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Me having the interest in personality that I do, I got curious as to what people see the 1D guys as in terms of MBTI and I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE THINK HARRY IS AN EXTROVERT.

It’s so abundantly clear that they base their assumptions on stereotypes of personality types and hyperbolised dichotomy of introversion and extroversion - the whole “introverts are social awkward, shy, and super quiet; whereas extroverts are the only people that can exude confidence and capability to hold an interesting conversation”.

He is clearly an inward, abstract, thinker who engages in outward behaviour as a decided measure. Action after thought, not thought after action.

That boy has got to be an INFJ without a doubt.

So eunhae and yesung came to hk for smtown and some sm artists (including hyukjae) took a selfie with that damn chief executive who is basically the worst human being on earth. I’m sure they didn’t know the implications of it but lo and behold, the media caught this and now they’re making a huge political thing out of it. It just makes me so angry and sad to see all these comments attacking suju for being “outdated” and the fact that they were the easy target because they were named just makes me want to punch someone D; I mean why are you attacking them when your problem is with that motherfucking lady??????????

I just want to protect suju WHY IS IT SO HARD