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slytherin-fox asked:

What factions do you think the HP gang was in? Including.... Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Neville, Ginny, Luna, Sirius, Remus, Narcissa, And Molly :)

Harry: Dauntless

Draco: Erudite or Candor

Ron: Abnegation

Hermione: Erudite

Fred: Dauntless

George: Dauntless

Neville: Dauntless/Abnegation

Ginny: Dauntless

Luna: Amity

Sirius: Dauntless

Remus: Abnegation

Narcissa: Erudite

Molly: Amity 

deyanirasan asked:

What are the main differences between an INTP Slyth and an INTJ one. Thank you.

An INTP Slytherin will be very intelligent and resourceful. They will be the brain behind operations. They won’t be as assertive or determined as other Slytherins to prove themselves, but they will if they are provoked. They will be more reserved.

An INTJ Slytherin will be much more determined, and although they are introverts, they are more aggressive. They want to prove themselves and their goals, and they make really good leaders. They would rather not lead, but if they feel someone in leadership is not competent, they will step up and take control. 

thedreamerofthestars asked:

Do You think (as everybody else) that the slytherins are mean and dangerous? Me I don't think so (as a slytherin..) So, I wonder, how are they? Who are we?

I definitely do not think Slytherins are mean and dangerous. Anyone in any house has the capability to be dangerous, but they do it in different ways. Just because you are a Slytherin, does not instantly make you that way.

I think Slytherins are very misunderstood, but all the houses are in different ways. I don’t believe that one house is better than the other or worse than the other. Slytherins are very determined and very into their friends and families. They’re loyal to them and really no one else. They are aggressive, but not in the same way as Gryffindors. They are very clever, and I think that is what makes people think they’re “mean” or “dangerous” because they can figure out how to do a lot of things that some other people can’t do.

anonymous asked:

Firmly believe Draco loved Dobby when he was a little kid.


-Draco pretending to scold Dobby infront of his parents after Dobby accidently breaks Draco’s precious toy.Then Draco apologizing for scolding him and helping him clean up. 
-Draco taking the blame for small mistakes Dobby does. 
-Draco talking about his obsession with Harry Potter 
-Draco finally coming out about his sexuality to Dobby even though Dobby had figured that out himself. 
-Draco crying his heart out after finding out about Dobby’s death
-Draco visiting Dobby once a week and laying a new sock on his grave after every visit.