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Let’s face it: Our world is in trouble. We’ve got coup attempts in Turkey, North Korea throwing threats around every couple of weeks, and the recent unrest in the U.S. Unrest which seems to indicate that another World War is right around the corner. At this rate, the dangers appear to be rising faster than we can create the weapons needed to protect ourselves from them. With that in mind, why don’t we use Samsung’s massive recall to our advantage by repurposing these dangerous explosives as intentional weapons?

The applications are endless when you’re dealing with volatile handheld devices like the Note 7. For example, video game modder HitmanNiko edited the grenades in Grand Theft Auto V, reskinning them as Note 7’s with hilarious, thought-provoking results.

While it’s funny to behold, I got to thinking “Why the hell not?” It already doesn’t take much to set the Note 7 off into a blazing inferno. So throwing these things at our enemies on the battlefield would work about as well as any grenade. And your typical grenade can’t store over 50,000 songs. It’s only with the Note 7 grenades that you can blast Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone at full volume while blowing your adversaries to smithereens.

How Samsung Can Recover From Their Exploding Phone Fiasco

IMAGINE: You’ve just finished a long and grueling work out and you’re tired as all hell. Breathing heavily, you step out of the training room as you wipe the back of your neck with a rag from your gym bag. My God did it ever get hot in there. You froze when you rounded the corner and found Steve standing in the hallway in full workout gear. He was speaking with Natasha and hadn’t noticed you yet, thank God, because you were staring at the small expanse of his chest that could be seen above his partially unzipped sweater. He was a sight to behold. Suddenly he turned to look at you, waving goodbye to Natasha before jogging towards you. You gulped, suddenly very aware of how messy and sweaty you were. But Steve would appreciate that right? It meant you’d been working hard. He slowed in front of you, grinning as he spoke. “Hey (Y/N) I was just wondering if-” He paused when he glanced over your form. “Oh nevermind, it looks like you already did a workout.” You froze, mind scrambling to think of an excuse. “I only did half a workout!” You lied, sounding cheerful. “I was just bored because no one else was in there, but now I can finish it because I’ll have you as a partner!” He beamed down at you before taking your bag from you and going back towards where you’d just come. “Great!” He chirped and you felt your gut sink. Watching his booty is worth the pain, you told yourself. It’s worth the pain.

Cluster meanings

People perceive reality as cognitive psychology explains thinking through clusters of formulated meanings.
The whole style of painting Jaisini built is based on creation of such clusters that contain information for the eye and the mind.
The picture offers certain clues.
The picture’s puzzle could adjust to the viewer’s capacity to see the idea, connection between reality and artistic puzzle-like formula.
The coherence of picture could be reached through different approaches, either thinking or seeing, maybe by intuitive comprehension or knowledge.
Jaisini’s line clusters do not claim to construct reality.
They aim to present us with an alternative connection with reality.
It is a self-conscious exercise of seeing but not believing, supposing but not sensing, feeling but not perceiving.
Jaisini motivates to experience many levels of self-conscious exercise.
He triggers off the viewer by a puzzle and new transformation of a myth, by new variations and relations of colors, by exchange of shapes with void and spatial intrigue of linear spontaneity creating a session of hypnosis with a purpose to bring the viewer’s eye to a level of sophistication comparable to the artist’s.
Jaisini sets priority of significance on linear spontaneity such as free flow, causality of the line together with color purity and spatial intricacy.
At the same time conceptual activity of meaning-creation is a brain teasing game that can take turn or even put aside formal exploration of the painting.
It was set so by the artist for the viewer who gets tired seeing an option to start reading.
Great achievement of Jaisini is the mastery over causality, elimination of any artificial rigidity, non-tension of linear plasticism that is a great tool to cultivate subconscious comfort and willingness to further understanding of art.
Line enclosure is an element of externality (the artist’s command).
In postmodern art such external command of an artist’s hand was abolished due to the lowering of painting quality standard and discourse into over mechanization with hollowing of the meaning and reduction of painting to a color pallet as a decorative spot or introverted symbol.
The weak side of such style is yearning for addition, necessity to place another painting next to it and more of different styles in order to stimulate the postmodern painting’s presence with lost meaning, reason or fashion.
In decorative purpose like that point of true creativity is missing altogether.
A possession of a true art piece is comparable to possession of relic that works in mysterious way bringing luck to the house, creating new stories to tell. In this respect a painting by Jaisini eliminates artificial rigidity.
It is an exhibition in itself said by the owner of a gallery who is experienced in evaluating visual effect and compares one painting with an entire exhibition.
I as a writer found that Jaisini’s pictures capable to capture interest of a beholder to the point of desire to start studying art to better understand the complexity of one painting.
In Jaisini’s case one wouldn’t say, hey, I could paint like that.
Jaisini himself pointed out that it’s almost impossible to repeat painting or remember the way he had painted his picture.
Structure of style’s elements to create formal meaning coherence


What do you think the cage is like?”  


I’ve been asked this question before, and I answered it in San Francisco.” 
“I didn’t see it.”
I’m glad you didn’t - because I was cyber-bullied for like three days by people that thought I endorsed rape.” 

bellamyblakesrifle’s ‘WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?’ contest

alright, folks. As most of you know, I was hosting a contest for the Alpha Male Madness Poll Bob Morley was in. Unfortunately we did not meet the requirements for said contest, but everyone worked so hard and we made it to the Final Four (!!!) so I still wanted to do SOMETHING for you awesome voters :P Thanks to kingsbellamy for giving me this lovely idea in the first place, lo and behold, THIS contest was born!

the contest:

once a day for seven days, I will be posting a quote from the tv show The 100 - it can come from ANY of the episodes from either season, but will not include deleted/BTS. THE FIRST THREE people to correctly guess which character the line belongs to AS WELL AS THE SEASON AND EPISODE NUMBER will win a prize ;)

the rules:

  • reblog this post to boost awareness
  • MESSAGE me the character+season+episode, do not reply to the post! I will answer these privately, until someone guesses correctly. This way it’s fair to everyone playing (ie. people won’t be able to see what other people have already guessed!)
  • if you want to follow me, I’d love that, but it’s not required!

the prize:

each winner will receive:

  • a follow from me (if I’m not already)
  • a spot on my updates tab (which is still a WIP so bear with me there lol) for the month of June
  • three promos upon request
  • one gifset/graphic/fic prompt of their choice!

the schedule:

The contest will be held from May 4th - May 11th. The quote of the day will be posted at 12pm EST, and guesses will be accepted right up until the next quote (or until three people correctly guess the character!) Be sure to track the tag #whoseline100style to see the quotes, as well as the winners for each round!

Brush up on those 100 lines, everyone, and good luck!

Today I got to behold John Blankenbaker toggling stuff in on a real, mostly working Kenbak-1 computer from 1971!

I even shook his hand and thanked him afterwards. According to John, that Kenbak-1 just needs some replacement switches and it will be at 100%. It’s not every day you get to meet the man who built the first electronic, commercially available personal computer!