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Smitten Kitten (Shifter!Stuckony)(Chapter One)

I couldn’t wait to post this first chapter for you guys, I am on a freaking ROLL writing lately, so here we go!

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The elevator to the common area pinged open and the team poured out, all in varying levels of injured, all several steps past pissed off.

“That should have been easy! Instead it was a clusterfuck!!” Natasha fumed, the smoke pouring from her mouth with the words making everyone else uneasy. “What the hell went wrong?”

“Hey honey, why don’t you shift back all the way so you don’t accidentally light my couch on fire like you did last week?” Tony called from his position in Steve’s arms, cradled close to the big blonds chest.

“Tony, just be quiet and let us check you over.” Bucky interjected, and sent a steely eyed glare at Natasha. “Shift down, dragon lady. Steve, put him on the couch.”

Steve set Tony down carefully, ripping his shirt in one easy pull, showing the mess of bruises and cuts that decorated his ribs.

Damn it, Tony.” Clint flew in through the window, still partial shifted in his hawk form, tucking his giant wings behind him. “We told you to stay back. You could have seriously gotten hurt!”

“Oh yeah.” Tony rolled his eyes. “Tell the man in the suit with weapons to stay back and let the animals handle it. That sounds like a great idea.”

“Yeah well, if you would have listened you wouldn’t be all banged up, would you?” Clint pointed out, shifting back entirely into his human form, the wings and golden eyes disappearing. “Tasha, shift down baby, you’re smoking up the room.” He grabbed a blanket for her, and Natasha took a deep breath, the scales on her body rippling and shimmering and disappearing, claws retracting, and within a minute she stood at her usual five-two, green eyes and red hair. It was a far cry from her dragon, and everybody relaxed once she was wrapped in a blanket and headed to the kitchen to make coffee.

“Anything broken?” Steve asked and Bucky felt Tony’s ribs gingerly, mindful of the bruising, his fingers probing gently, blue eyes worried.

“Nothing cracked, just some hard bruising. What were you thinking?” His voice dropped into a growl, his Wolf still close to the surface and Tony swallowed hard, pushing back the wave of want at the sound.

“I didn’t want you guys to get hurt. So I stepped in.”

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I have come to a realization... What is it like to fucc a literal angel? Nsfw NatePat hc?

Oh my god, you mean Angel!Nate???? Boi, yes–

•Nate is super cute in Matt’s opinion– When he hugs or cuddles him at night, he always wraps his wings around him and cuddles in close

•When Nate is really shy, he hides his face behind his wings, blushing

•When they fucc, Nate is actually really shy about Matt seeing what he looks like even tho he’s got the body of a god

•So he always hides himself behind his wings like they’re a shield

•Matt always grins and coos how adorable Nate looks before gently pulling his wings away, kissing him sweetly

•The spot on Nate’s back where his wings sprout out of his back is actually really sensitive, so when Nate is in his lap, Matt’s massaging that spot, leaving him squirming and whimpering

•When they fucc it’s sweet and slow with Nate keeping Matt encased with his wings, weather he’s on top or under him

•Afterwards, Nate is a nuzzley boi who presses little kisses to his jaw and neck


If you thank the Butterfly sincerely, you unlock too-adorable-to-handle-bashful-bug-mode!

Are you happy Anon? I whipped up some Ombre from Delicate Wings by @imthepunchlord and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY PERSON!!!

I even threw in some Black Plague

I think Ombre has mini panic attacks every time Ladybug is out on her own.


Mermaid moodboard : Mermaid + minimalism

In a war of waves, she was just another sailor lost at sea. - Eira S.

seriously tho, if it’s a topic related to Bakugou, chances are, i’ve probably made a post about it

Bakugou’s swearing origin story? got it

Bakugou’s smelly sweaty feet? yep

how Bakugou would react in a romantic relationship? covered (kacchako), twice

Bakugou crying?? the number of times, or how he specifically always wipes his tears with his right hand? because i got both

how Bakugou is similar to Edward Elric?? and how they’d react when meeting each other??? and how i imagine Bakugou’s reactions to romance would be the same as Ed’s????? all right here, my friends

Bakugou with Road Rage? uh-huh

a post analyzing Bakugou’s fashion sense?? here u go

Bakugou’s random amazing and aggressive domestic skills?? BOOM, HERE

Bakugou apparently doesn’t wear socks?? and the only time he DOES are the two times he’s been kidnapped???? right fucking here my bros

Aizawa babysitting baby Bakugou and embarrassing him in front of class 1A with baby stories whenever Bakugou misbehaves? absolutely

Bakugou meta? take your pick, i’ve got over two dozen of ‘em

Bakugou except the weird things behind his head are butterfly wings? boom


a post about Bakugou’s fucking HUGE-ASS ARMS? HERE AND HERE

Bakugou’s hair being super soft??? and being a result of him making sure he doesn’t accidentally light his own hair on fire??? got ‘em right here

Bakugou’s Customer Service Voice???? a-YEP, PART ONE AND TWO

Bakugou’s perpetual skull shirts?? here, and here

AU where everything is the same, except Bakugou learned how to style hair while at Best Jeanist’s b/c Best Jeanist said he couldn’t? oh yes

Babyfaced-Bakugou? absotively posilutely. bonus points: this was posted before we learned about Mitsuki’s youth glycerin quirk

Bakugou calling Aizawa dad? yes. a Dadzawa & Bakugou edit? YES

a comparison between Bakugou and Shishidou from Oumagadoki??? done not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR times!!!!


my ever growing list of Older Bakugou Headcanons? post one, two, three, four, five…..


anyway, long story short i have no life 

Libra and Pisces 
The Artists of Apparition 

Libra and Pisces are Venus lovers. Libra is floating through Aphrodite’s clouds, the priestess of Venus, reigning in on her classical intellect. And Venus exalts in Pisces, the cheeks wet from the heartache and general melancholy of Pisces, but the universal love that raises the whole collective, dwelling in the sea clam. But Libra and Pisces can live in a dream, contact lenses infused like Neapolitan ice cream across the skyline, painting romance and infatuation, sweetness and illusion. Libra and Pisces are illustrious dreamers, people capable of creating realities sketched with idealism, creativity, and fantasy. A romance novel come to life, Libra and Pisces are pure artists, Libra the creative lyric of the mind, the basking of femininity through musical intellect, and Pisces wielding the waters of impressive imagination with esoteric sensitivity. A landscape of illusion bought to life, suggestive and vulnerable, yet drifting through worlds inaccessible to most. Neptune is the dreamer of dreams, and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. And Pisces, now you see her, now you don’t. Hiding behind fantasies and unrealities. Libra wings fly into Aphrodite’s clouds, ascending on the waves of creative imagination. 


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[In Voyager “Imperfection” Seven reads off the casualty list of Voyager. One of those names is a Commander Bartlett. Why would Cavit as a Lieutenant Commander be First Officer? ]

Editor’s Note: In this specific case, it was a behind-the-scenes gag. Commander J. Bartlett, Lt.Cmdr. L. McGarry, Lt.Cmdr. T. Zeigler, Lt. J. Lyman, Lt. S. Seaborn, Ensign Claudia J. Craig and Ensign Charles Young are in fact the main character names from “The West Wing” :D

  • Stranger: So, why is Lupin's nickname Moony?
  • Sirius: ...
  • James: ...
  • Peter: ...
  • Remus, slowly ducking behind his book: ...
  • Sirius, winging it: You see, back when he was little he had a terrible relationship with his neighbors
  • James, going along: Sure did, nasty relationship *shakes head, forlornly*
  • Sirius: And one day he got so mad
  • Remus, suddenly realizing: Sirius
  • Sirius: That he turned around
  • Remus: SIRIUS
  • Sirius: And showed them just what a full moon was

╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 21: Favorite live effects.

I will be fucking honest with you guys. I looked at ‘day 21: favorite live effects’ and I thought to myself ‘hell this is gonna be the easiest’. I was mistaken. I watched a few of the concerts I have downloaded, and I told myself from the beginning I’d choose only 8 effects in order to make this gifset. The thing is, I absolutely adore Rammstein’s effects. All of them. You could have them holding a candle on stage, I’d still freak out about it. I always been fond of fire; I can sit down in front of a fire pit for hours, so you see where I’m coming from about this whole effects thing. Like, honestly, I love Rammstein and wouldn’t mind just being front row and watch them sing with no effects or anything, but when I saw the first live video with all the fire and shit I just freaked out ‘cause it was perfect. I mean, a great band, plus tons of fire?? Hell, if this isn’t the perfect band for me to obsess over, I don’t know what it is. (Plus it was the heat kinda hitting my face at the concert that would wake me up from dissociating and making me go ‘hey i’m really here, it’s overwhelming happiness, but i’m here’.)

Full Challenge Here.

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Up in the sky a star’s just a star
But funny thing, when looking up
It seems to follow you wherever you are

And I dream about her even though I never should
Miss Hollywood, Miss Hollywood, Miss Hollywood
Yeah I could ride into the sunset if I could
Miss Hollywood, Miss Hollywood, Miss Hollywood (x)


On this day in music history: May 22, 1976 - “Silly Love Songs” by Wings hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks (non-consecutive), also topping the Adult Contemporary chart for 1 week on May 29, 1976. Written and produced by Paul McCartney, it is the fifth solo chart topper for the former Beatle. McCartney writes the song in response to critics who often chide him, feeling that his solo work is “lightweight” in comparison to his Beatles era material. Released on April 1, 1976, it is issued as the first single from Wings’ fifth studio album “Wings At The Speed Of Sound”, becoming an instant smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #58 on April 10, 1976, it leaps to the top of the singles chart just six weeks later. After one week on top, it is temporarily bumped from the top spot by Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover” for two weeks on May 29, 1976. The single then rebounds and returns to the top for four more weeks on June 12, 1976. McCartney re-records “Silly Love Songs” in a dramatically revamped version for the film “Give My Regards To Broad Street” in 1984, that features Brothers Johnson bassist Louis Johnson on bass. “Silly Love Songs” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.