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IM DEAD MY SOUL JUST LEFT MY BODY HES SO ROUGH WHAT THE FUC K sweaterpawsjimin(.)tumblr(.)com/post/155925068226/taehyung-smacking-jimins-butt

i rose from my cold watery tumblr grave to reblog this. i can’t believe. i can’t believe god has gifted us this day. dom!tae is now confirmed, live, in front of many hundreds of people. this happened. um. wow like im a little emotional about it. wow. he really. wow.

I have so many thoughts about Gravity Falls last episode, many of them are Pinescest.

so for all the fans of the ship behold all the Pinescest things of the episode. the episode a gift from Pinescest heaven.

Lets start of how jealous Dipper was with Dippy fresh, wait do you not believe me?

Look his face when he saw him the first time, he was just curious.

The moment he saw how close he was with his sister, he went MAD

to the point I truly believed he was going to hit him

look the face of Wendy and Soos they were truly worried about Dipper suddenly change of attitude, Soos even told him “hey dude relax Dippy Fresh hasn’t done anything to you”.

But this is not the first time Dipper was that angry, my bad , jealous.

what you just saw is not Dipper´s angry face is Dipper´s jealousy face.

Do you remember Mabel in episode 1, her crush “the Gnome”?

This is Dipper face when he was recording his sister date.

below you can see Dipper face, when he saw Dippy Fresh getting too close with HIS sister.

see, that face is not Dipper face when he is angry, is the face when he sees Mabel with other guys, JEALOUSY FACE

and in that episode Dippy Fresh was messing with his Mabel.

During the trial Dipper showed us his pure rage and hate against his rival.

Pinescest hints didn’t end there, Dipper deeper desire for his sister run so deep in his mind that when Mabel told him the bubble can grant him anything he wants he panic, panic because his Mabel would see what is behind the door.

Look Dipper face

That is fear,fear of what it would come out, what did Dipper do?


Because deep down he is scared, scared that his fear may be true, that his sister is his soul mate.

and that feeling is probably old, for me, in my headcanon, is Dipper the first one who realize he fell in love.

you can ask, why do you think that?

well, because of this, look his face.

now look at this

the same expression even after so many years the love letter Mabel gave him brings him the same passion and intensity that it did so many years ago.

that is not just happy memories, that is something stronger , you dont get the same smile twice unless is a really powerful moment, something that will scar your very own soul and never leaves you.

The cherry on top of the cake, DIPPER LOVE DECLARATION, it was subtle but is still a love declaration.

please if you dont think that during the trial that wasn’t a love declaration, please remember this.

sadly Mabel didnt catch the hidden message behind Dipper´s words.

Revenge of the Subtext focused on Dean and Cas’s experiences over three days in an alternate universe where they had to pretend to be happily married actors Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins at a Supernatural Convention. But what did the actors get up to while they were trapped in their characters’ universe with Sam Winchester for a tour guide?

Rating: Teen and up

Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester (mostly as discussed by other characters, since they’re busy in an alternate universe), Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins (in the French Mistake spirit of RotS)

This is a Sam-centric story, but in a lot of ways it’s about all of Team Free Will (including Charlie!), and of course the Destiel…

Read it from the beginning now on AO3

Chapter two is now up, as well!

And so is Chapter three!

Chapter 4!

Chapter 5! (hold on to your hairdo’s, it’s a wild ride)

Chapter 6! (with some Wayward Daughters for good measure)

Chapter 7! (some startling revelations! Charlie! Singing!)

Chapter 8! (at the bunker!)

Chapter 9! 

Chapter 10! (touring the bunker)

Chapter 11! (Sam comes to some conclusions & hunting 101)

Chapter 12! (awww, the end!)

**the story is complete, and will update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday DAILY until all 12 chapters are posted. (Yes, I’d intended to stretch this out over four weeks, but I am a terrible and impatient person. This is my compromise over just pushing out all 12 chapters at once. You’r’e welcome.)

It’s all up now! Merry Christmas everyone! :)


This is so cute, like what is happening?? They’re literally middle-aged men playing with action figures, why is it so cute??

Robert’s like “Ouww, you touched my boobies!” and Mark’s just “Yeah, hehe!”

Heart Count (KnB Fic)

[For Seirin Week Day 1: Teamwork/Teammates]

Rating: G

Pairings: (Implied Only) KagaKuro, MitoKoga, KiyoHyuuRiko

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: Basketball dorks. Silly humor. A dash of angst at the end.

Summary: A few months after the Winter Cup, Riko contemplates a hitch in Seirin’s teamwork. Then she draws a ridiculous chart. (A ridiculous, dorky, not-manly-at-all chart, which her players can never see, because they would die of embarrassment.)

A/N: This was supposed to be a scene in a fic that I hope to post later this week, but it got away from me enough to become its own piece. It’s pretty silly. Enjoy! AND HAPPY SEIRIN WEEK.

Some days, Riko felt more like a matchmaker than a coach. Today, unfortunately, was one of those days.

She leaned back in her desk chair and rubbed her forehead. The notebook in front of her was filled with notes for various plays, along with charts to track each player’s progress. If only those charts were on her mind. Numbers, she could handle. Fitness and anatomy and training regimens, those were easy.

Trying to figure out the right combination of players to make a miracle, on the other hand, was anything but.

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