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Sebastian Stan and his stunt doubles singing the Minion song or as Seb calls it:

Ha! Take that, Steve and your barber shop quartet! (Although, I’m sure Bucky was one of them 😁)

P.S. Seb…….. What are you doing???!!!! Somehow, he always ends up as the one lurking behind his friends when they sing 😂😂😂

Cue this video I posted in May:

That is photoshop

So here is why Louis’ “E” tattoo is photoshop.

Here is the photo he posted on instagram

Here is a zoomed in photo of his hand, now there is another post which talks about how the square pixel of the E is so obvious that its definitely photo-shopped. Well Here is the behind the scenes photo that looks to be an instagram story photo.

Now if  you zoom in on this picture guess what you will find

Absolutely no E. Now because this is an instagram story photo there is almost no way to photoshop a live photo. Also if it really was there why would they photoshop it out for a behind the scenes photo?


Behind the scenes of the Back to the Future Part ll (1989) “2015” set.


I went to see Metropolis at the Arclight yesterday. I’m a fan of Fritz Lang’s films, but I’d never seen Metropolis because I wanted to see it for the first time on the big screen, and while cinema showings aren’t uncommon, this was the first time I’d ever been able to get to one. I saw the 2010 restoration, which is complete except for, I believe, just the one scene in the Cathedral, and comes with the original score. 

It’s a really strange movie to watch from ninety years on (today is the ninetieth anniversary of its first screening), especially since the film is set in about ten years’ time, and strange to watch from a culture that is both similar and wildly different. Metropolis was made in Weimar Germany in 1927, a little past the midpoint between the end of the first World War and the rise of Hitler. There’s a lot to take in – not just the art design, which is a really crazy mix of early-cinema camp and gorgeous art deco and gothic influences, but the politics of the story, which from the point of view of a hard lefty in the twenty first century is a little tough to grasp at first. (Workers rioting for their rights and smashing machines that literally and figuratively devour them is a bad thing in this movie.) Brigitte Helm, who plays the saint Maria and her wicked double, is particularly outstanding. 

And then there’s this scene, which is honestly one of the most chilling moments of any movie I’ve ever seen. Watching the Machine rise smoothly from the chair without any apparent effort or human-like leverage of the muscles is really incredible, and the Machine’s costume is literally baffling – there’s parts where I genuinely don’t understand how they built them. The special effects, for their time, hold up really well, and I spent a lot of time thinking about how I’d have liked to have seen behind-the-scenes in the costume and model shops. 

Also I almost laughed out loud at the Shift Change scene, not because it’s funny but because the rote, rhythmic movement of the end-of-shift workers is a little spoiled by the one guy in the front row who is SO OBVIOUSLY nodding along to the beat they’re playing to keep them all in rhythm offscreen. 

Anyway. If you get the chance to see Metropolis on the big screen, I’d go for it. It’s two and a half hours long, and there are definitely some scenes that could have been trimmed a little, but the film runs pretty fast and I think it’s worth it. 

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As ive mentioned before, dissecting owl pellets is something i love to do…. put on a good horror movie, break open a bottle of wine…. and unearth the undigested material from owl vomit. 

bottom two photos are of collected pellets and one of the lovely owls who produced them, this little owl lives in a worn near abandon barn with his sibling and momma.

Photos above are listings of little bone collections and necklaces containing these little bones!

     “Oh, there ye are, Geordie! What’s kept ye?” Jamie said.
     Geordie said nothing, but his eyes traveled dubiously over his employer, standing bare-legged in his shirt in the middle of the shop, his breeches, shoes, and stockings discarded on the floor, and me in his arms, with my gown all crumpled and my hair coming down. Geordie’s narrow face creased into a censorious frown.

     “I quit,” he said, in the rich tones of the West Highlands. “The printing’s one thing—I’m wi’ ye there, and ye’ll no think otherwise—but I’m Free Church and my daddy before me and my grandsire before him. Workin’ for a Papist is one thing—the Pope’s coin’s as good as any, aye?—but workin’ for an immoral Papist is another. Do as ye like wi’ your own soul, man, but if it’s come to orgies in the shop, it’s come too far, that’s what I say. I quit!” 

     He placed the package precisely in the center of the counter, spun on his heel and stalked toward the door. Outside, the Town Clock on the Tolbooth began to strike. Geordie turned in the doorway to glare accusingly at us.
“And it not even noon yet!” he said. The shop door slammed behind him.

I really need this scene to be in the show. Like I need to see Jamie and Claire looking like they just had an orgy and then a self-righteous Geordie coming in and being all outraged. Season 3 I need ya now. 


Jackson for Elle Shop - Behind the Scenes [Eng Subbed] | subs: daisyfields

ofpoemsandprompts  asked:

Any prompts for a journalist meeting a snarky waiter? Thank you in advance, your blog is amazing

1) “I’d like to do a piece on your life,” the journalist said. “Get a sense of the real behind the scenes coffee shop AU.”
“I’d like a holiday to the Bahamas, but we’re both here instead. Did you want a croissant with the coffee because I’m afraid I’m all out of cute sass and unresolved sexual tension.”

2) “I know you saw something,” the journalist persisted. “I’m not looking to get anyone in trouble-.”
“-You’re not looking to get anyone in trouble, but you’re interrogating us in front of customers?”
The journalist pinked.

3) “How much do I have to pay you to ruin family dinner?”
“Well, that’s a request I haven’t had before. Thought I’d heard everything. Most people ruin family dinners just fine on their own.”

4) “No offense, but two years ago you were the biggest rockstar on the planet, why are you working here?”
“No offense, but are you going to order because table three wants more water and I think they might start screaming soon. What can I say, customer service is my life calling. I’m researching a new album. I got in trouble with the mafia. Take your pick, your kind normally do.”

5) They grabbed the waiter’s hand.
“Please.” They kept their voice low. “You have got to get me out of this date. I’ll do anything.”

Fell - Chapter 1 - The First Day...

Just a story I started last night when I couldn’t sleep due to my fan breaking down. Was originally going to be dialogue for a comic, but got too long-winded, plus I hate drawing proper comics. Finished it up just now.

This isn’t going to be a continuous story, but I figured it’d be interesting enough to post here. Give you guys a sample of my rare prose, haha. Also, backstory.

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Small Potato Knitwear is Live!!!

What is Small Potato Knitwear? SPK is my new Etsy shop, where you can find handmade products, all crafted by myself (and occasionally my mother). At the moment, we have an absurd amount of super fuzzy hats and crocheted baskets, but by the end of the week, I’ll be uploading lots of mittens, some more baskets, jewelry, dice bags, and baby socks!!!

Some examples of what you’ll find in the shop:

Follow the link for more baskets and better detailed photos of the baskets and hats pictured above!!!

Thank you in advance for checking it out! Stay tuned for WIP and behind-the-scenes photos, shop updates, information on our Facebook page, and hopefully even some giveaways!