The Mirage Heist  // Thief!Shawn AU // Part 3

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Summary: Shawn is a criminal mastermind and you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time….or was it the right place at the right time?

You walk into the Speedee Mart to start your overnight shift you were covering for Jerry since it was his daughter’s birthday. Tara, the day shift worker,  bids you a good night and leaves you alone in the store. It’s quiet as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not until you start dozing off at the register that you hear the little beep boop of the door being opened. Your head snaps up and you can see Sunglasses walking along the candy isle, hands in his pockets. A shiver runs down your spine and you can’t believe he’s here.

Immediately you glance at the display of gourmet lollipops on the counter and note it has significantly less sticking out of it. You take a deep breath, coming to the realization just now that Sunglasses was the sketchy guy who bought all the dum dum pops a while back with his friend. It was getting weird now. You met him before the robbery. During the robbery. After the robbery at the diner. Coincidence or stalking?

“C-can I help you?” you call out from the counter and he looks over.

A slow grin spreads across his face as he snatches a bag of dum dum pops off the rack and saunters up to the counter. He pushes his hood back and his sunglasses up on top of his head. Who wore sunglasses at eleven at night? “I knew you looked familiar,” he says with a smirk. “Fancy seeing you again.”

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My Ass Is a Damn Present | Billy Hargrove

Word count: 720

A/n: Somehow, I’ve become obsessed with Dacre Montgomery and by extension Billy Hargrove (silently judging myself) so I’ve created this blog to cope. Just a small imagine I was thinking about today. I’m currently taking requests for imagines and head cannons, just for Billy atm but we’ll see what happens


You opened your locker retrieving the books you needed for first period. Suddenly you feel two hands playfully slap you on the ass and then squeeze. Instantly, you knew it was your boyfriend, Billy. He had always been a tactile person, constantly wanting to be touching you in some way or another; by holding your hand; having his arm wrapped around you, his hand in your back pocket; or carelessly draped over your shoulder. You hadn’t always been comfortable with the level of pda he liked to display, ever so keen to stake his claim on you, but it’s something you had gotten used to over the course of your relationship and even come to enjoy.

You couldn’t help you smile when his placed his head over your shoulder and shot you his signature smirk, “Hey there, Princess.”

Billy’s hands slowly moved up to your waist, and then spun you around to engulf you into a passionate kiss. Something that he had never been shy of doing in the middle of the school hallway. 

“Hey,” you replied after breaking apart.

He moved in closer and trapping you against the lockers and leaning against his bent arm placed above your head. You took in his scent the one you knew all too well, and loved. A mix of cigarettes, cheap cologne and just plain man. 

Standing practically nose to nose Billy spoke, “I have a present for you,” then slightly bit his lip, in the way that drove you crazy.

“Oh really?” you questioned, dubious, although Billy had grown to be sweet and caring to you, he was hardly the gift-giving type and you half expected him to reply with something along the lines of ‘it’s in my pants’.

With a coy smile Billy leaned back and moved to retrieve something from his back pocket. He brought the item up between you, letting it dangle it from his finger.

Your forehead frowned in confusion trying to identify the object he presented. Suddenly your eyes bulged in recognition of the pink material and you snatched it off his finger quickly hoping no one passing in the hall looked on and realised what he was holding. 

You turned around hastily throwing your underwear into your locker and slamming the door behind you. Looking back to Billy you lightly hit his chest, to which he responded with a small chuckle and shit-eating grin, his tongue slightly peeking out between his teeth.

“What the hell!” you said, trying to keep your voice frim but low enough that no one could over hear.

“You left them in my car,” He explained

You just stared and moved you head in confusion prompting to elaborate further.

“And Max found them,” he raised his eye brows, “forcing me into a conversation with her that I never thought I would ever need to have, and don’t wish to have again.”

You let out a slight chuckle at the thought of him having to talk about his sex life with his 13-year-old step sister, but didn’t let it distract you from your point.

“And you thought the best place to give them back to me was in the middle of a crowded school hallway?”

He shrugged, “Thought it would be fun.”

“It was not. Someone could have seen!” you gasped unamused misbelief.

Billy let out a small humoured breath of air and ran his tongue over his bottomed lip. Leaning in again, one hand on your hip and other returning to its previous positon above your head.

“Well, maybe, next time,” he slowly spoke against your lips, “someone should be more careful about what she does with her panties.” 

With a small smile, he moved in to plant a small kiss on your lips. After pulling back he pursed his lips and tilted his head in consideration.

“Or just stop wearing them altogether.”

You opened your mouth to protest but he cut you off but wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you away from the wall of lockers.

“Come on let get to class.” 

Later when you were sitting in history he leaned across leaned over to you from his desk beside you, “I’m just saying, it would save a lot of time.”

You playfully rolled your eyes in response.

How did you fall in love with this idiot? 


Thin Mints and Menthol(Part III)(Steve Harrington x Reader)

PART 1   


Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: It’s set a year after Season 2 has finished and you’re a senior in high school who’s often getting into trouble with the law for petty crimes. And Hopper usually gets you out of trouble. Then one night the new officer Steve Harrington joins him.

Words: 2.6k

Warnings:  Mild swearing, mild mentions of smoking, abusive behavior.

A/N: Third part is finally here! It took me so long because I was having a tough weekend but I finally got the urge and I just needed to write! I don’t think it’s as good as the other parts, but I really tried! I think that the next part will be the last, which is sad but I’m so glad I’ve had so many people message me saying they enjoyed it. It means so much to me!!!

Over the course of next couple of days Steve picking you up from the bus stop became almost expected. Every morning, bright and early,  he’d pull up in his car, roll down his window and casually ask if you needed a ride. It was nice for you to actually see a friendly face before school. Between your unpredictable father and the now constant glares from your peers, Steve was comforting.

However, today there is no sign of Steve. You try not to look up every time a car passes, however you’re beginning to get anxious. A heavy blanket of fog had covered Hawkins overnight, and you couldn’t help but worry about Steve driving in it. If he doesn’t show up you’ll be forced to ride the rowdy school bus, along with people who hated you. Before he’d begun to give you a ride you’d been essentially invisible to all your classmates, now you were the talk of the town. You try not seem bothered but you can feel everyone’s eyes watching you, each of them whispering behind your back making no secret of their opinions.

A girl walks up to you smugly, you don’t know her name but she seems to know you.

“No Harrington today, (Y/L/N)? I guess he realized what a loser you are.” She says to you, she looks expectantly at her friends who are all giggling behind her. You roll your eyes at her.

“Yeah I guess he did.” You tell her, flashing her a sarcastic smile. She scoffs.

“At least you know you’re a nothing. Your little boyfriend must have found someone actually hot.” She cackles, her friends joining in. One of them calls her ‘Becky’. They all look slightly younger than you. You assume they’re juniors, you generally know everyone else in your grade.

“He’s not my boyfriend, we’re just friends. Not that it involves you.” You reply.

“Whatever, freak. Stay away from him.” ‘Becky’ demands, she jabs you in the shoulder with her index finger. Her blonde ponytail smacks you in the face as she spins around, flouncing off to stand with the crowd of girls she approached you with. You watch her as she walks away your mouth open in disbelief.

It had already not been the best morning, to say it’s your birthday. It’s been pretty shitty. You’d walked downstairs in a blouse you had decided to wear despite the cold temperatures that Hawkins had been dropping to. You’d walked past your father’s half-opened door, his snores echoing down the hallway. You could smell the strong stench of vomit and beer wafting from his room. No doubt he’d fallen asleep in his own vomit again. Tears stung at your eyes, you couldn’t believe that this was your life now. The brushes on your wrist have faded now. But fresh bruises have appeared elsewhere. It didn’t take much to anger him and apparently just your presence had been enough to set him off the night before. A sharp kick to your ribs and back had been enough to satisfy him last night.

You’re so wrapped up in your own thoughts you barely realize that the school bus has pulled up until you notice that students are getting on. You sigh shakily and place one foot onto the step up.

“(Y/N)! WAIT!” You breathe out a sigh of relief as Steve is jogging towards you. He’s smiling nervously at you. Walking out of the way of people trying to board the bus, you cross your arms and raise one eyebrow.

“You’re late.” You tell him, he runs his hands through his hair. You notice his lack of uniform, he’s just wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

“I know, I know, I had… Business to attend to and I didn’t realise it would take so long.” He gave you an apologetic smile. You shake your head in mock exasperation. “Can I at least make it up to you by taking your bag?” He begins to gently pull at your bag strap. You giggle lightly and let him remove it, he slings it over his right shoulder.

His left hand grasps yours and he leads you towards his car, your face begins to burn. This is the first time either of you had done anything so overtly romantic. Your palms are starting to exude moisture. Praying that you look much calmer on the outside. As inside the butterflies that live in your stomach are awake and fighting to get out. You glance up at him, he looks as red as you assume you look. You bite your lip slightly. He instantly lets go of your hand when you reach his trunk, and places your bag into it.

He saunters up to the passenger side door and opens it. The smile from his face immediately drops.

“Hey dickhead I told you to get in the back.” You raise your eyebrows in shock and storm up to up to him. He’s aiming the comment at the curly haired boy who’s sitting in shotgun. You stop in your tracks.

“I was here first!” He shouts at Steve.

“Dustin, I won’t hesitate making you walk. I’m serious.”

“You’re such an asshole. You know that right?” Dustin snaps at him. He steps out of the car and squares up to him, despite the very obvious height difference he looks quite menacing.

“Yeah, yeah , yeah. An asshole who takes you to school when you crash your bike. Y’know normal kids just ride the bus.”

“I’m not a kid!”

“Yeah and you’re not normal either.” You clap a hand to your mouth realising it was you who just told him that. He turns, gaping at you. Steve howls with laughter, struggling to remain upright he clutches to the car door. Dustin’s face suddenly cracks into a smile. He steps towards you.

“Okay, I like you!” He pats you on the arm. He opens the back door and slams it shut.

“I’d say I’m sorry about him, but you can handle yourself.” Steve tells you. You lean in and sit down in the car. He hesitates slightly. “It was kind of hot.”

“Dude, what the fuck kind of compliment is that?” You burst into laughter, Dustin’s head is poking in between the two front seats a disgusted expression etched across his face.

“I was joking, shut up.”

“Pretty crummy joke,” you inform him, “now can you please get in the car we’re gonna be late.”

He throws his hands up, “y’know I feel really used right now.”

“Good.” Grabbing the door you slam it shut. He paces round to the other side of the car, yanks the door open and slips into his seat. His hair looks manic and less put together than normal. He pulls away from the bus stop, his hands casually holding onto the steering wheel. You sit up slightly, pulling at the hem of your dress.

“So how come you aren’t in your not suited and booted today?” You enquire. It was strange to see him without the khaki coloured uniform. It was nice to seem him look more casual however. A glimpse at who he really was.

“Oh, I have today off. I’m working Sunday instead.”

“How come?”

“So he can pick you up from school.”

“Dude!” Steve says turning to glare at Dustin. The younger teen throws his hands up in frustration. You burst into peals of laughter unable to contain it, your hand holds onto the doorframe to steady yourself.

“Oh wow, and I thought chivalry was dead.” You finally get out once the laughter has subsided slightly.

“I was going to try and make it more romantic or something, but no. I cart you two around and where’s my thanks? Nowhere.” His hand touches his temple massaging it slightly. You lean towards him placing a hand on his thigh, a reassuring smile on your face.

“You really took time off just to take me to and from school? I mean it’s a nice gesture but I think you have your priorities in the wrong place.” You fail to mention the part about it being ‘romantic’.

“No. I was also going to ask if you wanted to see a movie and go for something to eat. I guess you’re going to say no, maybe I miss read the signs, but I heard that there’s this new horror film and -”

“Steve!” You grab his arm and shout to stop his ramblings. “Who said I was going to say no?”

There’s silence, his face frozen in shock. “Oh,” it’s all he can get out. He swallows and nods absentmindedly. “I suppose I’ll pick you up after school and we’ll catch the 5 P.M showing of ‘Silver Bullet’.”

“Oh I don’t even get to choose the film?” He raises his eyebrows at you. You place your hand on his thigh. “Don’t worry, I’m joking.”

“Wow. I can really feel the… Electricity.” Dustin’s face appears between you, his eyes darting between you, eyebrows moving suggestively.

Steve whacks him over the head, as you roar with laughter in the front.

“And remember I need your essays on my desk Monday morning!” Your teacher shouts over the class as they all rummage to try and pack away to get out as quick as they can. You’re also scrambling to collect your books into your bag so you don’t leave Steve waiting. There’s a tap on your shoulder. It’s Nancy Wheeler.

You and Nancy had been friends when you were younger, there were a small group of you that had been close. One by one you had dropped off. Some becoming more popular, you fading away. Nancy had coasted clear in the middle, her and Barbara had been the only ones to stay friends. Then when Barb died she looked lost, you wanted to reach out to her but it felt too hard. You always held a torch for Nancy no matter what rumors surrounded her. There was a certain quality to her, she was kind and funny. You also suspect she can be scary if she wants to be.

“(Y/N)! I heard that Steve is taking you to the movies tonight.” You continue to zip you bag up, struggling to maintain eye contact with her.

“Yeah I am… I hope that isn’t weird for you or anything…”

“What? Oh no! I was just going to say have a nice time. Steve, Steve’s a really good guy.” She smiles at you kindly and walks with you out of the classroom.

“So, you’re on good terms? I didn’t want to ask what happened between you two.”

“I wasn’t the best girlfriend to him. I was faithful to him, but emotionally I was unavailable. I just didn’t know how to cope with the pressure I was under at the time.”

“You’re with Jonathan now though, were you in love with him when you and Steve were dating.” She grabs your arm to stop you.

“I don’t want you to think badly of me, I like Steve. It’s just what me and Jonathan has is different.” You nod knowingly, somehow you suspect that things are also different for you and Steve. Even now your heart is beating knowing that he is sat waiting in his car outside. Just for you.

You part ways with Nancy, she walking up to Jonathan. His smile at her is sweet and loving, receiving something as truthful as a smile from someone who loves you is a gift. You admire them for a moment longer, breathing in deeply you push open the doors to the parking lot. The sun is already starting to set, most people have left the high school. The only cars parked are teachers and a few students in their cars waiting for people

But leaning on the hood of his car, wearing Ray-Bans in the dim autumn evening is Steve. You stop dead in your tracks and laugh at him. You run up to him, he stands up clearly noticing him. He grabs the door handle to open it for you.

“You ready?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“That was kind of awful!”

“What! No it wasn’t.” Steve faces you, walking backwards down the sidewalk as you sip on the last few dregs of Coke in your cup after you get out of the movies. “I think it’s already a modern day classic.”

“It was scary!”

“Yeah it’s a horror film (Y/N), they’re generally scary.”

“Well I’m just glad nothing that strange happens here in Hawkins.” Steve chuckles.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He just shakes his head and takes your hand in his. You swing it back and forth slightly. “Is there something exciting happening that I don’t know about?”

“Now that would be telling.” He taps the side of his nose, you roll your eyes at him but lean your head on him slightly as you walk. He shakes his sleeve up his arm to look at his watch.

“Huh, it’s past eight already. We need to hurry to get our reservation.” He tells you, but you’re not listening. Panic starts to rise in your chest, building as the seconds tick away.

“I’m sorry, I need to go home.”

“What? I booked us a table!”

“Steve, please!” You forcibly grab his arm, hoping he understands the urgency of the situation. He slowly nods, obviously disappointed, he pulls his keys out of his back pocket and leads you to his car.

“I really am sorry, I just didn’t realise it would be that late.” He shrugs his shoulders and points behind him.

“Your birthday present is on the back seat, it was a real bitch to find.” You beam at him and reach back to grab it, the back of your blouse riding up revealing the purple bruises cluttering your lower back. You grasp the roughly wrapped gift and sit back, a childlike wonder takes over you. A small box of ‘Thin Mint’ cookies stare up at you, you scramble to open them. However the sudden tension in the car makes you hesitate, Steve’s watching you a concerned look on his face.

“Where did those bruises come from?”

“Nowhere.” You gulp, “I mean, I fell down the stairs last night.”

Bullshit. Hopper told me your Dad was an asshole I didn’t think he was doing that to you.”

“H-h-he isn’t, I fuh-fell. I promise.” Tears roll down your face, you can’t even bring yourself to wipe them away. He takes one hand off of the wheel and reaches out to you. Instinctively you flinch away. He looks hurt, his hand still outstretched. You hide your face in your hands, the embarrassment of the situation is unbearable. How could I be so stupid? You think to yourself. The car stops but you sit unmoving. The click of a seat belt echoes throughout the car and suddenly Steve is pulling you into him. You melt under his touch, still sobbing. He rubs your back, whispering to you quietly. You cling to him desperately.

“I would never, ever hurt you. I promise.”

He smiles sadly and kisses your forehead. For now you were safe. And even though you were scared about the horrors waiting for you inside you could live in this moment, just for a while, and forget that the world wanted you to suffer. 

PART 4????


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Rowan Lance (Part 2)

I know a lot of people loved the first part of this. I’m really hoping that everyone likes this part just as much as the first one. I really love wingfics so I hope I’m doing the concept justice. I hope you guys enjoy ❤️

“Are you sure about this?” Lance asked sweating heavily. He looked over the tall cliff, down at the barely visible ground beneath them. They had dragged Lance out of the Castle and found the highest point on the planet. He looked distrustfully back at his friends and hunched his shoulders slightly. He imagined they were just going to toss him off the cliff and decide that was that.

“First, let’s see your wingspan,” Shiro said stepping closer behind Lance. With a sigh, he obeyed and spread his wings out as far as he could. There were some gasps from the others when they saw the newly groomed feathers in the sunlight. At this everyone spread out their wings. Hunk had the largest wings, followed by Shiro, and now Lance, Keith, than Pidge. Keith sent a pout Lance’s way, making him laugh and give him a wide grin.

“Are you sore anywhere?” Shiro asked smoothing his hands down the tops of his first set of wings. He blushed and looked over the tops of them to watch the leader. Shiro glanced up and raised a brow waiting for an answer. He cleared his throat and looked over the horizon.

“No, they feel pretty good just being out again,” he admitted flexing them slightly. Shiro hummed and kept grooming the wings absentmindedly.

“How was your flying before you stopped?” He asked this time. Lance’s feathers immediately puffed up in pride and he put his hands on his hips.

“Best flyer out of everyone in my family,” he said proudly with a grin, “and some of them went on to become aerial performers,” he bragged. Shiro looked back at Hunk, Keith, and Pidge with a little smile and gestured to his back and then the cliff. He got nods and thumbs up in response and he turned back to Lance. He clapped a hand down on his shoulder grabbing Lance’s attention.

“Well, it seems like you’ll be fine,” he said with a smile. Lance raised an eyebrow in confusion and looked behind himself to see the other three standing trying to look innocent.

“What do you me-ACK!” he started only to be cut off by Shiro grabbing him by the waist in the crook of his arm and jumping off the side of the cliff. With a cheer Hunk, Keith, and Pidge dove off the side of the cliff after them. Lance clawed at Shiro’s arm with a scream and felt tears falling from his eyes as the wind rushed passed them.

“I’m going to let you go now,” Shiro yelled calmly over the sound of air. Lance shook his head frantically and dug his fingernails into Shiro’s arm.

“SHIRO I SWEAR TO GOD!” He screamed. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU LET GO, I WASN’T READY!” With a deadpanned face, Shiro took his arm away from the blue paladin.

“Oops, she wasn’t ready,” he muttered snapping his wings open and leaving Lance to flail through the air.

“SHIRO YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” He shrieked. He looked down at the ground ignoring the tears that were flowing up his cheeks into his ears. He closed his eyes and tried to remember before he left home and was immediately greeted with memories of his family and flying with them. He peeked his eyes open and looked to the side, seeing his friends diving alongside him. It was time that he flew with his new family. He didn’t have anything to fear anymore, they were his family and he could trust them. He opened his wings open wide, the air immediately caught on them and his fall came to a stop leaving the other paladins to shoot past him. He laughed and flapped his wings to climb higher up.

“Lance you did it!” Pidge said happily as she flew up to meet him.  Lance gave her a little pout and crossed his arms.

“You doubted me?” He asked. Pidge rolled her eyes and punched him in the arm. He yelped and pretended to fall again, gaining a startled yelp from her. She fell after him with her arms open as if to catch him. He grinned and shot up again, grabbing her in his arms and falling to Hunk, Keith, and Shiro. When they got there, she batted his arms away from him and clawed her way out of his arms.

“Don’t do that, I thought you were going to die,” she mumbled crossly. Lance chuckled and circled around her.

“Sorry Pidge, I used to do that with my little sister back on Earth,” he explained twisting around in the sky. Her eyes widened and she cooed slightly.

“I guess it wasn’t that bad then,” she admitted with a small grin. Lance gave her a blinding smile back. He grunted when suddenly he pushed from behind, he righted himself quickly and looked behind his back to see Keith smirking slightly. Before he could realize what was happening, Keith dropped away and dove down to the ground. With a start, he realized that Keith wanted to play. He quickly dove after him and quickly caught up with him.

“Good try Keith,” he said and grabbed his leg stopping him in his motion. Keith yelped as he was knocked off course and Lance shot up into the sky. He let out a loud laugh and chased after him. Lance looked back at Keith and the happy, determined expression on his face. He led him around for a few minutes and laughed when he shot past him without a problem.

“ACK!” He grunted when smacked into a solid chest. He clung to it when his wings stopped moving and he looked up to look into Shiro’s face. He blushed and quickly righted himself so he could jump off of his chest.

“Sorry Shiro, I didn’t see you there,” he admitted rubbing the back of his neck.

“That’s fine Lance, it was kind of the point,” he laughed. Lance squinted his eyes in confusion but they widened when he felt a hand land a stinging slap between his wings.

“Traitor,” Lance whispered at Shiro. He stared into Shiro’s eyes with wide eyes as he slapped Shiro right on the pec and flew away.

“I’ll accept that,” he said to himself before he took off towards where Pidge and Hunk were leisurely flying around. At the focused frown on his face, they paused before Pidge screamed.

“ABORT!” She shouted and she and Hunk fell away from the paladin. He laughed and chased after them, after a few minutes he flew away hoping that Lance and Keith let their guards down. Luckily it seemed like that’s just what happened to Keith and he was able to slap him on his lower back. He groaned but smirked when he noticed Hunk and Pidge still flying away from them. He quickly took chase away from him after the two. Shiro took the opportunity to fly over to Lance who seemed to be doing simple manoeuvres through the air.

“I’ve come to apologize for my betrayal,” he said overlapping his right wing over Lance’s left ones slightly. Lance’s regarded him slightly before nodding with mock approval.

“I guess you’re forgiven,” he said with a small smile. Shiro smiled back and whiffled to fly underneath Lance.

“Thank goodness, I don’t know what I would have done,” he said. He twisted and came up on Lance’s right side. Lance blushed and looked away at the horizon again. Without a second thought, Lance dove again and Shiro didn’t hesitate in following him. They folded in their wings and suddenly they were grasping each other’s arms and corkscrewing to the ground. They laughed and flew away from each other back into the sky and met up again. They flew around each other, ignoring the smirks they were getting from the others, enraptured instead with each other. The sun was setting before Keith interrupted them.

“I know you guys are in love but we should really head back,” he said with a playful smirk. Immediately they started sputtering out embarrassed excuses and denials.  

“Keep telling yourselves that guys,” he chuckled before turning serious and pointing a sharp finger at Shiro threateningly, “I better be your best man,” he growled and flew to meet back up with Hunk and Pidge. Shiro and Lance glanced at each other with hot faces and quickly turned away again to fly back to the hangers.

“Anyone else hungry?” Keith asked sitting back in the nest. There were various sounds of approval and agreement. Lance yawned and bundled his wings around him to cover him in warmth.

“I’m good, I’m just going to go to sleep now,” he responded closing his eyes. At the complete silence that greeted him, he peeked his eye open. Shiro, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge all stood with wide eyes and limp wings.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.

“You’re going to sleep here with us?” Pidge asked softly.

“Oh um yes I was going to. I don’t have to though, I can go back to my room!” He said waving his hands around nervously and struggled to stand, trying to untangle himself from his wings to stand.

“No!” Shiro cried making the others flinch. He walked forward with a nervous chirp and tried to get Lance to sit back down.

“We’re just happy that you want to spend the night here,” he explained frantically smoothing down Lance’s hair and feathers. Lance trilled and closed his eyes again, shortly slipping into a comfortable slumber.

At first, Lance didn’t know where he was. He was flying through dense fog and he wasn’t able to see anything at all. Slowly though, he began to see sparkling blue waters beneath him, familiar blue waters. With a start, he realized that he was flying over the private stretch of beach his family owned. He landed on one of the cliffs that overlooked the white sand beach with wide eyes.

“You looked spooked,” A voice said on his right. He flinched back and looked over to see his mamá looking back at him.

“Mamá,” he whispered tears coming to his eyes. She gave him a heartwarming smile and pulled him into a hug. He clutched to her shoulders and cried into her chest. “I miss you Mamá,” he sniffled. She pet his hair and pulled back his head to kiss him on the forehead.

“I know baby but I know that you are doing something incredible out there,” she said comforting him. She gestured back down to the beach where he could now see his family splashing around in the water and playing on the beach. He watched them soar out of the water into the air and dive back in without hesitation. He laughed when one of his cousins came splashing out with a large fish in his hands and he brought it to his uncle to skin and cook for them. With a hand on his jaw, she brought his attention back to her.

“Lance, honey, you don’t need to worry about us,” she said with a concerned expression, “and yes we miss you. We miss you so so much but we are okay,” she said, her voice breaking slightly in the middle.

Lance bit his lip and looked back down at them with a heavy heart. Space certainly wasn’t as horrible as he initially thought it would be. He found the freedom he wanted on Earth here. He found another group of people to call family. He might have even found love.

“I’m so proud of you, and I’m happy you could find people who love you as much as we do,” his mamá said suddenly drawing his attention back to her. She was looking down at the beach now and he followed her gaze. The paladins were landing on the beach and mingling with his family. Pidge and Hunk were playing with his younger cousins, providing a sort of entertainment for them. Keith stood with his uncle as he showed him how to skin the fish that was just caught. Shiro though, he looked lost. He twisted around as if looking for someone.

‘As if he was looking for me,’ Lance thought with a happy grin. Little did he know that’s exactly what he was doing. Shiro looked up at the cliff and his face brightened exponentially when he caught sight of the Rowan.

“Lance!” He called happily with a wave. Lance gulped and looked over at his mamá. She grinned broadly and gestured for his to go. Lance glanced back at him uncertainly and wrung his hands in front of him. His mamá huffed gaining his attention again.

“Lance, I know how long you’ve had a crush on that boy, go after him,” she said bluntly like always. Lance blushed and pouted at his mamá but obediently glided down to meet the black paladin.

“Um, hey Shiro,” he said with a smile.

“Lance?” He asked with a smile. Lance looked at him in confusion and looked around him.

“Uh, yes? What do you mean?” He asked looking at Shiro warily now. Shiro came forward and brushed his hand down Lance’s cheek softly. Lance gave him a shy smile and leaned slightly into the hand.

“Lance?” Shiro asked again quieter than before. Lance sighed and looked into Shiro’s eyes.

“Why do you keep asking me that?” he said. Shiro leaned forward and gently kissed his forehead. When he backed up, Lance’s face was once again covered in a blush and he was looking at Shiro with fond eyes.

“Lance, can you wake up?”

Lance blinked his eyes open coming face to face with Shiro. He shrieked and whipped his head forward connecting their heads with a loud crack. Shiro yelled and pressed a hand to his eye.

“OH FU-IDDLESTICKS!” He yelled in pain.

“Just say fuck Shiro,” Pidge muttered looking at him blankly.

“Fuck,” he grumbled rubbing his eye. Lance jumped forward with a cry.

“Oh Shiro, I am so sorry,” he said with tears in his eyes. Part of it from the pain of the hit, the other from the despair that he already lost his chance with Shiro.

“No, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have startled you like that!” He said, he gasped when he looked at Lance.

“Lance, your head, it’s bruised already,” he said gently touching the skin around it.

“Talk for yourself, you have a black eye,” he said with concern. After a moment the two of them burst out laughing and clutched on to each other’s arms to keep from falling over. Hunk leaned over to both Keith and Pidge.

“Do you think they have concussions or something?” He asked with a raised brow directed at the giggling paladins.

“Probably,” Keith replied.

“They’re probably fine,” Pidge said sitting down and covering herself in preparation to go to sleep. Keith did the same, leaving Hunk standing alone to look at them.

“What about Lance’s food?” He asked the two of them.

“Do you want to go over there and try to give it to him?” Pidge asked gesturing at the marks on both Shiro and Lance’s heads. Hunk quickly shook his head and sat down, abandoning the bowl of food goo just outside of the nest. Soon enough the only sounds that were heard were the quiet conversation between Lance and Shiro. Lance fell forward cuddled in Shiro’s wings and looked carefully over the bruise on his face. Shiro suddenly swiped his finger over it and then his own.

“Weird, black and blue, just like us,” Shiro said.

“A bruise, really?” He asked blandly. Shiro shrugged his shoulders.

“It could be nice,” He pouted. Lance raised his eyebrows and put on a disbelieving face.

“Yeah? How so?” He asked leaning back down on Shiro’s arm. Shiro thought for a moment with a hum.

“No matter how bad we’re beaten, we’ll always be together?” He suggested. Lance sighed and cuddled closer.

“Okay, that was pretty good,”

Part 1/2

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Probs a very bad concept: Dark "corrupts" anything he touches with his aura and hands. With his aura is temporary, but his hands is permanent most of the time. That is why he is always in this "proper" poses and stuff idk I am very tired and sad :')


Something I find interesting is how people compare Lotor to both Zuko and Azula from ATLA when there’s one seemingly minor but very significant difference between them to me:

Lotor pretty much enters the cast with only the barest pretense he’s working for the empire.

From the very beginning, he’s chasing his own agenda. His rousing speech to Zarkon’s commanders? Totally fake, and he makes it clear he’s not trusting anyone who worked for Zarkon, just his own people.

His own people, who are dressed in his colors, and his aesthetics- aesthetics that are almost as glaringly distinct from the empire’s as the Blade’s.

Lotor has his own ship, his own soldiers, and his own plans, and at the lowest level of his organization we see people wearing standard imperial uniforms, but they were also building Lotor’s comet ship and Lotor’s trans-reality gates without question, behind Zarkon and Haggar’s backs. They were all pretty much not surprised that the empire attacked them, except how they’d managed to launch that attack.

Zuko, at first, really believes himself to be an agent of the fire nation acting for his father. Iroh isn’t, but much like Thace in VLD, it suits Iroh’s true purpose to pretend he is. So both of them appear in the cast determinedly clad in the colors and aesthetics of the fire nation.

Azula? Azula’s heir apparent to the throne and clings to that throughout her arc. She never takes those aesthetics off, while Zuko and Iroh, at a certain decisive point, do.

Zuko, from a design perspective, breaking from his father and his father’s kingdom is a conclusion he reaches onscreen.

Lotor, from the start, is an enemy of the empire. That makes perfect sense of so much of his behavior. His discard of Throk, his dismissal of the commanders’ show of loyalty, his stated disinterest in doing Haggar’s bidding and retaking planets that fell to the rebellion, even ones that he actually invaded like Puig- his interest in potentially recruiting them, sure, but towards something he calls “the new empire,” when Zarkon’s empire can’t be called anything like new. When Zarkon’s empire would never accept someone like the leader of Puig at the table- and yet, if Lotor was merely being deceptive, he makes it abundantly clear he didn’t need the Puigians’ cooperation to get what he was after in that situation. Making his offer seem meaningless, except to tell us that Lotor’s not on Zarkon’s side, and not serving Zarkon’s empire. He was, from the start, invested in this “new empire” without Haggar, and without Zarkon.

Lotor’s operating the way the Blade operated- he was hiding within the empire and feigning solidarity, but he was always on his own side, and nowhere was that more obvious than the aesthetics he and his conspirators wore, in their clothes, in their technology. The character bios even use a different symbol for Lotor and the generals, which is a departure from prior continuity because in DotU, Lotor stuck to Zarkon’s skull crest- the one that becomes an “X”-shape in VLD. 

Lotor’s not a Zuko because for Lotor, the line in the sand separating him and his father was drawn a long time ago. Which explains perfectly when Zarkon pretty much declares open war on his son, Lotor’s one of the only people not surprised.

This Could Be Heartbreak (mobster bucky x reader drabble)

Summary: Bucky walks in on you fucking around with his most trusted henchman, Clint Barton. 

Warnings; mentions of an affair, mobster au, angst

Word Count: 321

**tags below the cut

Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head he knew better. Clint fucking Barton knew better than to speak when a gun was pointed at him. Especially when the one who held the gun was none other than Bucky Barnes himself.

“What the fuck was you thinkin’, Barton? Huh?” Barnes prodded his temple with the barrel, grimace etched deeply on his face. “You touchin’ on my girl without my permission. Boy, you must have sniffed too much of that snow powder, huh. To think I could trust a man like you with my lady.” He sucked his teeth. “I was foolish.”

“She came onto me, Barnes!” Clint hollered out, earning a scoff from your lips. “I swear it! I’ll go under the knife if you want! Please! She-she called me over here, tellin’ me she needed help stocking the drinks. She asked for my help. Once I got here, she was sprawled out over the damn bar, showing me everything. What man wouldn’t take the chance at a lady as beautiful as her, man?”

“Is he speaking’ the truth, doll face?” Bucky’s frown turned to you, where you were lounging on the car counter, your skirt ruffed up to your thigh, torn nearly off when Clint had attempted to get his hands on your pretty skin, just before Bucky had stormed into the palace, face full of outrage. “Did you come onto my right hand man without my permission? Did you show your body to him, Y/N? Were you flirtin’ around behind my back?”

“Oh, Bucky,” you drawled out slowly, a smirk playing on your lips as you glanced between both men. “Of course not, love. Why would I ever do such a terrible thing to you? I would never approach a man without your consent, you know that. Right baby?”

Bucky licked his lips hungrily as his gaze fell upon his comrade yet again. “You’re dead meat, Barton.”

“Boss-!” Clint’s plea was drowned out by the sound of a bullet entering his skull.

Bucky grimaced as he wiped at his face where Clint’s blood had splattered. “Say, sweetheart, what’d yah say we head on over to Wilson’s place, eh? I’ll call lil ole Steve to clear up the mess here.”

“It would be my pleasure, baby.”

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Prompt: the electricity goes out on a stormy night when mike and Will are having a sleepover. Will is very scared of being cold so Mike and him create a fort with lots of warm blankets and eventually some cuddles.

At first, Will thought he went blind– or worse, been hallucinating without any real warning. He was lying on his stomach in between the coffee table and the couch in Mike’s basement, sketching out a character for their new campaign. Mike was on the couch, feet stretched over Will and resting on the coffee table. Their day of hanging out turned into a sleepover when a sudden storm began drenching the town and making the roads unsafe. Will didn’t mind; Mike always gave the best descriptions to draw from. They made a great creative team. Will put down his pencil to reach for an eraser when the basement disappeared from view. Everything went to complete darkness.

“Mike!” Will cried, suddenly pushing himself up onto his arms. “Mike?”

“I’m right here.” Mike answered, his fumbling hand reaching out and grabbing Will’s shoulder. “A powerline went down. You’re okay.”

“Okay. Sorry.” Will swallowed the screams in his throat. The darkness still scared him; he had to have at least one light on in his room constantly to convince himself he was in the real world. It was helpful he at least had Mike if nothing else.

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By the Dim and Flaring Lamps: Part One, Chapter Three

Previous: One | Two

JULY 2, 1863

Gradually, the thick musket smoke begins to clear, and the regiment sets about taking stock of its losses. Mulder and his men begin the dreaded, painful process of identifying their dead, all of them clinging to a faint hope as they cautiously nudge each still figure lying on the ground, praying to themselves that the man has only been knocked unconscious and will spring back to his feet at any moment, good as new. Once in a great while this turns out to be the case… but for the most part, these men have been lost. The surviving soldiers carefully relieve the bodies of their personal effects, their photographs and their saved letters and their bibles, stowing them away to be sent back home to their families at the first opportunity.

Scully approaches Mulder, his freckled face downcast and a good deal paler than usual. He’s clutching a folded, bloodstained piece of paper in his hand, which is shaking slightly.

“What’s that you’ve got there, Private?” Mulder asks, as Scully stops in front of him. In answer, Scully unfolds the piece of paper, which, on closer inspection, Mulder can see is a relatively brief letter, written in Scully’s own careful hand.

The name signed at the bottom of the page, however, is Private James Halsey’s.

“I’ll have to copy it over again before I sent it,” Scully says, his voice subdued. “I don’t want his wife and son to have to read his final words on a piece of paper stained with his blood.” Mulder nods stiffly.

“That’s probably wise,” he agrees, his voice breaking. Scully pretends not to notice as he folds the letter back up and tucks it away, and together, they continue with the grim and grisly work of identifying the lost, of doing their best to make sure that no family back at home will be left wondering about the fate of their husbands or their brothers, their fathers or their sons.

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It was still dark out, the winter slowly taking shape as it had arrived with shorter days and colder nights. A blue-gray sky outside lit up with the orange light of the lampposts. Fog rolled through the tall buildings and covered Brooklyn in a sheet of smudged brown and gray.

The orange from the lampposts streamed in through the uncovered windows of the loft and fell upon the ground and up on the bed where two bodies lay, flushed together, one man on top of the other.

The sound of giggles and soft laughter filled their early morning and made 6am seem a little bit brighter than it actually was. The rustling of sheets and blankets as the two men moved around on the bed caused the blankets to fall onto the ground.

“Shit!” Alec murmured as the cold early morning air hit his naked backside, causing unpleasant shivers to run down his spine, and he curled up next to Magnus to engulf himself in the warmth his body radiated. Magnus chuckled in return and with a snap of his fingers and a flash of blue sparks, the blankets were all in place, covering both of them as they settled next to each other.

“That’s what you get for waking me up at an ungodly hour of the day,” said Magnus and closed his eyes as he once again felt Alec’s lips on his neck, soft and damp from previous kisses.

“I know,” he sighed in response and in between kisses. “But I’m going to be out all day and all night for the new recruits. Who knows when I’ll see you again?”

“I always thought I was the one with a flair for the dramatics?” Magnus said in mock offense. Alec hovered above him, arms stretched on either sides of his shoulders and looked down at him with a raised eyebrow.

Bending his arms he came down to place a soft kiss to Magnus’ already kiss-swollen lips. He repeated the movement a couple of times, kissing Magnus softly each time, before Magnus himself put a finger to his lips.

“Are you doing push-ups in bed or are you being a tease?” he asked with a playful smile ghosting his lips.

Alec huffed out a laugh and came down on top of him. With his legs straddling Magnus’ and his arms tucked behind Magnus’ back, he snuggled his face into his neck. His scent of sandalwood, sleep and magic lingered to his body and as Alec opened his mouth to place languid kisses on his crows bone he could taste a faint trace of sweat.

A soft moan escaped Magnus lips as he felt Alec’s tongue caressing his skin, and his breath hitched when Alec’s teeth grazed his crows bone as Alec began moving his mouth further down.

With a hand running through his hair, Magnus gently tucked at the strands for Alec to come back. Their lips met again more fervently this time and Magnus slung his arms around him and held him close. The gentle press of tongue against tongue was familiar and welcomed as it spread warmth through their bodies.

“I don’t want to go,” Alec breathed as they pulled away only to leave their foreheads touching. Magnus dug his nose into Alec’s cheek and sat up, pushing Alec up in the movement. 

Alec sat with his head thrown back and sighed heavily, licking his lips and rubbing a palm all over his face to wipe sleep away. Magnus looked at him and the way the streetlight and dawning light lit his pale skin and the dark runes, and in that moment Magnus didn’t want him to go either.

Please imagine:

Alec venting to Magnus about how both his parents are excusing Robert cheating as complicated.

“How is it complicated? They made a commitment to each other when they got married. They declared to each other to cherish and be faithful to each other. They made a promise, and he broke that in the worst way possible.”

“I’m not going to defend what your father did, but maybe they think it’s complicated because of a mix of emotions. Or maybe they just fell out of love.”

“That doesn’t make it complicated. It’s still wrong. When you commit yourself to someone- just- if he stopped loving mom, then he should have just TOLD her, instead of going behind everyone’s backs and cheating. It doesn’t happen a lot, but they could have gotten divorced. At least that way everything would be clear, and no one could bullshit about it being complicated.”

(uncertain intermission)

Alec: “Like, if you ever stopped loving me, you wouldn’t cheat and say ‘It’s complicated.’ You would be honest, tell me, and yeah it would HURT, but it would hurt a lot more to find out you didn’t love me and were seeing someone else.”

“And what about you? You promise to tell me if you ever stop loving me?”

“What? That’s never going to happen. I’m never going to stop loving you Magnus.”

And Magnus would just pause to stare at Alec with this look mixed between “Holy shit.” and “I love you so much.”

Alec’s expression more says “Obviously.”

After a minute or so, Magnus would reply quietly, “The same goes for me. I’ll never stop loving you too Alexander.”

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Dear Old Hag don't sneak up behind me and rub my back you're in my personal space and I'm not your friend have your son teach hands to yourself 😡 And don't laugh when I ask you as calmly as I can to not touch me it isn't funny.

#do you know what this does tho??#it makes what dreamer did acceptable#not just the whole memory thing#but the aftermath of it#the not telling her#the excuses#the snarky comment she made behind her back#if they do develop a friendship from now#it wouldn’t be genuine#and it would literally be the writers shitting on clarice’s character#and they done did that just now#by making HER apologise ( bitch for what?? )#AND going against the v thing she was anti#they made it okay by making a victim of dreamers actions utilise her powers#i am so disgusted#the most ooc bullshit ive ever seen in my life#and don’t let me get started on how this potentially developing relationship between clarice and dreamer#is gonna make things even more complicated between thunderblink via @bisexualblink

!!!! this is exactly what i couldn’t articulate. LIKE FOR WHAT. y’all had Clarice tell her that her abilities are wrong.. had her sticking to her guns about it and Sonia’s treatment of her.. only to turn around and ask her to use them.. LIKE, WTF. 

if they wanted to have Clarice put aside her feelings and ask Sonia for the sake of the little girl, it could’ve at least be done WITHOUT the apology. she didn’t do shit to Miss Pink Smoke. and don’t even get me started on this tragic love triangle. i’m already tired. should’ve known better than to trust a woc in these writer’s hands. 


I wrote this a while ago but forgot to upload it sorry 

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Akko stared incredulously at the sheet of paper in her hands, reading it over again and again, not sure what to do in response. When she saw a note folded up on her desk when she entered the classroom, she had expected it to say the same kind of mean or cruel thing that she knew people said about her - both behind her back, and to Akko directly - or some kind of reminder to do something, not this!

“Akko? Are you OK?”

Akko shook her head as Lotte’s concerned voice shook her out of her stupor. “Y-yeah, I’m fine, just…”

Lotte and Sucy each looked over Akko’s shoulder at the sheet of paper as Lotte read it out loud.

Kiss Diana. It’ll be fine.

“Hey! Don’t read it out loud!” Akko exclaimed, pulling the paper towards her away from prying eyes.

Akko held the paper out in front of her again, staring at it intensely.

“Whatcha got there?”

Akko looked up to see Amanda standing next to the desk quizzically. Akko didn’t have a chance to react as the American snatched the paper out of her hands, reading it before smirking at Akko.

“Look, it was just sitting there on my desk!” Akko defended, holding up her hands defensively. “In fact…” Akko slammed her hand on the desk as she stood up, pointing an accusatory finger at Amanda. “I bet you were the one who left it there in the first place!”

“I did not!”

“Who else would do something like this?”

“What is this commotion about?”

“D-DIANA!?” Akko exclaimed, turning towards the blonde who stood in the doorway, arms crossed with an unimpressed expression.

Akko paled as Amanda’s expression turned malicious, a devilish smirk on her face as she chuckled darkly.

“Someone left this note on Akko’s desk.”

“AMANDA GIVE THAT BACK” Akko jumped up, trying to grab the sheet of paper as Amanda held it above her head, putting her other hand on top of Akko’s head to keep her down.

Diana walked up to them unamused, holding out her hand expectantly. Amanda calmly placed the note in Diana’s waiting hand. Akko leapt forward for it as Diana turned away and unfolded the paper, Akko falling comically to the ground.

Akko clambered onto her feet as Diana read over the paper repeatedly, the tips of her ears going pink.

“Y-you…said that someone left this note on your desk, is that correct?”

“Not just anyone! I’m sure it was Amanda!”

“I told you, it wasn’t me!”

“I would have to agree with Amanda,” Diana stated, turning back to face the others now that the heat in her cheeks had faded.


“Wait really?”

Diana nodded. “The handwriting differs far too much for it to be Amanda’s, and I can’t imagine her using this kind of language.”

Amanda grinned smugly as Akko pouted, crossing her arms. “Fine, fine…”

Diana glanced down at the page for a second before meticulously folding it up and placing it back on the desk. She stepped forward, standing beside Akko to quietly speak into her ear.

“Regardless of who left the note, it does contain some pretty good advice. Perhaps you should try it some time.”

Akko froze in her spot as Diana continued past her and up the stairs to her desk.

“W-wait, Diana!”

Akko ran up the stairs and grabbed onto Diana’s sleeve. The blonde turned around, her face aflame as Akko pulled her close, pressing her own lips against Diana’s.

She pulled away after a few seconds, her face burning. Diana’s fair skin had turned completely red and Akko was certain she looked just as flushed. The rest of the class had turned to look at them, hushed murmurs filling the silence.

“I-I didn’t mean right now!” Diana stuttered, reaching up to pull her hat over her face before realising she wasn’t wearing one, instead just covering her face with her hand.

“S-sorry!” Akko pulled away frantically. “Sorry, I just assumed, um, sorry-”

Akko’s rambling was cut off as Diana pulled her back, wrapping her arms around the Japanese witch for a prolonged kiss. Akko stood in shock for a few seconds before melting into the kiss, holding on to Diana as she tilted her head, deepening the kiss. Diana’s lips were even softer than they looked, fitting together with Akko’s perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle.

The kiss was over as sudden as it began as Diana pulled away, resting her forehead against Akko’s and looking into her eyes with so much passion that Akko’s legs felt like jelly. The rest of the class had gone silent, but the two didn’t really care.

Suddenly, Diana’s face flushed and she turned away from Akko and walked up her desk in silence, sparing her teammates no more than a passing glance as they gaped at her, leaving Akko standing on the steps, watching her friend- or was she her girlfriend now? - take out her notebook and read over her notes.

Akko shook her head, attempting to sort out her thoughts as she sat in her own seat. She briefly glanced to at the green team, where Constanze was giving her a thumbs up.  

the world is yours, starting from now

“I need you to understand. I’m not offering you this opportunity out of pity. I’m offering this out of genuine respect.”

“And because you think I can change the world, somehow.”

“In a way. In your hands, One For All would not only do what it was meant to do, but you would have a greater potential for changing things for the better, should you decide to.”

“…And what if I say no?”

“Then that will be your choice.”

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Part 3 in the Take Me As I Am series.


Chapter 2

“Aizawa-sensei, you’re back!”

“Whoa, should you really be out of the infirmary?”

“It’s nothing,” Aizawa says, but even by Katsuki’s standards, the amount of bandages wrapped around him isn’t nothing. And he says this from the perspective of someone who’s got nerve damage in his hands from the amount of firepower he used, as well as the scars to show for it. The bastard’s face is almost completely obscured, save small slits for his eyes, nose and mouth. His arms are also wrapped and held up with slings.

An image comes back to him - the bastard, defiant to the last, jerking his head up, eyes blazing red as he’d desperately tried to save Tsuyu from Shigaraki’s Quirk. He’d had blood streaming down his face and bones broken, but he’d still fought the Noumu’s grip until the creature had smashed his face into the concrete. 

And if rumors are to be believed, the bastard had been pushing himself in those final moments, and as a cost his Quirk is unstable. Whether that means he has to blink more, or his Erasure isn’t as strong, Katsuki doesn’t know. He isn’t about to ask either, because he knows the bastard won’t tell him. 

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You know, there’s something that’s been bothering me about the whole deal with Monster bash, and that’s why did Star not look into the location she chose for the party?

I mean she could have, I don’t know, mentioned to her mom that she was throwing a party to strengthen the peace between Monsters and Mewmins and asked if this abandoned temple was a good idea because this literally meant the world to her. And before someone says something about her wanting to do this behind her mom’s back, let me remind you.

She had a petition signed by EVERY KINGDOME, her mom couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to. Maybe she could have found out a few things like … well …

Like how that temple was Meteora’a nursery? Or maybe she didn’t even have to mention that, just say to pick someplace else? It seems like a massive oversight for her, I mean what was she thinking when she picked out … wait,

She … didn’t … pick it out … wait a second, didn’t Rich give a whole speech about wanting to follow Star’s lead? He seems less likely to forget something like this, why would he-

Oh … you don’t think … I mean sure, Marco broke his leg but … he wouldn’t purposefully ruin Star’s party because of something like that, would he? His people are nice, they like being part of Mewni so why would-

… um … okay … why was it against pigeon law to learn to speak the Mewni tongue?

Pretend? Wait a second, you don’t think … I mean they did take that castle by force … and they are new … and rich … but … the pigeons aren’t evil … are they?

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Sam and scruff 😏😏😏

Sam right out of the shower was a true sight to behold. Clean shaven, hair slicked back behind his ears, firm chest glistening with lingering drops of water; it was incredible, more than sexy, and often hard to resist.

But the Sam that really drove you wild, the Sam you looked forward to all damn day was Evening Sam. Evening Sam was a rough and tired Sam. The Sam whose cheeks had grown dark with stubble, whose hair was curled with sweat, whose tshirt clung to his chest and stomach with the heat and dirt of a long day. Now that Sam was the one you truly could not resist.

When the day was done and the door locked, you would attack, jumping into his waiting arms and pressing your nose into the crook of his neck, drinking in the intoxicating scent. Sweat mixed with the lingering remains of his aftershave turned a key deep inside of you and you breathed deeply each night before pulling him to bed.

His arms were strong, stretching the tight fabric of his shirt as he hovered above you, his damp hair tickling your cheeks. His lips were soft but his chin rough, and you shivered as his scruffy cheeks made their way slowly down you body, stopping to appreciate each magical inch that drove you wild.

His scruff would burn against your thighs, scraping with a delicious pain while his tongue kept you distracted. When you broke, shouting his name into the darkness, Sam would bring his shadowed cheeks back up to kiss you breathless while he rocked you into the firm mattress.

Oh, how you loved Evening Sam…

One Word Drabbles!

‘Caught Having Sex’

Hello, I would like to place an order for Shuichi and S/o caught having sex. I don’t know if this has been done or asked before

Anon do I have something for you! NSFW below the cut! I do hope you like it!

-Mod Korekiyo

•Shuichi was worried about doing this with you while his friend needed a place to stay

•You held back your lust for one another but after a few days of flirting behind Kaitos back you couldn’t help it

•When Kaito left for a doctors appointment, Shuichi pounced you, pushing everything off the kitchen table and practically tearing off your clothes

•He was nibbling Into your neck, taking it nice and slow with you

•lightly thrusting and caressing you, struggling to last longer

•He wanted to be like this forever

•It didn’t take long for Shuichi to cum, pulling out of you and finishing it onto the kitchen table

• Collapased onto you, sloppily kissing your lips as he rode down his high.



•Shuichi folded the tablecloth over you, mumbling together some apology

•Kaito just kept laughing

•You were pretty much just laying there hoping that something would kill you right now

•Eventually, Kaito did leave, still making fun of Shuichi and his table manners

•you wrapped the table cloth around you both, giving him a reassuring smile

•He did smile back

•but inside you were both incredibly embarrassed

•And Kaito never stopped talking about

• And he refuses to eat at the kitchen table

-Mod Korekiyo