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EXO Reaction To You Being The Main Vocalist Of A Girl Group That Beats EXO

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Exo reactions to you being the main vocals of a girlband and your girlband beating them at an award show❤️❤️

Xiumin: *he’d be cute and adorable, all smiles because his girlfriend won an award. And behind him on the sceen you could plainly see EXO also having expressions mixed with amusement and traces of disappointment.* Aw, I’m so happy my girl won! They deserved it.

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Luhan: *He’d have giving you a congratulatory heart as you walked to the stage so when the camera panned on him, he was blushing, laughing with awkwardness. Sure part of him was disappointed that they didn’t win, but most of him was proud of you.* Hahaha, this is kind of embarrassing, but it’s so nice to see her getting an award she deserves

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Kris: *As he’d left the group, the expression on his face when the camera panned to see his reaction would just be like ‘am I supposed to care that those guys lost to my beautiful girlfriend, because I don’t. Obviously my girlfriend slays, she is my girlfriend.”*

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Suho: *As leader, he’d probably feel more disappointment than the others but he’d still be really proud. The two of you would both be incredibly hardworkers and he couldn’t help but be happy to see your hardwork pay off.* Congratulations Jagi!

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Lay: *I feel like he would be the most professional about it, not showing too much of either of his emotions (disappointment and pride). He’d applaud with a smile on his face and only you could tell just how proud he really was by the emotion in his eyes.* It’s so great that she won, she’s worked so hard

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Baekhyun: *He’d be turning to Chanyeol, who would be more disappointed in the loss than he would be, with a big and dumb smile on his face as he clapped loudly.* Look at my beautiful girlfriend going up there to get her first MAMA award! I’m so proud!

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Chen: *He’d pretty much be cheering like all get out. It’d be hard for the other members to get him to maintain his composure as he cheered loudly. He couldn’t help letting his emotions out though.* Oh my god! My baby won! 

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Chanyeol: *The blend of disappointment and pride made him act awkward, with strange fidgeting paired with a big smile and bright eyes. You’d be getting his signature happy virus smile though.* Oh, I can’t believe she won, if anyone else deserves this award, it’s her!

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DO: *he’d just be smiles, as he is one of the more reserved members, he wouldn’t be showing just how proud he was. But as soon as you returned to your seat, your phone buzzed with a long, sincere congratulatory message from him, one that made you tear up.* You’re just incredible Jagi, I love you.

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Tao: *He couldn’t help but laugh. Admittedly, he’d been expecting EXO to win but he wasn’t at all disappointed in the result. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling or clapping until you’d returned to your seat and the next performance had begun.* My girlfriend really is incredible.

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Kai: *He’d be smiling and cheering with the other EXO members. He had already started thinking that maybe, if your career kept on the pace it was on, maybe you’d be able to work with EXO one day, but for the time being, he’d just be proud of you and look forward to the bear hug he’d give you later.* I can’t wait until I can congratulate her in person.

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Sehun: *Well, if anyone was going to beat the great EXO and the incredible Oh Sehun, it would be his girlfriend. He couldn’t help but smile and laugh from happiness, even if he didn’t cheer (Baekhyun would be cheering loudly, to tease the Maknae).* Of course the only person who can compete with us is my own girlfriend. I’m so proud of her.

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Sanji isn’t transphobic. Not once has he put hate on a Transgender in the series.

He has however freaked out when a bunch of men in drag chased him around an intire island. Oh and tried to force him back into a dress. Also possobly being groped in the process and becoming tramatized.

Before this Sanji had no problems with Bonclay or the Okama’s when he first arrived at the island.

What Sanji has been going through for a breif moment is: PTSD

When he seen the two okama he freaked out in fear.

Sanji is a fucking pervert sure. Not going to deney that. Heck he is a bit sexiest the way he treats woman. Believing all woman are beauitful and the way he belives they should never be harmed or that men shoul not hit woman.

Maybe I am just another fan trying to praise him as some may say.

But I really don’t understand how aome can say he is teansphobic when I have yet to see any of that?

Yet IDC I still love Sanji. I love how he’s there for any of the cew member when needed. Even when he says he wouldnt. I love how passionet he is about cooking and will even cook for an enemy. He is always looking out for others first. I love that he is one of the smarter SHs. I love how he is always finding out things behind sceen. I alsl lile how how he is the only SH who figghts w.o any DF or weapon and is part of the m3.

I can go on. I am not adhamed of liking Sanji flaws and all.

I dont care if I get anon hate either. Sanji is by far one of the best SHs anf chars of the series.

That’s all