Hello dears, questions will be moving pretty slowly right now. I am having some pretty personal problems to do with my mom at the moment and it is zapping my energy just as fast as i am producing it. My spiritual companions are watching over my astral self and i am being taken back and forth to my astral Dr.

I do have depression, it has been very much under control and only a couple of people know how to how to trigger it and my mom just knows exactly what to do. Her energy is the easiest to read and she doesnt even have to say anything for me to know what she is telling me.

Thus far her energy ranges from i hate you to i never want to see your face again to fuck you to i never loved you. It is just some serious bull right now and now one of my little brother is getting it. So our house is kinda in disarray.

Please understand your questions will be answered as soon as i can and with then energy i habe to spare. Blessings to you and yours