• Cedric: I realized I never really thanked you properly for tipping me off about those dragons.
  • Harry: Forget about it. I'm sure you would've done the same for me.
  • Cedric: Exactly. So I'm gonna tip you off about something as well. See, Justin told me that he heard from Hannah, who talked to Parvati, who caught it from Lavender, who overheard Pansy, who was eavesdropping on Blaise, that Draco Malfoy has a huge crush on you.
  • Moody: Diggory! That's not the message I wanted you to pass on!
  • Cedric: Oh yeah, that's right. So Moody told me that Flitwick asked him, after he talked to McGonagall, who was instructed by Dumbledore, who nearly jinxed Snape when he didn't want to spill, to tell you that Draco wants to meet you at the top of the Astronomy tower at midnight.
  • Moody: There you go!
  • Harry: I'm so confused right now!
  • Harry: Happy Holidays Draco! What'd you ask Santa for?
  • Draco: *mumbles* You.
  • Harry: Sorry what was that?
  • Draco: I said glue! Glue! For fuck's sake Potter can you not hear?! First, you've got that bloody scar and suddenly you're deaf?? All I want is fucking glue, alright?! Besides, why'd I even ask Santa for anything??? I'm a fucking adult! How old are you, Potter? Merlin, I bet you still write him bloody letters!
[New Sides] Draco x Reader

A/N: My first published fic on Tumblr! It is currently 2:49 AM haha,,, I desperately wanted something to start my blog off so it’s not as good as it could’ve been, but still!

Word Cound: 1,742

Warnings: I think there is like one curse word? Hufflepuff Reader. Female pronouns. Has not been proof-read.

Summary: (Name) has a small clothing accident which leads to a flustered Draco and a sweet ending! (Will probably do a part two.)

There she was.

‘Bloody hell, how could someone be that perfect?’


Draco studied her, taking in her features from afar.

He had almost memorized her and the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she would get so lost in her own thoughts in class.

She would walk to the side closest to a wall alongside Neville Longbottom and her Hufflepuff friend Lynne. She would make small conversation and express small emotions. Very rarely would she draw attention to herself, her smiles being short and sweet and her laughs as delicate as a daisy petal.

She had a nervous twitch where she would play with her hair in some shape or form, twiddling it between her index finger and her thumb or curling it around a few times before brushing it out again.

She didn’t like rough flirting. He had figured that out immediately when Cormac approached (Name) and shot out some weird pick up lines, did the thing where he trapped her between two of his arms and backed her against a wall, and basically told her she had to go out on a date with him.

Her answer was obvious when all he received was a hard slap to the face and hard shove backwards.

They were partners in Potions once and Draco found himself staring at her constantly. She was so gentle, yet she knew how to stand up for herself.

He had learned so much about her just by studying her and seeing how she reacted to certain scenarios.

Draco, on the other hand, didn’t even try to approach her. He knew all it would end in was a rejection, and honestly he didn’t want his reputation damaged… No matter how infatuated he was with her.

Draco turned his attention from the Hufflepuff girl scurrying to catch up with her friends.

“… Did you hear me?” Blaise snapped his fingers in front of him, causing him to jump slightly.


“I asked what you were staring at.” Blaise stated, eyes narrowed. “A chick?”

Pansy scoffed and rolled her eyes. Her facial features scrunched up, causing her face to look distorted. “As if, Zambini. Draco is too good for all of these petty witches. Isn’t that right, Draco?” Draco rolled his eyes enough to let Pansy know that she was getting on his nerves before he turned on his heel and started walking, his friends following close behind.

“Whatever, Zambini. How about you mind your own business?” Blaise grunted and crossed his arms, eyeing a certain girl running to Neville Longbottom.

“What about her? Now that’s what you call eye-candy,” Blaise whistled, raising his eyebrows. “Finally a real woman around here.” Pansy, upon hearing his remarked, smacked the side of his arm with a snarl.

Draco moved his gaze over to where Blaise was staring.

“Who is she anyways? I’ve never even seen her,” Pansy spat, shooting a nasty stare at (Name).

“I don’t know, but would ‘ya look at that.” Blaise pointed to her skirt, lifted ever so slightly in the back. It looked wrinkled, as if she hadn’t bothered to readjust after standing up.

Draco felt his ears and cheeks heat up and had to force himself to avert his gaze. “Disgusting, Zambini…”

“Seriously though!” Pansy continued to smack Blaise, who in defense recoiled and jogged down the hall. Pansy followed after him, face red from anger. Behind Pansy trotted Crabbe and Goyle, claiming that she had something of theirs stored with her.

Draco was left in the middle of the hall, shamefully trying to ignore the presence of (Name) and the view that taunted him from only a few feet away.

He only happened to be glancing that way to see none other than Harry Potter and his crew stroll over to join in the circle of friends conversing.

Draco couldn’t handle it anymore. He was raised a gentleman, and a gentleman wouldn’t let a lady expose herself in public with his knowing.

At least, that’s what he told himself. In reality he just saw Harry’s face light up like a lantern when he caught a glance of (Name).

The Slytherin strolled over, biting his lip and refusing to look down a few inches.

He cleared his throat when he was directly behind her, signaling his appearance. (Name) turned around, a puzzled expression evident on her face.

“Oh, Malfoy…” She seemed surprised to see him standing there, red and flustered. “Can I help you?” She seemed more welcoming than her friends as they all shot glares up and down Draco’s form.

“Yeah, can we help you?” Ron’s mop of ginger hair moved with him whipping his head over to where Draco was standing.

“I’m not talking to you, Weasley,” Draco huffed. “Anyways, I wanted to politely inform you… That, um…” His face reddened, unable to form anything but jumbled and indefinable words.

“Yes? What is it?”

“Y-Your… Uh… Your skirt.” His voice shrank with each syllable.

“What about it?” (Name) looked at him with an eyebrow cocked in confusion.

“I-It’s… Uh… A bit short…” (Name)’s eyes widened immediately, her arms shooting to the back of her skirt to pull it down. Her face was red and she looked like she was about to cry.

“Th-Thank you for informing me…” Her voiced cracked before she excused herself and briskly walked away from the group. Her friends were staring at Draco with a scowl. He shot them a sideways glare before discreetly following her.

He ended up in a nearly empty corridor, (Name) seated on a bay windowsill.

“(Name)?” The Hufflepuff girl’s head shot up.

“If you came here to tease me about it, I suggest you leave.” Her tone was cold and wavering.

“If I really wanted to tease you about it, why would I have confronted you alone?” (Name) took a few seconds to read over his response and nodded.


Draco hesitantly neared (Name) whose head was down in mortification and shame.

“Are… Uh, you okay?” Draco didn’t exactly comfort people on a daily basis, so he was very careful of his words and actions.

She took a while to respond, sighing. “Yeah, just embarrassed. Thank you for informing me, though… It could’ve been a lot worse.”

“Are you crying?” Draco wanted to curse himself. Had he really just asked that? “On the verge…” (Name) replied with a halfhearted laugh.

“I don’t know why I wanted to cry, though… I guess I got so embarrassed…” The girl sighed again and scooted over on her windowsill to let Draco sit beside her. He complied, unsure of how to answer her previous statement.

There was a long moment of silence before (Name) spoke up, looking Draco directly in the eyes.

“I know you stare at me.” He sputtered, eyes narrowing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! I am not as lowly as to-“

“Don’t deny it, Malfoy. There’s no purpose in lying.” He grunted, not replying.

“So why do you stare at me, then?” She spoke up, eyes sparkling with newfound interest.

“What?” (Name) leaned back and crossed her arms, waiting for a response. Draco studied her, missing the sight of her features from a closer angle.

“I… Am not sure, actually.” His tone was soft, but sincere. “I suppose you just stand out from other people.”

“Oh, please. I’m a good-girl student who is too caught up in her own daydreaming that she leaves class with her skirt hiked up. I can’t be that unique. But thank you… For the compliment that is…” Draco nodded once as if saying ‘you’re welcome’.

“Yet you’re delicate and kind, yet somehow you also manage to be tough. You’re not a pushover, nor are you overbearing. And most of all you don’t make a fool out of yourself in front of me.” Draco laughed softly to lighten the mood.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that. I basically gave you an entire view… I would say that’s pretty bad.” (Name) smiled in return.

“You should see some other girls… What happened today was nothing,” he mumbled, entranced by the smile she offered him. (Name) giggled, tugging on her sleeve nervously. “So, um… Why exactly… Did you tell me about that? You could’ve easily just let me humiliate myself in front of everyone…” Draco froze. What was he supposed to say? ‘Because I’ve mildly stalked you for months now because you had me hooked ever since our one Potions assignment?’

“I… Uh… It just happened to catch my attention… It was distracting me and…”

“Distracting you?” (Name) repeated with a raised eyebrow.

“W-Well, I mean…!” She looked at the Slytherin struggling to form words and placed a comforting hand atop his.

“Don’t push yourself. You can tell me later.” Draco’s breath hitched and if his face wasn’t already a bold shade of red, then damn was it now.

She hopped down from the windowsill, leaving a lingering feeling on the hand that she touched.

“Well… I suppose I’ve idled here for a few moments now. Thanks, again.” She smiled and started to walk away before she was pulled back gently. Draco gently grasped her hand with an almost pleading look in his brilliant gray eyes. She was almost taken aback at his brashness.

“Draco?” She tilted her head and looked at him.

“(Name)… I understand this must sound sudden, but um… Would you like to accompany me this weekend to Hogsmeade? Or it doesn’t have to necessarily have to be there… Just anywhere, really…? Just the two of us?” Draco’s eyes were soft and gentle. His hand grasped hers as if she was a gem that could shatter with the smallest wrong move.

“Oh…” His expression fell at her response. He retracted his hand, turning to leave. “Wait!” She looked at him with a confused stare. He looked back at her, mirroring her gaze. “What?”

“That wasn’t a ‘no’, silly… I was simply just surprised! In fact, I would love nothing more than to accompany you somewhere… Just the two of us.” She smiled and nudged him playfully. He grinned back at her, showing a rare side of him she had never seen. (Name) approached him with a rosy tint dusting her cheeks and planted a dainty kiss on his cheekbone before bidding him a goodbye.

He stood in the corridor, grazing the place she had kissed him with his fingertips, his expression dazed and dreamy.

Meanwhile, (Name) did the same, almost thanking her bad luck for the skirt incident.

harry absolutely loves draco’s slim legs, he likes to caress his thighs whenever draco has his legs over his lap and the touch actually relaxes draco so he never complains, but also draco loves Harry’s hands, they are definitely more stronger than his own because like draco would ever mess up his perfectly elegant hands and nails