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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 7)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,001

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

A/N: After listening to Beach Weather’s ‘Swoon’ and ‘Sex, Drugs, Etc.’ on an endless loop, I finally managed to write this update. Also, sending my love to @lovellylittlelonely for giving me feedback on this :)

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Residing in the darkness, you stood quietly as everyone around you swayed to the music booming through the speakers, the melodies pulsing in your ears. Watching the performance, you spotted Viz behind the drums while he played the set with his bandmates. You figured your friends were near the front to get a better view with Wanda’s insistence. You knew she was determined to see her man up close. 

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Drug Wars (Pt. 1)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

“She’s a babygirl Yoongi, and I think I’m in love with her.”

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered. 

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

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Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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No pairing, Jared x Jensen friendship

Request: Concept: Jared and Jensen having conversations like ours. Do you think that’s a thing? - @wayward-girl

Word Count: 779

Warnings: general mental health issues, mention of past depression and anxiety, minor anxiety attack, SO many J2 friendship feels

A/N: So, @wayward-girl and I have talked every single day for the past month (plus), and every single night, I ask her to promise me we’ll talk tomorrow. I won’t go much farther into detail, but just know that if we were Jared and Jensen, this is pretty much exactly how it would go.

*Dialogue in italics signals a text message.

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3am. Jared should’ve been fast asleep, but he wasn’t. He was laying in bed, staring at the ceiling of his apartment bedroom in Vancouver, mind scrambling with thoughts - thoughts he couldn’t put together. He just needed to talk to someone, anyone.


Jared grabbed his phone from his nightstand and rolled onto his side, typing out a message to his best friend and costar.

“You got a minute?” 

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#264: He Catches You Checking Out One Of The Boys


I love when you request something and I instantly fall in love with, especially when it comes to the things being reversed, Y/N getting jealous and doing other stuff that you would normally write the boys about… If that makes sense I’m just rambling aha

Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here


“You’d like some coffee?” You questioned even though you had no idea how the machine was working. You had been standing in front of it for ten minutes now trying to make it work, you had filled it with fresh pressed beans and water but nothing seemed to happen. “Of course.” He replied and plugged in the machine so it was ready to start, looking over at you with a teasing smile by your lack of skills to make it work. “You know I’m gonna blame the weather, the sun has barely shined yet.” You mumbled and placed the on button you had been almost harassing by pressing on it so many times. The sound of coffee being mixed was sweet music to your eyes and you looked over your shoulder when Calum showed into the kitchen as well. “Morning.” His voice was raspy and because of his hangover he wasn’t wearing anything else but his brief boxers. You stood for a second trying to sink in what was happening and when he stood beside you he smiled softly and coughed away the raspy morning voice he had. “There’s definitely too much to see.” Luke suddenly commented from your behind and with one swift movement he placed his hands in front of your eyes, starting to back you away from Calum and the coffee machine. “I see you be looking at him.” He whispered in your ear. “I wasn’t looking.” You couldn’t avoid the giggle, holding your hands on top of his.


“And to that I replied-, Y/N are you even listening to what I have to say?” You froze out of your spot once Calum suddenly started to wave a hand in front of your face, trying to see if he could get some sort of reaction. He had been talking about an incident this morning at the reception to the hotel you were currently staying at, something he thought was very interesting but you were barely listening. You stood with your towel wrapped around you, the wind was cold but with Calum’s secure arm around you, you weren’t freezing. “Is it just me or has Luke really worked out his muscles lately?” You questioned out of the blue, you weren’t sure if it was in your mind or out loud but when you saw Calum’s reaction you realized it was reality. “Well he has been working out a lot lately but it’s nothing compared to me.” He quickly removed the t-shirt he was wearing and showed his golden brown skin, an almost desperate expression on his face to grab your attention instead. You looked away from Luke to see Calum flex his muscles more than he usually did, doing everything in his power to impress you. “You know I always have eyes for you only.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around him just to prove that you meant it, seeing him give Luke one last glare before he kissed you on the forehead happily.


“Y/N could you get me one of the plectrums? I think I lost one.” He yelled over the loud music after having searched through his pockets for one but failed. He was sure he had one but after scanning everything he possibly had there was no doubt he had lost it. He furrowed his eyebrows confused when he didn’t get a single respond from you, you weren’t standing that far away but the sound from Ashton’s drumming was filling the whole arena. He was sitting behind the drum kit without a shirt on, sweat drippling down from his flexed biceps. You weren’t supposed to stand there and just watch but you were somehow so amazed by how he was looking you couldn’t help it. It wasn’t always Michael brought you for help but now you realized why. Michael looked down at the amp he was sitting on top that was connected with Ashton’s drum kit and with one pull he managed to turn everything off. Ashton didn’t take notice at all but by the sudden sound of everything not being so loud you could sense that someone searched for your attention. “Hello.” Michael yelled and waved his hand once Ashton’s drumming wasn’t as loud anymore and finally got your attention. “Boyfriend over here requires love and help.” You blinked twice by the sound of his voice, your jaw dropping and a deep blush came to your cheeks but you could tell that he wasn’t mad, just being the typical tease.


“How about this one?” Michael questioned and looked over his shoulder to see your reaction. You furrowed your eyebrows and scanned his body, trying to see if everything seemed to match. He had been the one to ask what he should wear for tonight and since you were the only one who seemed to be able to help you stepped up. “Not the jacket. Maybe you should go for leather instead.” You gave him one last glance up and down before leaning back in your chair and settled with your opinion. He always looked better when he was in leather especially for shows like these. “Sure thing.” He replied and took off his jacket to change it into something else. Meanwhile Ashton came into the room as well with a few clothes to try himself. But with your eyes focused on Michael to make sure that it seemed correct and meanwhile also checking him out in the mirror Ashton furrowed his eyebrows confused. He looked down at his clothes first but then he decided to drop it on the table next to him and took a seat right on top of you. “Oh I’m sorry, blocking the view?” He asked with a hint of jealousy and leaned his face closer to yours. “You’re heavy.” You answered instead and tried to breath but he seemed determined and didn’t want to remove from your lap. “I just thought you needed to look at something prettier.” He hummed and kissed your lips for a quick moment.

I Hate You/ You Love Me (Josh Dun) SMUT

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Word Count: 3000+

Warnings: Blowjob, Sexy Pictures (Is that even a real warning?) 

Request:  I would like to request a little smutty thingy about josh getting a boner and getting all flustered and Tyler and a bunch of his friends notice and mess with him. For the setting it can be whatever you please, or what works best, but I was thinking about a really packed car with no room, and a really bumpy road…  

* I hope you like it. I’ve never written a blowjob scene before (or at least from start to finish and that’s all that’s happening. Also, I know the beginning got a little carried away but I’d been wanting to write something like that for a while now and thought your request would be a good one to write it with. Hope you enjoy :) *

Josh and Tyler had been recording a lot over the last week which had left you to spend time with some of your friends that you rarely got to see because of work. You were vacuuming the floor of your small rented house when your phone went off. Checking it, you saw Nyssa, one of your best friends who you’d met in college (A/N she’s an OC. If your name’s Nyssa, feel free to change her name.) Heyyyy so I’m entering a photography contest and want to know if I can use you as a model, the message said. You thought for a moment. Josh wouldn’t be home until around 5 pm and it was 10 am now.

Sure, you replied.

Awesome can I come to your place in an hour? She asked.

Yep see you then. You responded. You rushed around the house, picking up to make sure it was presentable. You didn’t do much in the lines of getting ready because you didn’t know anything about the shoot. But knowing Nyssa, you knew she was coming prepared with whatever she’d want you to use.

Sure enough an hour later there was a knock on your door which you opened to find Nyssa hauling a ton of photography equipment. Her camera was around her neck, on each shoulder she had a bag filled to the brim with who knows what, and under her right arm was a tripod. You quickly grabbed the tripod from her and gently set it on the couch, “Why don’t you ever ask for help!” You laughed. She dropped the bags on the floor and kicked them out of the doorway sighing.

“I am a very capable human being, thank you very much.” She smiled and leaned forward hugging you. She clapped her hands together excitedly, “Now, let’s get started!” Her brown eyes gleamed excitedly, her very curly blonde hair tied up into a messy ponytail. Over the next three hours she dressed you up in various outfits and made you pose in front of various backdrops she hung up in your living room. You did some shots at the park down the street. Everything was beautiful and dramatic.

Afterwards, she showed you the pictures she took of you and they were absolutely breathtaking. Looking at them, you found it shocking that you were as beautiful as you were in the pictures. You looked gorgeous and you almost couldn’t believe it was you. You sighed, “These are amazing.” You told Nyssa absolutely dumbfounded.

“You’re the gorgeous model.” She grinned. She bit her lip and looked at the clock, “So… earlier you said Josh gets home at 5:00?”

You nodded, “Yeah, why?”

The look on Nyssa’s face made you nervous. What was she up to? Her devious smirk definitely made you unnerved. She bit her thumb and raised an eyebrow seductively, “Wanna have a little fun with him?”

Your eyes widened. What was she suggesting? Your mind went straight to a threesome and you weren’t down for that, “Oh um… look Nyssa, I don’t- we don’t really… I mean you’re a great friend but I don’t think that-”

She laughed at you, reading your mind, “Chill out girly. I’m not trying to get on your action. My photography professor wants me to ‘expand my horizons’ and ‘get out of my comfort zone.’ So if you want, we can take some naughty photos of you before he gets home.”

You smirked. You loved seeing Josh break his normal sweet, childish, and innocent demeanor. You hadn’t seen that other side of him for a while. “I mean, are you sure you’re comfortable with that?”

She rolled her eyes at you, “I’m the one who suggested it. So I’m guessing you’re down?”

You bit your lip nervously but excitedly, “Yeah.” You’d never done anything like this.

Nyssa shoved you to your room and followed you in, “Ok so we gotta turn this boy on. What can we do? What gets him going?” She asked. You thought for a moment.

“I got it.” You said mischeviously. You walked into your shared room and quickly changed searching for the sexiest bra and panty set you owned, lacy burgundy boyshort panties and burgundy mega push-up bra. Over it you put your shortest shorts and one of Josh’s black muscle shirts. Nyssa curled your hair and you threw on one of Josh’s snapbacks and a pair of your Doc Martens.

When you walked out Nyssa’s jaw dropped, “Gosh dang girl you make me question if I’m straight dressed like that.” She joked. You knew she was joking, this was just her sense of humor, but you still blushed. “Let’s get started! So I was thinking we could do a gradual sort of strip thing. So come stand over here.” She led you by the shoulders until you were standing in front of the black sheet she’d hung up. She told you to put your thumbs in the large holes of the muscle tank and pull it forward. You did, thumbs meeting in the middle so your bra was hanging out on either side. She moved some of your bangs in front of your eye and told you to bite your lip. She snapped the picture. When you saw it, it gave you tingles. You felt sexy just looking at it. The seductive look you’d given the camera was so believable.

“Ok, so I was wondering, does Josh have a drum set here?”

“He has a practice set. It’s not a full out drum kit, just like pads so he can practice without making too much noise.” You told her. Nyssa shrugged.

“Good enough.” You led her over to the spare room Josh kept his drum kit in. “Ok, so take your shirt off and sit like your ready to play.” You listened to her, not even embarrassed to take your shirt off in front of her. You’d changed in front of each other many times. You picked up the drumsticks and fiddled with them a little. “Okay, now stand up and lean slightly to the right. Good, now put the drumsticks over your head like he does.” You listened. She walked over to you and tugged your shorts down a little so your v-line was showing. She snapped another picture.

You guys moved back to the front room in front of the black sheet. You took the hat off and scrunched up part of your hair, giving the camera that weirdly sexy seductive snarl. Another flash. Now came the awkward half of this. “Okay, so now can you face the screen and bend over keeping your legs and back straight so your butt sticks out? But pull your shorts down to your thighs so your stripping.” Awkwardly, you did as you were told as she took a picture of your butt.

A few more pictures were taken. One of you in your underwear sitting on a chair with your legs spread, one of Josh’s drumsticks held between your teeth like he does so often. One of you crawling on the floor towards the camera, the shot focusing majorly on your cleavage.

Looking at the clock you saw it was 3:58. Nyssa had finally decided she’d taken enough pictures of you. While you got dressed back into the short shorts and Josh’s shirt, she logged into your computer and downloaded all of the pictures she’d taken of you. You e-mailed them to yourself and saved them on your phone before sending the first one with the most clothes on to him. “Thanks so much Nyssa.” You told her.

“No, thank you. I needed a model and you were perfect.” She told you.

*Josh’s Point Of View*

I sat on the couch laughing with Tyler and a few other guys when my phone buzzed in the thin pocket of my basketball shorts. I grabbed it and checked the message. It was a picture from Y/N. It was probably another meme. I opened it and it was most definitely not a meme. It was a picture of Y/N. She was wearing my shirt and had the sleeves pulled to middle of her chest, her breasts clearly popping out of her bra. Her shorts were so short that even though I only had a view of the front of her, I knew her butt was hanging out of the back. She also had one of my snapbacks on. Her hair was curled and her makeup accentuated her E/C. I felt my breath hitch when I saw it. “Dude, you ok?” Tyler’s voice asked.

I shook my head to focus, “Yeah, I’m fine.” I texted her back, What are you doing???

A few minutes later there was another buzz. I opened it to find another picture of her but she was shirtless, doing the leaning drumstick pose I did behind my practice drum kit. I groaned a little, Babe that’s super sexy but stop. I’m with the guys.

I got a response a few minutes later from her: I’m just giving you a preview of what you can have when you get home. Another picture was attached. I was so entranced by it that I barely heard Tyler’s voice, “Josh, are you sure you’re ok?”

I smiled awkwardly, “Yeah I’m fine.”

“Okay, well we were thinking about heading out. But some of the guys need a ride home. Is it cool with you if we drop them off on the way?” Ty asked. I groaned internally. I really just wanted to get home to Y/N, especially if she was still dressed like that.

Despite what I really wanted, I nodded, “That’s cool. Let’s go.” I said standing up. Darn, why’d I have to carpool with Tyler today?

Since I was one of the smallest guys in the group I got stuck in the middle of the backseat. Sandwiched between two guys who felt like they were twice my size, I set my hands on my knees. After a few minutes of driving, another buzz. This time it was a picture of Y/N. Well it was her butt. She was pulling her shorts down, sticking her butt out. I shifted uncomfortably. She was absolutely sexy and gorgeous in every way and my body was definitely reacting to it. Hoping nobody would notice, I moved my hands to my lap to try and conceal the bulge. Of all the days she decided to send me sexy pictures for the first time, it had to be the day I was wearing basketball shorts. You are so beautiful but stop. I’m not exactly in the best spot right now to deal with what you’re doing to me.

Y/N was probably smirking smugly at the text. She knew she had some inhuman power over me. She was like a siren except she didn’t try to kill me at the end. I looked around the car nervously. Everyone seemed occuppied in conversation. Good because I would never hear the end of it if they saw the tent in my pants. I began to tap my foot anxiously when another buzz. You know you don’t really want me to stop. Nobody’s making you open the pictures ;)  She was right. But she was so captivating. I wasn’t going to torture myself anymore. I was just about to turn my phone off when Mark leaned over from next to me and peeked onto my screen before I could press the button.

His eyes got wide, “Geez Josh, is that Y/N? No wonder you’ve been acting strange the last twenty minutes!” I quickly hid the screen. Oh gosh, what had he seen? I didn’t look at the picture he saw yet… maybe he just saw her naked. All of the guys turned around to look at me as I carefully tried to peek at the picture without anyone else seeing it. She was sitting with her legs spread and a drumstick in her mouth.

When I noticed everyone’s eyes were on me I laughed nervously, trying to hid my phone in my lap. But of course the guy to my right snatched it out of my hand. I honestly didn’t even know this guy, he was some friend of Mark’s who was interested in the music industry and been invited over to see how the whole process went. His eye gawked wide at her body. The notification went off again and I snatched it back, not wanting him to see Y/N naked. “Dude, that’s my girlfriend.” I told him seriously. He put his hands up defenseevley.

Suddenly there was hard bump and Tyler groaned in frustration from the driver’s seat, “Stupid potholes. Sorry guys. This road sucks.” Another bump. Tyler was up front and jokingly started humming  the tune to ‘Tear In My Heart’ when he sings I’m driving here I sit; cursing my government; for not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement. I leaned my head back trying to remember the pictures that were on my phone. I couldn’t wait to get home to her. This was going to be a long ride. Another bump.

Looking to my left I saw Mark with his face red trying to avert his attention from me. “What?” I asked.

He just shook his head and nodded downwards a little bit, covering the smirk on his face. Looking down I realized just how prominent my hard on was. Of course that’s when the obnoxious guy to my right looked over and noticed my… situation. “Dude, I would too if I had been getting those pictures all day.” I shot him a look that I very rarely gave anyone.

“What’s going on? I feel so left out.” Tyler joked, glancing back from the driver’s seat.

“Nothing. It’s n-noth-” I stumbled.

“Josh’s girl is sending him some sexy shots and he’s having a fun time with it.” The annoying guy said. I sighed, annoyed at him.

I endured almost thirty more minutes of getting made fun of, even after it went away for the most part. Finally, it was my stop and I got out of the car, thanking Tyler for the ride and walked up to mine and Y/N’s apartment.

*Your Point Of View*

You were sitting on the couch reading a book when Josh walked through the door. Nyssa left a little while ago, taking all of her equipment with her, but you didn’t change your outfit. You glanced up from your book and smiled at him, standing up and making sure to accentuate every asset you had in doing so, “Hey babe. How was practice?” You asked.

Josh looked unamused but you could also tell he was definitely into what you were doing. “Great until, oh you know, you started sending me naughty photos.”

“You didn’t like them?” You asked, faking insult but still keeping that teasing seductive tone.

You ran your hands up and down his biceps before sneaking them up his t-shirt. He shuddered a little under your touch. “Believe me I liked them. Maybe a little too much.” He said trying to focus on being irritated but he was failing miserably. “I hate you.” He joked, finally cracking a small smile.

“You love me.” You glanced down to see the tent in his shorts becoming more prominent. You leaned in close to his ear, standing on your tiptoes, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of your friends. Maybe I can make it up to you.” Your hand glided between your bodies that were pressed close together and you slipped your fingers in the waistband of his shorts, slowly sliding them down his legs until he stepped out of them. Standing back up on your tiptoes you placed a feather light kiss on his lips. When you pulled back, he leaned forward trying to follow your lips but you put your hand firmly on his chest. You grabbed a fistful of the fabric and led him over to the couch where you pushed him to sit down.

You ran your finger tips lightly over his thighs, slowly getting closer to where he wanted you most. You grabbed the bottom of his boxer-briefs, pulling them down his legs and taking them off. “Quit being such a tease.” He chuckled lowly, trying to not sound rude or demanding. Sweet, innocent, polite Josh. You listened, pumping him until he was fully hard. He groaned and ran his hands over his face when you sat up on your knees, taking his tip in your mouth and running your tongue around it. “Oh my…” He moaned before it became incoherent.

You took him as far as you could in your mouth, pumping the rest in perfect rhythm. You hummed around his length and made the sexiest noises in response. His hand went to your hair, gripping tight but not tight enough to hurt. Glancing up at him you could tell that it took everything in his power to not guide your head faster. You picked up the pace, one hand going up to play with his balls. He let go of your hair and gripped tightly onto the couch cushion. Josh leaned his head back and let out a strangled moan when you swirled your tongue around his tip. “Y/N…”

You pulled back slowly while humming until you took him out of your mouth. You licked along the bottom of his shaft, cock twitching in your hands and you knew he was close. You repeated this few times before pumping his length quickly, the mix precum and spit allowing your hand to glide over it smoothly. Josh was a sexy mess, moaning your name into his hand. “I’m gonna cum babe.” He barely managed, giving you warning enough to replace your hands with your mouth, tongue teasing him to orgasm as he came into your mouth. You swallowed, pumping his length to help him ride out his high. When you were done, you looked up too see his pink hair sticking to his forehead and his chest was rising rapidly.

You got up and curled up next to him, “I really am sorry for embarrassing you earlier. I just wanted to have a little fun.” You told him sincerely.

He reached down and pulled his boxers back up before pulling you close to him, “Don’t worry about it babe. You more than made up for it.” He laughed a little. Josh leaned down and kissed your forehead and you snuggled deeper into his side. You just wanted to be near him. As you felt him calm down, a sense of calm and relaxing fell over you too. Before you knew it, your eyes had drifted closed. After a few minutes Josh whispered, “I love you.” His calloused fingers gently raked through your mostly fallen out curls.

You smiled to yourself, eyes still closed, “I know.” You joked and felt him laugh a little under your body.

HANNIBAL Fic Post: “Ticklish.”

Will makes his discovery nearly by accident.

He gets up in the night to go to the bathroom, and backs on his fingers by happenstance brush the arch of Hannibal’s foot as he stands.

It would not have happened were Hannibal more apt to keep to his side of the bed, or even to leave a third of it over for Will, who has shared a bed with dogs who showed more consideration for the personal space of their bedmate.

In his sleep, Hannibal clings , possessive. He clutches Will’s biceps, or else envelope as much of Will’s body around his arms as is possible. He’s apt to nuzzle, too, to rub his forehead or cheek against Will’s shoulders or neck of the back of his head.

Will doesn’t mind, though in the daylight he bitches on principle. He sleeps better with Hannibal holding him. Feels safe, though even after so much time he is not entirely sure that he ought to.

It’s really only a problem when one or the other has a nightmare. When the dreams come to Hannibal he holds far too tight, as though something is trying to tear Will away from him. After particularly bad nights, Will has bore bruises and crescent-shaped indents from Hannibal’s nails in the morning.

Will knows that losing hold of him beneath the black water is a common theme of Hannibal’s nightmares, and he accepts a certain measure of responsibility for that and does what can be done to shepherd Hannibal through. It’s harder to know what the others are about or what happens when the losing Will dream bleeds into some other, older and more final loss.

He has his suspicions but does not pry. Everything that he should know, Will is sure, he will know in time. There is no need now to hurry.

When the nightmares come to Will they take him by the throat, and he thrashes and shouts and claws at the bedding. Will caught Hannibal in the nose with his open fist hard enough to draw blood once, though that was some time ago. Were Hannibal not such a light sleeper, quick to wake up and get out of the way, Will would worry more about something unfortunate happening, but mostly things have been okay.

Hannibal is as likely to tangle their legs together as he is the rest of them, and that is why Will’s hand brushes the bottom of Hannibal’s foot, and when it does so Hannibal jerks his foot away, drawing it in towards his body, and makes a small, almost squeaky, noise.

A wondrous and incredible suspicion begins to bloom in Will.

In the darkness, he grins.

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Happy Birthday, Indeed

Hey, everyone, happy weekend! As promised, I’m back with another Ashton request; enjoy! This one won’t be posted to my masterlist until later, but it’ll make it eventually.

Request: can you do one of ashton where it’s his birthday and he’s on tour so y/n surprises him? // Cute, cute, cute idea! Hope you like it, anon.

Title: Happy Birthday, Indeed

Summary: It’s Ashton’s birthday and things are going well, but there’s just one thing (or person) that’s missing.

Words: 700+

Warnings: None

“—happy birthday to you!”

The voices of everyone in the stadium die out as the song comes to an end, and Ashton can’t stop smiling. Calum had decided that, in lieu of his friend’s birthday, everyone at the concert should sing to him.

“Wow,” Ashton joked from behind his drums, brushing hair out of his face as he grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard something more beautiful.” The stadium erupted into cheers and he laughed, smiling at his friends.

“Well, unfortunately,” Michael began, and Ashton took that as his cue to hop down onto the stage, “all good things must come to an end. You guys killed it tonight!” More cheering.

“Thank you all for the birthday love. Have a good night, everyone!” Ashton called. Once again, the crowd went insane. The four of them waved as they exited the stage, but as soon as they were safely backstage, the grin dropped from Ashton’s face. He smiled poitely and thanked the crew as they congratulated them and wished him happy birthday, but he couldn’t bring himself to be genuine.

He knew it was his job to travel the world and play a different stage every night, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit dejected that he was so far away from you tonight. The two of you had videochatted earlier this morning, but it really just wasn’t the same. He had offered a few weeks ago to fly you out so that you could visit for the day, but you had shot down the idea after insisting that you had too much on your plate between university and work. He understood, of course. He just wished he could see you in person.

When they got to the lounge backstage, Ashton flopped onto the couch and took out his phone, intending to text you and tell you how the show went. Before he could, however, the lights went out. “What the fu—” he began, but before he could finish his sentence, Luke walked through the door with Calum, Michael, and the stage crew behind him. He held a small cake in his hands, lit up with candles, and the group began to sing. A few people had their phones out, recording the exchange.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTH-day dear Ashton…”

Rolling his eyes but smiling nonetheless, Ashton stood. “You guys suck,” he said over the singing. Luke held the cake out toward him and someone from the back shouted, “Make a wish!”

Pretending to be in thought, Ashton leaned forward and blew out the candles, causing the group to applaud.

“We all know what you wished for, mate,” Michael said with a grin.

“It’s not that tough to guess, I’m sure,” Ashton quipped back. Someone flicked the lights on.

“Well, since you’re just so predictable, we got you a pretty cool gift,” said Calum.

“Guys…” Ashton began, catching on to what was happening. “Guys, if you’re trying to get my hopes up I swear I will—”

Suddenly someone from the stage crew surged forward, taking off their baseball cap and lunging forward to throw their arms around him. “Happy birthday, baby,” said a familiar voice in his ear, and Ashton grinned because he knew that voice.

“You’re here!” he shouted excitedly. You backed up slightly to grin up at your boyfriend.

“Well, of course,” you replied. “I couldn’t be away from you on a day like this! What kind of relationship do you think this is?”

Ashton’s smile grew and he wrapped his arms around you tightly, lifting you up and spinning around. “I can’t believe it,” he said when he placed you back on the ground. “How did you…?”

“I had some help,” you told him, glancing over to his bandmates.

Ashton followed your line of vision to where his friends were all grinning proudly. “How the hell did you guys keep a secret for so long?” he asked. “Especially you?” he directed at Luke.

“We knew how important this was to you,” said Calum with a shrug. “Figured you’d like some surprise like this.”

“Well, you weren’t wrong,” Ashton said, draping an arm around your shoulders and smilng at you before leaning down for a kiss. Everyone in the room whooped and a few catcalls sounded. Somebody jokingly shouted at you two to watch the PDA, but Ashton didn’t care.

You broke the kiss and smiled up at him. “Happy birthday,” you told him again, and he kissed your forehead.

“Happy birthday, indeed.”




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Request: DC imagine where the reader is Lady Joker. Joker can’t stand it when the reader “steals the show” but can’t help being captivated by the reader.

For: @theshe-wolfwaits
Words: 1,840

Leto!Joker x Reader – Didn’t really know where to go with one to be honest.

“Don’t you like my desk?” You asked innocently. You leaned back into your luxury leather spinning chair and rested your feet on the large oak desk in front of you. It had taken five of your men to bring it into your office. The thin, unassuming man on the other side of the desk rubbed his hand together anxiously.
“It’s nice.” He squeaked.
“Thank you!” You gave him a beaming grin which didn’t relax him. He was your informant, one of The Joker’s men. The Joker. You’d met just a few times but you loved to piss him off whenever you had the chance – call it flirting.

“So, when is Jokey taking the bank?” you asked him threading your fingers together and acting almost like a professional.
The informant looked nervous, “You’ll make sure that Mr J can’t get to me, that’s what you said, right?”
You jumped up from your chair so fast that it was still spinning as you walked around the side of the desk and perched against it in front of him. You placed your hand on his cheek and spoke softly like a mother calming her child after a nightmare, “I promise that mean old clown won’t hurt you.”
“Tomorrow morning.” He told you and pulled a file out from his the inside of his jacket. He handed it to you and you quickly read over it. It had all the details of The Joker’s bank heist.

Great, now you knew where to find him. It was a lot of trouble to go through just to see your crush but you weren’t a quitter.
“This is just what I needed.” You thanked the informant and placed the folder down on the desk, picked up your gun from beside it, turned and shot him between the eyes. His body flew back from the close range and crumpled into a bloody pile in the middle of your floor.

Behind your desk Veck, your right hand man, tutted in disappointment, “Do you know how much it costs to get a carpet cleaner who can get blood out and keep their mouth shut?”
You pouted at his berating, “I know that you’ll handle it Vecky. I kept my promise, The Joker never touched him. Besides, I hate rats.”


“Mr J, there’s a problem.”

The Joker sneered at his henchmen and shoved him aside. He stalked into the bank, flanked by his men. The bank was trashed and empty of people save for you. You were stood in the middle of the empty bank with a shot gun leant on one shoulder and a large satchel bag on your other shoulder.

“What took you so long?” You asked and tapped your bare wrist with your finger as though you were tapping a watch. He scowled and looked around the empty bank.
“Oh, I put everyone in the vault.” You said flippantly.  
He said nothing but his eyes took you in.

You pouted, “I went to all the trouble of putting this together and you won’t even talk to me?”
“What do you want?” The Joker asked, his raspy voice making you grin.
“See that’s better!” You beamed, “Maybe I just wanted your attention. See, I even got you a present.”
You threw the satchel bag over to him. It landed at his feet and he regarded it curiously as one of his men held it open to show him the bundles of cash inside, no doubt stolen out of the vault.

He sucks in a breath and inclined his head while he considered accepting the bag, “What have I done to deserve a present?”
“I’m just a big fan.” You grinned.

You stepped forwards to leave, making sure to walk past him on the way. He turned sideways as you passed him, your eyes locked with his and your chests brushed as you slowly moved past him. He let you go and watched the doorway where you’d left before turning back to the emptied bank. There was no destruction to cause, nothing left to rob, no show at all! He stalked over to a nearby desk, took a hold of it and flipped it over.

Where was his fun now?!

Snarling, he glanced back to where his men waited with the bag full of money that you’d given him. His snarl turned to a smirk. Maybe there was still fun to be had.

The Joker sat back on his plush sofa, arms lay across the top of cushions.
“So boys, what have we got this time?” He asked two of his men who had set up a projector in front of their boss. It was littered with photos and maps of all of your recent illegal activities. Every escapade that he’d planned, you got too first. He’d been upstaged at every turn and it had made him obsessive. You’d certainly caught his interest and his eye.

They loaded up security footage from a night club that The Joker often did business at. He watched as you turned to the security camera, gave a dramatic wink and then blew a kiss at the camera. He grinned to himself a mirror imagine of the mad grin inked into the back of his hand.
“This is the most recent thing , Sir.” One of his men told him as he pressed play and your manic grin filed The Jokers projected screen again. He watched as you walked with Veck, The Joker had done his research into your associates, into a meeting only for the man that you meeting to pull out a gun and open fire.

It was a clear view of Veck tackling you to the ground, your shoulder instantly spewing blood before Veck practically carried you out of the fray while your men opened fire on your attacker.
The Joker sucked in a harsh breath, his head tilted as he pointed at your assailant now paused on the screen, “Bring him to me, we have business to talk about.”


“Stop pouting.” Veck told you but you crossed your arms, flinching as your shoulder throbbed again, and pouted more.
“My shoulder hurts and The Joker is ignoring my flirting, I think I deserve a good pout.” You answered. Veck rolled his eyes at you and you did a little mocking dance over to where you had a man bound to a chair with thick duct tape. You pushed his forehead with two fingers until he tipped all the way over and crashed back onto the floor. He tried to scream but it didn’t make it past the duct tape across his mouth that you’d painted with a mad grin.
Sitting on his chest you traced the smile with your finger, “Shh. I found out that a lil Bat has been look all over town for you, apparently you want to rat on Mr J. I don’t like rats so I’m going to make you an example and you’re my last shot of getting Mr J’s attention. If he still hasn’t warmed up to me after I give him you then maybe it wasn’t to be.”

You rested your elbows on your knees and your chin in your hands and pouted, you didn’t want to think about giving up on The Joker but he just didn’t seem interested.
“Y/N, you wanna see this.” Veck’s voice caught your attention and you sighed pushing yourself up from the man’s chest, he grunted as you moved. Joining Veck by the window you peeked out of the window through the blinds to see a purple Lamborghini parked outside. The car door opened and The Joker’s green hair was the first thing that you saw until he looked up and made eye contact with you.
He gave you a smirk before stepping into the building with his men in tow. You let out a squeal of excitement, jumped away from the window and started to fix your hair. Sitting yourself down on oil drum behind the man who was still taped to the tipped over chair, you waited for him to come in. Veck stepped behind you and gently moved some of your hair into place and you thanked him just before the door swung open.

The Joker stepped through the threshold, his eyes on you instantly, he moved towards you, his expression intent. He stopped only when he reached the man on the floor, noticing the rat duck taped for his convenience for the first time.
“For me?” He rasped.
You nodded, “I thought you’d like it.”

He stepped around the man towards you and stopped so that he leant over you sat on the drum. Veck tensed and you raised a hand to stop him interfering.
The Joker leaned down so that his face hovered over yours, “Its perfect.”
You resisted the giggle that tried to bubble up inside you and instead offered him a grin. His face was close to yours still when he added, “I actually brought you something.”
You felt heat rise in your cheeks, “You did?”

“Well, you got me a present so this was only fair.” The Joker told you as he turned to gesture for his men to bring something in. your face was split in a grin again when the man who had shot you’re a few days earlier was dragged into the room by his foot. He was unconscious and his face was covered in blood and snot.  The Joker noticed you looking at his injuries, “I hope you don’t mind, I saw what happened.”
His fingers came up to gently brush your injured shoulder and your stomach flipped at the contact. You brought your hands up to either side of his jacket and pulled him down to you so that you could kiss him. He responded with earnest, his hands finding your hair and pulled you towards him with it in harsh, rapid motions.
You pulled apart from him and smiled, “It’s a wonderful present.”
He leaned back into you and bit your bottom lip lightly before answering, “That’s not even the best part.”

He stepped away from you to take his a bundle of black material from one of his men, he took it over to an aged table and rolled it out so show all of the weapons hidden inside. Hatchets, cleavers, screwdrivers, some so pristine that they made your eyes water while some where rusted, dull and painted with dried blood.
You clapped your hands together excitedly and jumped off of your drum to stand beside The Joker in front of the table, “What a beautiful date idea!”
His arm wrapped around your waist pulling you in front of him so that he could kiss your neck and hiss in your ear, “The first of many.”

bookgal13  asked:

How about Jamie and Claire take Manhattan (mid-20th century AU)?

We Live For Love

Two hours into their first rehearsal, Jamie Fraser asked Claire Beauchamp for a break.

Ever since he had shuffled out of The Broch and shrugged his shoulders against the cold wind pushing toward the East River, heading to catch the IRT back downtown, his mind had been swirling.

At this time yesterday he had been ironing his jeans, dreaming of taking the stage at Madison Square Garden. Standing by the side of some faceless frontman whose wails matched those of his guitar.

Now he was sweating in a third-floor room of a run-down factory, in between the flophouses and Chinese restaurants which reminded him why he always steered clear of the Bowery, praying the electricity wouldn’t fry his only amp – and trying for the life of him to figure out how to coax Claire into sounding like a rock and roll star.

Claire looked from Jamie to Ian – sweating behind his drum kit – to Willie Coulter, another guy from The Broch who Ian had quickly pressed into service as a bassist.

“Sure – I don’t mind if you guys smoke. But I could use some lunch.”

Willie set down his bass and Ian stood, stretching. “Want us to bring you something? I gotta take a walk.”

“The Chinese place two doors down has good lo mein. I’ll pay you back.”

“Get me one, too?” Jamie met Ian’s eyes in silent understanding. “And a Coke?”

“Sure.” Willie nodded, and soon his and Ian’s footsteps echoed in the stairwell.

Jamie shifted his guitar and turned to face Claire. She was perched on a high stool – just like she had been last night – pursing her lips.

“Look – you got a gorgeous voice, Claire.”

“I hear a ‘but’ coming,” she sighed.

He licked his lips. “But you can’t just sing like you’re on a Broadway stage, or in a cabaret. Your voice is too thin above the music that way. It’ll get lost. And you *can’t* get overpowered by the music.”

“I’m not overpowered – ”

“It’s not *you,* Claire!” He stepped a bit closer to her, feeling the ancient floorboards give a little. “Nothing is about you. It’s your *voice.* It’s about how you present your voice – it’s about your attitude. You have to really *feel* what the song is. To really *feel* the instruments – the rumble of the bass, the thump of the drums.”

She stood then, holding her ground. “I don’t want to yell or scream. I can’t lose my voice.”

“You won’t,” he promised. “I won’t let you. Look – you brought me here to help you. Let me help you.”

His eyes searched for hers, pleading. Willing her to understand what he was saying.

Wanting more than anything to establish that connection.

He launched into the opening riff of Blondie’s “Call Me” – the song they’d picked as the first to rehearse.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,” he counted, watching her. “One more! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight – GO!”

“Color me your color, baby, color me your car,” she sang. “Color me your – ”

Abruptly he stopped. “No, Claire – no. You can’t just sway into it – it’s not supposed to be a smooth transition from note to note. That’s not how Debbie Harry does it – that’s not how you’ll do it. Make it choppier. Again.”

She frowned, nodded. Wanting to argue back – but willing to learn. Open to his advice.

Four bars – sixteen beats for the intro. He nodded her cue.

“Color me your color, baby – ”

Again he stopped. “No, Claire. Too much. Too choppy.”

She folded her arms over her chest. “Show me, then.”

“You’ve got to remember that this is a song about a gigolo, Claire. It’s not a nice topic. Put yourself in his shoes. ‘Color me your color, baby…’”

Then she tried it again.

“Closer. Getting there. You have to just let it out, Claire. Forget every fucking thing your fancy voice coaches ever taught you. Push yourself into it. Let that beautiful voice just GO.”

She looked like she wanted to say something – but then thought again. Steeled herself.

Holy God, she was a warrior.

He plucked the opening chords again – and then –


Her gorgeous soprano floated aggressively over his raw guitar. Ethereal.

“Keep going!” he yelled over the chord progression between the chorus and next verse. “You got this. Keep going!”

She smiled triumphantly. So radiant. And drew from some spirit dwelling deep within her, and sang her heart out.

“Come up off your color chart – I know where you’re coming from – Call me!”

“Call me!” Jamie echoed the backing vocal.

“On the line, call me, call me any, anytime. Call me!”

Her eyes locked with his.

“Call me!”

It happened then – a connection sparking between them. In an instant, he recognized himself in her. Saw his future in her.

“My love, you can call me any day or night. Call me!”

And from the stunned look in her eyes, she did as well.

They finished the song, transfixed in each other.

Shaking with adrenaline.

And woke to the enthusiastic whoops and whistles of Ian and Willie, arms weighed down with paper bags full of egg rolls and lo mein and fortune cookies.

By three o’clock they’d nailed down not just “Call Me,” but also a fun, rollicking version of John Cougar Mellencamp’s “I Need A Lover.” A more traditional rock song, but with much different timing and tempos than Blondie.

It wasn’t too difficult for Willie or Ian – but Claire was clearly exhausted. She was too stubborn to admit it, but the last thing Jamie wanted was for her to truly blow out her voice on their first day.

“Hey – let’s call it a day?” he suggested after they’d finished yet another run-through, watching Claire quietly lean against the stool for support. She had been on her feet since they’d finished lunch – rocking and lunging and strutting as she sang. Her voice – and, more importantly, her confidence – seemed to grow stronger and stronger with each song.

But there was such a thing as too much practice. And Jamie desperately wanted to get some time alone with her.

“Yeah, fine by me,” she agreed, bending over to take a sip from her Coke. “You guys OK with that? Will you be ready for Murtagh to visit in the morning?”

“Not a problem.” Willie was already packing up his bass, and Ian reached for the bag where he kept his drumsticks. “You OK, Claire? Want me to walk you to the subway?”

“We’re going to stay back a bit,” Jamie interrupted, slipping his guitar off his shoulder and nonchalantly unplugging his amp. “Want to pick another song for tomorrow. Three is always better than two.”

He turned back to Claire, who had climbed back up on the stool, watching the three men put away their instruments.

“I want to thank all of you,” she said quietly. Voice strong, but a bit subdued. Awed.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Claire,” Ian smiled back. “We’re happy to – ”

“With respect, Ian,” she interrupted, “You don’t understand. This is – I’ve waited for this day for so long. It’s a dream I’ve risked a lot for. And you’re helping make that dream come true. So thank you.”

Willie picked up his case and softly crossed the room to gently lay a hand on Claire’s shoulder.

“We’re not done yet – tomorrow’s another day.”

She smiled at him – suddenly looking so tired. “Indeed it is. See you here at ten sharp?”

Ian shrugged into his backpack, clapped Jamie on the shoulder, and once again the drummer and bassist for their still-unnamed band slipped out of the rehearsal space.

Jamie knelt to close his guitar case, then stood to face Claire.

How to keep her by his side now, for even a few more minutes? How to extend this indescribable, incredible day?

“You want to get a drink somewhere?” he heard himself say.

This time when she smiled, it went all the way to her eyes.

God, she was beautiful.



Blondie, “Call Me”:

John Mellencamp, “I Need A Lover”:

Binary Star (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,935

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 47

Sitting on the couch watching Jared, his back was to me but I could see he was tense. Maybe it was because he was concentrating on what he was doing, maybe it was because of our conversation. Closing his eyes as he sat at the table, it was the last few minutes before he had to be totally ‘on’. I didn’t want to interrupt him but I hated the way our conversation was left.

When Jared asked me to stay on tour with him, there was a huge part of me that thought I was an absolute fool for telling him 'no’. My heart told me I should just throw caution to the wind and go for it. There were countless other women who would drop anything and everything if he asked them to stay and here I was telling him 'thanks but no thanks’?

What the hell is the matter with me?!

I only had two more nights with him before I was scheduled to leave and return back to the States. That was solely because of my job. A job that I love and strived for years to get but since meeting Jared, had already sidelined obligations on numerous occasions. Not a good thing. This was a familiar road I’ve been down before and that time, things didn’t work out so well. It made me afraid. I was torn and scared to make a mistake.

Regardless, I could only put things off so long and Jared knew this because he was the one who organized this trip in the first place.

As I sat there and did what I do best, dwell, I heard a tap on the door. Instead of bothering Jared, I got up from the couch and answered knowing it was probably Emma.

“Hey..” Emma said when she saw me instead of Jared.

“He’s still warming up.” I said, opening the door wider.

“Okay. Tell him five minutes.”

“Sure thing.”

Looking back to after I shut the door, I saw that Jared had finished and turned in his chair to face me. There was an awkward silence that fell between us as our eyes met. He seemed more upset now than he was before. I didn’t know what to say. He wanted something I wasn’t sure I could give him and I didn’t know how to fix things. My fingers twisted together, I hated this uneasy feeling.

“That Emma?” Jared asked, his voice very monotone.

“Ummm, yeah. She said you had about five more minutes.” I responded quietly.

Nodding then quickly getting up from his chair, he walked to his suitcase and pulled out a shirt to change into. As he moved around the room gathering what he needed, I was rooted in place watching him. It was like I wasn’t even there. There was no conversation and seemingly no emotion coming from him at all. Just as I was about to say something, a fist hit the door so hard it made me jump.

“Dude, we gotta go.” Shannon said through the thick door.

Jared was coming at me so fast, I stepped out of the way as he yanked the door open surprising Shannon on the other side.

“I’m ready.” Jared said, walking right past Shannon and down the hall, not waiting for either of us.

Shannon stood there just as shocked as I was at Jared’s behavior. Looking to me for an explanation, I just looked away not knowing what to say.

“Wow.” He said, holding his hands up and shaking his head in disbelief, “Okay.”

“Maybe I should just stay here.” I said, being unsure standing side stage was a good idea based on how Jared was acting.

“Nah, come on Vivie.” Shannon said grabbing my sleeve as he gently pulled me towards the door.

I honestly didn’t want to leave the room. Crossing my arms in front of my body, my eyes sunk to the ground as we stepped into that hallway. Today seemed to be a series of disasters one right after the other. Shannon noticed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him.

“It’s gonna be okay, kid.” He said trying his best to reassure me.

As Shannon and I were heading to stage, Emma rounded the corner looking relieved. It hadn’t been a very good day for her either.

“I thought there was a problem… Jared, ugh…” Emma said as Shannon quickly got wired up.

It was so loud I just shook my head 'no’, hoping to brush off any concern then made my way to Shannon’s side of the stage. I didn’t see Jared but I know he was around here somewhere and obviously avoiding me. Finding myself a spot in the shadows and out of the way, I could feel the pit of my stomach ache.

The lights dimmed and the crowd roared as the beginning of 'Escape’ began to echo through the venue. There was still no sign of Jared as I glanced around. I hoped I’d at least see him before he stepped on stage.

I felt a presence behind me and as I turned around I realized it wasn’t Jared but Shannon, miked and ready to go. He smiled as he passed me and I did my best to smile back.

As I watched Shannon drum like a mad man, riling the audience, I could feel the anticipation and it brought me back to Chicago and the first time I saw them play. For a moment, I closed my eyes and smiled at the memory. Jared’s voice filled the room as he began to sing then, at just the right second, he came up through the floor at the back of the stage surprising everyone.

As with every other performance I’ve seen, the show was amazing. Every now and again, I saw Jared glance my way but it wasn’t the same. He was distant and wanted me to know it. Not once during the first half of the show did he step off stage anywhere near me. Not for a towel, not even for a sip of water. The longer that went on, the more obvious it became he was making a point.

Wearing my emotions on my sleeve, when Shannon came off stage for Jared’s acoustic set, he could see I was upset. I was paying more attention to Jared than what was going on around me and unfortunately didn’t realize in time to hide it. We made eye contact as he passed me but he didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, after he grabbed a bottle of water and toweled off that I felt him standing next to me.

Leaning down so I could hear him, Shannon said, “Don’t let his temper tantrum get to you. He’s just pissy he isn’t getting his way. He’ll get over it.”

As Shannon dropped his head back to take s slug of water, I stood there not knowing how to respond so I didn’t say anything. I had no way of knowing what Jared told him so I didn’t want him to start to feel he was caught in the middle if I unloaded my feelings on him.

“He told me he asked you to stay but you didn’t want to.”

Shocked and angry, I turned to him, “That isn’t what I said at all.”

“I figured. That’s just what he heard because it wasn’t 'yes’. Here, Vivie, he’s used to getting his way.”

“It’s not like I really have a choice. I have a job.” I said, my eyes filling with tears of frustration.

“I know that and so does he. Wanna know how you fix this?” Shannon asked as he wrapped his sweaty arm around my shoulder, “Ignore it.”

I know Shannon is Jared’s best friend and I also know he obviously tells him everything but that seemed like the worst piece of advice I’ve ever heard. I couldn’t help but look skeptical. To me, ignoring a problem never seemed like a good solution, especially where Jared was concerned.

Glancing at the stage, I saw Jared do a double take as he caught Shannon and I talking and it was clear he wasn’t happy about it either. Shannon wasn’t bothered by it though. Lifting the hand that was resting on my shoulder, he waved to Jared and threw him a big smile.

What a troublemaker.

Crossing my arms and shaking my head, I tried to play it off like Shannon and I were just goofing around and not having a serious conversation yet again about him. Jared didn’t seem to like that any better. Creasing his brow, even from across the stage I could feel his irritation.

Once Jared’s attention was back on the crowd, I elbowed Shannon in the ribs, “You’re going to get me in even more trouble!” I said.

“Nah, he’s fine.” He said, laughing my concern off, “All I’m trying to say is keep being you. That’s who he fell for in the first place.”

It sounded like good advice, keep being myself, it really did but as I looked back to Jared on stage, I wondered if I was strong enough. At the moment, I felt as though he was putting me in the position of having to choose between him and my job and that prospect was hard for me to deal with.

With the acoustic set over, Jared handed off his guitar then walked off behind Shannon’s drums. My attention was on the stage so when someone grabbed my arm, pulling me back into the curtains, I jumped.

“What were you guys gossiping about?” Jared demanded.

“I… we… umm..” Jared’s eyes bore right through me, I couldn’t even form words.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter, I just don’t like it. What goes on between us stays between us.”

Without waiting for a response, he turned on his heels and stormed back on stage, leaving me completely stunned. My eyes followed Jared and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Shannon shaking his head at Jared, he must have seen the whole thing.

Jared, not reacting at all to Shannon, grabbed his guitar then walked out to the mike stand. Glancing in my direction as 'Closer to the Edge" started, I lost the battle with my emotions as our eyes met. There was a coldness I hadn’t ever seen before. Tears slipped down my cheeks and I knew it was time for me to walk away.

Calum Proposes

Requested: Yes

Hoisting your bag over your shoulder, you followed the sign to the exit. The airport was full of people. Some coming back from their trips, some arriving, and some lingering around waiting for their loved ones to join them. The sound of children crying and people talking filled your ears as you walked through the crowds and towards the doors.

 As you stepped out into the heat, you pulled your Ray Bans off your head and down onto your face, blocking the bright sunlight. There were four taxis parked along the curb, waiting for passengers to arrive, taking them to their destination. The second taxi was directly in front of you and you walked over, leaning towards the passenger side window.

 “Can you bring me to the Staples Center?,” you asked.

 The driver nodded, and you opened the rear passenger side door, placed your bag in, then sat down next to it. When your door was closed, the driver pulled out into the busy airport traffic before turning onto the interstate.

 “You seeing a concert tonight?” the driver asked, glancing at you in the rearview mirror.

 “Kinda. My boyfriend’s band is actually playing there tonight and I’m joining them for a bit of their North American tour,” you told him.

 “What band?”

 “5 Seconds of Summer.”

 The driver nodded, smiling. “My daughter likes them.”

 You smiled and looked down at your phone to see if there were any missed messages from when you were on your flight. There was one message on your phone from Ashton and another from Calum. The message from Ashton read: Calum has no idea you are on the way. He’s going to be excited to see you! You smiled and read the text from Calum. I miss you! Can’t wait to see you in a week!

 Smiling, you placed your phone in your lap and looked out the window at the passing scenery. When the cab pulled up the arena, you paid him and thanked him, before grabbing your bag and hurry up to the gates.

 There was already a crowd gathering as you walked to the gate and showed them your backstage pass that Ashton had sent you the week prior. As they opened the gate you heard a few fans yell your name. You turned and waved to them before continuing to walk until you came to the entrance of the building. Closing the door behind you, you shut out the cheers of the fans and now heard the sound of the boys practicing.

 Knowing the stage was directly in front of you, you stepped into the arena only to be greeted to an empty seats. The arena was bigger than you expected and you watched the boys for a moment before sitting in an aisle seat. You were at the very back of the arena and you slouched down in your chair, so that Calum had no chance of seeing you.

 They were currently singing Permanent Vacation and you laughed as they changed some of the lyrics and danced around the stage. When the song was over, you stood up and began clapping. Calum looked around the arena, a confused look plastered across his face. The other three boys smiled as they looked around before finally spotting you. When Calum found you, he smiled and quickly ran off the stage.

 You walked back into the lobby of the arena, knowing that Calum would find you. The place was huge and you had no idea where to even begin looking to get backstage. You heard the sound of footsteps behind you and turned around to see Calum jogging. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.

 “I missed you! I can’t believe you’re here! You weren’t supposed to be here for another week!” he whispered.

 His lips brushed against yours, giving you a soft kiss. “I missed you too. I hate being away from you for so long so I decided to come early!” you said.

 “I can’t wait to be alone later but for now let me show you around,” he said, his hand moving to your’s and pulling you in the direction he had come from.


 The crowd cheered as the band performed their final encore. Giving one last final wave, Luke, Calum, and Michael exited the stage. You heard the sound of drums being played as the crowd cheered. Calum ran over and gave you a sweaty hug before placing his hands in yours. He looked back towards the stage, where Ashton was still playing.

 The two of you stood there listening to Ashton when all of the sudden the crowd became quiet. Confused, you looked over at Calum, who was grinning. Grabbing your hand he pulled you onto the stage. You felt your cheeks growing red, as you tried to take your hand out of Calum’s. You had massive stage fright and he knew that.

 “So before this show is officially over, Calum has something that he want’s to say,” Ashton told the quiet crowd.

 Looking behind you, you saw the other two boys join Ashton, as he took the microphone from the stand, coming out from behind the drums. He walked down to you and Calum and handed him the microphone.

 Calum turned to face the crowd. “As many of you know, I have been dating an amazing women, Y/N for the past few year, he said, gesturing towards you and you gave a slight wave.

 Slightly turning, he faced you. “I was planning on doing this when you joined us in a week but since you surprised me I think it’s only right that I surprise you. Y/N, we’ve had three amazing years together. We have had our ups and downs but we always turn out stronger in the end. You make me laugh, smile, and I love you every second of every day. I miss you like hell when we aren’t together but I always know that we will end up back in one and another’s arms in either a few days, weeks, or even months. You’ve been so supportive of our band, always going to shows, coming to our rehearsals, and always being right there cheering for us. Baby I love you so much,” Calum said. He got down on one knee and your hands flew up to  your mouth, covering it in surprise. “Will you marry me?”

 He pulled out a simple diamond ring, just like the one you had said you liked not too long ago. Nodding your head quickly, you managed to get out a slight yes as Calum stood up and placed the ring on your left hand. The crowd cheered as Calum pulled you into a hug and gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

 Luke, Michael, and Ashton ran over and pulled the two of you into a tight a hug as the crowd laughed. Luke took the microphone from Calum’s hand and said, “Thank you for coming out tonight! We will see you next time!”

 With that the lights in the arena turned on and the five of you made your way backstage, away from the cheering crowd. Everyone backstage cheered as you and Calum entered. Calum’s fingers intertwined with your’s as the two of you said thanks before walking back to the dressing room so that the two of you could spend a few minutes alone.

xyourpinksky  asked:

Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P.S. their gf is a drummer, a dancer and a rapper! :)

Lol at first I was very confused but after reading it, I got it. Hopefully I made it to your liking. I wanted each member to be different so I changed it up.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend‘s Group Being Multi-Talented

Jin: Jin would be surprised and somewhat jealous. He already knew that you could dance but he didn’t know you could play instruments. When he saw you behind the drums, his eyes and mouth would widen in surprise. The boys would be teasing him about you being better than him at everything. He’d smile to himself, watching you play the drums and seeing how confident you look. When you get off stage, he’d congratulate you and compliment you making you blush.

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Yoongi: His cute little gummy smile will pop out as soon as he sees you playing the piano (cliche I know but idc lol). He’d look at you with so much pride knowing that his girlfriend is part of a band who can do almost anything. As your piano solo starts, he stares intently at your fingers, amazed at how gracefully they move across the keys. When your performance is over you run to him asking how you did. He would smile and pinch your cheeks calling you cute, and giving you endless amount of praise.

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Hoseok: At first he wouldn’t believe that you could play the electric guitar. He’d be unconvinced and wouldn’t listen. When they call your group on stage, he’d be waiting backstage and he would gasp. There in your hand, an electric guitar. “Wow! I thought she was joking!” He’d think about how cool you were and would tell the other guys to look at you because pure talent. Being able to rap, dance, and play the guitar. It’d be too much for his heart. He’s your biggest fan there.

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Namjoon: He knew that you were talented, but to what extent he had no idea. This would be the first time he’s ever seen you display all your talents. He was first attracted to you because you could rap and he felt like he could relate more to you. When he found out you could play the drums, he’d be so excited. Even more excited to know that your group was know for being multi-talented. Shameless promotion all day everyday! Wanting to be at every single one your rehearsals, but sadly he couldn’t. (his reaction to watching your group live)

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Jimin: He would laugh in amazement and wonder as soon as he sees you behind the piano. His first thought would be “is she really playing? Why didn’t she tell me she could play?” After your groups song, he’d pull you to the side and hug you. “Aww why didn’t you tell me you could play?” Expect kisses and him begging for you to play for him and it’ll be even worse when he finds out you can rap and dance. He’ll want to perform with you one day.

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Taehyung: “Wow” The only word that could come out of his mouth after seeing you and your group play on stage. He’d be confused about how well you guys were able to integrate every thing together, without your voices being drowned out by the instruments. None the less, he would be dancing in his seat, hype af watching HIS girlfriend play. He wouldn’t want to be too obvious about you guys’ relationship, so he’d wait until you both were outside the public eye for him to compliment how you looked, and how you sounded on stage. “My girlfriend is awesome! Give me a kiss!” He would say making you smile big.

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Jungkook: Of course he would be proud af. It’s only natural that he’s with someone who displays as much talent as himself, possibly a bit more than him. He’d be way obvious about his excitement for you specifically. When it was over he’d congratulate you and the members will also tease him because they’ve never seen him act all shy and cute around you. He’d be embarrassed but wouldn’t stop because he’s proud of you.

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I hope you guys like it! And y’all know the drill! Send in y’all requests and I’ll get back to them and I do any kind so if you feel like I won’t be opposed to doing them, send them my way.


You jumped slightly at the touch of Geoff’s hand on your shoulder. “Hey, are you nervous?” he asked, his cheeky smirk appearing on his face. You scowled at him before confessing, “Yes, my heart is racing.” He shook his head and patted your shoulder, “I can guarantee that he will lose his shit as soon as he sees you,” Geoff grinned. “It’s just been so long,” you sighed. He nodded, “I know, and that’s why it’s going to be amazing.”

It was Shawn’s final show of the tour, it had been a long few months for both of you. The last time you saw him was over eight weeks ago, when he had a little break from the road. He knew his family and friends were attending the final show, but he had no idea that you were too. Andrew had approached you a couple of weeks back and suggested that you attend. You both worked on a plan, a way to surprise Shawn to make it special. The downside was having to lie to Shawn as the days passed. 
“I miss you so much, I wish you were here right now, in my arms so I could squeeze you tight.” Shawn would say down the phone, his voice raspy from singing every day. “I will be, as soon as you’re home” you’d say back. “But I want you right now, can’t you fly out and meet me?” He would almost beg. You had to use so much strength to stop yourself from revealing your surprise, knowing it would be worth it. 

You were walking down one of the long corridors at the venue when Geoff’s walkie-talkie spoke up. “Geoff, Shawn is on his way to the back of the venue. Repeat, Shawn is on his way to the back of the venue.” 
“Shit,” Geoff cursed as he grabbed your arm and hurried along. “We can’t let him see you,” he said quickly as you ran into the next available room. You slammed the door behind you, both leaning an ear against it. 
“I can’t believe this is it,” you heard Shawn say from the other side. Automatically, you grabbed the door handle, wanting to swing the door wide open and run into Shawn. You glanced up at Geoff, who shook his head. You swallowed the small lump in your throat, nodded and removed your hand. “Where’s Geoff?” Shawn asked. Both you and Geoff glared at each other. “I thought you said he was back here,” you heard Shawn say, sounding suspicious. “Go,” you whispered, pushing Geoff. He placed a finger over his pursed lips, before opening the door and sliding through the small space he allowed himself. You quickly closed the door once he disappeared with a sigh of relief. “There you are buddy, what were you - Wait, you don’t have that chick you were telling me about in there do you?” You heard Shawn say, imagining the smile that would be planted on his face. You listened as Geoff tried to make up some lame excuse as they headed further down the corridor, walking away from you. 

“What did you say?” You shouted as Andrew and Geoff stood in front of you, at the side of the stage. Shawn was nearing the end of the show, the screams were hysterical and it was near impossible to hear yourself think. “I said make sure you hold the camera at a good angle,” Geoff said closer to your ear. “You don’t want everyone to see those double chins.” You whacked his upper arm as he stood back, a cheeky smile on his face. You puffed your cheeks and exhaled deeply as you glanced over at the stage. “He won’t know what’s hit him,” Andrew shouted, smiling. “Thank you guys,” Shawn’s voiced echoed over the screams as the song came to an end. Your head shot over your shoulder as you stared at the stage, knowing it was literally seconds rather than weeks, until you would finally see him. 
“Am I asking all these questions for nothing?” The screams grew even louder as Shawn began to sing the final song. You suddenly felt light headed as the butterflies swarmed your stomach. “What if this goes horribly wrong?” You asked Andrew and Geoff, looking back at them. They looked at each other and then back at me, “There is no way this can go wrong” Andrew said. “And if it does, we’ll blame Shawn” Geoff laughed. 

“I really wanna understand” Shawn sung slowly. He was about to stop singing and talk into the mic, the little segment of the song where he spoke about his opinion on life and change. This was when you were finally going to see him again. “Ready?” Andrew called into your ear, giving you the thumbs up. You nodded frantically, even though you weren’t sure what the answer to that question was. He passed you the Go-Pro, and you held it in your hands. Your heart began to beat fast when you heard the screams reach a new level, and then hearing a chorus of “awww’s”, knowing that your face was currently being projected on the big screen behind Shawn. You stood very close to the edge of the stage, you could now see the entire arena filled with silhouettes and flashing lights; and of course Shawn stood at the front of stage. He carried on talking, even as the crowd started shouting at him, sort of like a pantomime. 
“Wha-what’s going on?” He asked into the mic, before glancing over his shoulder and doing a double take. “Oh my god,” he whispered into the mic as he stared up at your face on the big screen. You smiled, knowing he could see you; before placing your hand over your mouth as tears began to form. 
The screams roared in your ears as you waited for your queue to run on stage. “Wh-where are you?” Shawn asked into the mic, knowing I’d be able to hear him. “Are you at home?” he laughed. You shook your head, knowing it was finally time. You held the camera out, as you began to walk on stage. Once again the screaming reached a new high pitch as you slowly walked on, staring out into the huge space in front of you. You looked back over at Shawn as he stood, staring at you properly now. 

You had waited for this moment, dreamt of this moment night after night. Dismissing Shawn when he asked you to fly over and join him, forcing yourself to stay put and not ruin the entire plan. It had all been worth it. You both picked up the pace and collided into each other. Completely forgetting about the camera, smothering it into Shawn’s top. “I missed you, I missed you so much” Shawn repeated into your ear as his head nuzzled your neck; his arms squeezing you tight. “I love you,” You say against his shoulder, the feeling of being home coming over you. Mike ran from behind the drums and grabbed the camera, standing back to film both of you as you reconnected. Shawn placed both hands on your face and pulled you in for a passionate, long-awaited kiss. He placed his forehead against yours, smiling as he stared into your eyes. “You’re mad you know what,” he chuckled. You nodded before kissing his lips again, not wanting to part them ever again. Shawn could tell you were eager, he pulled away and leaned towards your ear again. “Just let me finish this song, and then I swear, I’m all yours.” 

We Live For Love

The studio reverberated with the final echoes of Jamie’s guitar, Ian’s drums, and Willie’s bass.


Then two seconds of utter silence. Followed by Claire Beauchamp’s enthusiastic claps and cheers from the corner.


Hopefully the fifth take would be the charm.


Not a lot had been under his control since the whirlwind day two months before when Murtagh had proudly introduced them all to Joe Abernathy – and they signed a four-record deal with Chrysalis right on the spot.


First, the suits insisted that the band didn’t need a name – it had a frontwoman in Claire. So all their work would be done under her name.


Jamie had bristled – but when Ian had elbowed him in the back, decided to keep his mouth shut.


Then there were the songs. They already had a great selection of covers, plus some songs that had been kicking around Chrysalis for a while. Some were actually quite good, once he’d reworked the tuning and experimented on different vocals with Claire.


She was just a natural. It was truly astonishing how so much power – and force – and kick-ass attitude could come from such a tiny person who was so polite and polished in real life, but utterly transformed into a take-charge force of nature when she performed.


He’d long ago given his heart to her. She inspired him more than anyone – or anything – ever had. He had never worked so hard in any of his gigs before – because he’d never truly *cared* about the entire end product. Claire gave him so much space to grow – to learn about producing, to lead the musical arrangements, to give her advice on how to open up her voice – and he had just flowered as a result.


But the only way he could express his feelings for her was in his words – in his songs. In the chord progressions he scribbled on scrap pieces of paper and stuffed into his jeans – in the snatches of poetry he rolled over and over again in his mind when he rode the subway uptown from his crummy apartment to the shiny Midtown recording studio – in the ridiculous hearts he drew in the steamed-up mirror after he got out of the shower.


She was in the process of finding herself – building her own identify as Claire Beauchamp. Not Claire Randall – married to a medical student, singing in cabarets in upstate New York to prevent herself from being lonely. Not Claire – belting out show tunes and Linda Ronstadt and Judy Garland at weddings and parties and bar mitzvahs.


For God’s sake, they were in a band together. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had almost blown up Fleetwood Mac when they broke up. They still had to tour together. No way would Jamie even think of jeopardizing Claire’s dream – what she had sacrificed so much for.


So he wrote – and composed – and waited.


**I feel a passion growing // I know that love is only just one inch away from striking us**


And seethed – because the label wouldn’t even consider letting them record any of his originals.


To be sure – he had more than songs about Claire. Jamie had been writing since he joined his first band at sixteen. He wasn’t prolific, but he had a good catalogue of rollicking guitar-driven songs that would be absolutely magic with Claire’s voice.


He’d plead with the producer who had been assigned to their sessions – Rob MacNab – to at least let them record a demo. But MacNab was under strict orders from his superiors: to cut the record quickly, and cheaply, and with guaranteed hit songs by recognized songwriters.


Jamie Fraser may be a talented guitarist and arranger – but he certainly wasn’t recognized.


“How’d we do, Rob?”


Jamie blinked awake, turned briefly to enjoy Claire’s triumphant smile, and then squinted through the glass wall to the control room where Rob sat behind the massive console, chain-smoking.


“I think we got it, guys. Good work.”


The one compromise that Jamie and Rob had worked out was to record all the tracks live. No use in recording all the instruments separately and then futzing around with overdubs – not when it was the raw, live sound that Jamie knew would immediately appeal to people. And to his surprise, MacNab had agreed – plus, it would help cut down the production costs.


Nine tracks out of ten were now complete. Just one more, and their first record would officially be done.


Ian stood from behind his drum kit and stretched. Willie rolled his shoulders and hung up his bass on the stand he shared with Jamie.


Jamie set down his guitar and walked immediately over to Claire, who sipped Coke from a warm bottle.


“How you feeling? How’s your voice?”


She rolled her eyes. “I’m fine, Jamie. Really. It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it.”


God, that smile cut him straight to his heart.


“Think we can call it a day? I gotta get up and walk around.”


Jamie looked over at MacNab – laughing with one of the engineers behind the glass.


“Hey Rob – let’s just pick this up tomorrow?”


Rob scratched his balding head and nodded. “Yeah, sure. Come out and we can listen to the tape, if you want. Then we can call it a wrap.”


Ian and Willie slipped out of the studio to huddle behind Rob at the control board, watching him raise and lower just a few of the hundreds of dials.


“What are you thinking?”


Jamie turned back to Claire, still perched on one of her favorite stools. He’d gotten her to stop using them as a crutch – encouraging her to walk around while she sang – but she always retreated back to them when she was tired, or when something was bothering her.


Today she was dressed in a black sweater and jeans, her hair curling madly around her face. No makeup, as usual. Breathtaking.


He spoke the words without thinking.


“I want to show you something I’ve been writing. And I don’t care what Rob or Joe or Murtagh say – I want us to record it. I want *you* to sing it.”


Surely she had to feel this too – this pull between them. She had never made a move – and neither had he – despite all the nights they’d spent at her social club or at his hard rock bars, throwing back drinks and spilling their pasts to each other.


She wanted a partner – and he didn’t know he needed one. But that’s what they were – musical partners. Partners on this wild and crazy journey that would hopefully one day lead to some kind of stardom.


Claire looked at him for what felt like a long time, then tilted her head. Considering.


“Want to come over to my place? It’s more private – you can play your guitar, I mean.”


Oh God, she was blushing.


“I’d love that, Claire. Thank you.”


She shook her head. “No, Jamie. Thank *you*. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”


“That’s not true, and you know it – ”


“Bullshit. It’s not, OK? If I hadn’t met you, I’d still be singing show tunes at The Broch. This is infinitely better.”


“Come on, you two! Let’s listen!” Rob’s voice thundered through the glass.


Impulsively, Jamie extended a hand to help Claire off her stool. Her surprised smile – and the look of sheer joy on her face – was everything.

The Narrators - Jughead Jones one shot

Plot: After the arrest of FP, Jughead was forced to move back to the Southside and transfer to Southside High. Fortunately it’s not all as bad as he expected. One thing was the drum set that was already in his new room. The second one was (Y/N). 

Inspiration: Riverdale (1x13), the intro of the original Archie Show

Word CountL 4085 

Yeah, came out to be way longer than it was suposed to and it also took much more time than I wished it did. No, these two things are nor connected. I just really do not have time. it is a shame really, that school has to ruin yet another thing that I really enjoy doing. But it will all be over soon (hopefully). 
Anyway. I really hope you all enjoy it :)

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“…and this is your room.” Mrs Davis said to Jughead. He peaked through the door into the room. It already had a bed and a big closet, but nothing else… except for the big shape that was hidden under a big, white cloak.

“What is that?”

“Oh, that,” Mrs Davis shrugged it off, “that’s my oldest son’s drum set. He moved out a few years ago. I was meaning to get rid of it -”

“No, that’s okay.” Jughead smiled weakly, remembering the days when he and his father used to go to music shop to look at guitars and what not. And the shop owner always let him play the drums for a few minutes. He would love it, but because of the money issues his family had, he was never able to get a set for himself. But now it was finally possible.

“Don’t worry about the room, I’ll give you some money so you can buy some things for yourself tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Jughead thanked the woman that was now guardian and she left. He walked to the drum set and pulled the cloak off of it. His smile widened as he looked at the almost gold looking cymbals and the red toms.


I sat down at my desk right before the bell rang. I sighed and dropped my bag. It was cold and I was tired. Trying to look at the board and make out what the teacher had written for longer than 5 seconds, I realised this will be a long hour.

Right at the moment when the teacher wanted to start off with the lesson, the door opened and the principal walked in. he was followed by a boy. He was tall and skinny, but in a cute way. His outfit looked normal for our school. What interested me was the fact that he was actually wearing a Serpent jacket. Not a lot of kids have them. It is more often to get a jacket after you leave school. He must be some elite or something.

Another things that I notices was his hair. Or actually, the hair that was covered by the grey beanie in the form of a crown. For some reason, it looked very familiar.

“Kids,” the principal started to talk, not getting a lot of attention from the people in the room. I was probably one of the few that did. “This is F..”

“Jughead,” the boy interrupted him.  “Jughead Jones.”

When he said his name everyone went silent. You could have probably heard a pin drop if someone had one. All eyes were on him. Jughead, didn’t seem to be bothered by it. He just looked like he wanted to sit down.

“Jones?” a girl that was a few rows behind me, said, “as in FP Jones?”

“That would be my dad,” he said casually. The principal said a few more things (but nobody one listening obviously) and then left. Jughead sat down in the last empty seat, which was next to mine. I tried not to stare, but if was harder than it looked. Not only was he the son of the most important man on Southside, but he was extremely good looking too.

“Hi,” I heard suddenly on my left. I looked to my side, to be met with his gorgeous green eyes. I realised that I was staring, so I quickly said: “Hey.”

“Yeah, hi. Why is everybody staring at me?” he asked. I casually looked around and realised that, in fact, everybody was looking at him…so now also at me. “It’s not the hat, right?”

“What? No,” I schook my head, “it could be because your dad is kind of a big deal… and don’t worry about the hat. I think it’s cool.” he gave me a weak smile and that was the last of what I heard from him that morning. The next time I even saw him was at lunch.

I was sitting at my table with some people. I couldn’t help, but look at him from time to time.

“Please don’t stalk the new guy,” my best friend rolled her eyes at me.

“I am NOT stalking him.”

“Noooo. You are just casually glancing at him every 3 seconds,” my other friend said.

But I stopped listening to them. I had lost my concentration to them, when I saw who was walking over to Jughead. It was, let me say it easily: the bad crew. You do not want to get on their bad side. What wasn’t hard as they don’t really like anyone… especially newbies. My jaw tightened when they got closer and closer to him.

Everybody sat down around Jughead, making him look up from his book. One of them started to talk and Jughead responded. From his facial expression, it looked a bit as if he was being a bit sarcastic. I officially started to fear for his life and already started to plan his funeral.

But I was wrong. There was no shouting, or fight noises. Only… laughter. They were all laughing. That was definitely unexpected.

I then realised that I had finished my lunch. I said bye to my friends and stood up. As I was walking towards the door, someone called to my direction. I turned around to make sure that it was actually me, who they were calling and not somebody behind me.

Once I did that, I was greeted by Jughead again.

“Hey,” he waved. I smiled and walked towards him. He was still surrounded by people, so I was a bit nervous what this was about. “I never got your name,” Jughead said once I was next to him. I smiled and gave him my name. Right then, the bell rang, announcing that we had to go to class. Just before that had happened, I thought it looked like Jughead wanted to say something to me, but he was dragged away by his new “friends”.

The rest of the day, I hadn’t seen him anywhere. When my last class was over, I just walked immediately to my bike.

I took my phone out, just to be disappointed with the fact that it was empty. I sighed and started to ride my bicycle.


Two months have passed since Jughead has arrived at Southside High. To  everybody’s surprise, he got quite popular with everyone. We weren’t very close, but we did talk and hang out occasionally in between classes.

That routine changed after a specific lesson of music.

“The school is holding a battle of the bands,” the music teacher told us. Everybody started to murmur and to talk nervously. It was unusual for the school to be helding this kind of activity.

“We are doing this together, and at the same time against, Riverdale High.” This explained it.

“This means that you have to make a band to be able to sign up… and no, we do not count One-Man-Bands. I’m sorry mr. Clements.” Everybody laughed. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Jughead wasn’t really amused. It would probably be hard for him to go against his old school, his friends. With that thought in mind, I walked up to him.

“Hey, Jug.”

“Hi (Y/N).”

“So, I was thinking,” I sat down next to him, “you wanna be in a band with me?” When he heard my suggestion, Jughead did not seem to be liking the plan. “Oh c’mon. It’s gonna be great fun,” I pleaded.

After what seemed to be ages, he was finally convinced. I hugged him, and I could feel him smile against me. This already made all the nagging worth something.

“So, how about we practice today, after school, at my place?”

“Sounds great.” I agreed to his plan. “But, can we go by my place first, then I can get my guitar.”

“Yeah of course.”

“Great.” and with that the bell rang. We said goodbye to each other and made our way to the next classes. It was still a few more hours until the end of the day, but I couldn’t wait to see him. What was weird as I wasn’t really sure why that was.

Finally, the last bell rang and I was off to my locker. There, I was already met with the raven-haired boy.

“Ready to go?”  

“Almost, just let me get some books and I’m good to go.”


“I didn’t know you played drums,” I said as I walked into his room. It also surprised me that there were still some boxes lying around the room. As if he was ready to leave any second.

“Well, a bit.”

“Don’t be modest. I’m sure you’re great,” I encouraged him to play. With a big sigh, he sat down on the stool behind the drum set. He looked at me one more time to make sure he had to do this. “You know, you have to play if we are going to be a band.”

“I guess you’re right. So, what should I play?”

“Anything you like, and can.” Jughead looked a bit hesitant, but picked up the drumsticks and started to play the famous Beatle beat of “Come Together”. I listened for a few seconds then picked up my guitar. On the right moment, I started to play too. It actually sounded really good. Then, when it came to the best part of the song (the chorus) I let all my nerves go and sang: “Come together, all right. Over me!”

Immediately after I stopped singing, the drums stopped too. I looked over to Jughead who was staring at me.

“I didn’t know you sang.”

“Well, someone has to in this band.” I laughed nervously.

“You know, this can actually work. But we do need a name.” We both thought for some time. In complete silence. At first it was a bit awkward, but I quickly got used to it.

“How about,” I finally had the idea, “the Narrators.”

“Sounds interesting, how did you come up with it?”

“Well, you are writing a book, right?”

“How do you know that?”

“O c’mon, you’re always busy on that thing. It’s not like I, or anyone else at school, hasn’t noticed.” I laughed at how oblivious he was. “But it doesn’t matter, does it. We should find a song that we could play.”

“Good idea.”


A few more months went by. Jughead and I practiced every week at least once. We had a few songs, but we could never choose which one to play on the show, which was already in less than a two weeks.

In the meantime, Jughead had found out, that his friends from Riverdale High were also playing. It did make him a bit nervous.

“Juggie?” I asked as we were sitting in his room again. We were just taking a break from playing a song. I came back from downstairs to get us something to drink, and when I came back, Jughead was looking sad.

“Huh?” he looked up from the ground to me. I sat down next to him on the bed.

“What’s wrong.”

“It’s nothing.” he shrugged it off and tried to stand up, but I immediately pulled him back down on the bed and said: “Talk.”

“It’s just that… I haven’t really spoken to my friends from back at Riverdale High since I got here.”

“But… I thought you were best friends.”

“Before I left, we all kind of got into a big fight and we never had time to talk.”

“Jug, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be okay.” I put my hand on his and looked him in the eyes. I never realised how good he looked from up close.

“Thanks,” he said softly. Our faces were only inches apart. I could feel his breath on my skin. It gave me goosebumps.

“Jug?” We could hear Jugheads step dad walking up to the room. I quickly moved away from the boy that was just inches away from me.

“Yeah, Steve?”

“I’m heading out to get some dinner from Pop’s. What would you guys like? Although, I probably don’t have to ask you, Jughead,” he smiled kindly.

“Uhm, you know what,” I said as I stood up from the bed, “I think I’m gonna go. But thank you for the offer, mr Davis.” I picked up my bag and guitar.

“You sure? It’s always so much fun when you are here.”

“Yeah, I still have some homework to do at home, and I promised my mom to vacuum today.” I swiftly walked out of the room, only saying a soft “Bye” to Jughead. I just had to get out of there. Jughead and I were too close for this. And what if his step dad wouldn’t have walked in? What could’ve had happened then? The thoughts were making me slightly sick. After months of practising and becoming really good friends, there was no way we could ruin this with a stupid, one-time thing. NO!


The next day at school, I decided to do the opposite of what every teenage drama tells you to do after an ‘almost kiss’ with your best friend. I did not avoid him. Instead, I walked up to him and asked if he could practice today.

“Maybe we could use today to actually choose a song.” I laughed.

“That would be smart.” then the bell rang and Jughead left me in the hallway, without even a small goodbye. Was he angry at me?  I probably completely ruined it. Just great!

As slowly as I could, I made my way to the first class of that day: English.

I was surprised, to not see my teacher at the desk, but a substitute. The blonde haired woman was sitting at the wooden desk. She was typing away on her small laptop at a rapid pace. What fascinated me the most was that she did all of that, without even looking at it, she was staring at the class. I walked passed by her and she gave me a smile. That kind of smile that was definitely fake.

It was loud in the classroom, but everything quieted down as the second bell rang and the woman stood up to stand in front of the desk. She was wearing something that made it very clear she was not from the Southside.

The lady was wearing a pair of high waisted pants, with the combo of a baby pink blouse and some killer (but still day time appropriate) hills. As I looked at her longer, she started to look more and more familiar by the second.

“Well, hello,” she finally spoke up, after interrogating every single one of us with her killing look, “I am here today, to teach you about journalism.” Some people sighed.

“And do believe me, when I say that you are talking to the very best that this little town can offer, if not even better.” As the woman spoke, I realised that Jughead wasn’t in the classroom. If he would have been here, I probably already should have heard a sarcastic comment coming from his lips. Oh, his lips….

“My name is Alice Cooper.” Cooper? It can’t be.

“You might have heard of me if you ever read the paper, something what most of you probably don’t even know how it looks like.” To be honest, I actually had to laugh at that. The way that she said it, made it really funny. I could see that she glanced at me very quickly and gave me a miniscule smile.

“Anyway,”  Alice began to walk around, her heels clicked every time she touched the ground, “I wanted to-”

“I’m sorry I’m la-” Jughead opened the door, but when he saw Alice in the room, he froze. Alice smirked coldly at him. “Mr Jones,” she said, “and where have you been.”

“Definitely not your business,” he snapped back. Everyone froze at his comeback. Jughead was known to be sassy towards teachers, but he was never that rude. I stared at him as he sat down in the last place that was empty: the one behind me.


“What was that about,” I asked as Jughead and I walked out of the English room. He clearly did not want to talk about it, what made me even more persistent.

“I just really do not like that woman.”

“But why?”

“Why do you need to know?”

“Because I want to know what’s wrong with you?” Jughead looked straight into my eyes, before he gave in. “Fine,” he sighed, “she’s… Betty’s mom.”

“Betty, as in the girl that broke up with you after you became a serpent?”

“Uhm, not how I would have said it, but sure.”


It was the day of the Battle of the Bands. All the bands, both from Southside and Riverdale HIgh. There was a definite line crossed between the two schools backstage. Infront of the stage too, but it wasn’t as visible, because there were much more people, so they had to be a bit closer to each other.

I was tuning my guitar, when somebody ticked on my shoulder. I turned around to be met with a tall, red headed boy. He gave me a wide smile. It immediately made me want to smile back to him.

“Hey, did you maybe see a blonde girl walk around here?  Around this tall,” he motioned his hand around his ear to show me how tall she is, “Wearing a blue outfit.”

“No, I’m sorry, I haven’t seen any blondes yet. But I’ll tell you if I will.”  

“Thanks.” he smiled. “I’m Archie.”

“(Y/N).” we shook hands quickly. I then realised that he was wearing a guitar on his back. “So, you’re in a band too?”

“Yeah, with some friends. You?”

“With a friend… who I have no idea where he is.”

“I guess we both have problems in keeping our band members together.”

“I guess so.”

“Archie Andrews, where have you been off to.” our conversation was broken off by a

raven haired girl in a red dress.

“Just talking to our competition. You don’t have to worry Ronnie.”

“I’m not, Archiekins. Did you find Betty yet?” she put her hand on his arm. She did it in a

way that it was quite obvious that they were more than just friends.

“Wait, Betty? Betty Cooper?”  I asked. It could not be her. And then Archie and Ronnie are the….

“Yeah, that’s her,” Veronica’s eye lit up, “did you see her?”

“No, only heard off.” I looked around me, “I gotta go. Good luck out there.” I walked fast. I could still hear them say “you too,” very softly, but it got overshadowed by all the noise that was happening around us. I started to look for Jughead. Where the hell is he?  How could he do this?  After all of our practice, he is going to stand me up? I looked around so much, I almost got dizzy.

“5 minutes until we start,” a voice echoed over me. I still had 5 minutes and Jughead was nowhere to be found. I started to panic. What if he was with Betty? Somewhere in a supply closet, making out? The tears slowly started to form in my eyes. But I couldn’t think like that. Definitely not now.

Now was only the time to find Jughead and get him up the stage so we could play our song.

The host already started to talk and was about to introduce the first act… and we were fifth. That gave me about 18 minutes to find Jughead. I turned around to see Betty with Archie and Veronica. They were talking and laughing. But Jughead was still DIA.

I kept looking as the first, second and third act was on stage. I did stop when it was the turn of Archie, Veronica and Betty.

“Hey guys,” Archie spoke into the microphone, “we hope you all have an amazing night and enjoy this song. It’s kind of an old one, but I think you will like it.” he played the first note on his guitar and started to sing. After a while, the girls chimed in with their instruments and sang along with the red head.

“They’re good.” I jumped up when someone sat down next to me. On my left, there he was, Jughead.

“Where the hell were you,” I hissed at him, “do you know how scared I was?”

“I’m really sorry. I was just - nervous.”

“It’s okay,” I took a deep breath, “at least you got her on time.”

In the meantime of our conversation, the song ended and Archie was walking off the stage, followed by the two girls. I got my guitar and Jughead his drumsticks. Before Archie, Veronica or even Betty could say anything to us, we were already walking up to the stage.

“You ready?”

“Like never before.”

“Al right, so let’s do this.” Jughead walked up and I followed. People immediately started to cheer. It felt great.

“Good evening Riverdale!” I said into the microphone. I realised that I sounded much more confident than I actually was. Which was great.

“We are the Narrators and hopefully you won’t despise us by the end of this song,” Jughead said from behind his drum set and I send him a glare from behind me mike. A lot of people laughed positively so I turned back to the crowd.

I started to play. It was clear that people recognised the song quickly, because there were loud cheers and yells coming to us. After a few seconds the first few beats of the drums came up and then it was time for me to sing the first notes. Probably the most horrifying moment of my life.


“Psychic spies from China

Try to steal your mind’s elation

And little girls from Sweden

Dreams of silver screen quotation”

It felt awesome to stand up there. At some point through the song, people started to sing along and took out their phones and lighters to shine around, just like on a concert.

“First born unicorn

Hard core soft porn

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication”

When the song had ended, you could still hear the slight echo from my guitar. People yelled and cheered. Jughead stood op from the drums and came to stand next to me.

“Thank you Riverdale!” we shouted together. We didn’t even need the microphone. Together, we managed to be loud enough.


All the songs were played and all that I could think about was, that none of them got the same amount of applause or cheers as us. That was great.

Then it was time to find out the result. There wasn’t really a real award, more of a “honor award” and a picture in the price box of the school. But it didn’t even matter to me.

“So, all the songs have played and the results of the judges are in,” the voice of tonights host was loud and clear. Everybody was on the stage, and I was squeezing Jugheads hand tightly.

“AND… THE WINNER IS:” next, followed a silence that seemed like forever.


Everybody cheered for us and Jughead and I were called up front. We were still holding hands, but it didn’t matter. It was even better that I was holding his hand.

“Thank you so, so much!” I thanked everybody, leaning towards the microphone. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Jughead wanted to say something, so let him.

“Yes, thank you. We never expected to win. Even if we didn’t actually win anything,” some people laughed, “Now, I hope you don’t mind, but there is still one thing that I have to do really quickly, so pardon me.”

I wanted to ask what he wanted to do, but I never got the chance. Because the thing that he wanted to do is… KISS me. He put a hand on my cheek and pressed his lips against mine.

We kissed for what felt like forever and that was perfect. People were yelling and cat-calling, but it was all so far away, it didn’t matter.

When we finally let go, only because we had to breathe, we looked into each other’s eyes. In the back of the stage, I could see Betty. Het teeth were gritted and her fists were tight. That sight only made me want to do something even more.

I kissed Jughead again, and it was even better than the first time.