behindthebehind  asked:

Hi there. When you listed Kardia as the word of the day, you mentioned that it could also be related to the depths of the sea. I'm interested in more information on this as I cannot find this referenced anywhere else. Can you enlighten me as to how it relates to the depths of the sea? Thank you.

Of course. For my Word of the Day, I always use Perseus (along with my personal English to Greek and Greek to English dictionaries) for definitions, and Perseus always lists examples of where certain words are used and how. 

In this particular case, it cited kardia used to refer to the depths (or “heart”) of the sea, in Ezekiel, Chapter 27, verse 4 (it’s actually a fairly pretty verse). It still has the same meaning, of course, being the heart, the center, etc. But in conjunction with the word for sea (thalassa), it referred to the heart of said sea, better translated as the depths. 

I hope this helped!