Harry couldn’t find himself to utter a single word as he saw the blond step out of their bedroom, the pale body only covered in a thin lacy piece of white lingerie. “Like what you see, Potter?” The smooth voice rose up which managed to get Harry out of his stare. The raven swallowed hard, feeling the tension rise between them and Harry instantly knew that a few hickeys would go well with the lingerie Draco was wearing.

  • hufflepuff: did you hear that that school's principal had a heart attack?
  • slytherin: woah. you think ravenclaw did it?
  • hufflepuff: what are you talking about?
  • slytherin: think about it, she got into a new school, hated the principal, and one week later he almost dies. I'm pretty sure she jinxed him.
  • hufflepuff: why does this makes so much sense?
It's 2am and I'm emotional so here's some Harry Potter crap...

Some things my brain is saying rn:

-It’s gotten to the point where I am personally offended when people assume Draco Malfoy is straight.

-I am 1000% sure that if you asked me to choose between the ability to walk and/or Remus Lupin I would be like BYE LEGS !

-I love when fanfic makes Pansy nice. I love AU! Pansy. No one can convince me that my little trust fund baby is the edgiest little thing with the boldest fashion ever.

-I love me some Marcus and Oliver but but but Cedric Diggory would be the softest Quidditch Boyfriend ever.

  • Hufflepuff: what do you want for your birthday?
  • Slytherin: a tattoo
  • Hufflepuff: alright, I’ll make it when you’re asleep. It has to a be a surprise, right?
  • Slytherin: if that’s your idea of dying it’s a good one because when I found out you wouldn’t last a day
  • Hufflepuff: hey, I might be good at it. Your lack of faith is disturbing.
  • Slytherin: I’d kill you first, then I’d look at it