Confession:  I went into Dragon Age II blind, and meeting Anders I was excited because I adored him in Awakening.As I started the romance between him and my Hawke, it grew into a toxic and rather abusive relationship. He was verbally abusive to not only her but her best friends, her family, and then went behind her back and lied to her. My Hawke wanted to save him from Justice, because in her own way, it was saving Bethany. Hawke had lost both her siblings and her parents…she wanted a better world for mages. She thought helping Anders would do something good. She would do anything to get Anders back as he was before, but after he blew up the chantry, her faith for mages broke. My Hawke killed Anders and now is alone. It was the most heartbreaking relationship in Dragon Age I had to deal with.

holy shit imagine a Voltron episode where somehow they end up in an alternate reality, where Zarkon still rules and his two fearsome ruthless lieutenants are Dark!Shiro and Druid!Allura

  • Peter: which one's my butterbeer?
  • Sirius: this one
  • Peter: it's an empty bottle!
  • James: damn pete, you drink too fast
  • Peter: but-
  • Sirius: see? you're already forgetting shit
  • *sirius and james exchange the look™ and raise their bottle behind the back of a very puzzled peter*

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I was talking to a coworker and Kravitz showed up behind her and did that thing where you do silly faces behind their back. I was, of course frozen with terror, since I am 600% sure he is the grim reaper (even though he looked totally normal), and when my coworker turned around to see what scared me, Kravitz turned into the skull thing and she literally died of fear. Then, he did the I got my eye on you motion and heelied away. I am a witness to a murder

hey guys. i love u all!!!

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A concept: Harry tying your hands behind your back, in his Range Rover, and as his personal form of restraint: locking the steal belt around you. Next thing you know, he's pulling feathers out, tracing them under your breasts, kissing your neck, and running the feathers under your arms.... "tell me how it feels, little one...."


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A Zen massage smut sounds A M A Z I N G !!!

Doesn’t it?! <3 It was originally supposed to be something innocent and fluffy since I’ve been feeling stressed and tense myself, but whoops, my mind was going other places. (’:

I’m sure Zen is extremely talented with his hands and fingers. Pressing against you in all the right places and making you melt with his touch. Working with sheer determination at those tense muscles from behind that has you leaning back against him and letting out blissful sighs, asking for more which he’s more than happy to provide…

I once had a friend who was “ accidently” (as she puts it) talking smack behind my back, and when I confronted her about it she was all like “why are you mad? I already forgave myself for being shitty”
And I was just like ??????


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago