behind the sketch

this picture is 3 years in the making…

Patchouli and lampent (and an extra litwick) for @unmovinggreatlibrary


Reminiscence- Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 29

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Sans is officially a Royal Sentry!  But it seems that Gaster may still be holding back some secrets… What does the Royal Scientist have to hide?

I hope you all enjoy the new page! With finals coming right around the corner I might not have a new page ready until the third week in December… But I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks for your patience. AND BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR A SPECIAL REMINISCENCE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!  

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✨Behind a Gold Window✨ -
Today I wanted to play with color contrast so I picked strong big golden hue behind the character. The opposing hue for this would be blue and purple but kept it at a minimum just so the gold is what reads the most. Also had to make sure the character was still easy to read. Just an experiment I wanted to play with! 😶

Inuvember Day 13: Koga Ships!

i don’t even have anything to say drawing this made me burt into tears

but also on a side note, i’m catching up on inuvember noice!!!!


Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a beautiful summer day, of a sunset on a city skyline, of an animal moving with grace and majesty. And sometimes it comes in the form of a disgusting Christmas sweater and ugly laughter.