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After All Things (Part II)

Peter Parker x Reader (Peter’s POV)

This is part II of my new series that chronicles Peter and a new reader as they deal with the fallout of the events in It’s A Lot Like Falling.‘

Summary: The crushing. That’s what you had come to refer to it as. It had left the Peter Parker you knew a broken and sad man; a man in desperate need of closeness. After a year of careful, empty touches and words, the truth finally comes out. Peter is 23/24. Words: 2.7k.

After All Things: Part I  Part II Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

First italicized portion is a flashback, the second is a nightmare.

Warnings: Sexual content/Hurt/Angst/Mentions of death/Nightmares

“Mr. Parker,” an unfamiliar, feminine voice hit his ears just as he made eye contact with Mr. Jameson, beady eyes staring at bruised knuckles and the photographs held beneath them. He held a finger out, joints in his hands protesting as the digit extended and he turned around to the source of that cautious voice.

He wasn’t at all prepared; hadn’t expected to have his heart ripped from his chest again like it had on that day when her face had disappeared.

When hungry eyes met with cheekbones and freckles and long lashes, pink lips, and silken hair, for a moment, she was here again.

‘Peter,’ her voice rang out in the lonely chasm of his mind. But it wasn’t her voice, was it? It was his heart playing cruel tricks on him. He could feel the tears brimming as his chest cramped; not in the way that meant to signal pain, but more in longing.

This woman looked like her. She certainly didn’t dress the same way, or carry herself the same, body presenting itself in a strange, foreign manner; it didn’t fit the familiar line of her neck or the jaw that sat atop it.

If he didn’t look too hard…

Maybe. His heart throbbed in protest, brain knocking against his skull in the irritating way it always did when he let himself imagine.


Instead, he focused his eyes on the hand that held out the photo he hadn’t realized he’d dropped; his senses had been dulled since it happened, brain too distracted. The thick paper beginning to make a funny sound as she shook, fingers clamping down, fingernails in the same shape she’d always kept them.

He reached for the photo, “Thanks,” he managed, the roughness and curt tone of his own voice surprising even himself. He whipped away from the confusing woman, shutting down the look in her eyes; something hopeful, something he missed, and shut the door.

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You Needed Me (M)

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Requested by: Anonymous and @bruhugey

can you do a scenario based on the song ‘needed me’ by rihanna?

A request for sub!taehyung? Your writing is amazing btw❤ 

Can i request a taehyung smut where hes a cherry boy who gets seduced and overstimulated by reader (+lowkey femdom pls if ur ok with that) thxxx ○u○

Eager eyes glanced from side to side, brows furrowed together in concentration as he tried to separate the faces of every person passing by him on the sidewalk. You rolled your lower lip between your teeth, safely hidden from his view behind the shield of a food carts’ sign. You’d given him a time that you’d meet him, on the same street you always did, a bustling street where the two of you could find each other but mix into the crowds seamlessly enough that you’d be hidden in broad sight. Taehyung’s chest rose and fell as he heaved a sigh, fishing his phone out of his pocket for the fifth time in twenty minutes, a frown marring his features when he looked at the time.

You’d made him wait long enough.

You sidestepped out of your hiding spot, falling seamlessly into step with the crowds of pedestrians. Taehyung was still searching, his determination to find you unshaken. It somewhat bothered you that he always just knew you’d show up eventually, but it couldn’t bother you too much, because after all, you did always show up eventually.

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Not Alone

Paring: Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Tags: neutral reader, HYDRA, Pietro Maximoff lives, Pietro has ADHD, fluff.

Summary: Reader, by some coincidence is kidnapped by Hydra, then by the Avengers.

Word Count: 1,336

Posting Date:  2016-10-22

Current Date: 2017-05-26

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Thought that these 2 would be too short on their own so I just ended up putting them together here’s some pervy Jay ya!

It was a sweltering afternoon, the summer heat getting its job done by driving everyone out of their stuffy sauna-like houses and that included you and Jay who were currently doing groceries at the nearby supermarket. He had insisted on tagging along so that he could help you bring the groceries back home…or so he claimed, but it barely took five minutes for his attention span to wear out, straying somewhere else while you continued ticking things off the shopping list. Ah well nothing new.

“So have you gotten to the part where we get to choose cereals yet?” He asked nonchalantly, walking towards you after disappearing for a long while and putting some food samples he had picked up on the way back to you into your mouth.

You looked at him, unable to hold back your laughter, “Really? Is this all you care about? Cereals and food samples?”

“No…” He started, smiling at you sheepishly then coming up with an excuse. “I was just making a round first so I can help you better when I know where the stuffs are…”

“Yeah right.”

He followed you around from then, actually helping by patiently pushing the cart behind you while you picked out the food items. He didn’t really understand the part about you taking so long to decide between two brands of the same item. They all taste the same anyway, he thought. For a split second the thought of slipping away again to get a popsicle even crossed his mind, but it was when you tiptoed to reach for a carton on one of the higher shelves that caused your incredibly short denim shorts to ride up even higher, revealing part of your butt cheeks of your perfectly rounded butt that made him stay.

He glanced at it every few seconds though he was dying to get his hands on them and give them a squeeze but seeing how there were people walking past the both of you every now and then, he let out a frustrated sigh, settling with satisfying just his eyes for now.

“I could…really use some help…here,” You told him, pausing in between as you struggled to bring it down.

You waited for a response, but when there wasn’t a reaction from him for a good five seconds, you turned around to check if he was still around only to see his eyes fixated on your butt and you got down from your toes immediately, pulling your shorts a little lower before shyly walking over to him and covering his eyes.

“We’re in public…!” You giggled.

“Sorry,” He shrugged, totally unashamed. “Couldn’t help it.”

“Now come on over and help me get that box down will you?” You said, then turned your attention back to the task at hand.

But of course, being Jay, he stole a quick glance at the surroundings, making sure the coast was clear before he walked up beside you, sliding his hand into your back pocket and groping your firm ass, causing you to jump up a little in surprise.

“Jay! I told you to help, not-”

“Don’t worry, I got it,” He interrupted before you could start nagging, easily taking the carton down from the shelf and gave you a victorious smirk.

You gawked at him, still speechless but he simply dropped it in the cart, sniggering as he casually walked away, “MOVING ON.”

Invitation (Jacob Stone X Reader)

Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Jacob Stone X Reader
Word Count: 2,370
Prompt Given: Reader is a detective who was chosen to become a Librarian, but didn’t become one until Dulaques tries to have her killed, but the others stop him before he can.

“The Librarians,” You mumbled aloud, looking at the slip of paper in surprise. It made no sense, there were dozens of libraries, which one was this an invitation for?, and even so, you were a detective.

You had no desire to leave your job to work at a library. With a shrug, you tucked the piece of paper back into its envelope and deposited it on your counter. You could chuck it in the trash bin later, but there was something urging you to not do so just yet.

You sighed and slipped your gun into the holster near your ribs before tugging a deep blue blazer on over top of it. You made your way into your bathroom, your heeled boots clacking ever so slightly on the tile beneath your feet.

You pulled your hair into a high ponytail and applied just a dash of lip gloss and eyeliner before deciding that you looked good enough (it was just work, you didn’t need to win any beauty contests). You smiled at yourself in the mirror and walked back out of the room, grabbing a pile of folders for the latest case you were working on and tucking them into your purse.

You shut the door to your apartment with a soft click; any thought of the library and odd invitation completely gone from your mind.


“Morning, __y/n__.” Your partner greeted cheerfully, and you offered the blue-eyed man a small smile.

“Hey, Eddie.” You replied back, clapping him on the shoulder before dropping into the chair behind your desk. You noticed Eddie yawn widely, and there was a creakiness in his limbs that made your eyes twinkle mischievously. “Late night with Iris?" 

Eddie’s eyes snapped over to yours, and you could read the sheepishness on his face easily enough. "That obvious?” He asked, frowning.

You shook your head. “Just to me. I’m your partner, remember? I’m literally trained to notice this stuff about people.” You grinned at him. “Tell her I say hi, yeah? I like her.”

Eddie smiled, more to himself than anything. “I do too.”

You rolled your eyes fondly and turned your head to the pile of work that you needed to get started on. With a sigh, you turned on your computer, your fingers flying across the keys as you filled out a report about the most recent robbery downtown. It had not been stopped by the Central City Police force, instead it had been stopped by the vigilante known as The Flash. Honestly, you didn’t understand why some of your coworkers didn’t like him. He was saving people and catching criminals better than the police force could, and you appreciated him for it.


You walked into the store, your feet sore and your shoulders sagging. It was a little past midnight, thank goodness the grocery store was open twenty four hours, but your apartment was almost completely devoid of food.

You trudged behind your cart wearily, and maybe if you hadn’t been so tired, you would’ve noticed the man trailing behind you before it was too late. As it was, you didn’t notice him until you reached for a box of pasta, turned your head just a bit, and caught a glimpse of the shimmering knife tucked under his sleeve.

You had your gun drawn and pointed at him before he could move closer, but you didn’t pull the trigger yet. “Listen, buddy, if you need money or something, you can have whatever’s in my wallet. I don’t want any trouble.”

The man snickered, a cold, almost metallic sound that sent shivers down your spine. “Please, I don’t need your money.” He huffed as if the idea offended him. “I just need to kill you.”

You quirked an eyebrow at him. “Why exactly do you need to do that?”

The man shrugged lazily, letting the knife slip out of his sleeve and fully into his hand. “Reasons you wouldn’t understand, you simple minded fool.”

Okay, that was a bit rude. You graduated at the top of your class at Harvard, but you know, whatever floats this guy’s boat.

You bit back a remark that would probably get you stabbed instantly and chose to try talking to this man instead. “I don’t know what your problem with me is, but I’m sure we can talk this o-” Before you could finish speaking, the man lunged. You winced as the knife nicked your skin, but gritted your teeth and swept your leg underneath him, knocking him to the ground.

You stepped on his wrist until he dropped the knife, which you then kicked away far out of his reach. You pulled a pair of handcuffs out of your pocket and you were just starting to snap them around his wrists when you felt something sink into your neck.

You cursed under your breath as the room instantly started to sway, your fingers finding the metal protruding out of your neck. “A poison dart, really?” You asked in annoyance, your legs giving out of from underneath you as you dropped to the ground.

The man chuckled once more, and you thought you heard a woman talking before you were enveloped in darkness.


“Oh man,” Ezekiel sighed, running a hand through his hair in annoyance. “She’s not looking too good, guys.”

The other Librarians in Training and Eve ran towards the sound of Ezekiel’s voice, and they all winced at condition of the woman before them. She was on the ground, her eyes were closed, her skin was deathly pale, and her breathing was shallow and rough.

“What can we do?” Cassandra asked, her usually bubbly voice full of anxiousness.

“I’m not sure.” Eve pressed her fingers to the __h/c__-haired woman’s neck and sighed when she felt how weak her pulse was. “Let’s get her back to the Library, maybe Jenkins can help her.” Ezekiel and Jacob moved to pick up the girl, and they carried her over to the grocery store’s front door.

With Eve and Cassandra’s help, they led her through the open doors and across the street to an old book shop. The door to the shop was currently a portal to the Library, and they carried her through it easily enough and deposited her on a table.

“What is that?” Jenkins asked, peering over at the woman in surprise.

“Your fifth Librarian in Training.” Eve said dryly, Cassandra trailing behind her. “Assuming she lives through the night.”

“What happened to her?” Jenkins questioned again, already digging through some drawers for a remedy.

“Dulaque.” Everyone was surprised when it was Jacob that spoke, his voice dripping with venom and his arms crossed. Before anyone could question what he meant, Jacob spoke again. “We met online, okay? I didn’t recognize her at first, hell, she never even told me her real name so I had no idea she was who we were looking for, but it’s definitely her.”

Jenkins nodded instead of commenting and let out a triumphant “Aha!” when he pulled a glass vial full of some type of liquid out a drawer. He uncapped the top and tipped half the contents of the bottle into her mouth.

The woman choked, and Jenkins rubbed her throat and tilted her chin to help the fluid down. After a moment, everyone almost simultaneously noticed that her chest was no longer rising and falling steadily.

“Great, you’ve gone and bloody killed her.” Ezekiel pointed out, but Jenkins shook his head and held up three fingers. For each second that went by, he put a finger down, and on the third finger, the woman bolted up, her breath coming in short, harsh pants.

“Where am I?” You asked, blinking as you tried to get your eyes to adjust to the bright lights of the Library. You felt a dull pain in your side, lifting your shirt up just enough to see a small gash trickling out blood. You raised an eyebrow at the people who were surrounding you. An older man, two men, the brown haired one was cute and oddly familiar, a very pretty, petite red-headed woman, and a blonde woman. The way she held herself reminded you of yourself, so you directed your question at her. “Do you have a first aid kit around her somewhere?”

The woman nodded and dug around behind a desk before pulling out a small white tin with a red cross on it. She tossed it to you, and you caught it easily enough, snapping it open and pulling out a small roll of gauze and a tube of antiseptic ointment.

You blinked when you realized that all the people in the room were still staring at you. “What are you all looking at?” You asked, shrugging out of your blazer and tugging your shirt up enough so you could see the wound properly.

“You almost died,” The dark haired man said, and you were surprised to hear that he was Australian. “We’re all in a mild state of shock, I suppose.”

“Oh.” You said and shrugged because you didn’t know what else to say. You started rubbing the antiseptic ointment onto your wound when you felt a warm hand on yours.

“Let me do that for you.” The man’s voice was smooth and deep, and it took you a solid five seconds to realize who he was.

“Believe it or not, I can handle myself, Jake.” You muttered, but you didn’t fight him when he took the tube from your hand. You shivered as he grabbed a cloth from the first aid kit and wiped away the ointment.

“Then you should know that you should always clean your wounds before dressing them.” Jacob pointed out, and you rolled your eyes.

“It would’ve been fine.” You grumbled, but let him wash the wound with a small spray bottle of saline solution. “Will someone please tell me what’s going on? I’m kind of ridiculously confused right now.” You winced ever so slightly as Jacob applied a fresh coat of antiseptic ointment onto the wound, now that the wound was clean, it stung a bit, and Jacob offered you a small smile.

It wasn’t until Jacob started winding the gauze around your torso that someone finally spoke up. “You’re in the Library.” The pretty red headed girl piped up. “I’m Cassandra,” She introduced. “And that’s Ezekiel,” Cassandra pointed to the Australian man. “We, along with Jacob, are the Librarians in Training.” Before you could ask what that was, she spoke again. “And that’s Eve, our Guardian.” She gestured to the blonde woman who offered you a stiff smile and a nod. “And that is Jenkins.” She pointed once more to the older man who merely tipped his head at you to show that he was listening. “And you’re our new Librarian in Training!” Cassandra said excitedly.

You quirked an eyebrow at her. “A Librarian in Training?” You shook your head. “Actually, wait, I’ll come back to that in a minute, can someone please explain to me who the guy was that tried to kill me?” Jacob finally finished dressing your wound, and you gave him a small smile as he tugged your shirt back down, his hand lingering on your skin for a moment longer than necessary. When he pulled it away, you couldn’t help the way your skin suddenly felt cold.

“It’s kind of a long story.” Ezekiel chimed in, and you shrugged.

“I almost died, pretty sure when I tell my boss that he’ll understand why I didn’t show up for work. So,” You crossed your legs underneath you and rested your chin of the back of your hands, leaning forward to show that you were ready. “Hit me with your best shot.”


“Are you going to join the LITs?” Jacob asked, leaning against the doorframe of the Library. The portal was currently across the street from your apartment, and you were getting ready to go home and get some sleep. Jenkins had done a spell on your home to make sure that it was empty and that Dulaque couldn’t get in, so you knew it was safe, at least for the night.

“Do I have a choice? Doesn’t seem like I’ll be too safe once Dulaque realizes I’m not dead.” You pointed out, sighing. You liked your job, you always had, but you didn’t think you could keep doing it. Not after everything you’d learned tonight.

“No boyfriend you can call to move in with you until we catch Dulaque?”

You snickered. “Smooth as ever, Jake. But no.” You shook your head. “Still no boyfriend.”

“Still don’t understand how that’s happened, what with you looking like that.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Like what?”

“Like some kind of badass angel.”

You grinned. “Your flirting skills have definitely improved since we first started talking.” You teased, and Jacob groaned. When you had first found Jacob on the online chat room for art fanatics almost two years ago, he had tried out almost every cheesy pick up line imaginable.

“Don’t remind me about that. Dark times, __y/n__, dark times.”

You laughed and leaned forwards, brushing a kiss across his jaw. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jake. Thanks for patching me up.” You tilted your head just the slightest bit, catching his bottom lip in-between yours and sucking on it for a moment. When you pulled away, you looked thoughtful, whereas Jacob looked dazed. “On second thought, I think you should come to my apartment with me. Purely in case Dulaque decides to come back, of course.”

Jacob could tell by the twinkle in your eye that you were just teasing, and with a grin, he tossed you over his shoulder and carried you across the street.


Jacob wasn’t happy that Dulaque tried to kill you, absolutely not, but he figured, looking down at you in his arms, that he was a little bit grateful to him. The only reason you and him had never met in person was because you were both too busy with work and too poor to fly out to see each other. Now, you were going to be working together.

Jacob was a little more than thrilled at the thought, and unbeknownst to him, so were you.

End. <3

Birthday Party

Summary: Cas has been feeling really down lately, so you decide to help him plan a birthday party for his cat to cheer him up.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2,700+

Warnings: a sickening amount of fluff perhaps, and a v fluffy ending. no smut in this one, sry folks, but the next few upcoming fics will include smut! fear not!

A/N: this was for @faith-in-dean‘s writing challenge, and my prompt was the word “party”. tbh, this is not my best imo, but it’s cute. I hope ya’ll enjoy regardless.

tags: @divinitycas @phantomangelgoddess @miss-spnm0mma @joanne-egberp @not-so-natural-spn @netflixandcastiellll

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Castiel desperately needed some cheering up. It had been two weeks since Lucifer was banished from his body, and Cas had been moping around the bunker ever since. You hated seeing him like this, and as his girlfriend, you felt like you really needed to do something to make him happy again. That’s when you had a brilliant idea.

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Morning Street Market · Vietnam

With the surge of food truck culture nationwide the past few years, more and more people are accustomed to eating on the street. We still have the occasional friend that is uncomfortable eating street food (can you believe we’re still friends with them?), and generally most of our eating in the U.S. is still done in traditional venues like restaurants. But in a country like Vietnam, the street is where all the action happens. It’s where you not only grab your meals, but also where you shop for groceries. For our first Vietnam story, we wanted to give you a look at a local street market in Ho Chi Minh City.

External image

External image

As you walk around and explore the city, you can’t help but notice how many markets there are. You can turn a corner and down a small alley there could be a vibrant morning market filled with fresh veggies, meats, seafood, and freshly cooked meals. That’s how we discovered this hidden gem. Located at 137 Trần Đình Xu in District 1, it’s within a few blocks from where our apartment is and we’ve been stopping by most mornings to eat breakfast and soak in the culture. As you stroll down this tight corridor, dodging motorbikes mind you, there exists a slice of daily life for locals. Vendors vend their goods in front of their home and shoppers stroll through picking up what they need for a home cooked meal.

External image

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You can literally find everything you need here. Proteins like chicken, pork, shrimp, crab, still- flopping fish. Fruits like dragon fruit, mangoes, longan, rambutan. Since we haven’t started cooking at home yet, there’s no shortage of street food to eat. There’s classic Vietnamese noodle soups like Hủ Tiếu (pork base with rice noodles) and Bún Riêu (crab and tomato broth). There’s , Bánh Mì with freshly baked baguettes that just melt in your mouth, and you can even end your meal with your choice of Chè (desserts). We also love that most street food vendors here cook a different item daily. One morning it might be Cháo (porridge) and the next it will be Chả Giò (crispy spring rolls). The variety is endless and the energy of this street makes you wish you had enough stomachs to taste everything.

External image
Bánh Khọt: Mini fried pancakes

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image
Hủ Tiếu: Pork base noodle soup

External image

External image
Bún Riêu: Crab and tomato base noodle soup

137 Trần Đình Xu, District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Preference #45: Tour Vibes

A/N: Why haven’t I written this yet!?! Like it’s such a common idea for preferences, but I never actually written one until now. 

Calum: Your balled up fist moved to cover your mouth as you let out a yawn. It had to be about four in the morning. You didn’t understand why the flight was this early. It had been delayed, so everyone was stuck in the terminal waiting. Michael, and Luke had ran off somewhere, and you were sat between Ashton, and Calum. Ashton was asleep in his chair while Calum had his headphones over his ears, playing a game on his phone. This was your first time going on tour with them, and honestly you couldn’t have been more excited. That excitement was soon gone when your boyfriend woke you up in the early hours of the morning to leave for your flight. Your arms were wrapped around your legs, chin rested on them. It was hard trying to get comfortable in a hard chair. Another yawn came from you, and you felt your eyes began to droop. Finally you were able to fall asleep. “Y/N,” you heard a familiar voice say. You mumbled something in return, and the person shook you; saying your name once more. “We have to get on the plane,” Calum said. His words woke you up, and you lifted your head to see him standing over you; backpack draped over his shoulder. You smiled, moving out of your position, and stretching out. “It’s here?” you asked, earning a nod in return. Standing up, you grabbed your bag, Calum handing over your boarding pass. A tiny buzz coursed through your body as you boarded the plane. Aside from the early flights, you were ready to enjoy this semi vacation. 

Ashton: His muscular arms snaked around your body. Hands placed over yours, which were gripping his drumsticks. “We’re going to start off slow,” Ashton said, starting to move your hands. He hit one of the cymbals, then started to drum a simple beat. “Think you could do that on your own?” he asked, tilting his head to the side to look at you. You bit onto your bottom lip, staring at the drum set. To be honest you had gotten distracted by Ashton’s muscles. Neither of you had gotten alone time on this whole tour, so your mind went fuzzy when he was this close to you. “Y-yeah,” you mumbled, his hands left yours going to rest on your lap. Ashton watched with a smile as you attempted what he had just done. “That was nowhere near what I played!” he laughed. You felt his chest vibrate against your back. You laughed too, relaxing back into him. “I may have gotten distracted,” you timidly admitted. Ashton rested his chin on your shoulders, shaking his head at your words. “I thought you wanted to learn to play,” he commented. You turned your head to look at him, a guilty look on your face. His lips parted as he realized that wasn’t the case. Before he could say anything the rest of the boys showed up, interrupting the moment. It was time for them to sound check. He sent you a sad smile, pecking your cheek. Promising to spend time with you later.

Michael: “Okay my mom wants me to get her one souvenir from all the places we stop at,” you told Michael. His hand was interlocked with yours, pace speeding up as you ran towards one of the many shops. “We have time to shop, can we take a break and eat?” Michael whined. His heels dug into the concrete. The two of you had skipped breakfast. You wanting to sight see before the guys had to leave for sound check. His stomach growled loudly making the both of you stop in track. “I know you’re hungry too,” he commented, staring down at you. He ruffled his hair a bit, eyes locking on the food cart behind you. He was right, you were hungry, but you only had an hour left to spend time with him. So you wanted to make the most of it. “Alright, but we have to hurry,” you said, “What food places are around cause I’m not eating from a food cart.” Michael looked around his gaze landing on a some pizzeria. He smiled, pizza was something he really wanted right now. The two of you made your way inside, and was sent to a table. Michael noticed you fidgeting, and he placed his hand on top of yours. “We will have time trust me,” he reassured giving you a small smile. You smiled back at him, looking down at the menu to see what you wanted to eat.

Luke: Luke shifted around, pulling the blanket over his body some more. He reached his arm over to wrap it around you, but came in contact with the mattress. His head flew up quickly, a groan leaving his lips as he hit his head on top of the bunk above. Luke rubbed the top of his head, eyebrows furrowed at your empty spot. Pulling the curtain open, he climbed out the bunk. It has to be about midnight, and you were on the road so you had to be somewhere on the bus. He slid the door open to the seating area, and spotted you watching television. “What are you doing up?” Luke asked, shuffling over to you. He sat down, and you immediately rested your head on his lap. “Can’t sleep,” you mumbled, “How do you sleep on this thing?” You weren’t used to it. Never being the one to fall asleep on long car rides due to the moving vehicle. “I guess I’m just used to it,” he said, starting to play with your hair, knowing that would get you to sleep. “This thing is so bumpy,” you hummed, closing your eyes at the feeling. “Just imagine you’re laying in bed,” Luke whispered, massaging your scalp now. He continued doing this for a few minutes more, then looked down at you with a smile. You had finally gone to sleep. He rested his head back against the cushions. If he moved you would wake up, so it was best to stay in his spot for the rest of the night, or at least till you moved.


black smoak au laurel lance is supposed to be on the fast track to becoming district attorney and felicity smoak is supposed to be graduating with high honors from mit. instead, they’re both hiding from their demons - a disappeared sister and recluse mother and a jailbird ex-boyfriend and runaway father respectively - on a beach in miami when they find each other instead.

”do you think,” felicity starts, reaching blindly around on the sand behind her for laurel’s virgin daiquiri from the food cart up the beach, “we have to go back?”

she’s starting to forget what it feels like not to have sea salt caked down to the darkening roots of her hair and laurel’s skin tastes like the same salt and her coconut scented tanning lotion when they’re tangled up in the light sheets of their hotel room bed at night. she knows, logically, that they can’t do this forever. she knows there are papers to write and exams to take and speeches to give back in boston. she knows the demons that hide behind laurel’s eyes are a vague reflection of her own.

she finds the daiquiri, sand sticking to the condensation forming on the plastic glass, half sits up to sip from it. laurel hasn’t moved or even looked in felicity’s direction at her question and, if felicity hadn’t spent nights mapping her from the inside out, she would be more concerned by it.

she sets the glass back in the sand and lays back against the blanket. laurel twists her body to face felicity, pulling her sunglasses off and tossing them next to the glass. felicity glances up, expecting the plastic glass to tumble when the frames knock into them, but laurel is suddenly in her space and half on top of her. one of laurel’s tanned legs find it’s way between felicity’s still somehow substantially paler ones and she leans down to capture felicity’s lips in a gentle kiss.

felicity’s hand tangles in laurel’s darker hair, finds the same build up of salt she feels on her own scalp, and doesn’t bother muffling the hum of contentment that spills over her lips, into laurel’s mouth. laurel’s thumb strokes over the skin of felicity’s hip, right above where her bikini bottoms start, and felicity doesn’t need laurel to say anything to know she has her answer.

”yeah,” she sighs, when they break for air but laurel doesn’t roll away, “yeah, i figured.”


The Chili Philosopher on Behind The Food Carts

One of the things we love about food trucks is the often-found emphasis on doing one thing and doing it well. With a smaller kitchen and limited tools, a food truck is almost a distillation of a restaurant. They’re able to focus on their pared-down menu with more clarity than a restaurant chef could afford to give to a larger, more varied menu.

Alex Kavallierou of Chili Philosopher came to this same conclusion when considering opening up his own food truck in Los Angeles. “You can have one item, serve one thing, from a food truck, and that’s okay. I saw a food truck as a chance to do something different, something new.” Alex’s one item was chili; that spicy, simmering, meat and (sometimes) bean stew that immediately calls to mind the image of cowboys circling a campfire on the Wild West frontier…

As you may have heard, we are publishing a cookbook with Page Street Publishing distributed by Macmillan. We worked with 63 amazing food carts in 12 cities across the country to bring you some delicious recipes. We are excited to show you a sneak peek of the cover. The book will be released Nov. 4, 2014. Stay tuned as we give you more peaks into the book.

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The Watermelon Thief

For @canon-stydia :)

Stiles has turned his back for like two seconds tops. Really, only two seconds, but when he turned back to his cart the beautiful watermelon he had picked out for his barbecue with his family (Father: The Sheriff, Stepmother: Melissa McCall and step brother: Scott McCall) was gone.

“What the hell?” he muttered under his breath, glancing around. He couldn’t see it anywhere. What had it grown legs and decided it did not want to be eaten today?

Just as he was about to give up and go get one of the mediocre watermelons from the bin, he noticed a cart passing his, and what do you know, in that cart sat his watermelon.

Oh hell no, no one was going to get away with stealing his goddamn watermelon. His eyes flicked to the figure pushing the cart and his resolve faltered for a moment.

The watermelon thief was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Her hair was this amazing red color, though it was almost blonde…if he had to name it, it would be…strawberry blonde.

She walked with a sway to her hips that would have rendered him speechless…had she not been a watermelon thief. She had stolen his watermelon, and no amount of beauty was going to keep him from getting it back.

Now Stiles wasn’t sure if he was proud of what ensued next…it was a tad childish, oh who was he kidding, it was EXTREMELY childish, but hey, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

So for the next half hour he followed her, very discreetly, through the store. Stumbling around corners and diving behind canned food displays if she turned his way.

Soon, she left her cart alone to pick up some deli meats, and it was then that he made his move.

He stealthily crept up to the cart, and scooped the watermelon up into his arms and hightailed it the hell out of there. When he reached his cart he did a little victory dance as he set it down, earning a few stares from passersby.

He then continued with his trip that had been so rudely interrupted. He still needed to get soda, beer, and hot dog buns.

Now he really should have known better than to leave his basket alone again, but he was a stupid twenty one year old guy who was more concerned with what was the perfect beer to bring to the barbecue. He stepped two feet away from the cart and heard the click clacking of high heels. He felt his eyes grow wide as he spun around on the spot and found that the watermelon had disappeared again.

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I Hope This Song Will Guide You Home (Marines AU) Vignette 3

A/N: So I just had a really annoying, shitty, and embarrassing experience and my catharsis is now, as it has always been, writing. I felt like my emotion could be channeled into something, and I figured why not into something here in valdayaland since it’s been so damn long since I’ve given you guys anything. And it’s much easier to procrastinate this way. Anyway, here we go…remember this is the third in a series, so if you haven’t read the first two, you should go do that ;) HERE


Zendaya is in the dairy aisle, sifting through cheeses to see which is most on sale, and what yoghurt dates look like this week for the 10/10 deal. She’s in sweats and a V-neck, her hair in a messy bun, and she knows the bags underneath her eyes are visible as fuck because she made absolutely no effort to hide them this morning. 

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Based on bench spoilers. (AKA I WILL NEVER BE OKAY AGAIN.)

my house, my home

Granny visits him on a Sunday morning, just after the sun breaks, when the golden light is filtering in through the half drawn shades in streaks of red and orange. The knock on the door startles him from his inspection of the frost lingering on the edges of the window pane (he is not from this realm, but it seems the weather is changing far too quickly - the trees are still full with bright green leaves, the birds not yet starting their migration south (he borrowed one of Henry’s nature books and it makes a sweet pang in his chest when he thinks of it)). 

He answers the door to find Granny already dressed in her apron that he’s grown accustomed to seeing her don in the eatery below, crossbow at the ready. He eyes it for a moment - idly thinks that is horribly barbaric for such an hour - and raises his eyebrow in silent question. 

For her part, she looks conflicted, and after a moment, she drops the weapon to her side. 

“You can’t stay here anymore.” 

He frowns and crosses his arms over his chest, leaning against the door frame in what he hopes to be a casual pose, all the while trying to mask the anxiety clawing at his chest. He has nowhere else to go in this small town, and if he wishes to be near Emma - and her boy - this puts him at quite the disadvantage. 

“Is my gold of no more use to you?” 

The woman does give genuine emotion at that, a heavy sigh leaving her lips, disappointment seeping into the fall of her shoulders. 

“Mayor’s orders.” She replies with a tight smile and his stomach plummets. Of course. “Those accused of pirating in the Enchanted Forest are forbidden from staying in town owned dwellings.”

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Calum From YouTube*

A/N: So this is the first smut I ever wrote so let’s hope its not too bad

Rating: R - Calum is awkward and he accidentally touches your boobs more than once, you end up doing the dirty

*warning this contains sexual content, please don’t read if you’re not comfortable with it


You are in a new, small band, who luckily got a spot to do a YouTube livestream. Even though you had some fans, you wouldn’t consider yourselves “famous” ever. You walked into the room where you would be sitting in front of the camera with your best friends astonished at how it was set up. It was totally surreal. You would have never thought you would get this big with your best friends.

You were in the back room with your band mates, just goofing around. You were tossing a small bouncy ball between yourselves, talking about whatever came to mind, when your manager came in and said that there were only 15 minutes until you went live.

You were handed a small box with some wires and a clip at the end. You walked into the hallway towards your dressing room. You untangled the wires and tried to pull the wires back over your head to be on your back. A frustrated escaped your lips as you couldn’t reach your back. Then you heard a shy voice behind you.

“Hi, I’m Calum. I work here and I saw you need help with your microphone” He revealed a small smile, and took the object from your hands. “Here..” He said with a giggle, putting the equipment on you. You tried to turn your head back to look at him. He was actually really attractive. Why is he working for YouTube? He talked to you while he did this. He asked about your band’s music, which was cute to you. You always found it cool when people have heard your music.

“Can you turn around for me?” He asked holding up the small microphone in his hand above your head. You obeyed and turned to face him, admiring his beautiful features. He brought his hands to the collar of your shirt and clipped the small mic to your shirt. “There you go” he smiled, proud of himself. He took his hands down but when he did, his hand accidentally touched your breast. Your eyes widened at the sudden feeling on you and backed away, his face just as shocked as you.

“I.. I.. I’m sorry” he stuttered grabbing the back of his neck. “I’m gonna, uh, go now” he quickly walked out of the room and left you alone, still in shock. “(Y/N)”  your friends called from other room. “We have 5 minutes lets get to the stage.” “Ok” you yelled back, shaking your head a bit and running to the room where the livestream would be held.


“Thank you for watching” you smiled and waved at the camera. “We love you so so so so so so so so much” your friend on the right of you said. “Thank you for everything, you have changed our lives so much we are so thankful for you all” your band mate to the left of you smiled. “We can’t wait to see you guys again” your friend on the edge of the couch jumped up and moved towards the camera. “Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” you all said together as her hand covered the camera and the light to let you know it was recording turned off. “WOOO” you each took turns screaming, running into the back room.

The shouting stopped finally after about 5 minutes of being totally stupid with your best friends, the “WOOO”’s turning into laughs. You walked to a big table and grabbed a water bottle. You started sipping at it, but then one of your still crazy band members ran into you, making you spill water on yourself. “FUCK” you yelled trying to grab a napkin to dry off. The cold water had already seeped through your clothes, making goosebumps appear on your skin. The rest of your band was holding back giggles as you told them you were going to go change, but the second you walked out of the room you heard their laughs break out. You rolled your eyes as you walked into your dressing room.

You took off your shirt and took a towel to dry off your chest. Next you took off your bra, quickly getting a new dry one. Then the door opened, you gasped covering yourself with the towel. The same tall, attractive boy from earlier peeked his head in. His eyes widened when he saw you. Your face turned bright red seeing him again. “Holy shit, I, um” he blocked his eyes from you. “I was told I had to bring in some snacks, so, um, yea, sorry,” he said with his eyes still blocked. “No it’s ok, I was just startled. And wait food?” You weren’t mad like he’d thought you would be. Your face wasn’t as red anymore, your voice calmed him a bit. You were way more relaxed than he thought. “Yea, I have some fruit, pretzels, chips, and some fruit snacks.” he said, still nervous. You not thinking, just focused on the food you could have all to yourself since you were alone, invited him in. “You can come in, it’s ok.” “Are you sure?” He asked in a nervous tone. “Yea” you ran quickly to the door to open it.

He walked in with a little cart of food exciting you. You ran behind him as he pushed it into the corner of the room. He moved the plates around a bit to fit better on the cart. He turned around to exit but when he did he bumped into you, his hands meeting your breasts once again. Your face lit up a bright red because this was the second time the cute boy’s hands have been on you today, but you didn’t back away like last time and he didn’t let go immediately like last time. “Fuck” he whispered to himself after a few seconds passed, now putting his hands down. He wanted to keep his hands on you. He wanted to feel you, and you wanted the same. You looked into each others eyes for a minute before he leaned in and placed his lips on yours.

His lips were incredibly soft. He intensified the kiss by wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You felt him against you, already hard. You moaned a but in his mouth, moving your hands up to his neck. He was getting harder and you could feel it. You let out another small moan but this was just enough for him to slip his tongue into your mouth. He continued moving his hands up and down your sides, you now pulling at the roots of his hair, both of you letting small gasps and moans escape your lips. He backed you into a wall and nearly lifted you off of the ground. It was getting more and more intense by the second, but you were enjoying it. The familiar feeling of his hands on your chest appeared again. “Caluum” you breathed as you broke away from his lips. You leaned your head back, giving him access to your neck. He wasted no time moving his lips to your exposed neck.

He attacked your neck with kisses, biting and sucking a bit, definitely leaving marks. He did this, and still kneading your breasts made a wet feeling between your legs. You let out a small “fuck” before he stopped kissing your neck, you instantly wanting him to do it again. His hands were still on your boobs only covered by your black bra, but then he moved one of his hands to your back. Knowing what he was about to do, so you lifted yourself from the wall a bit to help him. In one quick movement he had already unclipped your bra and slid it off of your shoulders, you standing in nothing but some black leggings in front of him. “Fuck you’re so beautiful” he said admiring your body. He planted his lips on yours again and placed his hands on you again.

You were both moaning when Calum moved his hands to your bum. “Jump” he said through your kisses. You obeyed and jumped off of the ground, wrapping your legs around his waist. You felt his bulge under you, the wetness between your legs growing. He carried you over to the couch in the small room, laying you down and hovering over you. “Calum” you let out with a gasp when he replaces the now familiar feeling of his hands on your chest with his mouth. He sucked and kissed each breast, leaving small marks everywhere. He wrapped his lips around your nipple and nibbled a bit, making you arch your back. He did the same treatment to each breast, you missing the feeling when he started going back up your chest to your neck. “Fuck” he mumbled under his breath.

While he was still working on your neck, you moved your hands to the bottom of his shirt. You tugged for a minute until he disconnected his lips just long enough to slip his shirt off, revealing his toned body. Everything was going so slow, you needed him now. You played with his pants until he grabbed your hands. “Nu-uh-uh” he smirked. “You first.” He looked down at you. His eyes were so beautiful. Keeping eye contact, you moved your hands down to take off your black leggings, kicking them off of your feet. “Your turn” you returned the smirk. He rested his forehead on yours as he took off his pants slowly. You could see his boner through his underwear, not helping the wetness between your legs. He still had a grip on your arms, making you wonder how long you would be like this.

Both of you were now only in your underwear, but that didn’t last long. He slipped your panties off and moved his hand over your clit. His teasing making you inpatient, you involuntarily moved your hips up to finally feel him in you. “Someone’s needy?” He chuckled looking down at you pouting. “Calum I need you.” You moaned trying to move somehow. You needed friction between your legs. “What do you need?” he knew what he was doing. “Calum I need you fuck please” you whined. “Look at you being a good girl.” He smirked. After for what seemed like ages, he slid his middle finger into you painfully slowly. Your breath heightened as he did this, not giving you any time before he started pumping his finger in and out of you. “Fuck” you breathed, finally getting the friction you wanted, but you wanted more.

Calum continued fingering you with his middle finger, then he added a second one. You mumbled some “fucks” and “shits” under your breath, trying not to scream his name. He started curling his fingers, making you squirm. “Someone likes that hmm?” He said quickening his pace. You nodded your head, scared at what would come out if you tried to speak. His one hand was still holding your hands down over your head, making you move around even more wanting something to grip as you felt your orgasm start to build. He noticed your breathing change, knowing your climax was coming. He started to rub your clit with his thumb as he continued pumping in and out of you. The feeling grew stronger, and you felt your walls clench around his fingers. “Calum, I can’t- can’t last..” He heard you and pulled his fingers out of you, making you want to hit him with rage, but his arms restraining you. “WHAT THE FUCK” you nearly yelled. “I want to feel you come” he whispered giving you a kiss.

He lined up with your entrance and ran his hard member up and down on you. “Calum” you whimpered wanting him in you already. “Stop fucking teasing go!” “What do you want?” He smirked, wanting to hear you beg for him. “I want you. I want you so badly please.” you said closing your eyes as he continued rubbing himself on you. “I love that you’re so polite” he smiled. He placed the tip in you, you rolling your head back in pleasure. Then he rammed into you, making you scream. You didn’t realise how big he really was until now. He gave you no time to adjust when he pulled out of you, and thrusted instantly back in. He continued doing this, you getting used to the pleasurable pain. You were both moaning messes. He was still holding your hands down and he moved his other hand to your breast, and his lips to yours. “I’m going-” “I know and you’ve been such a good girl. Just wait a bit longer. Let’s let go together ok?” He kept pounding into you, the only thing you could hear was moans and skin slapping skin. You couldn’t keep it in any longer. “Caluuum” you screamed as your legs started to twich, your walls clenching around him. “Ok you can come.” he said still thrusting in and out of you, and with that your orgasm took over your body. You both released at the same time, both moaning each other’s names and some other words.

He finally let go of your hands and collapsed next to you. “That was great” he whispered into your ear, pulling you into his chest. You nodded your head still trying to catch your breath. You would have never guessed Calum from YouTube could have done anything like that. You thought he was a dorky worker, but he was much more than that. “I would love to do that again sometime” he lifted your chin up with his finger to make you look at him. There was sweat beaded on his face but he was still gorgeous. “I would love that” you finally said once your breathing was somewhat normal again. “We have practice this whole week but I’m free Friday night, if you want" I said, looking into his deep, chocolate eyes. "Then it’s settled. I’ll pick you up at 8?” “Sounds good” you smiled. “Great, I’ll see you then!” he said standing up. “Wait, I need your number” you stopped him as he was walking out. “That would help” he giggled, taking your phone and putting his number in. “Bye” he smiled, kissing you once more before he left.


Rating: T

Word Count: ~2500

Summary: "Duende" is a moment of pure passion and wild abandon. It is special and it is fleeting, and only the best dancers can entrance the crowd. If one wants to see a true dancer move in Republic City, one must track down the Avatar. Makorra Dance AU

Author Note: Inspired by flamenco, but with some made up details to mash in the Avatar universe. This is a variation on the dance AU that is quite popular, but with inspiration from flamenco dance.

( (ao3)



Republic City is known across the world for the melding of cultures and traditions. And this intersection of people all across the four nations creates a unique flavor that one must simply experience first-hand. This, of course, is a fact known to all. With each newcomer into the bustling metropolis comes another pinch of foreign spice that melts into city making it more and more unique with every docking ship.

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