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Incorporating Fashion into Comics: An Analysis (Part 2: From Costumes to Wardrobes)

Many anime have characters with flashy and often times impractical clothing that is made for the sake of being cool looking. In my last Analysis post I did a quick look at how drawing characters like this helps to make an instantly recognizable character that fans will identify immediately. However mangaka have also liked to work the other way around and make their characters incredibly glamorous looking by giving them real world clothes and fashion that anyone would be able to wear (given that they have the money to buy some of the more high end clothes some of these characters wear).

Art at it’s core is a representation of reality, so of course some artists would want to see their characters in clothes that they either would like to wear or currently wear themselves depending on that specific character’s situation. 

One of the manga that I covered in my last post was this one that you see here: Kuragehime, or Jellyfish Princess for those who want the english translation. 

The story deals with a girl who is a hikikomori, a shut in with a nerdy lifestyle that would rather stay inside and keep to herself than interact with the world. She lives with five other women like her as they go about their daily lives. Her hobby, however, isn’t the typical one you’d expect of people like this though. Her obsession is about jellyfish, more specifically how their tentacles look like a princess’ beautiful flowing dress. The reason I bring this manga up is, due to later events in the series which involve a crossdressing boy wearing super fashionable clothes, Tsukimi, our main character, starts to design dresses and enters the world of fashion. 

Many would argue that the dress designs in this manga are some of the best examples in terms of usage of frills and floral designs as well as the amazing concepts that come form Tsukimi and her unique jellyfish gowns. While the story in itself is something to behold the dresses and gowns are really what pull you into the world, similar to how well drawn food pulls you into a food anime.

Many Mangaka work hard to give their male characters the same level of detail in their clothes as they do with their women, however due to the limitations of male fashion and the fashion trend of most men in general they very rarely have any real variation between them. However no other manga (imo, feel free to disagree) has done this better than Hirohiko Araki’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Now, I must digress, some of the outfits in this series were not the best for the men, looking specifically at Jonathan wearing five shirts

However for every character who suffers a fashion faux pas like poor Jojo here, we get several beautiful beings like Rohan Kishibe

This isn’t by accident though. Even though Jojo’s is at it’s core a shonen battle manga, Araki has been using fashion magazines as reference material for many years when drawing , specifically for jojos. This shows in many different ways, with the characters all having cool looking (though bizarre, duh) clothing and especially in the crazy poses many of the characters are put in come straight out of a fashion magazine. If you need a personal bout for this, I started using a 4 month old edition of Vogue as a reference in some drawings myself and you can see almost carbon copies of poses Araki has used in his works. 

Fashion is being used to help further our artist in many different ways which leads to having more ideas to be formed about fashion trends. Jojo’s was able to do this many different times, with the manga having many different designers such as Gucci collaborate together with Araki for new stories or fashion lines. There were even models who posed as jojo’s characters.

Well, that about wraps this up for now, Hopefully these analysis are inspiring you guys to try out some new fashion pieces or give you new places to look for inspiration from. Till next time, Ciao~!


“The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only.” – Les Misérables

Cosette | Marius 
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Feysand au part 3! Sorry his took so long. I had a lot of homework to catch up on and was having trouble deciding just how far I wanted to skip into the story so far. Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy!


Nesta’s dress

Elain’s dress

Feyre’s dress


Stars and Wings

Feyre had been waiting for this moment probably since she met Rhysand. Or since the night of her ninth birthday, when he had brought her those paints straight from the City of Starlight—Velaris. She was finally going there to see it for herself; to see the Rainbow and all other things to behold in this city that she’s only imagined in dreams. Feyre had tried painting it based on details from Rhys, but she never felt like she did it justice.

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so as much as i’m not a fan of this lack of a real winter thing *runs and hides from everyone in the northeast*, i have to say that i am happy it’s already warm enough to wear dresses around the apartment. idk, it seemed worth celebrating, and looking at these pictures make me super happy (like, as happy as this dress is yellow), so i thought i’d share. i go back and forth on the pink lipstick? i think it might be a bit much, but otoh i kind of dig how impossible to ignore it is? it kind of feels like it demands hightened emotion on my end, which is kind of a good thing given how blah everything’s been of late. still haven’t figured out how to take rlly good pictures of my eyes, but w/e.

Let Us Dance


Solas watched her enter from the far side of the ballroom. She was a sight to behold in a dress that shimmered and floated like moonlight across the floor, even her shadow possessed more grace than the snakes that surrounded her. She was easily the most beautiful woman in the room yet he still caught the sight of nobles looking and whispering in their venomous little groups.

Damn them all.

Music weaved its way through the crowd as the band played a lazy number, masked couples slow​ danced as the scent of the elaborate spread of food enticed the senses.

He had had a lot to drink. A kind elvhen servant kept filling his glass before he could finish, her expression confused as she pondered how a fellow elf got invited to such an event, wearing such beautiful material, black with a gold design which wrapped elegantly around his lean, strong body.

“Thank you, da'len,” he said as she giggled at him. She lingered, attempting to flirt but he only had eyes for the majestic creature that weaved in and out of the crowd, her eyes set on his as she walked towards him.

“Excuse me,” he said kindly as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder. He brushed past her and came to stand in front of the woman he loved.


He tipped his head with a half smile as he took her hand and kissed it deeply, lingering as he heard a collective gasp.

He did not care, let them talk.

“You are so beautiful, vhenan,” he whispered against the softness of her hand as he looked up into her azure eyes.

“Is the hunt going well?” he said, his eyebrow raised playfully.

Just about everything that women do is interpreted as for male consumption, and it is honestly stunning to behold. Take the popular ‘dressed too sexy/asking for it’ condemnation for example, can you think about the levels of assumptions that are sitting behind this phrase?

  • (Heterosexual) men enjoy seeing women in revealing clothing.
  • Revealing clothing exists and is popular ‘only’ because men find it attractive. There are no other possible valid reasons for wearing this kind of clothing.
  • Ergo, if a woman is woman is wearing clothes that are revealing, she is clearly either trying to or going to attract men.
  • Some women find revealing clothing comfortable or even ‘empowering’.
  • Ergo, they are empowered by being considered attractive by men.
  • Some women should not be considered attractive by men – e.g. minors.
  • Ergo, young women should not wear ‘revealing’ clothing in order to protect men from being ‘unfairly’ tempted.
  • Naturally, if anything happens to her when she is wearing this ‘revealing’ clothing, she is ‘asking for it’.

Men’s comfort is, in these people’s eyes, female responsibility. We can’t even wear a dress in summer without it being about men somehow.

At the Stroke of Midnight - Chapter Two


Cullen and Alistair are servants to Lord Amladaris and his three wicked children Calpernia, Raleigh and Livius. When a mage is given shelter from a storm by the pair they are rewarded with magical shoes and livery chain which grants them a disguise so they may attend the ball at Skyhold castle. They could never have imagined that they would meet the love of their lives or that those loves were princesses.

Thanks to @valammar for looking over my writing for this chapter. Her insight was great, and you should totally read all of her stories. Her OC Neb is one of my favorites. 

Thanks to @khirsahle her cinderella au fics All I Ask of You and As the World Falls Down were also an inspiration for this story.  Check out her work!

Thanks to @picchar for letting me use her Warden OC Rythlen Cousland 

Thanks to @cometeclipsewriting for the inspiration by writing Part of your World. Read it!

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Chapter 2

The doors of Skyhold castle were taller then the old oak tree that stood outside Alistair and Cullen’s straw thatched cottage. All Cullen could do was stare at the imposing wood and iron doors as Alistair twitched with impatience. They were in the courtyard where just a few yards away was a carriage with four white horses that had swiftly raced them from their small hovel in Haven to the front gate of the castle. Cullen looked back at their transportation. It seemed…normal. In reality it wasn’t or maybe this wasn’t reality?

Somehow the mage Madam de Fer had transformed a pumpkin and four white mice into the carriage and horses behind them. It must be some type of dream, because he was certain no magic could transform an object into something it’s not.

Alistair didn’t seem to worry about this.

Both men were alive and well, dressed in the finest clothes they had ever seen. Beyond the door was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They will most certainly never have this chance again.

Alistair adjusted his mabari mask, brushed off the imaginary dirt from his sleeves and straightened the front of his justaucorp. Cullen was amazed with his friend confidence. But why shouldn’t be? He was the night sky in blue and silver, the embroidery down the front of his coat creating star patterns large and striking.

Cullen looked down at the red and gold suit he was wearing. It was all too much. He knew someone would see right through him. The spiraling gold filigree did nothing to hide the farmhand.  He plucked at the large cuffs on his sleeve, “I can’t do this.”

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101 Fluffy Prompts

On queue #28. Only one more left guys. 

I apologize for taking so long with this but it took me a while to get some parts of this right. This is the continuation of #005 which you can read here. I’m not too in love with this but I hope you like it. 

Word Count: 1,667

Rating K+: Only because there is some drinking which really isn’t a big deal but I don’t want to take any chances.

#024 “I think I’m in love.”

Riley watched the sun set over the Friar ranch, enjoying the first moment she’d been able to get to herself all day—all week actually. The wedding flowed smoothly, working together all of their mothers managed to plan the out of state wedding down to perfection. The ceremony itself was beautiful, by the time Lucas and Maya had finished saying their wedding vows there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Their dance had also gone off without a hitch, Farkle managing to make it through the entire song without any major errors.

When they’d started playing slow songs Riley wandered away from the safety of the tent and now found herself in Pappy Joe’s rocking chair. Rocking back and forth she felt herself being lulled to sleep, being Maya’s maid of honor was exhausting but luckily the day was over. In a few more minutes she would say goodbye to the newlyweds and head up to the room she was sharing with Ava.

The Friars were nice enough to fly out Auggie’s girlfriend, but her parents hadn’t wanted them in the same room together. So, since Riley was the only girl who was still single they were bunking together while Auggie and Josh stayed together. She wasn’t going to be the one who told her parents that more often than naught Ava didn’t come in for the night. Riley let out a soft chuckle, Ava Morgenstern always got her way and she was sure Auggie was more than willing to comply.  

“Care for some company?”

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Enjoy a Harmony Festival in the Summer While You Learn Photography and Start a Brawl!
By GM Amelia

Hey, hey adventurers~! How’re y’all doing? Enjoying Rose and all of her paths? We’re sure you’re having the time of your lives. Guess what! Even though we’ve rolled out Rose’s paths, we still have a bunch of events and activities coming your way! Elrios will never run out of things to do, yo! We’ve got the Summer Harmony Festival for everyone, a new game feature for you to try out, a new pvp mode, and many more including new Item Mall thangs! So don’t forget to log-in tomorrow to find out what I’m talking about!

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Flirt and Learn

(with justakansasboy)

———-That Next Evening———-

Selina Kyle leaned elegantly against the side of the Luthor Hotel she’d been staying in for her little trip to Metropolis. Even to the average passerby she was something to behold in her little black dress and red-soled, black heels. It was just about ten minutes to seven o'clock. He’d better not stand me up, she thought to herself. She was also curious as to how Superman would be picking her up. She was nervous, which was very much unlike her, but then again…she was going on a date with the finest specimen of maleness known to man.