That was such a great episode!

I loved how Sastiel finally confessed their undying love for each other

I mean, it took a while

They didn’t know how to tell Dean

they kept having to go behind his back and keep their calls private

But they finally told him

And Charlie was Cas’s maid of honor at the wedding

And Dean was best man

And Claire was the flower girl
Even though she’s pretty old. She was cool with it.

And Dean cried many manly tears

Nobody died

It was an amazing episode

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would you have some tips to draw hands ? Cause it's sooo hard to do ! >__<

Tip 1: If you have a hard time drawing hands, do not hide your hands behind your characters back or behind trees or some dumb shit like that otherwise you’ll never learn. Try to draw hands in every picture, that way you’ll learn how to draw them faster and they’ll get easier each time you draw them.

Tip 2: I usually draw a base off the wrist first and then add the fingers on after like this!

Sometimes I’ll draw em’ pointy or squared depending on character. (I of course won’t leave them that pointy in the picture, it’s just a base. Unless they’re monster hands or somethin’).

Tip 3: Remember your joints and that fingers aren’t all the same length, I suggest using guidelines like these if you have trouble drawing them off by heart.

Say something in Mandarin,” said Tessa, with a smile.
Jem said something that sounded like a lot of breathy vowels and
consonants run together, his voice rising and falling melodically: “Ni
hen piao liang.”
“What did you say?” Tessa was curious.
“I said your hair is coming undone — here,” he said, and reached out
and tucked an escaping curl back behind her ear. Tessa felt the blood
spill hot up into her face, and was glad for the dimness of the
carriage. “You have to be careful with it,” he said, taking his hand
back, slowly, his fingers lingering against her cheek.” 
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince
—  Actually he said your beautiful in manderin📖💖

Louis’ that friend that called zayn all kinds of racist shit behind his back but asked if he could go shisha with him and his cool mates

DAY 126/365
Part 2 of 2

There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. - Pr. 18:24

My dear sister,

2 things to remember to when it comes to dealing with friends + relationships

1. Encourage your friends
We live in a world where people don’t hesitate at all to express their opinions on their friends’ relationships. Tonight I just want to encourage you that even though there’s so much pressure to talk about people’s relationships or singleness behind their backs, let’s be the kind of women who continue to encourage and pray for our friends when it comes to their singleness and the people they date. Of course we should always hold one another accountable, but let us be careful as followers of Christ that we don’t tear them down in the process. Let’s continue to encourage our friends to make good choices, even when their pressured to do what’s wrong. Let’s not just talk about doing it…let’s encouraging them! Let’s not let our friends fall!

2. Be an example
It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel at times, your friends DO notice your actions and you have the ability to inspire them to make better decisions! This is true even when you’re single. When you make that choice to stop texting that guy who is not respecting you, you just might inspire your friend to do the same with that guy who is not respecting her. When you tell your friend that you’re praying for God to strengthen your heart when it’s been broken, she just might ask you to pray with her if she ends up dealing with the same thing. We live in a world where so many people are recklessly entering and leaving relationships and are clueless about their worth. Their breaking each others hearts and getting more and more broken themselves by the day. The way that we can begin to see a change is by building up our friends and encouraging them to embrace their worth in Christ. Let’s remind them that they don’t have to settle for just any relationship.
Single, dating, engaged, married–let’s BE the example and inspire our friends to see their worth!

Biblical context + further reading: Pr. 18
Photo credit: @thedailychat + @godsetme_free - a real couple!

Title: N/A

Summary: Naruto gets a little rough.

Words Count: 1,351

Pairings: NaruHina

Rated: M

A/N: Hope you guys will enjoy this short one-shot of my first smut fic! Really, it’s my first time writing smut so I’m really a noob! Also, I can’t seem to come up with a title for this fic so I’m going to leave it blank. If you do perhaps have a name for it, feel free to hit me up!  




Hinata whimpered, her body smashed against the cold wall as a certain blonde held her wrists and holding it behind her back while he trailed sloppy kisses from her chin to her neck, “N – Naruto-kun,” she moaned sensually, feeling her hormones rise. “We have get back downstairs. Sakura-chan and the others are probably waiting for us.”

The blonde growled suddenly as he dry humped her from behind and bit her earlobe, “Trust me baby, they’re not,” he whispered huskily into her ear, making the hairs on her body stick out. “Remember, we all came here as couples, I’m sure the other three would be ecstatic to be left alone like us.”

Naruto smirked when he felt Hinata shuddered under his touch. Damn, he wanted her even more when she tried to refuse him.

And as he unlocked her hands from her back, he quickly pinned them to the wall much like how he had done to her body. His eyebrows furrowed annoyingly as he decided dry humping Hinata with her clothes still on was not satisfying. So he reached down to her stomach where the hem of her shirt was and lifted it all the way up to below her chest.

“Ugn… Hinata, I need you to step back a little so I can fully take off your shirt,” he desperately pleaded.

The panting girl did as told as she immediately pulled away from the wall and Naruto quickly took off her shirt, leaving only her bra on. He then moved his hands down south to her pants, pulling it down also as quickly as possible which Hinata yelped in response, “Nn… Naruto-kun, you’re being too rough,” the young maiden stated, feeling the heat inside her panties getting hotter.

She gasped when Naruto suddenly shoved his hands inside her underwear, sliding pass her shaved panty line to her clitoris. He kissed her shoulder as she moaned under his touch and bit her earlobe when she shut her legs, “Baby how are we going to finish this when you keep teasing me?” the young blonde asked, feeling his pants getting tighter.

Hinata squirmed; it was unusual for Naruto to be so rough while fore playing and it was definitely unusual for him to be so aggressive. She blamed the alcohol that they had been drinking that earlier that evening. If only Kiba had not challenged Naruto into a drinking game, the two wouldn’t have thrown up so badly that she had to help the blonde change and get stuck into this situation.

The indigo heiress bit her lips, preventing herself from screaming from pleasure as Naruto fingered her. Her panting grew louder as she began feeling her hormones rise from being touched by her husband. Geez, since when did aggressive Naruto turned her on so much? Was it just now?

Suddenly her pants was fully off and thrown to a corner somewhere in the room then her panty. Hianta gasped when she felt a slap on her ass cheeks. She shut her eyes guiltily knowing that she should be feeling pain instead of pleasure, “N – Naruto-kun, touch me more.” She pleaded shyly.

Upon hearing the sudden request, Naruto grinned and slapped her ass once more, listening to her moan with delight. He groped her breasts, squeezing them to his fulfillment and grunted when he couldn’t hold himself down anymore, “Dammit. Hinata, I – I can’t take it anymore. I need you, like right now.”

The blonde quickly took off his own pants, leaving him naked as his soiled shirt was already off from puking on it a while ago. He then reached forward to unclasped Hinata’s bra, making it fall to the floor before he grabbed her right leg and lifted her knee to a certain angle. He plunged in immediately with no warnings earning a surprised scream from Hinata.

“Sorry baby, I just couldn’t stop myself. You’re just so wet.” The blonde panted, halting himself first before moving.

Hinata squirmed when Naruto pulled out and quickly plunged in again then continued moving. Her head flew backwards, leaning against his chest as she took in the pleasurable feel given to her. Her feet would have given up on her if not for the blonde securely holding her up.

In a swift move, Naruto let go of the young Hyuuga’s leg and moved his hand up to her clitoris once again, playing with it as his other hand fondled her lovely breast. He nearly loses it when Hinata tighten around him and slowed down a bit. She always knew his weakness as well as he knew hers and that was why they were so compatible, Naruto thought.  

“Ah… I’m – I’m close, Naruto. I can’t hold it in anymore,” Hinata panted, her arms shaking as she held herself up from pinning her hands to the wall. But when she was just going to let loose, her high disappeared immediately as Naruto suddenly pulled out of her. She gasped, about to turn her head when the male lifted her off the wall and twist her around so that she was facing him now.

Naruto kissed her hungrily all the while pushing her back to the wall earning them a loud thud. He grabbed one of her legs again, cradling it around his waist and plunged right back into Hinata. He silent her loud moan with a deep kiss and pulled away quickly to rest his head on her sweaty shoulder, “Come for me, baby. I want to see how you look like when you come.”

Under control, Hinata willingly drape her arms around the blonde’s neck rocked with him in an equal rhythm. She knew they were making a ruckus but doubted the thought that anyone would hear sense most of their friends were rather drunk or the music they had played downstairs was too loud.

And so she let out a deep moan as she reached her high and tightened her grip on Naruto, feeling him also reaching his. Hinata flinched as her blonde husband pulled out of her and nearly fell to the ground when he lifted her up bridal style, “No way in hell are you falling to the floor. A princess always rest well on a comfortable bed after suck great sex,” he slyly grinned, making the timid girl blush as if she were still sixteen.

Naruto laid her gently down onto the white bed and covered her with the blanket as he too went under quickly afterwards. He smiled sweetly at her, pulling her closer so he could cradle her to sleep and kissed her on the forehead. He knew she was going to be sore tomorrow.

“Sorry Hinata, I hope I didn’t hurt you anywhere,” the blonde stated, touching her soft indigo hair as his other hand lightly massage her waist, “I was pretty rough on you.”

Naruto waited for an answer but received nothing. He furrowed his brows and pulled back a little to see her face only to see that his wife was already asleep. He chuckled and kissed her lightly on the nose before closing the gap between them again. She was definitely going to be sore tomorrow.


Naruto was gulping down a glass of orange juice when Sasuke came into the kitchen and invaded his space. The young blonde set his cup down and smiled brightly at his friend before he walked pass male.

“Must have been a hell of night for you yesterday, huh Naruto?” Sasuke asked, grabbing the blonde’s attention immediately.

Naruto quickly turned around, facing the male who looked busy as he poor water into his glass cup. He hesitated for a moment, wondering if his best friend was referring to the wasted him or to the him that had sexed with his wife. He went with the first one.    

“Ah! Yeah, it – it was,” Naruto laughed, trying to fight off his nervousness, “that Kiba, man! He could sure drink a lot.”

Sasuke snorted, setting his cup besides Naruto’s and walked towards him. He patted the blonde male by the shoulders and leaned in towards his ear, “We all heard it, Naruto.”

Xavier Amodeo, who considers himself a pacifist, told CBC’s French-language service Radio-Canada he hadn’t even joined up with other demonstrators when it happened.

“I sat on the ground, in a position where I was very vulnerable,” he said.

“I didn’t want to resist an arrest. I didn’t want to get arrested. I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

The original video, recorded by a passerby in his car and obtained by CBC/Radio-Canada on Monday, shows police holding the man’s arms behind his back and then punching him repeatedly in the face.

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Let It Rain- song by David Duchovny


If you knew me you would stay
If you knew me you would walk away
We don’t get black and white
Ours is only shadowed light

This is how it goes
One years golden and the next one blows
It could be I am wrong
Mistaking breaking dusk for dawn
You see I’ve heard of this before
My glass ceiling could be your ground floor
If I knew better I would stay
If I knew better I would walk away

Like the earth that splits and moves
Woman by her fault known
I don’t see crack and seals
Only see how the light gets in
The grey sky’s it threatens rain above
As our love it threatens pain, my love
You can’t hurt the one you already left behind
Walk it back baby take another breath rewind
And let it rain.
And let it rain

There is nothing you could do
To make me turn my back on you
There is nothing you could say
I’ve imagined worse anyway

The waves break on the shore
The shore it only waits for more
Like the earth that splits in moves
A woman by her faults known
I don’t see cracks and seals
Only see how the light gets it
The grey sky it threaten rain above
As our love I threatens pain, my love
You can’t hurt the one you’ve already left behind
Walk it back baby take another breath rewind
And let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain

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1950's Barduil AU PLEASE Like greaser Bard and prep Thranduil Or visa versa whatever floats your boat

Casual disclaimer that my knowledge of greasers and preps comes solely from Grease and my knowledge of the 1950’s is also thin so this is like an au of an au I’m sure, as well as mixing Americanisms and Briticisms, just roll with it peeps

“Hey, Bard!” Bard heard Thorin shout from behind him.

“Yeah?” Bard shouted back, not bothering to turn around from where he was leaning on his motorbike, watching the cheer squad warming up.

“You gunna stop ogling the skirts and come with us?”

“I think I’m fine right here.” Bard answered, they couldn’t see his smirk but they would know it was there just as Bard knew they were rolling their eyes.

“Whatever, we’re not waiting for you.” Thorin told him, and Bard flipped him off without looking as he heard their bikes roar to life as they sped off.

Truth was, as much as Bard liked a bit of skirt, that was most definitely not what, or rather who, he was watching.

It was easy enough to throw people off when he could say ‘the blonde with the legs’ and they made the assumption they always did as Bard smirked.

He wasn’t even lying.

He was there for the unbelievable blonde with the never ending legs.

Just the one in the indecently tight trousers, not a skirt.

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Request - Bellamy Blake

can you do #13 (i think it’s 13…“the kiss me” one?) for reader x bellamy? xx

“I’ve got a proposition for you.” He says, walking into your tent and sitting down on the bed, looking at you expectantly and you clean your boots on the floor.

“Don’t care. Get out.” You reply annoyedly.

It wasn’t as if you and Bellamy were friends and it irritates you that he would just walk into your tent and start to annoy you.

“It’s a good one. Are you sure you don’t want in?” He teases, smirking down at you as you glare at him.

Standing up, you point towards your door and Bellamy gives a tight smile before standing up, starting to walk towards the door, before he pulls something out from behind his back and waves it at you.

“The Catcher In The Rye. Perfect condition. Too bad you didn’t want to make a deal.” He smirks, walking backwards toward the door. Gasping, you move toward him, hands out trying to snatch the book, but he holds it away from you.

“Ah ah, we make a deal first.” He says victoriously, excitement running through his veins. The prospect of a deal makes you frown deeply.

“Whatever you want. Just give me the book.”

Bellamy places the book on the bed beside him and then looks you up and down, checking you out. You continue to glare at him until he opens his mouth and tells you what he wants.

“Kiss me.”

“What?” You gasp, looking at him like he was crazy.

“You heard me. Kiss me.” Bellamy repeats, grinning wildly at you as your cheeks turn pink in embarrassment. “C'mon, sweetheart. It’s a limited time offer.” Bellamy adds excitedly, knowing you would do anything for that book and he definitely knew what he wanted for it in return.

Anxiously, you take a step toward him and when he doesn’t move an inch, you walk fully over to him and he tilts his head down a little so that you were face to face. Slowly, you lean over, closing your eyes and pressing your lips against his.

That’s when Bellamy takes over, moving his lips against yours as one arm wraps around you and pulls you in closer while his other hand dives into your hair, holding your head in place as he kisses you.

Bellamy was undoubtedly a great kisser. His kisses were hot and you were honestly getting into it far more than you should have, enjoying him licking the inside of your mouth as he won the battle for dominance. You run your fingers through his hair and move them down to his chest until you reached the piece of skin exposed between his jeans and t-shirt, rubbing your fingers along his abdomen.

Bellamy starts pushing you, making you walk until your legs hit your bed and he pushes you onto it, crawling on top of you and quickly pulling his shirt over his head to give you more access to him.

Distantly, you hear the loud thump of a book dropping, but you honestly didn’t care much about that now.

“What’s the harm in one kiss?” Alistair swallowed the bundle of nerves that settled in his throat as Evelyn pressed herself against the counter opposite of him, her hands resting behind her back. She pursed her lips in thought, her eyes not meeting his.

“I mean—” Humor, Alistair. “I’m a great kisser. Too bad you’ll never know without first hand proof.”

Finally, Evelyn let out a small laugh, her eyes lifting to meet his gaze. Maker, his heart was racing. He pushed himself from the opposite counter, but paused as she flinched in her spot, eyes going wide as a small gasp left her. Alistair stood still, struggling to regain a steady heartbeat as he searched her face, watching her eyes do the same to him. He watched as her throat tightened as she gulped, lips trembling as she parted them to speak.

“I suppose…” She swallowed again and Alistair felt his heart leap out of his chest, propelling him a few steps closer to her. She tilted her head up, and it was obvious to see the nerves trembling along her skin. “One kiss couldn’t hurt…”

what am I writing?

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Omg I love this blog! So I was looking at both this blog and the brocon one and thought of this question: Who do the brothers relate to the most? And why?

omg omg I think about this so much so I’m gonna pour my heart into this one

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