Nursey (behind the camera): (singing) Backstreets back, all right!
Dex: (carrying Chowder)
Chowder: (being carried & trying to sing along)

So, um… I’ve been wondering. 

What on earth is that thing behind Velma’s back?

We only see it in this one shot, and then it’s gone for the rest of the scene.

It’s not a chair, because if she was sitting, she wouldn’t be at her regular height… besides, her posture is so bizarre and straight, it doesn’t look like she’s sitting at all. 

Does she have a surfboard strapped to her back? Some kind of spine-straightening apparatus? A gigantic grape dried fruit snack? Help me out, here, guys!

Words for the Signs
  • aries : You only get one life. It's your duty to live it as fully as possible.
  • taurus : They talk behind your back because you're always one step ahead.
  • gemini : Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing.
  • cancer : Whatever you do, never run back to what broke you.
  • leo : Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.
  • virgo : Times are tough, but you are tougher. You'll be fine.
  • libra : Less words, more looking at the sky.
  • scorpio : You can't keep dancing with the devil and ask why you're still in hell.
  • sagittarius : Here's to the kids who care more about music than popularity.
  • capricorn : Be who you needed when you were younger.
  • aquarius : Always wear your invisible crown.
  • pisces : Rule your mind or it will rule you.

me: *Saves Selina instead of Harvey*

me: Look I feel bad about Harvey but chances are he would’ve turned into Two Face at some point anyway. Saving Selina is The Smart Choice™

me: *Saves Montoya instead of Harvey forcing him to kill one of the COA*

me: That’s rough but a confrontation between Harvey and the children of Arkham was inevitable. Nothing could’ve prevented this from happening

me: *Romances Selina behind Harvey’s back breaking his final grasp on reality and completing his transformation into Two Face*

me, shaking my head: If only there was something I could’ve done

Questions I'd ask the companions
  • Cait: where the fook did yar accent cohm frohm?
  • Codsworth: why r u shaped like a metal friend?
  • Curie: Does this mole look weird to you?
  • Danse: why ya wanna look like a metal garbage can all the time?
  • Deacon: why u always lyinnn
  • Dogmeat: WHO'S A GOOD BOY
  • Hancock: why do you just wanna fucking cosplay all the time? Don't you get bored???
  • MacCready: how the fuck dare you call someone someone a mungo??????!?!?!
  • Nick: if ur such a good detective, how many fingers am I holding up behind my back??
  • Piper: where you get all these sweet treats?
  • Preston: will there ever be an end to these missions. ... asking for a friend.
  • Strong: big guy, what u see up there???
  • X6-88: so, like, are you Into fancy lads snack cakes?

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opinions on eq/henry sneak peak are quite opposing. what's your take? is the queen speaking for all of us and dismantling h00k as "father figure", or is all this another plot-device that creates fake conflict for their "epic romance" that is craptain swan?

This reminds us of something similar, remember that “Another woman defining happiness relative to the love of a man” line of Zelena’s? The one they inserted after a whole season in which Regina was reduced to that moping-after-a-dude wreck (despite him never choosing her first, unless it was a quick fuck behind his dying wife’s back) that bore NO resemblance of Regina Mills who cursed entire fucking realms to get her revenge? Well, that seemingly indicated that they ‘acknowledged’ the fact that 99% of the audience (and ALL fans of Regina Mills bar idiots who “shipped her with happiness”, and instead of her own knight in shining armour got the idiot in a forest cape–because godforbid it could be a woman, a hero, a SAVIOUR?) loathed that shit storyline. So Zelena WAS speaking for the entire fandom (and any woman with an ounce of self-respect, anywhere in this orbit) but yet, it was ONLY a ‘villainous’ jab aimed at Regina–for having won, including the ‘man’ (or well, the simpering tree-log, if you ask anyone but his 20-odd fans and their twitterbots) in question. Because after that Regina without any explanation accepted the loathsome adulterer again–for reasons none of us can comprehend. And after which we now, even after he’s been ‘obliterated’ - are going to need holy water and a fucking exorcist to finally have Regina be FREE of him?

So this now is, with their track record, how they’ve been writing H00k’s redemption (hint something against his selfless/heroic persona, add some random flashback story in which he was ‘proven’ a selfless hero, then give him blank absolution, preferably from a person he’s wronged horribly–and then two birds, one stone?) probably the same. Especially in the episode with more of his boring background flashbacks (in which, wanna bet Captain Nemo’s gonna be another character casually butchered in order to prop up his ‘heroism’?) that fits the pattern. And then speaking of patterns, what with this EQ/Henry scene possibly, probably also making it seem like the EQ is jealous of H00k inserting himself as Henry’s ‘dad’ and Emma’s ‘husband’ (which, heloooo not-so-subtle subtexty queerbaiting–they must be patting themselves on their backs!) instead of just harbouring loathing for the self-serving bastard that she’s got stronger reasons to hate (starting with the electrocution?) than just for being Emma’s ‘beau’? That’s another tired pattern, because how many times have we heard Regina send similar jabs at Emma, from “is that because your boyfriend said so” to “you’re too good for him”? And lo and behold, people have hope again. And people will continue watching, and giving ratings.

Because that’s how queerbaiting works, no?

Tfw you wanna draw something spectacular and amazing, like concept art or mesmerizing paints, but then you realize the work behind it and go back to drawing your ¾ headshots.

Reporting to you from the 7th circle of Hell......

You guys knew this was coming. 

I have trouble shutting my pie hole on the best of days. When I am worked up about something it is 10x worse. So go get yourself a snack, something to drink, use the restroom if you must because I need to bitch for a little while. 

What in the living hell was that? 

No, really. WHAT was that? 

It started off totally confusing. Annalise mad as hell about Bonnie seeing Frank behind her back. Accused her of spreading them (which, well…..) a few times, said she didn’t mind if the men made a fool of her but Bonnie was different. She was mad. She called Laurel a dumbass. Wes was yelling about going to the Police (why every time with that shit? That is never going to be an option, so stop trying to be a damn martyr…..) and how they had a confession from Frank (and what is up with BonBon being shady to the one she was being shady with in the first damn place?!) which Annalise promptly shot down and with good reason.

I tell you. The fact that these people made it through 1L to become 2L’s is somewhat concerning. It really is. But that isn’t why I’m here tonight. 

 This whole pack of fools are a wreck. Everyone is going in a thousand different directions and always with their own plan in mind. The right one, of course. It’s like herding cats with those people.

I’ll start by saying that I still believe that Laurel and Frank saw one another during that 2 week period between 3x03 and 3x04. I think she thought that whatever transpired between them was enough to open communication back up and it hurt her when he didn’t make any effort to do that. I think Bonnie going there only made it worse. I don’t know that Laurel thinks they slept together, but I think Laurel knows more went on than Bonnie will admit to. So I think between him not calling her and even after Bonnie’s visit there has been no contact that she is hurt. Now the cops are on the trail (compliments of Frank they assume) and the only information that would save them cannot be used because of everything else they’ve done and/or participated in. I think that call and voicemail left was Laurel reaching her breaking point. In the past, Frank always handled that stuff. When she got upset and concerned that they would be found out it was Frank that reassured her. So I think the call and the things she said were a combination of fear, hurt, anger, confusion, etc. 

I was glad that they showed Frank listening to the message. You could tell it did affect him. The part about her never forgiving him for sure. Right now that is pretty much Frank’s life. Will (insert person) forgive me or not? Coming from Laurel had to be even worse. It did, however, show me that our guy is still in there. He’s got some gashes in his sails, and he’s a little worse for the wear, but he’s still in there. 


For the main reason I’m sitting in Pete’s Purgatory…….

I’ll start by saying that I did not watch the scene between Wes and Laurel. I did watch the lead up. I did hear her deny that she wanted to protect Frank. I did hear her tell Wes that she wasn’t in love with Frank. I also heard her mention Meggy and heard Wes say they’d broken up. Then I was on my FF button like nobody’s business. So if anything was said from that point forward, I wouldn’t know about it. 

Bottom line: I think Laurel hit her breaking point where Frank was concerned. I really truly do. I think she had finally ran smack into a wall and totally had one of those “Laurel, what are you doing?!” moments. I’ve often wondered where that line was for her and until tonight we’ve never seen it. No matter what he’s done in the past or how many times she’s told him to get lost, told him they were done, etc. she’s never gone very far. Even through all of this, she was still hung up on him and still justifying her actions where he was concerned. The lies, the cover ups, the favors to obtain information, etc. I don’t think that Laurel had ever reached a point where she honestly couldn’t justify her actions to herself anymore until now. 

The reality for her was: She lied to keep Frank hidden, she signed her life over to her Father just to obtain his location, she lied to Annalise, Bonnie, and ALL of her friends, she basically allowed keeping Frank hidden to consume her and for what? Him to give Wes’ name over to the cops and possibly get them all thrown in jail? She felt betrayed and I think finally broke. Nothing quite like that moment bitch slapping you in the face.

I think that Laurel wants to love someone like Wes. She knows he’d be the safer option for her. She knows he’d never engage in some of the same behavior a man like Frank or even her own Father would. She knows that morally he’s still sound and that he’s the safe option. He’s the option that won’t hurt her. So yes, I think Laurel wants to love and be happy with someone like Wes. I just don’t know that the choice is really hers to make. When she said she wasn’t in love with Frank, I feel like it was to convince herself of that fact just as much as it was to convince Wes. She doesn’t want to love him or allow him that kind of hold over her. Once again, I just don’t believe she really has a choice in the matter. The heart does what it wants and to hell with the head. 

At this point, I think the thin string she’s hanging on by would snap if Frank were to come back and reach out to her. I think she would go running right back to him like every time before. She has this inexplicable addiction to him even though she knows very well he’s not the best choice. I don’t see Frank doing that, though. I think Frank feels like he’s protecting her and if he believes she’s got something going with Wes (who I think he’d also say was the safer, less complicated choice for her) I don’t think he’d interfere. I think it would hurt him, but I think he’d focus on getting back on Annalise’s good side and do his best to leave Laurel alone. I think that would drive her a little bonkers though and we’re right back to square one. 

As I have stated a thousand couple times before, unless the staff decides to completely ignore reality then I don’t see how the baby could belong to Wes. I agreed with those that said they felt like tonight’s “situation” was a red herring to introduce another possibility for Father and give us something to ponder so we’ll come back in February when hiatus is over. It’s 3 weeks before the fire. If she had gotten pregnant by Wes then she wouldn’t have even missed a period yet. It might show up on a blood test, yes, but there wouldn’t be a heartbeat or really anything to see and usually an ultrasound isn’t even performed that early. I say all of that knowing it is completely possible for the writers to forgo reality and do whatever the hell they want. I’m completely and totally aware. 

I have no idea who will die. I go back and forth every single day. I feel like there is a lot of Frank’s backstory that we haven’t gotten to see and to show us what they did and in the way that they did would have been a total waste if they had just planned on killing him off. The material we already knew about Frank would have been enough to serve the purpose they needed to serve. Introducing us to his time in prison and the reason he was there opened up a whole new can of issues that really wasn’t necessary if they had already made plans to kill him off the show. If he died, I do think Laurel would be heartbroken. I think she would realize that many of those feelings she’s convinced herself are buried really aren’t. The only thing I can say about this option is that Frank hasn’t been a constant in her life for a while now. I don’t think it would be like losing a limb. She’s done that already and got back on her feet. She’s learned to live without him after doing so for months. 

Obviously, I think the juiciest plot at this point would be Wes dying and Laurel pregnant with Frank’s child. That creates so much conflict not just within Laurel herself, but with external sources too. Frank included. If Laurel was trying to pursue a relationship with Wes and move on from Frank then losing that newly discovered support would be devastating. I don’t like Wes and Laurel together. At all. Zero. Zilch. NOT AT ALL. However, my heart would still break for Laurel. I always try to remind myself that these characters don’t know the things that I know. She doesn’t know that Frank believes he’s protecting her. She doesn’t know just how badly screwed up he is. All she knows is that he was able to walk away. He was able to do what she couldn’t do for so long. And when he walked away there went her main support system and person that she trusted with her heart. If Wes dies, there goes her main support system and the person she is trying to trust with her heart. That is an incredible loss and yes, I would be so very sad for her. My personal opinion aside. I strictly think of the loss she would experience. 

If there was a baby involved that belonged to Frank. Well, I think now you have two people who aren’t remotely the same people they were when they ended down in Annalise’s basement months ago. Frank has gone through something that has altered his entire world and so has Laurel. So, what happens? Can he give her support? Would she want it? With a baby would also come a mountain of unresolved issues and two beat to shit emotionally individuals. Add in the real possibility of a miscarriage or Laurel choosing to terminate. More issues handed to two people that are horrible at dealing with their issues. Two people that bring just the right blend of strengths and weaknesses to the table and that I believe could carry one another through if they’d just let it happen. Stop trying to protect, stop trying to micromanage, stop trying to control and just let it be. They’d make it. 

I see some pretty dark days ahead no matter what path we’re taken down. In Shondaland, I don’t believe in Happily Ever After’s and this isn’t that kind of show. They survive if they’re so lucky. That’s the best they can hope for. They don’t live out any fairy tales. So yeah, whatever happens, I think it’s going to suck and I think it’s going to make or break a lot of us. Me? I don’t know if I’ll still be here once the dust settles. There are a couple situations that I know I couldn’t carry on through. Really hoping those don’t happen. 

Guess we’ll see! 

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Put Robert to one side, I feel for Aaron. He has enough insecurities and doubts. How many times does he need to have his trust in people tested? He deserves security and stability.

The thing that is annoying me is that he’s going behind Aaron’s back again. He doesn’t want Aaron to see him with Rebecca, okay fine but surely being upfront and telling Aaron what he’s still talking to her would be so much better than Aaron finding out on his own. Of course Aaron is going to hurt and angry, especially when he knows Rebecca has already tried it on. And even if the kiss is just for her (which it more thank likely will be) and Aaron does find out, it’s going to make him feel so shit.

A Machine for Producing Cluster Algebras

This is the third in a sequence of posts devoted to introducing cluster algebras. Unlike the others so far, this one consists just of my commentary, without a talk behind it. We’ll be back to talk posts next time :) (Other posts: 1 2 3 4 5)


In the last post, we talked about triangulations and their mutations. However, we never actually got around to constructing a cluster algebra; that will be the aim of this post.

As a brief reminder, given a labelled triangulation of a polygon, for instance:

we can perform an operation called a mutation, which turns a labelled triangulation into another labelled triangulation by flipping a diagonal and then applying the “Ptolemy rule” to get one new label:

We can keep on mutating along various diagonals to get, in principle, increasingly complicated expressions on the labels. We’ll now get acquainted with some more standard jargon: the labelled triangulations formed in this way are called clusters, and each label in a cluster is called a cluster variable. So, for instance, the cluster variables in the cluster depicted above are

$$ \left\{ a, b, c, d, e, \frac{ac+bg}{f}, g \right\}. $$

Now is a good time to remember a pair of constructions we developed in the first post: the rational function field and the algebra generated by a set. The former will not be particularly relevant for us, but we’ll make the following observation about it. If instead of putting in an $x_1$ and an $x_2$, we put in all the labels on our original triangulation, and then go through the procedure for generating a rational function field, the resulting collection will be large enough that it will contain all of cluster variables from all of the clusters.

A moment’s thought will convince you that it will contain much, much more than just the cluster variables, and so for our purposes this object is far too big. What we will do instead is take all of our cluster variables, throw them into a set, and create the algebra generated by that set. As a reminder, we do that as follows:

  1. First take all numbers and throw them into the bin.
  2. Put all the cluster variables (from every cluster) in the bin.
  3. Then, enlarge the collection of things in the bin as follows: for any pair of elements in the bin, take them out, copy them, and then add, subtract, or multiply the copies.
  4. Put the resulting object, as well as the originals, into the bin.
  5. Repeat these steps 3 and 4 forever.

The resulting collection of objects in the bin is called a cluster algebra (of type A). Moreover, we say that the rank of this cluster algebra is equal to the number of labels in each cluster, i.e. the number of edges in the triangulations. 

[ You’ll notice that this doesn’t give another interpretation of cluster algebras of rank 2: for that you would need a triangulation with only two edges: not very likely! ]


In general, this is the recipe with which we will use in this sequence to obtain increasingly sophisticated notions of “cluster algebras”. 

  • First, we define some sort of “base” object and label it.
  • Then, we define a suitable notion of mutation.
  • This gives rise to a (typically very large) family of cluster variables.
  • And finally we define a cluster algebra to be the algebra generated by the cluster variables.

In this procedure, you’ll notice that the last two steps are basically automatic: once we have our base object and we agree on what it means to mutate it, the process of generating a cluster algebra is a purely algorithmic process: A cluster is what we get after some number of mutations. A cluster variable is a label in a cluster. A cluster algebra is the algebra generated by the set of cluster variables.

Therefore, we could in principle go the remainder of the sequence without ever again mentioning cluster algebras; taking only about mutations. In practice, we won’t do that, but we will generally avoid going through these steps so explicitly. Instead, we’ll provide a link to this post, and you can look back in case the details of the construction have slipped your mind.


You may find this definition somewhat unsatisfying: while we’ve certainly defined what a cluster algebra (of type A) is, with no ambiguity at all, we may hope for a more satisfying description of it.

Unfortunately, life is not that nice. Don’t get me wrong: In some cases, there is a more elegant description of these objects. But ‘elegant’ does not mean ‘easily understood’— it would take much longer to come to grips with these descriptions than by the mutation-cluster construction… and even then we would only be understanding a small fraction of possible cluster algebras. 

To give some idea as to why this is not so easy, it may help to write out an explicit description of the cluster algebra we can make with our running example: the triangulation of a pentagon. You actually have enough information to do this, based on the optional section from the previous post. 

Here it is: this cluster algebra consists of all algebraic expressions of the form

$$W + X\left(\frac{ac+bg}{f}\right)^n + Y\left(\frac{ce+df}{g}\right)^m + Z\left(\frac{ace+beg+adf}{fg}\right)^k$$

where the $X$, $Y$, $Z$, and $W$ are algebraic expressions involving the six letters (and as many numbers as you’d like) but having no fraction bars; and $n$, $m$, and $k$ are positive numbers.

It probably doesn’t get more explicit than this: I’ve tried.

You can see that while the objects in the cluster algebra are fairly diverse, there are also some weird restrictions on what’s allowed in the numerator of a fraction bar. There are also very strong restrictions on what’s allowed in the denominator, of course! But this isn’t so surprising: we can’t divide by things in the construction of the algebra, so the only things in the denominator had to be there in the cluster variables. The restrictions on the numerator, may not be more surprising, but they are considerably complicated!

Any description must somehow find a way to capture all the weird complexity going on in the numerator. Therefore, it’s not surprising that cluster algebras often don’t have nice descriptions in the style we might have hoped for. 

In the next post, we’ll explore an entirely new type of mutation defined not on triangulations, but on certain objects (unhelpfully) named “T-systems”. We will recognize the two steps as abstractions of a “flip” and a “Ptolemy rule”. Moreover, the “Ptolemy rule” that we generate in the next post will be identical to the one that we use for full-fledged cluster algebras— we’re getting there!

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Indiana hates Mike Pence with a burning passion and is embarrassed as heck that he's Trumps running mate.

This is interesting to think about because states may not have to like or respect their politicians, but they at least have to do what they say when working together

But that doesn’t mean the states can’t get together and talk smack behind their backs. And in a national election year, that could make or break someone. If even a politician’s home state can’t stand them, then why on earth would any other state vote for them?

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I haven't responded because anxiety hates me 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 why am i like this - 😉💕

“Dear I promise, there’s no reason to be scared of me. Here..” he snapped his fingers and pulled from behind his back a bouquet of dark blue roses. Holding the roses out to them. “See? I’m harmless”

Imagine voting with Misha

“I’m being choked right now and I can’t breathe.”

You laughed at your husband’s exaggerated plea for help, reaching behind him and taking West in your arms. “Come here, sweetie.” You sat him in his car seat and buckled him in, while Misha did the same with Maison.

You got in the passenger side as Misha sat behind the wheel, and turned back to look at the kids. Maison was poking West with her stick as he tried to tickle her. “You guys are so cute.”

“I’m not cute!” Maison shouted between tickles and pouts.

“What? But the nice lady earlier called you cute and you were fine with it.”

“I was just bein p’lite.” Maison poked at the back of the seat with her stick.

Misha turned around and grabbed the stick. “Hey hey hey, no sticks in the car, no sticks in the car- alright. You win.” He faced front again when it became obvious Maison wouldn’t relent.

“Can we go to karate now?” West whined from the back and you laughed, shaking your head. You felt a hand grab yours and you looked up at your husband.

Misha smiled at you, pulling you in for a brief kiss. “Just another normal day.”

You laughed, squeezing his hand as you pulled out of the parking lot, giggles filling the car.

“And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”