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One of my favorite quotes is "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And "Every pair of eyes has their own painter within."

That’s beautiful

Top Shot: We Bear A Resemblance

Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen. The Daily Dozen is 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors each day from thousands of recent uploads. Our community has the chance to vote for their favorite from the selection.

A juvenile kodiak playfully paws the face of another juvenile in the meadows of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve in Alaska. Your Shot photographer Eric Esterle talks about capturing this moment. “I followed these two around for about an hour as they displayed an amazing stamina for mischievous wrestling and play fighting that will help them in the future. An amazing sight to behold in such a beautiful place. There truly is something special in witnessing wild animals in a truly wild atmosphere without being influenced by humans in any way.” Photograph by Eric Esterle

Behold the awesomeness that is the World’s Largest Pearl. Believe it or not, this monstrous pearl was found under the bed of a fisherman in the Philippines where it had been kept as a personal good luck charm for the past 10 years.

Measuring 1 foot wide by 2.2 feet long and weighting 34kg (74.9 lbs), it was discovered off the coast of Palawan island in the Philippines back in 2006.

“The enormous pearl was found by fisherman who cast down his anchor and it got wedged on a rock during a storm, said Tourism officer Aileen Cynthia Amurao. The find is thought to be five times larger than the previous record set by the Pearl of Allah, which was also found near Palawan Island in 1939.”

Thought to be the largest natural giant clam pearl in the world, experts estimate its value at just over $100 million dollars US.

Head over to Atlas Obscura to learn more about this phenomenal pearl.

[via Atlas Obscura and the International Business Times]


I never thought I would ever have this thought again after I, more or less, was turning my back to American racing. But after the Pacific Classic… I just had to.

California Chrome is a special horse to me. Not because he has won the Kentucky Derby, for which he was my favourite. Not because he has won the Dubai World Cup - I was all for Mubtaahij. Not because he is the richest ever horse from America. Not because he (mostly) always wins.

No. Chrome is special to me because I have followed him since I saw him win at Hollywood Park in December 2013. The day before Hollywood Park closed I stayed up until very very very late to watch the course’s final days and races on the official live stream (I live in Denmark).
There, in a race, I watched a flashy two-year-old chestnut colt with purple blinkers and a green donkey on the jockey’s silks win EASILY. I thought by myself ‘oh, what a great horse’ (by watching one race, hah), but his looks also attracted me to be honest - i like horses with white faces.
It was not the colt’s first race nor was it his first victory. In fact, it was his seventh race and his third victory. It was the King Glorious Stakes on the 22 December 2013. And it was the first time, but not the last, I heard about him.

I am sure most people know what then happened, so I won’t say more than that he just went on to win race after race after race and started as the favourite for the 2014 Kentucky Derby - winning that one easily, too.
After a runner-up effort in the 2015 Dubai World Cup, he was shipped to England for Royal Ascot but and injury kept him from running and he was shipped back to the USA.

Well… In his native California he was back to winning ways in the 2016 San Pasqual Stakes. And he has been winning since! He made a trip to Dubai where he won a handicap before going on to win the Dubai World Cup - again, I was rooting for Mubtaahij and was sad he did not win, but he did a great job anyway, not to forget that Chrome did a good job, too.
Four months after the World Cup, California Chrome, again in California, won the San Diego Handicap.

Just four days ago he ran in the Pacific Classic along the likes of triple champion mare Beholder and Dortmund. AND WHAT DID WE JUST SEE??? Ohhh, California Chrome surely is something special.

Imagine, December 2013, when I first saw him, is almost three years ago! He is now five years old. He has won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. He has won the Dubai World Cup.
He has, as far as of 24 August 2016, won six Group/Grade 1 races - not bad for a horse who finished sixth in his first Grade 1 (2013 Del Mar Futurity). He has finished second in races such as the 2015 Dubai World Cup and a close third in the 2014 Breeders’ Cup Classic.

I probably do not need to say what Chrome has on his resume and what he has accomplished. I know many hate him because of what his old owners said after the Belmont Stakes - but, let’s be honest, the horse has nothing to do with it.

California Chrome is a special, wonderful and great horse. A Derby winner still in training and not at a stud like most of the others at his age. Once he retires, and I hope stays in training at least one season more, he will retire to stud at Taylor Made.
Side note: From huble beginnings to one of the greatest in the world, he proves that a champion horse not needs a million dollar pedigree.

I just felt a need to post this, because… Who would have been able to imagine what would go on to happen after the 2013 King Glorious Stakes? Definitely not me. And no, I have not been rooting for California Chrome in every race (there are Mubtaahij and Toast Of New York among other Europeans, for instance, and I like Dortmund a lot, too), but I am more than happy to witness a horse like that and to be alive at the same time.

I was not able to write this in a shorter version.

Photos: 1: Benoit Photo / 2013 King Gorious Stakes – 2: AP / 2014 Kentucky Derby – 3: Cindy Pierson Dulay / 2014 Breeders’ Cup Classic – 4: AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili / 2015 Dubai World Cup – 5: EPA/Ali Haider / 2016 Dubai World Cup – 6: AP / 2016 Pacific Classic

Eye Of The Beholder: Ch. 7

Sandor didn’t miss how his husky whisper was making her shiver. He touched the tip of his finger to the bare flesh of her upper arm, drawing a little figure eight, unable to keep from exploring and relishing the feel of her soft skin. Sansa gasped and glanced sideways at him.

“Something wrong?” he rumbled in her ear. He had exactly zero experience in seducing another person and desperately hoped he was doing it right. 

Her answer was to drop her closest hand beneath the table and place it on his leg. Every time he swirled another figure eight on her arm, she slid her hand up his thigh another quarter-inch.

Shading is my worst enemy… And so are Gaster Blasters.

BEHOLD! It’s Nextale Sans in most of his glory! Took me an hour to make him, but in the end he came out good. The shading and the Gaster blaster are still bothering me,but hey! We got Sans ready to blast someone :DDD

OOOOOOOOOOOH looking good here! You made me one happy Moon~

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          // WILL SMITH POSE


Behold- the most gorgeous cars of the Art Deco era and we want all of them

The Art Deco movement influenced design and marketing in many different industries in the 1930s, and the motor industry was no exception.

During the 1930s, when most folks couldn’t even afford to put food on the table, upscale car makers turned out luxury vehicles with incredible features. Some of these features, like front-wheel drive and electric wipers, were ahead of their time.

Most of all, a huge leap forward in style. Aerodynamics, Streamlining, and Art Deco all collided into beautiful sheetmetal shapes. War was looming, but Europe was having an influence on our designers as well, with rolling sculptures from Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Talbot, and Delahaye making headlines and turning heads around the world.

After 1929, the American automobile industry, suffered a hard blow because of the economical depression which started with the crash on Wall Street in October 1929. The years 1931 and 1932 were very hard for the American automobile industry.

There were not so many 1930s cars sales as during the 1920s, because of the depression, but the face lift, styling and design of a car was a very important invention to attract new buyers. The gloomy (chromed) and streamline styled cars were very typical for the end of the 1930s.

1939 ZIS-101 Sport coupe. source 

1938 Hispano Suiza Dubonnet Xenia. This breathtaking work of art was conceptualized by Andre Dubonnet, heir to the Dubonnet aperitif business, successful race . source

1939 Duesenburg Coupe Simone Midnight Ghost…words would just be an understatement. source

925 Rolls Royce Phantom. source

1932 Auburn – V12 Boattail Speedster. source


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My doc made me do a blood test cause he didnt believe u could get enough nutrition on a vegan diet. lo and behold, perfect results back. He was so surprised & didnt hide that. In fact, he compared how my results were so much better then my 52 yr old carnist father's. Honestly, I didn't know whether to be slightly insulted or smug.. Just thought I'd share this for anyone in doubt on doc advice. They don't know everything! :D

They really don’t, most doctors go through relatively little training on nutrition, a great many of them will say themselves that they should get more training on it considering the link between diet and most diseases. I’m glad everything is going to well for you! 

The Yumes are at it again, I see. I joked that they would say that Hino was wrong about her own story, but lo and behold, they have actually done it!

 I’ve seen that other Zeki’s have managed to cover all the other points, but I really wanted to focus on two, because one is simply not romantic, as indicated by the very panel it is said in, and the other is simply not true, and I wanted to discuss some examples.

-she told zero to his face that she belongs to kaname

Look at the expression she is making. There is not a hint of joy here. If she had been telling Zero this because she was in love with Kaname, her expression would not be so fucking miserable. Hino would have made it clear that she was happy about the betrothal, but she didn’t want to hurt her childhood friend. There would be a hint of happiness as she speaks of it. And I know it has been said, but if she had been speaking romantically about it, she would have said “I belong WITH Kaname.” Not to. The use of language is very telling.

long story short, in the manga, yuuki has been shown countless times to always put kaname first, to always choose him no matter what. 

Long story short, Yuuki has been seen time and again putting Zero above Kaname. She always puts Zero first, no matter what. I’ll pull two examples from the first arc, before Yuuki has realised her feelings for Zero, and when her affection was most focused on Kaname. I’ll also pull one from the second arc.

My first example is way back in volume two, when Yuuki first offers her blood to Zero. She knows that what she is doing is forbidden, and she knows for a fact that Kaname will disapprove. This is the man whose approval and love she has been seeking for years, yet when Zero is in danger and suffering, she puts his needs first, before Kaname. She chooses to help Zero despite knowing that she could lose favour with Kaname. She chose Zero over Kaname.

My second example is in this choice that Yuuki is given by Shizuka in order to save Zero. You may be thinking, oh, but she chooses to sacrifice herself, not Kaname. Yes she does. But it takes her a WHOLE chapter to make that decision. Isn’t she so deeply in love with this man? So why does it take her so long to make the decision? Furthermore, she only comes to said decision AFTER she’s danced with Kaname. She looks so torn because she IS considering killing him for Zero’s sake.

Anyone knows that if you are in love with someone, you desire their happiness above all else. If she had been putting Kaname first, she would have instantly come to the decision to sacrifice herself. But she DIDN’T. She is, as always, putting Zero first.

My final example is near the end of the manga, when Yuuki clings desperately to Zero, drinking his blood, and erasing his memories. This scene actually links nicely back to the end of the first arc when Takuma asks Kaname in his mind “when did you stop looking for alternatives?” Yuuki has reached out to Zero once more by telling him about her fantasy, and he has rejected her once more, as he doesn’t believe she loves him.

This is the moment that Yuuki stops looking for alternatives; when she has no option to be with Zero, when it is an absolute impossibility in her mind, is when she decides to end her life for Kaname. She doesn’t want Zero to suffer without her blood, so she seals his memories to ‘free’ him from her. She is once again putting Zero first, above Kaname.

Basically, Yuuki has ALWAYS chosen Zero first, even in the first arc. She thinks of Zero more than double the amount of time that she thinks of Kaname, even though she is supposed to be deeply in love with him.

Yuuki did not make the choice to go with Kaname. But even then, she was thinking of Zero. She made the vow to keep running from him to give him a reason to keep living. Because his life was so important to her, that she was still thinking prominently of him after a year of being apart.


AU Joker & Harley —

thekillingjoke · behold my queen: the one and only harley quinn! 👑

harleyquinn · complete with some more of my favorite shots of my puddin’ and our lil’ family! 😍♦️🃏