Ain’t No Sunshine

Marvel Writing Challenge: bovaria vs. pymparticlez

Prompt: Muffins

Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Word Count: 729

Tags: Fluff, canon.

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The forest spread out vast and endless from T’Challa’s window. With his hands behind his back, he took a deep breath as he took in the beauty before him. He smiled to himself. He always enjoyed being here, in the quiet of isolation and without the interruption of the city, the horns of cars, people screaming, and everyone wanting just a bit of his time for whatever little problem they had.

There was a soft knock on the door and T’Challa turned, inhaling sharply, expecting to see you. The disappointment stabbed sharp at him as a Dora Milaje walked in instead. She informed him about the presence of a few ministers wanting to discuss political affairs with him. T’Challa bit down on his tongue and nodded, following the woman out of the room and towards a conference room that had been readied for them.

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➳ (Niall)

It was terrible. One night, Paulina was reading in her bedroom, a few minutes later she was not in her house. She had been taken by some knights. She was really frightened, and tried to get out of their grip. There wasn’t a thing that she had done. But she was being tied up tightly. “Let me go!” She growled looking up at her captors. To keep her quiet, he gagged her with a cloth. “MMMPPHHH!” She groaned.

Finally after being tied up very tightly and her hands handcuffed behind her back, she was thrown in front of a man. She didn’t know who this man was. “Prince Niall, this is the girl that you wanted right? You saw her in the market that one day?” One of the men said.

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Yato dropped out of the air "Yato delivery god at your service" he said as he landed on his feet "you called?"

“Whoa… didn’t actually think you would show up.” Dead Master placed her hands behind her back. “Alright… I’m going to ask for something and you have to make it come true.” Dead Master demanded.

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Hey!! It's me again :) The story(that's kind of blown over now but is still nice to know) is that Evan and his girlfriend broke up. But as "celebration" a lot (supposedly) of people were tagging Vanoss and Delirious in like h2ovanoss stuff?? So a lot of artists and writers left the ship as to not be associated with it. It seems like the drama only lasted a few weeks

Woah! Really?! I had no idea they’d broken up. I always thought they were adorable (I do follow her on snapchat) but to each their own. Drama usually does die down within a few days or weeks thank goodness, and I hope the talented artists and writers come back (though I can see why a few bad apples drove them away temporarily) But I had no idea! Wow! I’m so behind on my news and posting. I’m sorry y’all, I’ve been busy with school and dual enrollment classes. It’s my senior year in high school so I’m very busy applying to colleges and everything, so I’m really behind on my fandom things. 

Master Balthazar

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Pairing: Dom!Balthazar x Sub!reader
Word count: 1,200
Warnings: Swearing, PWP
Request: Anonymous. May I ask for a smutty Dom!Bal if you do that sort of thing? Thank you!
A/N: Shout out to the lovely @lovetusk for trying to get me past my writer’s block and giving me ideas. And a HUGE thank you to @roxy-davenport for her help.

Licking your lips, you looked up at him through your lashes. You were on your knees, hands tied behind your back. He had told you to keep your knees apart, preventing you from rubbing your thighs together. You were completely bare to him, save for the collar attached to your restraints, and slight blush forming over your whole body. “Such a good kitten.” Balthazar smirked. You whimpered around the ball gag in your mouth. It was a lesson from your last “play time” with him. You made a note to ask that he use it more often.

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Genre: Fluff(?)
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Summary: Fated(?) meeting with a stranger

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Face crunched up in a frown, you slung your free hand behind to massage your sore back. This had been going on for weeks, and the pain didn’t go away. Even the specialist at the hospital couldn’t find anything wrong. Leaning back into your chair, you sighed, recalling the events of that day.

A few weeks back

You were taking your time on the way to school, enjoying the cool breeze of autumn. You often regretted not staying in dorm - the 90-minute travel often proved a hassle in muddy spring and gloomy winter. But day like this was some sort of consolation, and you grinned while humming along to the song playing on your phone. It almost felt like nothing could go wrong. 

I spoke too soon, was the thought you had when something immediately happened after.


A loud collision, followed by scalding wetness. “Ah, fuck!” You fell on your ass, hitting the rough concrete. Of course now the natural assumption would be that your notes were flying everywhere and your textbooks got totally soaked, but you weren’t the kind of idiot that wears a backpack and doesn’t put anything in it. Having free hands are important. Fortunately, the fall did not hurt much, but the scalding hot liquid which you assumed to be coffee did. A lot. Looking down at, you sarcastically thanked yourself for choosing to wear a pristine white shirt that day. Great. Now I have this wonderful brown stain for contrast.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Are you alright?!” A delicate voice disrupted you from your thoughts. “Let me help you up.”

You grabbed the hand that was held out, and stood up rather grumpily. “That coffee might as well have a hazard label on it. My skin is burning.”

“I’m sorry! Let me take a look!”

You smirked, pointing at the tiny spot giant patch of brown on your chest. “What? You burned me with your devil coffee and now you want to strip me?”

Caught off guard by your statement, the person’s face became plastered with pink. “I’m.. I’m sorry. Should we go to the hospital?”

It was only then that you finally took a good look at the person in front of you. Soft orange hair rested on a small, petite face. Small button nose, crescent moon eyes, plump lips. It was a face that screamed “adorable”. And especially so when flustered by your snarky remark.

“Sounds good. You’re paying the bills if it’s anything serious.” You glared at him. It was truly annoying when something like this happened, but at the same time, you secretly enjoyed his reactions.

“Of course! I’m really really sorry!” He stammered.

Ten minutes passed, and both of you were in a cab going towards the nearest hospital. Undoing the first few button, you cooled the wound with an ice packet. You clicked your tongue, looking at the huge red blotch on your chest. I probably can sue him for this. Or Starbucks. Or both. 

“How.. How is the burn? Is it bad?”

Turning your head, you found the young man looking out of the car’s window, but it was clear his ear was bright red. Are you a child? You chuckled quietly. “It seemed worse than I thought.” A thought lit up, and your grinned wickedly. “But it’s definitely gonna leave a big scar.”

Just as expected, he turned around at the speed of lightning, his face resembled The Scream so much it broke your facade. “Oh god! What are we gonna do?!”

You laughed. “Relax, relax. I’m just playing with you. It’s not THAT serious. But sure hurts like a bitch though.”

The panicking man gave a heavy sigh and flopped back into the seat. “You’re a bit mean, lady. But still, I’m sorry.”

“Alright, careless stranger.” You chuckled before wincing at the pain.

There weren’t much interesting exchange during the ride, or at the hospital. The doctor announced it would at worst leave a small scar, but you shouldn’t move around much for the next week. The man looked so apologetic that he was almost pitiful, and offered to help you the next few days after paying the bills, muttering some silly lines about leaving a scar on a girl’s body.

“That would be more troublesome than it is helpful.” You sighed.

The man hesitated before fumbling through his pockets to take out a business card. “Alright. Here’s my contact details. If you need anything, contact me on the dot, don’t worry about it.”

You took the business card, reading its content out loud. “Park Jimin. Freelancer.” You chuckled. Even his name sounded cute. “Here’s my number. I’m Y/N, if you haven’t caught the nurse calling me over the past hour.”

He nodded. “I know. Sorry that we have to meet like this. Just call me if you notice anything strange.”

You smiled, “You settled the bill, that’s enough. Well… I guess this is goodbye, Park Jimin. Don’t try to scar any more people on your way back.”

He chuckled nervously, helped you into your cab, and you went your separate ways.

That night, you were woken up by a throbbing pain. Not from the burn on your chest, but from your right shoulder blade.


Sprawling over your desk, you groaned in frustration. The burn had healed significantly, leaving only a small mark some distance below your collar bone. But the pain on your back remained consistent, no, in fact, it was getting worse everyday. Did that coffee also happen to be radioactive? What kind of superhero would I be then? You gruntled sarcastically.

The fall hadn’t been terrible, left for a few scrapes on your elbows that already healed. And that man. There was nothing strange about him either. Well, maybe except for his charmingly adorable self. Maybe I’m just growing old. And with a sigh, you decided that it was enough studying for the day and headed out for a walk.

The street was unsurprisingly scarce for a cold Thursday evening. You tightened your scarf, regretting not to wear more in such weather. But the crisp air was pleasing, and soon you didn’t mind the chilly night so much. You stare absentmindedly at your surroundings - the street was almost empty, save for some hurried suits, probably on the way home from work. Stores were starting to close up, and you felt some sort of strange loneliness as the lively shop lights turned off one by one. Sometimes you wondered why. Why this place? You had the choice of better schools in bigger cities, there were even one near your family’s home. But the moment you knew of this place, it became somewhere you needed to be. A strange fascination that your family and friends still could not fathom and you sometimes questioned. 

Suddenly, something caught your attention. A bright orange that stood out from the dull colours of the night. Maybe it’s him. You chuckled, quickly dismissing the wistful thought. But you couldn’t stop your eyes from following. The figure was walking towards your direction before stopping abruptly in their track. It seemed like they noticed something and were looking around for it. As the distance between the two of you shrunk, you find it difficult to stop the corner of your mouth from curling upwards. It was really him, Park Jimin. He didn’t see you yet, however, as his mind was still occupied by whatever he was looking for. 

“Hey”, you called out coolly, trying to mask your excitement. 

He looked up and your eyes met. All of the sudden, you felt a stabbing pain in your heart. Do I really like him that much?

His eyes opened wide, and it took him a few seconds to speak. “… It’s really you?” Delicate voice trembled. 

“Why? Are you looking for me?” You chuckled softly at the strange demeanour.

There was no response. He just stood there, dumbfounded.

“Hello? Am I so pretty that you’ve lost your words?” You waved your hand in front of his face.

One blink. Two blink. He coughed, his once rigid posture slightly more relaxed. “I… I was looking for something. I just didn’t know that it was you.”

His words took you by surprise, but you recovered quickly. “Wow, that’s really good. Mind if I borrow that line next time?” You grinned at him.

As if his tension earlier was just a farce, he paused for a second before breaking into laughter. “Sure, sure.” He paused, expression became serious again. “Hey, do you want to get some coffee with me? Right now?”

“Err… I’m not sure coffee is a great idea. Or any hot drinks for that matter.” You smirked.

He laughed again, and it felt as if all the loneliness a few minutes ago was just an illusion. “Fine, fine. Ice-cream? Ice-cream is good too.”

You really are a child, aren’t you? You couldn’t help but smile. But upon recognizing something, your expression saddened. “Well, I don’t think anything is open at this hour.” You sighed, face gesturing to the empty street.

Jimin took a long hard look, and when he finally turned to you, there was hiding the devastation on his face. There is no need to look like that, you know. There’s always next time. You thought to yourself. But you couldn’t help seeing in his eyes so much sadness and desperation. The stabbing pain in your heart returned, and you heard yourself saying.

“Well, I have some tea in my apartment if you’d like.” As soon as you opened your mouth, you mentally knocked yourself in the head. Because inviting a stranger to your home in the middle of the night is a real safe thing to do. Good job, Y/N.

But all your worries were shoved aside when you saw his eyes lit up, lips formed into a wide smile. “I would love to.”

By the time you got to your place, the clock already rang past midnight. Taking off your scarf, you turned around to face him, only to be surprised by warm hands on your cheeks. “Your face feels so cold. It was so dark I didn’t notice. Should’ve given you my jacket.”

You blushed, pulled away from the sudden touch. “A little cold won’t kill me.” You paused. “Neither could a burn.”

He laughed. “Ouch. Sorry about that. How is it by the way?”

“Just a tiny spot. No big deal.” You proceeded to make prepare some drinks, desperate to hide your fluster.

“I’m really sorry. I got distracted and.. Now your body is scarred.”

You turned around to find him looking downcasted again, absentmindedly playing with his sweater sleeves. You loved how his emotions were always proudly on display, so unlike yourself.

“Hey”, you said gently, walking towards him, “if it doesn’t hurt me, why should it hurt you? Don’t dwell too much on it.” You leaned on the couch, looking up at him. “Unless I am defected to you now.”

“No.” He responded immediately, locking his eyes upon yours. “It’s perfect.” A pause. “You’re perfect.” 

As his hand gently played with soft strands in your hair, your gaze remained locked, and you could feel so vividly the beating of your heart. It didn’t help that he was leaning closer and closer, as if the bashful person a few seconds ago was just a facade.

“Are you going to kiss me?” You whispered, desperate to win some control over yourself.

His face is so close that you could feel the tingle of his warm breath on your cheeks.


And with one word, your lips gently clashed against each other. The fingers that were running through your hair were now gently cupping your face, so careful as if scared to break you. You felt a sting in your heart which soon became so erratic that you had to held on to his sweater. As your lips continued to crash, you felt a velvet wetness against your bottom lips, and you sighed, allowing him to have more. Soon he was exploring the inside of your mouth, slowly savouring the taste of your tongue. Your head was in such a haze, you didn’t notice that he had held you up and let you straddle him on the couch. 

As his hand moved down the curve of your back, you felt a pain so agonizing you had to pull back. Not now, damn it. You let out a yelp. Your shoulder blade felt like it was ripping open. Without a word, Jimin pulled you closer, let you bury your face in the crook of his neck. The excruciating pain somehow was still able to increased exponentially, and you clung on tightly to his body. It was as if something was trying to get out. No! It’s too much! Stop it!

And stop it did. It almost felt like a release. And right when it disappeared, was the sound of birds flapping their wings. Wait, what? You turned around, and froze in horror.

White. Spotless, pearly white. Span from your shoulder blade all the way to your feet, large enough to cover your entire body and more. Wing. Just one. And you heard the sound again, but not from yourself this time. Pitch black this time, but just as immense as the one coming out of your body. And just one too. You looked at Jimin, loss for words.

He smiled gently, his wet eyes twinkled knowingly. “I’ve finally found you.”

Looking back at Zen's Route

Ok, I feel guilty now.
When I was playing this, I felt so intimidated by Jaehee, she was so against me dating Zen, I was actually starting to get mad at her.
Now- I feel so bad… before you, she was the newcomer- the novelty, she was the GIRL. She met Zen, the actor she admired, and even though he didn’t really notice her, she got to be close to him.
Then you show up.
And everyone talks about how cute you are.
And everyone loves you.
Including Zen.
She couldn’t get him to notice her, but you just showed up and he is smitten with you. She says it’s about his career, that it’s for the fans, but in reality she is jealous.
She wishes she was you, but at the same time, she can’t help but like you too.
Be gentle with her, be nice to her, and just realize that every time you hold Zen, you’re holding her dream in your arms.


Hux really wished people would stop staring at him and talking about him behind his back. Just because he read, instead of rolling around in the mud with the pigs didn’t mean he was crazy. 

“Rather handsome-” 

“Beautiful, more like-” 

“Hair like strawberries-” 


“Too skinny-” 

He gritted his teeth, keeping his nose resolutely in his book as he walked home. When he got there, he saw he had a letter from his parents, inviting him to their place. He hadn’t seen them in quite a while, so he figured he might as well. It wasn’t too far to their village, so if he started walking now he should make it there before dark. He put on some gloves and a heavy cloak, there was snow on the ground and it was cold. 

He set out, but he hadn’t gone more than halfway before a storm hit. The snow swirled and he kept resolutely making his way forward, even though he couldn’t see the path and had no idea if he was following it or not. He came to an abrupt stop when he saw an iron fence in front of him. He could barely make out the outline of a castle in front of him. He wasn’t sure where he was, but he needed to shelter or he would freeze to death. 

He climbed over the fence and walked toward the castle, pushing open the large iron door with a creak. It looked abandoned, and when he shut the door behind him it proved a little relief from the chill. He didn’t notice the whispers that started up around him as he looked around.

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V for Yoosung please 😍

(I’m gonna have him do it on a female partner. Also, please specify if you’d like an imagine or headcanons next time.)

“Not so innocent now, huh?”

The smaller vibrations inside your already soaking wet sex made you quiver. Hands behind your back, you arch, trying to brush your thighs together as he holds them apart.


He smiled wickedly, the slim fingers tracing your opening just barely so, his thumb moving the which for the viberator to speed up.

“Yoo-Yoosung! Ahhh~” Your moans and his whimpers of his name weren’t going unknown, as he quickly pushed your legs apart again, chuckling as he brought his lip to nibble on your clit.

He wasn’t innocent to you anymore, right?

He had to make sure.

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This probably was not what you were asking for. My b.


Lydia watched as Kent made his way through security line. She smiled and waved every time he looked back, glad that he was too far to see how much of a wreck she was in. The further he got down the line, the harder it was to see him with more and more people lining up to get through.

She never thought of Kent as small since her son had bene taller than him since he was in the fifth grade, but seeing him disappear behind the crowd brought her back to every time she ever lost her son in a crowd.

This wasn’t fear, though. This was just bittersweet.

She caught one last glimpse of him before she turned to walk out of the airport and to her car. By the time she stepped into her car, she was crying without shame. Her baby boy would be miles away from her. Even this small amount of distance was hard.

She waited in the parking lot, not wanting to leave until Kent was on his plane. If he ran out of the airport and into the car, she would hug him, kiss him, take him home, and not talk about this any further. She would still love him the same.

But she knew Kent wouldn’t do that.

An hour passed before she received a phone call from him telling him they were finally boarding.

“I love you so much, mom.”

“I love you, baby.” She paused to cough. It was so hard to speak. “Call me when you land.”

She hung up, shed a few more tears, then drove home.

She walked into her home, looked around, and sighed. It would be just her for a few months until Kent came home for Christmas.

It had been her and Kent for so long. She didn’t know how long it would take to get used to being in a big house all alone.

She was tempted to walk to Kent’s room and just make sure everything was in place, but she stopped herself. She didn’t want to start crying again.

Instead, she went to the kitchen and grabbed two wine glasses from the cupboard and a bottle of wine from the rack. She popped it open and sat down at the island. She poured two glasses and smiled.

“You’d be so proud of our baby, George. So damn proud,” she whispered. She picked up her glass and tipped it to clink the other. “To him.”


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