Asked how Gilgun and Cooper got along, Gilgun said their friendship is a lot like Jesse and Cassidy’s and, after a lot of banter, added, “and we kiss a lot behind Ruth’s back.”

“He’s not a gentle lover,” Gilgun added. “Quite rough.”


“Lance, have you seen my - oh what the fuck. Tell me you didn’t.” Keith pinches the bridge of his nose. This is not his responsibility. He has not been trained to deal with this. The proper reaction would be to turn around and walk away. He should leave Lance’s room and ignore how he’s perched on the floor, cooing to a bundle of something in his arms until a moment ago.

“I have no idea what you mean,” Lance says, trying for innocence in his voice and failing spectacularly. “Nothing suspicious is going on. You should just leave again and not say anything.”

Sadly, Keith hasn’t been proper for a day in his life.

“What is it this time?” The door slips shut behind his back, and the fishy-looking pile of blankets in Lance’s lap jolts at the sound.

“Uhm,” Lance tries weakly. “Surprise?”

Keith forces himself to take deep, slow breaths. “Tell me it’s not carnivorous. Please tell me it doesn’t grow up to be bigger than three meters.”

Lance’s face brightens. “Don’t worry, I looked it up! They’re omnivores and really friendly and this one was abandoned and screaming for its mama, seriously Keith, do you expect me to leave a baby behind? He was crying, okay, and I’m a strong and resilient man but we all have our limits -”

Keith interrupts him by slumping down on the floor before him and reaching for the blanket. “You can’t keep bringing orphaned animals with you,” he starts, but his rant doesn’t even gain any heat because a tiny furry paw wiggles out of the blankets and touches his hand.

And the bundle moves, Lance coos softly - “Don’t worry, he’s not gonna hurt you, he looks really grumpy but is actually pretty chill if he cares for something” - and Keith’s heart leaps in his chest.

“It’s so small.”

“Mhm. Don’t tell Allura until we’re away from the planet. I’ll take care of her, I promise.”

“She’s - it’s a girl?”

A warm smile curves Lance’s mouth. He cradles an otter-like creature in his arms, tucked into his blanket, letting it suckle on his thumb. The Shtarwott is barely bigger than Keith’s hand, his finger looking gigantic when he strokes its (her?) grey fur. It was white cloud-spots all over, like a reverse snow leopard, with six legs and three black eyes and Keith is utterly lost when he watches the gentleness of Lance’s fingers holding that small head.

Keith swallows. “Fine. I won’t tell her. Just, just don’t let her distract you.”

Lance tilts his head at him. He squints, studying Keith’s face for a moment, before a grin spreads over his face. “Aww, are you jealous? Don’t worry, you’re still my favourite.”

“Oh shut up. Did you feed her yet?” Keith is already up on his feet before Lance can even open his mouth. “Yeah, thought so. I’ll go find something. Make sure she’s warm, and don’t think that you can skip out on training because of this.”

Lance’s smile could illuminate the entire castle. “Wouldn’t dream of it. Like I’m gonna miss out on kicking my boyfriend’s ass.”

“You’re such a loser,” Keith tells him on his way out. He ignores Lance’s laughter, just quietly saves the sound in a nook of his memory that’s tiny and fragile still.

When he comes back later, food goo and some fruit and meal worms (stolen from one of Hunk’s experiments) in his arms, Lance has curved his body into a circle on the ground, the cub awake and gnawing at his ear.

“I know,” Keith sighs. He sits, takes the creature, and tucks the blanket around Lance before pulling out a worm. “He’s kind of great.”

IwaOi Headcanons

•Oikawa loves dogs more than cats.

•He’s actually afraid of cats.

•He’s allergic to dust and pollen.

•Iwaizumi’s genuine smiles can be seen more often when
he’s around Oikawa.

•Oikawa’s mood lifts up more when he’s with Iwaizumi.

•The two were once caught in a heated make out session, to which even Oikawa was too embarrassed to say anything and Iwaizumi just said “It was my idea.”

•The two once played cops and robbers when they were kids. Iwaizumi being the cop. Once he saw Oikawa, he grabbed the brunet’s hands and pinned them behind his back and said “I will now put you under arrest for stealing my heart!”

•Iwaizumi would give Oikawa kisses during his birthday. 15 kisses for Oikawa’s fifteenth birthday, 16 for his sixteenth and so on. He gave one more extra long kiss to Oikawa on his nineteenth birthday, however. He did that because Oikawa finally managed to come out of the closet and tell his family

“I’m proud of you.”

Iwaizumi said warmly and hugged Oikawa who was in tears.

“I’m so proud.”

TMNT Boyfriends: Confessions/Jealousy.

Raph was absolutely furious.
It wasn’t like his brothers didn’t know about his feelings for Y/N. He had confessed them to Splinter weeks ago, only to later learn that his brothers had “accidentally” overheard.
Mikey had spent the entire time teasing him, making little comments here and there and faces behind Y/N’s back.
He had thought that it couldn’t get any worse then that. But Mikey loves a challenge and had been able to surpasse all annoying limitations.
“Come on, man!”
“I win! Ha, ha!!”
Y/N pumped her fists in the air, smiling gleefully.
“Girly, how are you so good at this?” Mikey asked.
“I dunno. Another round?”
At that moment, Mikey gave his brother the most smug look in history. He knew that this was making Raph’s blood boil (and that he was going to pay for it during training) but he could care less. It was entertaining, watching his jaw clench and fire dance in his eyes.
“Hold onto that round, Y/N. Imma go get some snacks. Want anything, Raph?”
“You sure?”
Mikey gave a quick nod towards you, as though to say
“Would you like some of her?” and smiled. And Raph hated him even more.
“I’m good, Mikey.”
And I’m also going to murder you, is what he wanted to add.
Mikey sauntered out of the room, leaving you alone with Raph.
“You okay there, Big Red? You look a little tense.”
Raph softened, just a bit, and said
“Just tired or somethin’.”
You slid over to his side of the couch, giving him some of your blanket.
He smiled, draping the green material over his legs. He suddenly realized how close you were and fought the urge to wrap his arm around you and pull you closer.
“I get the feeling that Mikey is pushing your buttons.”
“Ain’t he always doin’ that?”
You laughed and said
“True. Is it anything in particular?”
It was the perfect moment. Mikey was gone, you were close, and he had the guts (hopefully) to tell you how he felt.
“Um…yeah. It’s personal though.”
“I can keep a secret.” you replied.
“…I like ya. And he knows, everyone knows. Sorry if it’s weird or somethin’.” he said quickly.
His heart was going wild and his face felt redder then his mask. But when you smiled and took his hand in yours, it became a he’ll of a lot redder.
“I was hoping it was something like that. I like you too.”
“Hell yeah.”
Raph put his arm around you and, when Mikey finally came back, he smirked at his younger brother.
“Well, well! Isn’t this a Kodak moment?” Mikey quipped.
“You have five seconds, space case.” Raph said.
Mikey dropped the bag of chips on the couch and took off, leaving the two of you behind. You heard him leave the lair and said
“Are you gonna…?”
“Nah, it’ll keep him out of my hair for a couple of hours. I think Godzilla is on anyway.”
You laughed and leaned against his chest, wondering when Mikey would finally realize the truth.
(It was two hours and sixteen minutes later when Michealangelo realized that Raph was not, in fact, chasing him. He didn’t find it funny.)

anonymous asked:

I dream of u like how Gabriel wants his wife lol sorry cant resist

You see Bugchu slowly stand up from the plastic kiddy chair in the middle of the room. Four gray walls surround the both of you along with emptiness, looming, unseen faces and the chair. Bugchu mouths something, but you can’t hear anything over your loud and exciting ideas. You see her stiffly start walking towards the only exit. You also realize your convenient abilty to read lips. She opens the door mundanely, and steps through, closing the door behind her, not looking back. You finally decipher what the monotonous girl said earlier.

“I’m fucking done.”


SimLaughLove: T-E Hair Recolors

Here they are! All of SimLaughLove’s hair recolored in my palette (07/23/2016). This pack includes the revamp of the Sporty Twintails and not the original. I also recolored all of the hair for children which you can find here and the updated Sporty Twintails here

I kept the Floppy Bunny and Bun Bun hairs separate from the others in the .rar files. This is because they come in three styles: hair behind back, over one shoulder, and over both shoulders. If you don’t want all three versions in you game, then just choose what one you want from the folder and delete the rest.

You will need the mesh for the hairs to work. You can find them all here


hi-im-a-daughterof-somone  asked:

I have to questions. The first one is for Lily. Have you ever done something behind Nico and Will's back then they found out? What happened and what did ypu do? This one is for all pf you, has Liliy ever punched someone? If so what was ypur reaction?

Lily: Yeah. the worst one was when I got transferred  during middle school. I lied and made everyone hink I had a mom and a dad. Dad found out when my teacher called to ask why they never went to any open houses and when he arranged a parent teacher meeting she asked for his wife…. They had a really long talk with me after that. And yes I’ve punched someone.

Will: Someone was making fun of her best friend Adrien and she got angry and told them to leave him alone. They started teasing her about having two dads so she just swung.

Nico: The kid got a broken nose. When the mother came to tell us, I told her she should tell her son not to tease a girl that grew up with two dads. Then i promised Lily’s actions would have consequences. People tend to forget there’s such a thing as good consequences.

Lily: Dad and Papa took me out to eat and gave me high fives and big hug. We took Adrien too.

Open Starter || Normality/Slavery AU

Michael knelt on the hard floor of the market, his wrists bound behind his back, mouth held open with a ring gag. His knees were spread, exposing him to any of the passing shoppers - and it was clear he had been there a little while, drool sliding down his chin.

A few customers had stopped to examine him, their touches thorough and clinical, examining him as one might examine a vase. As a result, he was lightly flushed with embarrassment and arousal, his member half-hard.

He looked up as another customer paused beside him, hoping that he would please them enough to be bought; wanting to have a Master to please.

anonymous asked:

I just found out someone who was my friend for a long time has a blog that is mostly them saying horrible things about me and another dear friend of mine. I'm hurt and angry, especially because so many others have said things like that behind my back and this 'friend' was who I would talk to about it. I thought I could trust them, but I guess I should've caught on when they wouldn't ever defend me when I wasn't around and other people spoke very ill of me. :(

That’s Terrible!! There Are Some Very Mean People In The World.

Just Remember That It’s Not Your Fault That They Hurt You. Being A Loving And Trusting Person Is Never A Bad Thing, And I Hope You Meet Lots Of Kind And Wonderful People Who Are More Deserving Of Your Friendship! Love You Dear!!

She Goes For Older Guys

From this request: Could you do a fic where cash and luci are fighting over reader behind there back, only to find out she’s with Crowley? (Is would clearly be in a au where there reformed or something )

*High School!AU


“Congrats on getting into the play, Castiel!”

“Thank you, Y/N,” Cas said. He honestly couldn’t believe that his name was on the list. He’d only auditioned because you were in the drama club and he wanted to spend a little more time with you. He was expecting to be passed over, perhaps offered a spot on the crew, but he’d actually landed a part! “And congrats on getting the lead!”

You blushed. “Thanks. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get such a big part…”

“Are you kidding? You were great! Totally convincing. I knew as soon as you walked onto that stage that you were going to get it.”

You smiled. “It’s going to be great to work with you.”

“Just… take it easy on me. This is the first play I’ve ever done.”

You laughed and gently punched Cas in the shoulder before heading down the hall. Cas turned once again to the cast list—there it was. His name. Just a few names under yours.

“Hey, bro,” Lucifer said, coming up from behind Castiel. He grabbed him in a headlock, grinding his knuckles against Cas’ hair. “Whatcha doing?”

“Nothing, Lucifer. Get off of me.”

Lucifer looked at the bulletin board. “Whoa. Did you get a part in the play?”


“Ha. What a loser. Why’d you try out for the school play?” Lucifer studied the list a little longer. “Wait. Y/N got a part?”

“She got the lead.”

“Hm. I may have to find my way on the crew for the show… maybe I can be her personal dresser….”

Cas shoved his brother. “Don’t be a creep!”

“Hey, come on, man. She’s hot!” Lucifer studied his brother. “Wait. Is she the reason you tried out?”

“I… well…”

Lucifer smirked. “Well, well, well. Look who’s finally developed a crush on a real girl. Too bad I’m going to be the one to get her.”

“Shut up, Lucifer! She’d never go for a guy like you.”

“Oh, really? You wanna bet?”


Being the captain of the football team and the class president meant that Lucifer was able to convince the drama coach into letting him run the light board. So he became a steady part of your life, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon.

This worried Cas. True, he actually spent time onstage with you, but Lucifer still managed to find his way backstage to tell you some stupid joke or give you some sort of compliment.

Cas and Lucifer got into more scuffles at home because of it.

“Look,” Lucifer said one night, nursing a black eye while Cas tipped his head back to stop his nose from bleeding. “Let’s make a deal. After the show on opening night, we’ll tell her how we feel. Then she’ll choose one of us and the rest will be history.”

“Fine,” Cas said.

And so, opening night finally arrived. The show went fantastically. You were stunning, as usual. Cas didn’t flub a single line. Lucifer enjoyed the power of controlling the lights.

Afterward, the brothers stood in the lobby, watching as people came through and offered their praises to the cast. Once they were gone, Cas and Lucifer would approach you.

“Wait,” Cas said, watching as a young man stepped toward you. “Who’s that?”

The brothers watched as you wrapped your arms around the man, a huge smile on your face.

And then, to their horror, you kissed him.

“What the hell?” Lucifer asked. He headed over to you, despite Cas trying to pull him back.

“Oh, hey guys!” you said with a smile, your arm still wrapped around the man. “Great show, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, great,” Lucifer said. “Who’s this?”

“Oh, this is my boyfriend, Crowley. Crowley, this is Lucifer and Cas.”

“Nice to meet you,” the man said, holding a hand out.

Cas shook it, seeing that his brother would not.

“I don’t recognize you,” Lucifer said. “You go to a different high school?”

“He’s a college student,” you said, a proud sort of smile on your face.


You turned to Crowley. “I’m going to go get changed. Then we can go out?”

“I’ll be waiting here, love.”

The brothers slowly went backstage after saying goodbye to Crowley. “Well,” Lucifer said. “That… was unexpected.”

“A college guy?” Cas asked. “How…”

“Drop it, little brother. There’s no way you can get her away from a college guy. Might as well sit back and enjoy the friendzone.”

Cas was quiet for a few moments. “Well…. I’d rather be her friend than nothing at all.”

“You’re so weird.”

Barely Breathing [a Jimmy Darling imagine]

Request: imagine for Jimmy where you get mad at him for spending time with Maggie so you try to make him jealous with a guy ?

a/n: oh my jimbo…(listen to Barely Breathing by Ducan Sheik)……REQUESTS OPEN!

Ever since the fake fortune teller came to the show, it seems Jimmy’s been engrossed with her. He’s spending almost all his free time doing things with her instead of you, his girlfriend. Maggie is a bitch; you hate her in general. But now that she’s gaga over your boyfriend, you despise her.

You finally have enough. Does Jimmy care about you? Every time you see him you hold your breath; he just comes and goes. So, you find a guy who is kind of cute, standing in line. “Come to see the show?” You ask in a perky voice, holding your hands behind the back of your pale yellow dress.

The teen nods, smirking at you with bright blue eyes; complete opposite of Jimmy’s. “Yeah! I love the freaks; they entertain me.” He explains, stepping forward in the line. As he continues, you slouch to the side, peeking at the front of the line. Your boyfriend takes people’s tickets, looking up at you for a second.

When the teen reaches the front of the line, Jimmy tilts his head, glaring at you with his mouth ajar. You smirk at him; he clenches his jaw, whipping his attention to the boy. “Gimme that; go.” He spits, ripping the ticket and shooing the teen. “Paul, can you finish up?” He asks, not waiting for an answer.

Grabbing your upper arm, he yanks you into an empty tent. “I know what’cha doin’, Y/N.” Jimmy frowns, swinging an arm in exaggeration. “I’m not a fool; you’re tryna make me jealous. I wasn’t born yesterday! So why do it?” He shouts, crossing his arms over his orange button down. No shit.

Your mouth opens and closes; blood turning from a simmer to a boil. “Do you have to ask me why? Honestly… I don’t know who I’m kidding, imagining you actually care about me!” You scoff, tears making your vision blurry. “Why don’t you go see Maggie? Why don’t you ask Maggie to be your girlfriend?! Everyone keeps asking anyway and I’m thinking it over… I only feel the pain and it’s only you to blame!” You sniffle, turning around and covering your mouth with your knuckles. He can’t see you cry. Not over him.

His face falls, eyes scanning the dirt floor. Sucking in a breath, he coughs. “Maggie means nothing to me, okay? I love you; you’re my girl, not her… I’m such a shit boyfriend for ignoring you, for hurting you. I don’t deserve you.” He admits, tears spilling down his sun-kissed cheeks.

Spinning back to face him, taking a deep breath; trying to find enough air. “Will it ever change?” You shrug, the small yellow cape fluttering around you, while you laugh dryly. “I don’t know if you’re a friend or foe anymore… You know, Jimmy you really had me going; I was wishing on a star before you… now I’m doing it again.” You mutter, tasting your own salty tears.

“Babydoll, please don’t come and go.” Jimmy’s voice cracks. His doe eyes filled with water. “I need you.”

You wipe your eyes, “I needed you, I stood waiting, and you weren’t there! You were with her!” You sputter, fanning your hands in front of your chest. “Do you even love me anymore? I may never know!” You cry, clutching the fabric that rests on your stomach. It scrunches in your tight grip.

Jimmy grabs your waist, slamming your lips on his roughly. All you taste is the salt from both you tears. His lower lip detaches from yours with a pop. “I love you so goddamn much, Y/N. I’ll do whatever it takes to show you. Please, don’t you ever leave, babydoll. Just hold on to me.” He gasps; you do, wrapping both hands around his shoulders, balling his shirt in your hands.

anonymous asked:

Hey, just wondering but which scenes does the "We know Suyin lies" refer to? I don't really remember her being a liar or at least willfully manipulative.

season 3 episode 8 at the 20 minute mark

Which blows my mind because:
1. after 30 years of trying to convince Lin to speak to her and convince her sister that she’s a different person now……. it takes her like 2 days to start deceiving Lin and pulling shit behind her back. 

2. She puts Korra and Krew in danger….. she doesn’t send any of her guards (some of the best fighters in the world) as back up/ protection WITH Korra…. nope, she sends 4 teenagers out to track down a secretive terrorist cell with murderous intentions …..  for her own selfish means. 

AND THEN they make it look like Lin is the unreasonable one…. 

anonymous asked:

You're so cute and your blog is just awesome💖💖💖 I reeeaalyy love it! And, since the requests are open, can I have some more fluff with Junkrat and short chubby s/o please?

SCREAMS your so cute!!! ty for the compliments and sry this took so long <3

-Lifts his s/o a lot; Especially if their self conscious about their weight. “ You’re just the right size for me luv!! See?” “jAMIE PUT ME DOWN”
-Roadhog has to make sure he doesn’t accidentally carry you into battle because he really likes hugging you before them
-kisses your cute little face a lot; Everywhere, many times, just to make you giggle
-hugs you from behind and pulls you back and falls asleep with his face in your hair. this happens surprisingly often. sometimes in lobbies

darknpretty  asked:

Darry forces the gang to go on a healthy diet, but they never follow it because they sneak eat junk food behind his back.


You can’t go to a lawyer for “protection” when you’re the person  that doxed someone/people because they don’t ship the same as you. You are the agitator. You are the stalker. You are the instigator. You are the bully. Documenting your wrongdoings is exactly what a person is supposed to do when they’re being bullied. It’s how we protect ourselves from people online that try to threaten us. 

I’ve got the entire timeline of all of our interactions saved as documents and screencaps and also archived versions of the actual webpages. I’ve documented everything you’ve ever done to me. Things that range from stalking, to doxing, to constant shit-talking. I have it all. I even have the messages you sent to daunte that prove you’re lying about your reasoning for doxing me (and before you think she went behind your back, she had these messages because you had no way to contact me so you asked her to relay the message). You’re little friend also outed Tiff’s last name on twitter just because she befriended me.  You also accused me of being racist and homophobic, which counts as defamation, meaning you’re guilty of Libel.  

Remind me again, what have we done to you? Oh, that’s right. We screencap your public blog in order to document your constant harassment of us.

Have fun telling a lawyer that people online document your bullying and you totally don’t think that’s fair! 

Won't people give Arima a break tbh

A lot of people lost their sympathy to Arima that was slowly built in recent few chapters because this Arima-Eto interaction in just a couple of pages.

The newest chapter doesn’t explicitly validate that Arima and Eto worked together behind everyone’s back. It was smol Arima basically agreeing to angry smol Eto’s ideal because hell he’s been treated like V/Washuu/CCG’s lapdog for years. They shared the same view that the world is messed up and that’s it, they pursue the same thing despite being on different sides. They’re looking for a symbol or entity to break down their world and it’s not shown whether they kept in contact for years or not.

The fact that Arima thought the world’s fucked up and implicitly had been searching for someone and time to destroy it doesn’t negate the fact that he had suffered all his life. I am so done and sick with Arima-hating individuals who gave him a break one time at his death and managed to drag him back from the grave bc they have every excuse to hate him. Let the boy rest.

He’s probably the happiest and only in forever now that he’s dead and it makes me sad that he’s always been seen as some villainy, heinous, backstabbing, abusive bitch.

(And Eto my love please u must live)
Kissing Another Member Behind His Back Pt. 1.5

( PS. You don’t have to read pt. 1 to read this, but it’ll make a lot more sense if you do because this is a follow up of it. )

Ten: You’d been a little distant the past few weeks, but he didn’t realize that something was actually off until tonight. Instead of celebrating with him, you went straight to the bar in an attempt to get wasted, and then you go get some fresh air and never return. Ten goes outside to check on you, and is surprised to see your car gone. Worried something might have happened to you he calls multiple times, but you still aren’t picking up, so Ten abandons his own birthday party to investigate. When he arrives at your apartment, he inserts the spare key, you’d presented him with on your one year anniversary, into the lock and enters your home. What he discovers is you sitting on the couch snuggling into Taeil’s shoulder. “What the hell is going on here?” He shouts.


“I’ll handle this Y/N.”

“Just what exactly are you going to handle Taeil. Why are at my girlfriend’s house? And more importantly, why did I just find you with your arms around her?”

“I think the answers pretty obvious.”

“So you two have been seeing each other behind my back this entire time.”

“No, I swear that’s not what happened.” You interject teary eyed.

“Save it.” Ten cuts you off.

“Don’t talk to her like that.”

“You have no right to tell me how to talk to my girlfriend.”

“She’s not going to be your girlfriend for much longer. Do us all a favor and leave.”

“You know what you both deserve each other.” And with those parting words Ten disappears from your life.

Taeyong: He patiently waits in the living room until you emerge from the bedroom with your lover, but he quickly losses it when he recognizes it’s Hansol. Of all the men in the world it had to be one of his members. How could the two of you do this to him? “How long?”

“Taeyong please calm down.” You plead with him.

“How long?” He shouts even louder this time.

“Two months.” Hansol responds curtly.

“Stay out of this, you bastard. You’re dead to me. Get out of my house now.” Taeyong then turns in your direction. “Y/N, we have a lot to discuss.” Just the tone of his voice has you terrified.

“No, there’s no way I’m leaving her here with you. I know how you used to treat her, and no amount of therapy in the world will ever convince me to leave her in your care. You can do whatever you want with your life. I don’t care whether or not you ever forgive me, but Y/N is coming with me.” Before Taeyong even has a chance to respond, Hansol grabs your hand and you two flee the scene. It’s only after you’ve made it out of the city limits that you start to feel safe.