He’s my Shortlist Magazine cover story with British actors Sir Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman. Promoting the final installment of The Hobbit film series, The Battle of the Five Armies, the pair got together to interview each other on their experiences over the past few years of working together. Absolute gentlemen with a sincere love for one another - check out the cheeky behind-the-scenes pic of myself and the lads at the bottom!


Now that the journey there and back again is over, I thought it was time to appreciate and celebrate the cast. They have all given an amazing performance on screen, and they have all been an absolute delight in the behind the scenes videos. There’s been so many hilarious moments, some very moving moments, and so many great stories about what happened both on and off camera. 

That is why I decided to make another poll, reprising a different version of the Top 15 Hobbit Characters series. Last time around, more than 300 votes were collected, and the little project became so much bigger than I thought thanks to people taking their time to vote and to make it something worth doing. As the characters have had their time in the spotlight, it’s time to make it all about the cast of The Hobbit trilogy. 

The question of this poll is simple; who is your favourite cast member from The Hobbit trilogy? I have not decided yet whether it’s going to be a top 10 or top 15 (it all depends on how many votes I end up with), but like last time, the results will be revealed one by one with a set for each cast member. As you already know, the results will not represent the opinion of the whole fandom; this is rather a chance to give your favourite cast member(s) some extra appreciation and attention. 

So to vote for your favourite Hobbit cast member(s), click here and cast your vote!

The voting ends December 27th, and you can vote every other day, meaning you have plenty of time as well, as the chance to vote for more than one cast member. The results will be published sometime early next year, but more information is to come later. Voting will only take a a few seconds, and like last time, everything is anonymous. 

Some of you will notice that cast members such as Manu Bennett, Ian Holm and Sir Antony Sher have been excluded from this list, and while that is unfortunate, I’ve had to do it because there’s not enough behind the scene footage of them for to make a set. Once I start publishing the results will be tagged accordingly so you can track one tag, or just visit it once in a while if you’re interested. 

Should you have any questions, please let me know! In the meanwhile, happy voting!