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Sophie & Ben in 2006


On this day in music history: July 28, 1979 - “Good Times” by Chic hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 6 weeks, also topping the Hot 100 for 1 week on August 18, 1979. Written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, it is the second R&B and pop chart topper for the seminal New York City based R&B band led by musician and producers Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. Like many of Chic’s other hit singles, on the surface many of their songs seem quite ambiguous, but in truth often mask a much more profound and deeper meaning within the lyrics. The duo refer to their songs having a “deep hidden meaning” behind them. Edwards and Rodgers base “Good Times” conceptually on depression era pop songs like “Happy Days Are Here Again” and “About A Quarter To Nine”, juxtaposing them with the then down state of the late 70’s US economy and the unbridled hedonism of the “Disco Era”, making a veiled statement about peoples need to escape and to forget about their troubles. That concept even extends to the packaging of the accompanying album “Risque”, which feature the members of the band posed in a sepia toned black & white photograph depicting that bygone era. Released as a single on June 4, 1979, “Good Times” is an immediate smash, both on the dance floor and on the radio. It goes on to become one of the most influential records of the late 20th century and beyond when it also becomes a cornerstone of Hip Hop culture. Its innovative bassline is used as the basis for the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”, as well as spawning numerous songs either directly copying or having been influenced by it. “Good Times” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

I will not be your emergency hotline for whenever you are bored. Don’t expect me to rush to you like an ambulance dying to rescue you from the emptiness she puts you in. I am not a first aid kit which you will only remember to hold whenever you are reminded that it hurts to bleed. My hands are not the needle and the thread that will sew back all the cuts that her sharpness has caused. My hugs are not the cast that you will wrap around your body until your bones and muscles can function well again. My kisses are not band-aids that you will only attach to your skin because you want to cover up the fact that you are in pain. My body is not a hospital bed that you will only lie on whenever you want to feel better despite the heartbreak that she is causing you. I will not wait for you until you are healed only for you to walk away from me again.

I will not be your umbrella for whenever she decides to rain on you. Don’t you ever run to me as if I’m the fire place that can keep you warm whenever her coldness bites through your soul. I am not an underground shelter that you can just trespass every moment she explodes and you refuse to be a casualty. Don’t you ever evacuate on my side whenever she stops being the calm and the tender and starts being the catastrophe and the tragedy that you have always been afraid to handle. Don’t you think that I will shield you from her waves or silence the world so you won’t hear her eruption. You should have known that when you chose her, you didn’t only choose the sugar, the soft and the soulful, you also chose the ache, the anger and the avalanche. Don’t linger on me when it hurts too much to stay. I will not be the place between holding on and letting go.

I will not be your spare tire for whenever you can not move on. I will not drag you from despair or ignite myself just to shed a little light to your darkness. I will not be her substitute whenever she can not fill the other side of the bed. I will not be the moments that you will be too drunk to remember. Don’t give me the words that I have always craved from you just so I can drive your car and pretend to be your home. Don’t shower me with attention and affection that are originally intended for her just so I can distract you from the agony of being left behind. Don’t you act like you are choosing me this time when the truth is written over the tears from your eyes and the longing in your voice. I refuse to be your plan B. I refuse to be the shadow in this story. I refuse to be your own version of a secret celebration.

I will not be a vertex on your triangle.

bite sized — Welcome to MOST magazine’s editorial department!

Characters: BTS, OC
Genre: Comedy / Words: 959

Summary: Jeon Jungkook was a man of many mistakes, but interning at a fashion magazine over the summer was a mistake he really did not want to make.

When Jeon Jungkook was offered to intern at a fashion magazine’s editorial department, accepting it was admittedly only after he had drunk-watched The Devil Wears Prada for the third time that evening.

Needless to say it was yet another classic example of bad life decisions that he’d file under College Experiences when he had arrived to work, fresh and eager on a Monday morning, only to bear witness to the department’s cyclical spiral into utter self-destruction.

A period otherwise known as deadline week.

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Here’s a great behind the scenes shot from the film Mad Max. The photo shows one of the many chase scenes from the film being shot by Director of Photography David Eggby. This sort of thing would probably never be permitted to occur today, what with unions and safety standards and all, but 1970’s Australia was a bit of a wild west when it came to filming. Photo credit goes to Chic Stringer, stills photographer for the film.

hansoloorgana  asked:

Harrison trying to teach Carrie how to cook!

This was so fun to write! Thanks for the prompt!


“So, what’s the first ingredient, Mr. Chef?” Carrie is propped on the kitchen counter, teasingly looking at Harrison.

“Carrie, it’s pasta, there are literally three things you need to make it,” he says, mockingly. She rolls her eyes and shoots back:

“Are you gonna get the pasta or not?”

“Boil the water for me, will ya?” His back is turned to her while he messes around in the pantry.

“Sure thing, Mr. Ford,” she finds an apron next to the utensils and puts it on. “Hey, how’d you think it looks?” she smirks at him and strikes a silly pose.

“You’re not taking this seriously,” he answers, putting the pasta in the water.

“Oh, lighten up,” she joins him by the counter and hugs him from behind. “Very housewife chic if I do say so myself.”

“Hot,” he turns around, holding her face in his hands. “Hotter without it.”

“Who’s not taking it seriously now, eh?” she puts her hands on her hips and pouts. He lets out a dry laugh and leans in to kiss her. Before their lips touch, the hot water starts bubbling and the loud noise startles Carrie:

“Harrison, the food!” He immediately spins around and turns off the stove, shoving the pan away.

“That was a close one,” he laughs nervously and turns her back to her, fixing up the meat and the tomato sauce. “Go get me the cheese, please.” his voice cools down, so different from just a few seconds ago.

“Sure,” she walks a few steps towards the pantry and obliges. “Here you go, honey.” her voice is exaggerated, too high-pitched, as she does a loud kissing noise on his cheek.

Since he still remains quiet , she tries: “Weren’t you supposed to teach me how to cook, hotshot?” that makes him turn his gaze towards her and grin.

“Come on, get in here.” He motions for her to come closer, and she does. He hands her the tomato sauce and she pours it in the pan.

“Cooking is fun!” she giggles while she finishes her work on the food. He laughs at her naive demeanor and places a hand on her shoulder. “Even more fun if I do this,” in a matter of seconds, the right side of his face is covered in tomato sauce. She laughs, content with her work. He picks up a cloth and cleans up his face.

“Oh, you’re gonna be so sorry you did that,” he starts, chasing after her in the kitchen.

“You’ll never catch me, Mr. Ford!” She takes a turn and stops behind the island. He stops in front of her, on the other side. She moves right and he moves left. She changes her tactic, but he catches her.

“Told ya,” his hands wrap around her waist and raise her up until she’s sitting on top of the counter. Her legs lock his torso and his body is glued to hers in a breath.

“You still have a little sauce right here,” she leans in slowly, kissing the corner of his mouth. He stands frozen for a second before sliding his mouth on hers. She responds by parting her lips, tasting the salty sauce. He slips his tongue, tender yet challenging, and her hands tangle in his thick hair. His scent drives her mad, his big hands traveling the length of her body. She starts sucking on his neck as they hear someone say:

“I’m home! What’s for dinner?” and they stop immediately. “What the hell is going on?” Mark’s expression is visibly shocked. Both of them don’t really know how to answer, so Carrie looks at Harrison, pleading for him to improvise.

“We were making dinner and hum,” he looks around the kitchen and says: “Some of the hot sauce got on her face and I was helping her clean it.”

“Yes, it’s so hot!” Carrie nods in agreement, getting off of the counter and walking towards Mark.

“You can help set the table, Marky Mark, we’ll eat in a minute!” still virtually bewildered, their friend walks soundlessly to the dining room and does as asked.

“Someday he’s gonna catch us.” Harrison murmurs, biting her lower lip.

“No way, hotshot. We’re too good at hiding.”

Title: Touch of Your Hand

Series: Owari no Seraph
Pairing: Hyakuya Mikaela x Hyakuya Yuuichirou
Rating: M (17+)
Summary:  Drabble for Mika’s birthday.

A candlelit dinner, a gift card to his favorite bookstore, flowers and chocolates…all of these would have made good birthday presents to his boyfriend, but for someone like Yuuichirou, he needed to do something that was more than just “good.” He needed to do something that would impress, absolutely brimming with creativity and daring.

So what better way to do this than a good old fashioned massage in one of the world’s best hotels? Unfortunately for him though, the furthest thing from Mika’s mind for his birthday is a present full of originality.

Lawyer!Mika x Masseur!Yuu / Modern AU

Author’s Notes: It’s still the month of Mika’s birthday, so I’m not that late. XD I came up with this idea when I was on vacation and my aunt took me to this wonderful spa in the Tagaytay Highlands in the Philippines. ^^ I was inspired, and yeah…I just went along with it! 

This fic is for the wonderful people who welcomed me back! XDD You know who you are~ 

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We chatted with the stylish brand founder about the power of perfume.

Aerin Lauder was born into the beauty business—and always had a penchant for perfume. “I remember as a little girl her coming into the room and all I would smell is the fragrance that she was working on,” Lauder says of an early memory of her grandmother, the incredible Estée Lauder. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Aerin to talk about the inspiration behind her chic namesake fragrance collection and more. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Why did you decide to launch AERIN?

Well, I thought there was a real opportunity in the market place for a modern feminine beauty brand. What’s fun about the fragrance collection is that concept of a wardrobe of fragrances, the idea of choice, and discovery, and fun, and experience. Because you have a huge variety—rose with cognac, lilac, jasmine—it really allows the consumer to discover and explore and find one that she likes.

Where do you find inspiration for your scents?

It really can be from anywhere. It can be from a trip, it can be from a piece of art, it can be a memory, it can be a friend.

What’s your routine for wearing fragrance? Where do you spritz or dab—and do you ever layer?

I wear it all day long. I love it. I get up the morning and the first thing I do is brush my teeth, wash my face, and put perfume on. And, before I leave for work, I put it on again, and then when I come home at night, I always put it on. I love to spritz it on my wrists and behind my ears, kind of the classic places. We’ve also developed new ways of wearing fragrance, like spraying your hair brush and brushing your hair, which Estée taught me, especially now with the return of all these hair fragrances, which is fun. Spray it on your suitcase when you travel and when you get to your destination it smells fresh and pretty. I always have all the little samples in my evening bag. It’s a great way to sample the fragrances and it’s also a great way to make them portable—by putting them in a small bag.

I really liked the images that you provided of you in different outfits and settings with your fragrances. I thought that really helped tell the story of each fragrance online, even if someone can’t smell it immediately.

That’s the idea. People always used to say that you smell fragrance with your mind, not necessarily your nose. For example, Ikat Jasmine is about jeans and a white shirt, and a blue and white package, and a white cap. It’s this incredible jasmine and it has this kind of timeless sense to it—similar to a pair of jeans and a white shirt. So, we tried very hard to make sure that the stories were special and people could relate to them.

Even Waterlily Sun, which we’re launching now, was inspired by the garden of Giverny a beautiful kind of magic garden, and just the idea of the lushness, of the green dewy notes and the packaging, the green cap and the green floral. It’s almost artisanal­—that kind of graphic.

What tips or tricks do you suggest for someone looking to find a perfume from you that’s right for them?

I think fragrance is all about exploring and finding what you like. Fragrance is so personal, it’s probably the most intimate part of your style. I think there’s something really nice about finding it, putting it on, and that it smells different on everyone. It’s about discovery and trying them on and bringing the sample home with you, and living with it, and really seeing which one you like.

Which of your fragrances are in your top rotation and why?

My top rotation is probably Ikat Jasmine, Gardenia Rattan, and Waterlily Sun. To tell you the truth, the Ikat Jasmine is very much my signature, my go-to. Probably because I love jeans and a white shirt. When I can wear anything I want, I put on jeans and a white shirt. So, I think it makes sense that that would be the one I gravitate to on a regular basis.

Can you tell us the story behind your bottle design?

The bottle design was meant to be the perfect imperfect. I love the idea of different colors, different patterns, soft watery pastels on the caps, that almost feel like stones you found on the beach. They’re not perfect, like sea glass or beautiful pebbles kind of worn by the ocean, and it’s really kind of the experience of the beautiful colored stones and containers. The secondary idea is really about fun—the folding cards, all the patterns. Each one is different. Gardenia Rattan is inspired by the south of France and it has an incredible sense of gardenia and orange blossom—and then you see the packaging and it has touches of bright orange and green and beige, and you feel like you’re far away when you look at it.

What do you think makes fragrance so personal and powerful?

I think it’s very intimate because it’s on your skin, it’s your signature, it’s how you smell—I think that’s very personal. I also think it’s your choice. I think it’s something you pick, you find, you love.