behind then scenes


Singing a different tune - In early June 2014, Doctor Who was simultaneously filming two different series 8 episodes at two different locations. Both Flatline and Mummy on the Orient Express required Peter and Jenna to film their parts separately. So, while on Flatline’s set, Jenna evidently sent Peter a “video” of herself looking sad and singing “All By Myself” and saying that she missed him. It’s too bad that a copy of that alleged video hasn’t surfaced, but…

…at the 2015 Doctor Who Festival in Sydney, the moderator surprised fans at the theater by showing this “answer” video that Peter and the entire cast and crew of Mummy sent to Jenna to try to cheer her up. Their rendition of “Thank you for being a friend” may be a little shaky, but their heart was in the right place.

I’m sure Jenna was quite pleased.