On set shooting for
#BTS #instagrammer #highheels #shoes #shoeaholic #legs #thighs #redshoes #onset #behindthescenes #shooting #acting (at London, United Kingdom)

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#BehindTheScenes| #FOCInMyCity DMV #flawsofcouture (at Chinatown (Washington, D.C.))

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Elise & Natasha are back and here to take you behind the scenes of the Gallery shoot for Carmilla season 2!

Make sure to watch until the end to see how you can get sneak-peeks behind the scenes during the production of season 2 via Snapchat (@carmillaseries)!

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From concept to final animation

1. It all starts with the concept art, in this case by art director Xavier Houssin @xa-colors 

2. We think about how is it going to move and which effects are we going to add in after effects to get the same render as the first image.

3. Then we get the character animation and the background we add the final details like the fire and the sparkles.

4. The compositing team takes all the elements and do their magic adding the final rendering to the scene.

That’s it! I thought it might be interesting to see a little bit about the process of creating a scene, it’s all about team work!