behind your limits

Look, can I just say: Going into somebody’s ask on anon or joining their creative brainstorming chatroom to yell at them and call them oppressive and bad for not producing the content you want them to (which i have seen MULTIPLE EXAMPLES OF this week)

is a shitty tactic for getting people to produce the content you want.

If you’re angry because the fandom doesn’t focus enough on certain issues, yeah okay me too, and there’s a place for anger, but the sad proof is that when you want someone to do more creative work, to focus more on a certain topic, singling them out and sending them messages about how awful they are is 100% counterproductive.

Only the most robust and pliant artists will do what you want, and “robust” and “pliant” aren’t words that leap to mind when I describe general personality traits of creative people. The rest will either do the opposite of what you want out of pure obstinacy, or get so anxious and overwhelmed that they stop producing entirely. So if your intention was to make them produce what you want, you lose; if your intention was to make them so distressed that they feel unable to produce creative work that, although not to your tastes, is not actually hate speech, then congratulations you are a bully.


  • Producing the kind of content you want to see!
  • Reblogging the kind of content you want to see!
  • Leaving feedback on the kind of content you want to see!
  • Following blogs that produce the kind of content you want to see!
  • Prompting the kind of content you want to see!
  • Commissioning the kind of content you want to see!
  • Writing essays about why you want to see this kind of content!
  • Ignoring people who don’t create work relevant to you!
  • Finding people who are as upset as you about the topic you care about and building community with them!
  • Finding a support group or therapy or something!
  • Finding a different activist outlet where you can use your willingness to be assertive and righteously angry in a productive way (because this tactic is a bad one for getting art made, but a good one for, say, getting legislation passed)!
  • Petting a kitten, or smelling a flower, or like, anything!!!

And these photos were taken… at sunset…

This is why we can’t have nice things.


MODERN AU : the hamiltons

alexander  &  elizabeth  hamilton  have  eight  children  /  philip  ,  angelica  ,  aj  ,  james  ,  john  ,  william  ,  &  the  twins  :  eliza  ,  &  jeremiah  .  due  to  their  father’s  role  in  politics  being  in  the  public  eye  is  just  apart  of  their  life  ,  but  it  doesn’t  stop  them  from  being  a  normal  family  with  mischievous antics  &  a  loyalty  that  keeps  their  family  whole  against  adversity  .  nothing  can  slow  down  this  intelligent  ,  talented  ,  &  strong-willed  family  .

          ❝  embrace  all  my  darling  children  for  me    ❞

Imagine Woozi taking care of you and trying to get you to take things slower when he starts noticing that you’re working too hard.

anonymous asked:

I don't understand how you could be "art-blocked," I mean if I could actually draw like you could, I would draw everything that came to mind. Then again I can't draw so I don't really know what it's like. Why don't you draw a scene from the books when you are art blocked?

……..I…I think I should just take it as a compliment and calm down, but really, don’t you understand? If you could draw like me, you wouldn’t be able to draw everything that comes to mind, it’s just not possible. It might look easy, but the fact that I still have to work on everything I do and that it still never comes as easy to me as you might think stays.

I feel like no matter on what level you currently are, there are still people you admire and there is always, ALWAYS someone you consider better than you. There are a lot of other people you consider as ‘better’. And here comes this ‘if I could draw like them I would do that and I would do this’ part, and I feel like sometimes people really forget, that artists are just other people, just like you. The way you are limited in your own level of skill and find it super hard to draw something, they, even though they might be on higher level, ARE STILL LIMITED. Well, at least most likely they are. It’s probably not possible to be good at absolutely everything, there is still something you don’t feel skilled enough doing. And the level doesn’t really matter, because humans tend to dream for something more, something better, no matter how great they might actually seem to you.

Every artist has artblocks. I think it’s something absolutely not possible to avoid, because it’s \impossible\ to be always completely satisfied with your work. Yes, other people and even you can consider yourself pretty good, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you want to be better. People are greedy. No matter how amazing we have it, we still desire for something even more amazing, and I don’t think it ever stops. This greedy desire pushes us through and gives us motivation to achieve something (with everything, not only art), but once we stumble upon a wall, either it’s a wall of skill or knowladge or anything else, we get pissed off because we want to be behind the wall now, and we want it to happen easy and without any effort. We just want to be THERE. Even though it might be nice on our part of the \field, we still think that it’s better on the other one.

I see artblocks as those walls we have to overcome. Sometimes it’s hard to find a hammer big enough to break the wall or the stairs high enough to be able to climb over it, and we get annoyed when we can’t find the \tools. like, hell yes, I have a hammer already but why is it so damn small I need a bigger one immediately and I want to break the wall right NOW, but in the end you still, even angry, have to go and find patience and time to be able to find or build this \bigger hammer, haha. And even though this wall is now broken, and even though we might go nicely for quite a while into the sunlights, another wall will still get on our way eventually. And it just goes over and over and over I guess it’s just in human nature to not be fully satisfied with themselves, meanwhile getting jealous of other people’s achievements and forgetting that they, most likely, don’t really have it any easier. The fact that they might be ‘better’ only means that they’ve had more walls to break and that you should be working on breaking some walls yourself;)

Though I must say that the majority of walls that happen on our way we actually build ourselves. It’s you who think it’s going to be better in a \different\ place, behind the wall of your limitations, while nothing actually stops you from staying in \your\ current place. But no, we are greedy enough to always want it better. 

Just to clarify - when Hope sets the 100 shutout record she will become the first female goalkeeper, the first United States goalkeeper, and only the second international goalkeeper in history (man or woman) to ever do so. Iker Casillas was the first to reach this feat last year with Spain on his 165th cap. 100 clean sheets in international play - many of which have come during major tournaments. Of all the goalkeepers to represent their national teams in the history of association football there will only be two who can claim to have done this - and one will be a woman. Think about that for a second. If you don’t think that means something you’re sadly mistaken. Hope is also on track to become the first goalkeeper to reach 200 caps internationally. In fact, no male player (goalkeeper or field player) has reached 200 caps for their national team. Seventeen women hold 200 or more caps internationally, all but 4 are retired. Ten of those women are American; Hope will become the eleventh.