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You looked at Credence’s hands and saw what his mother had done to him. Disgusted by it, you turned to her, staring the woman angrily down. “How dare you?” You asked and stepped in front of her, but she stood her ground. 

“Go home, little one.” You could see how she struggled to be nice to you with her tight smile. She always had hated you. “It’s not your business.” 

“I always knew you were a crazy quiff!” You yelled and she gasped, shocked by your insult. “How dare you to hurt him? He does everything for you and how do you repay him? By being a horrible mother?”

Mrs. Barebone’s hands shook. “Didn’t your parents tell you to respect adults?” 

“Yes, and they also taught be to stand up for others.” You took Credence hand in yours and pulled him with you, leaving the house. 

“Credence! Come back, now!” 

“[Y/N], mother will punish me when I come home.” Credence stopped suddenly, covering away from you. “She…”

“She will not. I will talk to my parents and you know, they like you. They’ll let you stay.” 

“But…” He murmured and you took his hand in yours again. 

“We will figure something out.” You said softly. “We find a way to get you out of her claws, and your siblings, too. No one’s deserves that unnatural woman as a mother.” 

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“I’m a wizard, [Y/N].” Newt told you and held your hands in his. You both sat on your couch, him trying to convince you that he is from Britain’s wizard world. “I wanted to tell you this some time ago, but I was afraid that you might not believe me.”

“And you think that I’m going to believe you now?” You asked him, confused and partly angry. “That you’re a wizard, Newt? My God, you are delusional. I always knew you were a bit off, but now that?” 

“I can prove it.” Newt pulled a wooden stick out of his coat, letting go of your hands, and smiled a big goofy smile. “My wand. It’s made of ash, lime, bone and shell.” 

“What next?” Huffing, you stood up and crossed your arms. “Riding brooms? Hocus Pocus?”

“Well…” Flustered, he looked away and took a few calming breaths. “Look.” He pointed his wand at the vase on the table in front of you and you raised your eyebrows. “Wingardium Leviosa.”

And to your surprise the vase moved and slowly flew over to you, levitating in front of your eyes.  

“How… how are you doing this?” Cautiously you tried to find invicible cords, but there was nothing but air. “It’s impossible! There are no witches and wizards!” You sat down beside Newt and burried your face in your hands, not believing what just happened.

“They do exist, we do. We hide from muggles because there would be chaos if you knew.” He caressed your back tenderly and hugged you sideways, chuckling. “You’re taking it quite well, [Y/N].” 

“I think I’m having a panic attack, Newt.”

Being in a relationship with Newt Scamander would include:

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Warning: A little bit smut.

A/N: I’m FBAWTFT trash and Newt Scamander is the purest soul I’ve ever seen beside Credence. 

  • The first time you meet Newt Scamander is in your First Year in Hodwarts just before you were sorted into a house. You’re nervous and when he notices it, he walks over to you and tells you not to be afraid of the Sorting Hat. He tells you that he will be proud of you when you walk up the stairs to be sorted into a house. 
    • After you get sorted into your house, you smile brightly at him and he smiles back. 
    • A few days later you find out his name and that he is in his Third Year and was sorted into Hufflepuff. 
    • Ever since then he’s one of your best friends (even if he belongs to a different house).
  • After you graduate Newt picks you up and takes you with him to travel the world to find the most beautiful beasts you’ve ever seen. 
    • You love listening to his stories and facts about the beasts he hides inside his case. 
    • Newt’s very passionate about his research and you’re the only one who is allowed to come into his case.
      • Most of his beasts accept you as their friend.
      • You love playing with and caring for his little friends.
    • While your parents don’t think it’s a good idea to travel around the world with Newt because it gets dangerous, they still think he’s a good man. Newt would protect you at all costs.  
    • Lots of running. 
  • You both love books and you love reading together, cuddling with each other on the bed or couch.  
  • You both practicing magic together.
  • Him being interessted in your hobbys.
    • Him trying everything out you like. 
  • When you’re sick Newt takes care of you until you feel better. The same goes the other way around.
  • One day, after a tiring chase, he kisses you and you kiss him back, burrying your fingers in his fluffy hair while his shaky hands are placed on your hips. 
    • Him apologizing for kissing you and you slapping his shoulder lightly, telling him it was okay and that you liked the kiss very much.
    • Him blushing a little bit.  
  • Your relationship is pure and innocent. Most of the time you share chaste kisses, hold hands, make stupid jokes, play pranks, talk and cuddle. 
  • You’re the one who takes the first steps. 
    • You straddle him on the couch and kiss him passionately after he told you how beautiful and clever you are.
    • Heavy make out sessions happen more often. 
    • You get more comfortable and start touching each other ‘above the belt’. 
      • (You even try to make him touch your boobs, sometimes even under your shirt.)
  • Him telling you he’s still a virgin and you rolling your eyes, telling him you knew it all along because you two were constantly together beside the time between his and your graduation. 
    • Him knowing if you’re a virgin or not. 
  • The first time he eats you out/sucks you off is weird because he doesn’t know how to do it correctly, so you tell him.
    • Newt’s embarassed and you both start laughing. 
  • His first blowjob ends up with him struggling to keep still. 
    • He gags you accidently with his cock and apologizes for hours after that. 
  • Your first time happens a few days after he tells you he’s in love in you. 
    • You’re both clumsy, but take your time.
    • Much laughter.
    • And moans.
    • And tender, soft kissing.
    • You both are very eager to pleasure each other with your fingers and mouth.  
  • You going with Newt to New York and meeting Jacob, Tina and Queenie, your new friends. 
    • You trying to make Jacob ask Queenie if she wants to go on a date.
  • You trying to help Credence but it’s too late. 
  • Taking away Jacob’s memories doesn’t make it better.
  • Newt comforting you. 
    • Cuddling in bed for hours. 

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Haphne for the otp asks?

i am pretty sure this was a request for another ask game, but i decided to keep it in my inbox to use for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • harry had never been ice-skating before.
  • daphne was gaping up at him as he explained this, and he was really tempted to sarcastically ask her when she thought he would have had time to do this in his life, but he stopped himself.
  • they had recently sparked up a rather.. unlikely friendship.
  • it happened shortly after they came back for their eighth year at hogwarts.
  • they were assigned to be potion partners - harry was dreading it as soon as he heard her name called with his, but he learned quickly that daphne greengrass wasn’t all that bad.
  • he actually had grown quite fond of her.
  • too fond of her.
  • there was no way that she would ever want to go out with him.
  • he was awkward; she was flawless and fluid.
  • the odds were not in his favor.
  • however, they were now hanging out by the burrow during their holiday break from hogwarts.
  • and their conversation about ice-skating was sparked because of the frozen pond in front of them.
  • “i still can’t believe it, harry,” she explained, “that just seems like it should be a part of everyone’s child, even one like yours.”
  • “the dursley’s would never let me have fun, let alone leave the house.”
  • harry could tell she immediately regretted her last few words and looked away from him with a frown on her face.
  • “it’s awful,” she whispered, “how they treated you. everything you have had to go through, and to think that my family was a part of your pain.”
  • harry didn’t know how to respond other than to grab her hand. they entwined their fingers together, and he felt her look up at him - he kept his eyes out on the frozen pond.
  • “it’s not your fault, it’s over now.”
  • “that still doesn’t mean i’m not sorry.”
  • he finally decided to look at her.
  • he was always amazed by how grey her eyes were. they were gorgeous; they were mesmerizing.
  • they reminded him of a storm - harry knew there was a reason he always liked them.
  • he wasn’t sure how it happened, because his mind went fuzzy once it did, but she leaned forward and softly pressed her lips against his.
  • he felt the wool of her white sweater on the side of his cheek, and he now felt his hands in her soft hair.
  • they pulled away slowly, and harry was the one to open his eyes first.
  • daphne seemed dazed.
  • she fluttered her eyelids some once she opened them.
  • he expected her to say something, but instead, she reached over for her wand, and before he knew it, she had made ice skates appear.
  • i think,” she said softly with a small smile, “it’s time for you to ice skate.”
  • he watched as she laced her skates up and followed.
  • she got up before him and offered him her hand.
  • he grabbed it and rubbed the pad of his thumb against her knuckles.
  • he swore he felt her shiver - and he wondered if it had to do with him or the cold.
  • “i think that you are right, daphne greengrass.” 

hatterwithaheart  asked:

Would you mind telling what characteristics you think the houses share between each other? (Like what traits Slytherin and Ravenclaw share, or Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, etc.)

Slytherin + Ravenclaw: They share the fact that they both value knowledge, but they value knowledge differently. Slytherins value it in a way to self-preserve and to get through life efficiently and effectively, Ravenclaws value knowledge for the sake of having new information - it doesn’t need to be relevant to help them survive. 

Slytherin + Hufflepuff: They both share that they value loyalty, but their loyalty comes from different places. Hufflepuffs are loyal to all people and traditions, whereas Slytherins are loyal to themselves and their people. Slytherins can look more selfish on the outside than Puffs, but really, they would do anything for those they love at the drop of a hat.

Slytherin + Gryffindor: They both have strong convictions and ambition. Gryffindors ambition is to do what is right and to leave a mark; Slytherins ambition can be just about anything they set their mind to. The difference is that Slytherins don’t want glory, they want success and safety. Gryffindors usually have a thirst for glory or to make some worldly impact. Slytherins ambitions don’t have to be big and about the world; they could only be about themselves.

Gryffindor + Ravenclaw: They both pride individuality in their own ways. Ravenclaws value it because they think eccentricity should be accepted, and they accept all ways of thinking. Gryffindors value individuality when it comes to beliefs and morals. The best way to navigate the world is to trust yourself, and every person is unique when it comes to their moral code.

Gryffindor + Hufflepuff: They both value justice. Hufflepuffs want justice and fairness for all people, whereas Gryffindors want justice to make sure people are punished or made aware of their wrong-doings, so it won’t happen again. They are very lawful and dutiful with different focus. Gryffindors are more about morals and ideals, whereas Hufflepuffs are more about people.

Ravenclaw + Hufflepuff: They are both accepting. Hufflepuffs are accepting because it is fair to be accepting, but Ravenclaws are accepting because they want to truly understand different perspectives and ways of life. They are both the type of people you want to go to if you want someone to listen, because they will listen before they judge.

This is based off of a mix of canon traits and @sortinghatchats system, though it is mainly off of canon traits. I tried not to get too stereotypical.


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