Sweet Sensations (MATURE) (Christmas Series #3)

She shook her hips to the music coming from the speaker on the counter, making sure her arm continued to mix the cookie dough. She watched the chocolate chips swirl through the mixture.

“I love these ones,” Justin muffled, she could tell he had a mouth full of cookies. “They’re not too sweet, but they don’t have that nutty taste like the other ones,” he said.

“Isn’t it a shame I didn’t ask you to be my cookie taste tester?” she replied, not turning to look at him.

“I have excellent taste in cookies, if you wanna impress your family, someone’s gotta help you out. Now, the first batch, they tasted like shit, while the second is what an orgasm would taste like, if you could taste it so they’re winning so far.” His words were followed by loud crunching.

“Thanks for that,” she said. She heard his chair screech across the floor, and soon felt his presence behind her. “May I help you? You’re not eating the cookie dough out of the bowl again, step back,” she warned, pointing the wooden spoon at him.

He grinned as he leaned down and took the end of the spoon in his mouth, licking the cookie dough that hugged it.

“Ew, Justin, that’s disgusting!” She yanked it away from his mouth and glared at him.

“You asked for it. Is there any frosting going free? That shit was good.” He licked his lips, still not reaching the crumbs dotted around his mouth.

“No, Justin, I need that for the rest of them,” she said, feeling as though she was speaking to a little kid when in reality, it was her boyfriend. She tried to shove him away but he was ten times more built than she was.

“C'mon, just a little,” he muttered, moving his head towards her shoulder.


“Literally just a dip of my finger, that’s it, I won’t take any more than I should.” His lips came into contact with her shoulder and his lips were hot.

She rolled her eyes but she knew he couldn’t see. “The tiniest bit.” She reached over into the corner and pulled out the covered bowl of cookie frosting and took the lid off. Before she could do anything, Justin pulled a cookie out from behind his back and dunked it into the bowl, causing a large scoop of frosting to pile aboard the cookie. Justin chuckled as he pulled away.

“How did you fall for that?” he laughed. “Is it because I kissed you? I know how weak you get when I show you affection, I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.”

“I thought Christmas was about giving, not lying and stealing,” she huffed and he let out a loud laugh, it caused her heart to skip a beat.

“You know, this cookie frosting would taste a hundred times better on you.”

“I’m sure it would,” she said mindlessly as she evenly placed the dough onto the baking tray.

“How about we try it?” he said and before she knew it his hands were around her waist and the sweet scent of frosting was invading her nose. “I could lick you up nice and clean after we’re done,” he whispered.

And that was how she came to be thrown down onto their bed, watching Justin yank his shirt over his head before he slid his sweatpants down his legs.

The bowl of frosting sat innocently beside them as Justin’s hands hungrily groped her boobs through her bra.

“Oh my God, I can’t wait,” he grumbled, roughly pressing his lips to her chest, just between where his hands were. “You’re going to taste so sweet, so full of candy and all I have to do is fuck you into it falls out.“ 

She rolled her hips up in response; feeling her want and desire for him growing by the second.

She didn’t have to ask him to take off her remaining items of clothing; his hands were quick to do the job. Growling, he grabbed the bowl full of sweet goodness once her underwear was discarded carelessly to the floor.

His fingers dipped into the mix, making sure they grabbed a decent amount before moving towards [Y/N]’s lips. "Open up, princess.”

Her lips parted for him to slide his fingers between them. She purposely pressed her tongue along the length of them and his eyes burned with fire - deep, dark fire that threatened to set her alight. “God damn, fuck. I need you covered in this shit right now.”

He did what he wanted. He didn’t hesitate as he scooped the pink frosting with his fingers and slapped it against my stomach. She gasped at how unusually cold it was and he grinned.

“You’re my little treat, aren’t you? I can eat you until I’m full, feed on you as much as I want,” he rasped as he leaned down and licked the frosting, although it was so thick, she didn’t feel his tongue touch her skin. “And it’s what I intend to do.”

She tried not to beg him, she tried not to give him the satisfaction of having her need him. Instead, she laid as still as she could, clamping her teeth down on her bottom lip. The room was getting hotter.

“You know I adore you. Oh, I adore you so very much, more than you could ever understand, but somehow, having you covered in something so delicious and looking so vulnerable, it makes you even more beautiful.”

“Justin..” she whispered, gripping the sheets underneath her.

“Good girls are patient. Be patient and I’ll give you what you want.”

She whimpered and threw her hips up, although it only caused him to clench his jaw and pressed his palms against her hips to hold her down. “Don’t get greedy, there’s plenty to go around,” he smirked with lust in his eyes, it mixed with the fire.

He moved his lips back to her stomach and began to eat the frosting off of her. She let her hand run along his neck and down his hard back, she could see the muscles working in his back as he held himself up above her. She was sure if his skin got any hotter, her skin would burn.

He moaned but didn’t stop his actions. Even though he was evidently committed to getting the frosting off of her, he still left tiny patches of pink scattered around her skin alongside a coating of saliva that shined in the light.

“It tastes so fucking good,” he muttered, almost managing it all. He pulled away, and sighed before licking his lips.

Quickly recovering, his hand delved into the bowl once more, it came out covered in pink and she licked her lips. It moved South of her body and she almost cried out then and there, it was almost impossible to keep silent when it touched her clit. She felt the friction as he smeared the frosting across her.

“Perfect,” he whispered. He shuffled and repositioned himself so he sat directly before her, licking his lips. “Hm.”

Instead of placing his lips were she wanted him, he pressed them against her inner thigh, leaving sweet minuscule marks. She hummed.

“Now, I’m going to eat you out until all of this frosting is gone. If you haven’t cum by then well, that’s not my problem. Understand?” he asked, looking at her with pure adoration. “Then let’s go. You better get there fast, babygirl; I’m hungry.”

She thought he shouldn’t be hungry considering how many cookies he’d scoffed, but she decided against say anything and focused on the pleasure she was seconds away from getting.

He started by running his tongue from end to end and it caused her to quiver beneath him. She felt her thighs shaking and she was sure Justin saw it because he let out a low throaty groan while his tongue kept itself busy.

She wanted more, she craved a higher sensation that she knew Justin wasn’t going to be quick to give. She thrusted her hips up so her clit hit his nose, but it did nothing except result in Justin’s nails digging into her skin even harder.

After having travelled around the surface of her clit, only managing to capture a minute amount of the frosting, it slithered back into his mouth which - finally - wrapped around her swollen clit. She moaned when she felt the shock.

Her wetness and that of Justin’s mouth mixed together and blended with the texture of the frosting, it all ended up down Justin’s throat as he attacked her clit like a starved animal would its first meal of the week. Meanwhile, all [Y/N] could do was moan for him and tug at his hair.

“You better be getting close,” he muttered before immediately diving back in. His thumbs moved around her thighs and parted her even more so that his tongue could reach deeper parts of her. She appreciated it as she felt her stomach tighten.

It was as though the room was closing in on her, as though a clock was ticking and she had only minutes left. She could feel her cheeks buzzing as heat spread around her body, she wondered if Justin felt the same.

“Come on,” he muttered. The sounds of his lips smacking together and against her turned her on even more, she thought it weird that such a horrible sound could be so erotic in certain situations. “Fucking cum. Don’t hesitate, don’t put it off, don’t disobey me. Cum. For. Me.”

As soon as he finished speaking he resumed his dedicated sucking of her clit and she cried out louder than she had done all night. She could feel tears in her eyes at how sweet the sensation was as she came.

Her thighs shook uncontrollably, even under his tight grip, and her hands scratched at his scalp in attempt to have something to grip onto through the intense waves of pleasure.

“Holy shit, holy fuck,” she stuttered, feeling it make one more journey around her body before settling. “Oh my God.” She relaxed for the first time since they’d made their way up the stairs.

“Since you bake cookies every Christmas, let’s do this every Christmas, too. You provide the cookie frosting, I’ll provide the tongue,” he chuckled, bringing his lips to the inside of her thigh one more time.


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