behind the scenes deliciousness

From Sunday’s studio session, featuring Ze Crew and my lil’ sis (Who was there for school volunteer hours and very bored)
So if you ever wondered what it’s like to be in the studio…
this is pretty much it.

99% of the photography time is spent correcting the model’s position ever so slightly, unfortunately it is very hard to see and hear in ze costumes so my job is usually to step in and move our model in the right position
(and you can see how much I’m needed when Vitaly motions for Captain to move to the left at 0:20ish and Captain turns to the right.)

Sorry for my stupid laugh/ ridiculously low voice (I have a maaaaaan voice)


romacspeculations asked if I would take pictures of Engie’s coat tag, so that cosplayers could find the coat and I figured it would be good just to do all of them, so here’s

Captain’s, Snippy’s,
Engie’s and Pilot’s coat brands.

Yes Captain’s coat is actually a lady’s blue coat. Also apparently Snippy’s coat was expensive (and unavailable?) , just so you all know.