighting cancer, my daughter being goofy, and me being me. 3 generations of different kinds of beautiful.

I loved the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals as a kid, and still do! In many ways it helped facilitate my love of world building. One creature I always found a little odd was the Beholder. Despite its rather simple appearance this beast could pack a powerful wallop. Just had some fun “reimagining” one.

Terrific night @baftascotland so proud of the wifey @caitrionabalfe and her well deserved win! x
 Thanks @armani for the gorgeous suit and to @louboutinworld for the super stylish shoes

Recently I had an epiphany, which I shared with me dear ol’ pals @jemscorner and @saint-hildegard-of-bingen. If I shared it with you, too, me dear ol’ pals, I was drinking at the time and I dinna remember.

In other news, my dear and terribly annoying ol’ pal Knife Wumman 🔪 @maniacal-savage-bibliophile has been hounding me relentlessly during the past four weeks “to post.” So, I’m posting, eh? However, this post has a only wee sliver to do with her and a whole lot to do with my epiphany.

Today Knife Wumman 🔪 told a Dear Anon, woman-on-woman wrath is vicious. No shit, Sherlock.

I’m not on the Instantgramma social media platform, but I do lurk on occasion. Many of the comments on Sam’s BAFTA Scotland 2016 photo have been lovely! Many are supportive of his and Caitriona’s careers and accomplishments. Many include compliments on how great they look or how well they “go” together. Many are downright shippery.

Many bring out my latent homicidal tendencies or, at the very least, inspire warming up my slappin’-upside-the-head arm.

Some women find it necessary to comment negatively on Cait’s shape and weight. On her choice of hairstyle. On her wardrobe. On the fit of her dress. On the size of her jewellery. On the pallor of her skin. On her makeup. On how she isn’t Sam’s wumman. On how he shouldn’t call her wifey. On how shippers should shut up. On how lovely his real girlfriend is. Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda…

Knife Wumman 🔪 would tell you my fragile sensibilities dinna react well to people’s picking on Cait and/or Sam (or people I actually know and love). I shed a lot of tears reading those IG comments.

And then it hit me.

Sam posted this photo.

He chose it.

He doesn’t see what the Negative Nervies see.

He sees love and beauty and light. He sees his Sassenach. He sees his wifey of whom he is very proud. He sees the wumman whose picture he posts most on his social media accounts.

Sam chose this photo. And that could not be more beautiful to me.


Can we please take a moment to discuss Hiccup’s face when Astrid tells him she won’t be exploring with him anymore? I watched “Eye of the Beholder Part 1” again and ouch. 

Look at that first face, he looks so crushed. And then he attempts to be genuinely happy for her but is unsuccessful, because he never actually expected her to leave :’(





Bumblebee/RodimusUltra Magnus  

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Fic Rec

This is my contribution to the Fandom Fic Rec Days, a list of stories I love and cherish :) (I know this is gonna be super early, but it’s just gone midnight for me, so it definitely counts as the 10th!)

I’m well aware that a lot of these stories are already hugely popular and may not necessarily need extra publicity, but I love them and wanna share that love with the rest of Tumblr!

Dissolve and Absolve by @toluenesister

Ok. So this Batjokes story just absolutely broke me. The plot, characterisation, the writing, just uuuuhhhhhh! It’s too much! I’m left an absolute sobbing mess by the end and I really can’t recommend it enough. There are dark themes involved, which, at first made me hesitant to continue, but I did and those elements are dealt with so brilliantly that I actually understood why they were included. The development of Bruce and J’s relationship is amazing and anyone who hasn’t read it yet needs to right away, because not only is it incredible writing, but also has equally fantastic artwork to go with it!

Empire’s Son by blank101

This Star Wars story is another that just clawed its way into my head and refused to leave! It’s an AU about what’d happen if the Emperor had raised and trained Luke and words can’t describe how incredibly written and thought out it all is. The brotherly relationship that blossoms between Luke and Han is especially poignant and I don’t just recommend people read this, I DEMAND it!

System of Darkness by @infinitejedilove

Oh my Lord, this QuiObi story is nothing short of exquisite. It’s the story that actually made me start shipping the pair. Everything about it from the characters to their relationship and the plot are all so well done and flow beautifully. I was literally counting down the days, minutes and seconds until each update. It’s an absolute favourite that I will cherish and gush about forever.

Once More, Plainly by @oddlyexquisite

It’s not often I describe a fic as beautiful, but this QuiObi one absolutely is. It’s such an interesting concept, dealing with reincarnation and…just…the writing! My heart ached with each chapter in the most wonderful way. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Onomatopoeia by aquabelacqua

Now, I’m not a Johnlocker and I found this completely by accident, but it’s so well and cleverly written that I immediately bookmarked the shit out of it! As well as their other stories heh. The characters are great and it was pretty hot, too! And if a non-shipper is saying that, it’s gotta be good.

Re-Entry by flamethrower

This - this - is an absolute beast of a QuiObi story! I just can’t get my head around the sheer immensity of scale, commitment and skill put into every inch of it! Writing like this is something I could only ever dream of and this person deserves every single kind of accolade and award going! Read it, people. Reeeaad iiiiitttt!!!!

Half Way Across by @dracze

Heh. Yeeaahhhhh…I don’t think this story really needs any more recs because I’m sure every single Batjoker on the planet has read it, but fuckdammit I love it! So it’s getting another one! I can’t express my adoration for this story with words (as my incoherent screams that are supposed to be reviews can attest), so have been forced to draw the shit out of it instead. It’s perfect and, if by any slim minuscule chance anybody hasn’t read it…well, quite frankly I dunno what you’re doing wth your life.

A Lesson in Restoration by Amadaun

This gorgeous little gem of a fic is for Oblivion from the Elder Scrolls series and there’s soooo much I love about it. It’s main character is an OC and she’s just so wonderfully fucking charming that I want her to be real so I can keep and protect her! It’s on hiatus unfortunately, but don’t let that put you off, because what is there is worth it!

Two Step by @synthwaves

I love this story. I really do. I love it so much I just wanna fucking eat it! Or make love to it. Or something. I dunno. I just know I have a lot of feelings for it. It’s set directly after the events of Batman: Europa and it’s so cleverly written, with amazing dialogue between Bruce and J that I cry with adoration. So people…just read it, kudos it, review it and shower it with all of the love, because it’s worth it! Like L'Oréal. But better!

Matchjokes by mitzvah (Melting)

I’ve read and re-read this thing so many times that if it was a book, I’d have gone through about three copies by now. It’s wonderfully written and I’d never even considered the pairing of Matches Malone and Joker before but it’s brilliant! So brilliant that I wanna draw from it, but it already has a lovely piece of artwork for it that everyone should admire here.

Catalyst by @frenetic-kinetic

This adorable story is so cute and gorgeous and wonderful and I just wanna cuddle it forever! It’s set in the Jak & Daxter universe (I fucking loooove those games!) and it focuses on a relationship between Jak and a lesser known character called Taryn. Please give it a read, especially if you enjoy the games, because it always puts a smile on my face!

The Letter M by @j-not-joker-not-jack-just-j

So this Batjokes story is a little different to others I’ve read. It’s basically the story of what happens if Joker actually dies when falling into the acid vat and returns as a ghost. I just adore the idea of it and the writing is great. It’s only got one chapter so far and I’m trying my damnedest to be patient waiting for an update. *drums fingers on table*

Third Eye Blind by glacis

Now I know Eye of the Beholder is not considered one of Ewan McGregor’s greatest films. But I like it and, regardless of whether you like the movie or not, this little fic is an amazing read. The writing, the plot, the mystery, it’s all so well done and I think it’s criminal that it hasn’t got a million more kudos and reviews!

Obsidian by @batjokesfuckina

Ok. I’m in love with this slice of Batjokesy awesomeness. It’s a collection of one shots and the relationship between the two is so great it makes me laugh, cry and squee with delight all at once. I didn’t know it was possible for a writer to reduce me to a puddle of feels with just two paragraphs but this one somehow managed! So everyone should stop whatever the fuck they’re doing and read it. Right. Fucking. Now. Go on! And leave kudos. And reviews. And love. Lots of love.

So there we are! If anyone else fancies doing this please do because fanfiction is a wonderful thing and the writers are a gift! More info on the Fandom Fic Rec Days can be found here