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Hi I was reading A Dementor's Kiss but then the link suddenly stopped working 😭 Can you please link me to the fic? Thanks in advance!!

A Dementor’s KissDan Howell, a shy third year slytherin, is befriended by fifth year hufflepuff Phil Lester. Dan is quiet and alone, with little faith in his abilities; but with the comfortable and kind-hearted Phil he will learn to flourish in the wizarding world.

- Thea

what ...?

draco : oops, I did it again !

draco : I played with your heart.

draco : got lost in the game !!

draco : ooh baby baby !

draco : oops you think I’m in love !

harry : …

draco : that I’m sent from above !

draco : I’m not that innocent.

harry : you’ve been listening to that song for like 3 hours, can you stop I’m trying to read he-


harry : dra-


Imagine: Harry Potter x Reader; Opposites Can't Attract

/Spree week has begun! Starting of with Harry Potter! The boy who started it all!Not exactly along the storyline but, that’s why it’s a imagine, right?
P.s did a little set up change and Requests are OPEN!


Your last two years at Hogwarts have been like hell so far. Mainly for you and your friend, Draco. You both have gotten the “Dark Mark”. Your parents also wanted you to wed him. Which you both didn’t want too really, we thought of each other as brother and sister. I guess you can say you were fortunate in that situation.
Why? Because you had a crush on the one and only, golden boy, a.k.a Harry Potter.

Sadly, it was forbidden for blood reasons and that it was betrayal to your ‘lord’. Voldemort threatened you if you liked any mudblood or half blood. Your families have to die. You loved your family dearly, afraid to lose your loved ones you would do anything at such a great cost. Maybe even your own like.

Funny thing is that you and Draco both like different bloods. You liked half blood Potter and Draco liked muggle Granger. Shocking, yes. You felt like he’ll never get her. To the obvious, he kept calling her mudblood.

“Draco you need to stop calling her ‘mudblood’. Your so gonna win her heart if you call her ‘mudblood’!” You exclaimed, sarcasm dripping in your voice. You knew Draco never meant it it was instilled in him.

“Shut up.” Draco mumbled as Granger passed by giving us a look. You smiled and she looked surprised that you smiled at her. She looked around to see if it was for anyone else. She looked back at you and smiled.

“Eww! A filthy mudblood!” Pansy screeched as you rolled your eyes.

“Shut up bitch!” You screamed, Pansy sat down and stayed silent as other Slytherins stifled a giggle.

“Sorry Hermione.” You said as she said, “Thank you.” And went off.

“You see it’s not that hard!” You told Draco, as he could only blush.

“Bloody Potter.” Draco sneered under his breath. “You like Granger but, you keep talking about Potter.” You whispered harshly.

“He’s staring at you.” Draco said, taking a bite out of his apple. You looked back to be met by a, no… two pair of eyes. One being Granger’s and the other being Harry’s. You blush furiously and give him a little smile. Draco smirks at shoves your side. “Shut up.” You murmur.

“Now who’s embarrassed?” Draco teases.
You roll your eyes once more and see an owl head into the Great Hall.
“What the heck? Who’s owl is th-” You went silent once it the owl dropped the letter on your lap. It was mum’s and dad’s owl.

“What happened?” Draco asks, trying to peek a sneak at the letter. You open it and read it. One sentence caught your eye, “Y/N you and Draco need to get out of the Great Hall at once.” You panic feeling such adrenaline rush through your pureblood veins.
“We have to go.” You whisper, looking around you. “Let’s go.” Draco said. You and Draco got up and walked. Trying to act as coolly as possible not trying to catch attention.

But it seems like you have got Harry Potter’s attention.

{Harry’s Pov}

I saw Malfoy and Rosewood walking out together. I was umm-well jealous. I like Y/N a bit (a lot!). She was favored by all houses, really. Except for a few.
I heard a thing going on that she was engaged to Malfoy. I look at Hermione reading a book as usual. I looked at Ron flirting with Lavender. I knew Hermione liked Ron but, she didn’t seem like she did anymore.

I clutch my necklace, more importantly a love necklace. Ginny gave it to me for Christmas and starting to get rather.. Close to me. I asked Hermione what this was all about, and she told me,
“You’re wearing a amorousness carcanet gem. It’s a rare gem that glows when the owner is around their soulmate.” No wonder Ginny was so disappointed that I hadn’t been her soulmate.

“Something is rather off.” Hermione said as my scar started to burn. “Ow!” I wince. The Great Hall had started to become dark and gloomy. People panicked, roaming around trying to get a sense of what was happening right now.

{Your Pov}

Draco and I were climbing up for our lives but, the fire kept growing. I yelled and screamed for help. Draco grunts trying to get to the top.
“Draco.” I whimper. I start crying, I didn’t want to die. “Keep climbing Y/N I know you can make it, sis.” Draco said.

“No I can’t Draco!” I scream, Draco looks down at me. “Yes you can!” He yelled. I could see him starting to cry. I couldn’t give up on him and my life, I felt the heat coming close to me. I started climbing to where Draco was.

“What if we don’t ma-” I started, “We will .” Draco cut me off. I looked down the fire was to quick and we only had little left to the top.

We both scurried trying to reach the top. Until there was no where to go. “I love you, brother.” I said grabbing his hand as I held it.
“I love you too, little Slytherin.” Draco smiled. I held his hand tightly as I could see his hand getting red, I let go of it, not wanting his to lose his blood circulation on his hand.

I felt myself slowly slipping away, my grip on the mountain of items loosening. “Don’t let go, Y/N.” Draco said. I shook my head as I started to feel dizzy. The fumes of smoke, I breathed made me feel faint.
“I’m sorry, Draco.” I said, slowly shutting my eyes as I slipped a bit. Going lower than I was.
“Help!” Draco screamed. Trying to grab my hand but, I refused not wanting to take him down with me. Then I felt a waft of air as somebody held my waist.

“Y/N are you alright!?” A voice screamed but all I could say was, “Draco.”
“Hermione already got him. Don’t worry we’ll get out.” The voice said, I flutter my eyes to see who it was. The ginger colored hair was all I could make out. “Ron.” I guessed. “Harry told me you were in here. He told me to get you out.” Ron said.

“What’s happening?” I ask, Ron as I couldn’t smell the fumes of the flame anymore and the bright red-orange light shine bright was gone. Ron said,

I opened my eyes to see a dark grey sky. Ron dropped my off and went away. I saw students all around me. Walking, screaming, during this so called “Hell”. I tried to see if I could find platinum blonde hair. I did. I ran to that direction to be met by Draco. I hugged him as he hugged back. The students headed outside. “Draco what is happening?” I ask wanting a more specific truth. “War.” Draco responded.

“Hermione saved you?” I asked, Draco softly smiled and nodded.
We walked out to see hundreds of students standing still. While I saw my parents and Draco’s on the Dark Lord’s side.
“Harry Potter is DEAD!” Voldemort said as the other Death Eaters chuckled. Everyone one of us gasped.

“Come and join us or die.” Voldemort said, I looked at Draco as he looked at me unsure if our next actions.
“Draco come over here.” Draco’s father, Lucius said. Draco gave me a look of sadness. I looked over at Hermione seeing her struggle to not cry and trying to stay put. “Very good, Draco.” Voldemort said as he hugged Draco. “Y/N.” My mother’s smooth voice said. As she motioned for me to come.

I slowly walked over, as Voldemort flashed a hideous smile. I internally gagged wanting to run away. But… I didn’t. Voldemort hugged me. As I walked over to my parents. They embraced me into a warm, loving hug.

I saw a faint glow not to far in the distance. I let go of my parents and walked up to the faint glow. It was a necklace. I stepped closer as everyone looked at me. The glow grew each step I took. I looked down at the red glow. I picked it up and it shined brightly. Enough to blind me but, it calmly went back into a light glow.

“Isn’t that Harry’s necklace.” Someone said. I looked at my parents looking at me with fright and worry.

“That’s a love necklace!” Someone gasped. “Harry Potter’s necklace!” A person said. As Voldemort’s gaze was on me. I looked at who said it it happened to be a ginger, Ginny.

“Such a disappointment you have F/N.” Voldemort said, pointing his wand at my father. “In love with an enemy. Pathetic.” Voldemort chuckled evilly.

“Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort shouted as my father fell to the ground, lifeless. I screamed, “No! Dad!” My mother started crying.

“Harry Potter is alive!” A voice yelled.

I looked to see if it was true. It was Draco then ran, “Potter!” My emotions were mixed, I didn’t know what to do. My mother ran up to me and pulled me aside as I spell flew by. Bellatrix.

Spells flew by, I rushed over to were I belong, I battled with the good. I knew my Death Eater mark was well exposed.

It all ended when I saw Voldemort fading away. We had won. Everyone one of us cheered (except the Death Eaters) and clapped due to our victory.

Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to face Harry. I bright light glowed in my pocket. I churches the necklace. “You-You have me necklace.” Harry said, “Your my soulmate.” I looked at Harry in surprise and shock.

I looked down at my mark. Opposites Can’t Attract. Or can they.

“Y/N.” Harry said, I looked back at him. “I love you.” Harry said, love was a strong word to use it frightened you. Did he mean it as an I like you or an I love you.

“I-I love you too, Harry Potter.” I giggle. “But I was a Death Eater.” I said, rubbing my hand up and down on my mark.

“You were. Not now, Y/N.” Harry lifted my chin and leaned in. We kissed. The glow of Harry’s necklace gleamed as I heard clapping. We’re together. We’re soul-mates.

I backed away and we both smiled. “Draco and Hermione seem to be happy too.” Harry smirked, I looked over to were Draco was. And I saw a beautifuler sight. The Muggle born and a Pureblood kissing. You felt happiness for the both of them.

Odd that a Slytherin, Death Eater, Pureblood and the Chosen one, a Gryffindor, and Half Blood could fall in love. It changed everyones perspective on wizarding blood.

At last, Opposites Can Attract.


/I have to be honest the ending I wrote kind of sucked but it was one of my favorites :). Hope you liked it.Thank you for reading and don’t be afraid to request! Next Imagine coming tomorrow!❤️🦁\

new and upgraded Harry Potter titles
  • book 1:Harry is a wizard!!
  • book 2:Harry can hear snake voices (yikes)
  • book 3:another dude besides Voldy wants to kill Harry (can u not)
  • book 4:someone put Harry in a death tournament (r u joking)
  • book 5:Harry is angsty (it's normal bud)
  • book 6:Harry is obsessed with Draco ;)
  • book 7:Harry is in a bit of a pickle and low-key starts a war *sigh*

Comic con haul ❤️ HP posters and Darth Vader backpack ✨ I was good and limited myself but holy crap I wanted to buy everything in there!! Next year I’ll have to save up months in advance haha 💸 The backpack fits my laptop and sketch book so it’s officially been upgraded to every day uni bag! I’ll be the coolest kid on campus 🕶

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