let’s makeup: our spring 2016 presentation

“a little flash of color across the eyes, a lot of lash and bubblegum pink lips—a color picked up from the collection,” enthuses romy soleimani of the look she created from MAC cosmetics for our spring 2016 presentation friday morning at highline stages. the lead makeup artist literally added a little silver lining to the event, giving each model a little flick of iridescent liner across their eyelids. “it’s modern, fresh and optimistic.”

create the look by combining MAC silver fog powder with mixing medium eyeliner to create a liquid liner, and top your lashes with haute and naughty lash. “i always use this mascara in shoots,” she says. “it’s very black and graphic.”

see more of our spring 2016 presentation at NYFW here.

So, while rewatching Now You See Me 2 for the umpteenth time, I just noticed something during the scene in which Dylan receives one of Lionel Shrike’s watches.

So the watch has the letters “EPACSE”, but backwards, the letters spell out “ESCAPE”.

He uses the back of the watch to take out a small piece of metal used to escape the safe.

Did they actually point this out during the safe scene? If so, I completely missed it every time. 

How I didn’t realize this before, completely escapes me.

Fun drinking game: Now You See Me 2 version!

Take a shot every time:

  • – someone says “Bullshit”
  • – Jack plays with cards
  • – Merritt throws a snarky remark
  • – Cowan makes an appearance 
  • – Thaddeus Bradley makes a vague statement
  • – Arthur Tressler being a little shit
  • – Lula makes a pass at Jack
  • – Dylan does something bad-ass
  • – The Horsemen pass a card to each other
  • – Daniel looks even the tiniest bit ticked off

Not only is this game fun for the whole family, but you are guaranteed to pass out within the first 30 minutes! Bonus points if you make it to the toilet bowl before you empty out your stomach. 10/10 would recommend. Have fun~

A Song On Repeat

((Shut up. If it makes me feel better write a headcannon only barely related to my character, then I can damn well do as I please! It doesn’t apply to you if you don’t like it, it was just a though in my head.
AND BEFORE YOU SAY SHIT, I didn’t notice these similarities until I was teasing Heather about it. Even then, I actually only noticed mostly the physical stuff.
Please don’t make me regret posting this?))

“Bet U Wish U Had Me Back”, Halestorm, by Halestorm

In the grand tradition of mutual human attraction, there slowly emerges the pattern of a certain preferred “type” among those the subject finds themselves attracted to. For Kenz, men with broody tendencies, a gothic/morbid/macabre streak a mile wide, and a noticeable difference in attitude which sets them apart from “the rabble” is all it takes.
For the Grave Robber, black hair and big wide eyes will about do the trick, pale skin preferred. A sense of adventure, inherent daddy issues, a purely humanize non-dependency on surgery and drugs…sound familiar? It should. What would draw you to some strange kid during business hours in a dangerous grave yard? Shilo and the Grave Robber aren’t some well-timed coincidence of a meeting; in the first time in months, for a moment–just a fleeting second–the drug dealer spotted the ghost of his old lover, seemingly alive and well, wandering his turf as if on the prowl for him. Strangers in his line of business are a danger not to be undertaken in areas as heavily patrolled as cemeteries…but if that stranger, from afar and even close up from the back and partial profile looks like someone you loved, someone dear and only recently departed, wouldn’t you have to go make absolutely sure?
She may not be Kenz–she may never be Kenz, nor would he want her to be–but Shilo could have been. If Nathan had died instead of Marni; or if Kenz’s parents had had their fates reversed; if Shilo had grown resentful earlier, or if Kenz had never left; their lives may very well have taken different paths, each other’s paths, and so it was that meeting in the cemetery that night could be no mere “happy accident”.Maybe even in Hell, one can find the power to send love to those who deserve it most, suffering teenagers and heartbroken grave robbers alike.