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Kingdom Come Pt. 1 [Damian Wayne x Reader] AU

A/N: You got a Dick Grayson series (kinda), you got a Jason Todd series, you got a Batsis series… now prepare for a Damian Wayne series! 

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Pairing: Damian Wayne x Princess!Reader

Warnings: None… yet :D

Word Count: 755



Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful princess. She was a young princess, innocent and naive and clueless about the world. All she knew was the world behind the castle walls, the world that was her own little kingdom, and what a gorgeous kingdom she had indeed. For everything thrived and there were no disloyalty or burglary, there was only love and peace.

Her castle was her bedroom chamber, high above on the east wing of her father’s domain. It towered above her little kingdom, where rows of magnificent roses, blooming dandelions and vibrant bougainvillea grew. Further west, there was a sparkling pond where the merpeople lived.

It was her own kingdom, seen only by the eyes of her imagination, because she was often lonely. She had no friends, no partner-in-crime. Her handmaidens were all older than her and they tended to her every need, nothing more, nothing less. Her guards only existed to give their life for her, not to befriend her. Therefore, she created her own friends with the power of her mind… and loneliness.

But one day, something quite extraordinary happened.

A knock resonated through the princess’s bedroom, causing her to move from her place by the window. “You may enter.” she informed the person outside. The oak door to her bedroom opened with a creak and one of the servants of the castle entered, bowing before straightening himself.

“Your Highness,” he said with a clear voice, “the King and Queen requests your audience.”

She nodded at the servant. “Tell them I will be there shortly.” The servant bowed once more and left her room, closing the door behind him. As soon as he left, she called her handmaidens to change her clothing. When meeting her parents, she had to be dressed appropriately, and a casual gown such as the one she was wearing now was unfit for such occasion.

Once she was ready, she headed through the stone corridors towards the throne room, accompanied by her loyal guards. All her subjects that she passed bowed or curtsied to her, their princess.

“Her Royal Highness, Princess [F/N].” she heard someone announce before the large doors opened for her.

When she entered the throne room, she immediately noticed there were a few unfamiliar faces. Though she was only a young girl at the mere age of nine, she was well-educated and mature for her age. From the way they were dressed, they were Knights.

Everyone lowered their heads as the princess entered and no one spoke a word. She walked up to her parents and curtsied before speaking. “You have summoned me, father?”

“Yes, my dear.” her father stated kindly, reminding her that even under formal circumstances he was still the same man that tucked her to bed every night, no matter how busy he was, “I have called you to meet your new personal guard.”

“My… personal guard?” [F/N] repeated, confusion laced in her voice, “is there a reason for this? I have many already…”

Her father sighed and gave her a weary smile. “I’m afraid I have to remove most of them from their duties guarding you.”

“Why?” she asked, slightly alarmed.

“You do not need to know the reason now, my child. Now, come.” her father urged, beckoning her forward. Although she was still clueless to what was happening, she did as she was asked.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a young boy, about her age or perhaps a little older, step forward. Though small like her, he certainly didn’t look weak or feeble. He wore the clothes of a knight and had a sword strapped to his belt.

“This is Sir Damian, of House Wayne.” her mother voiced, “as you know, House Wayne has been loyal to the [L/N] family for generations. They are the most skilled warriors of this land. The young man is tasked with protecting you. He will go where you go, fight your battles, and if needed, lay down his life for you.”

[F/N] nodded and turned back to study Sir Damian. He had sharp features with a slightly exotic complexion. His tanned skin brought out his emerald eyes, something she decided she liked most about him.

She watched as he got down to one knee, lowering his head. He said his oath, swearing to protect her, before raising his head to look at her. Not knowing what to do, she simply smiled kindly at him.

And that was when everything changed.


So it seemed my little summary for an Gajevy au was quite popular, and I have always wanted to attempt to write a fanfic, but I haven’t written much along the lines of fantasy… like ever. And haven’t written an essay in years. I kind of got swept up in this idea, I’ve been working on it all day.
Anyway, this is my first fan fiction, so please leave *kind* constructive criticism, and most importantly, enjoy!!

Summary:Young Levy McGarden, betrothed to the cold hearted Iron Prince she has never met, falls in love with a young knight. Dressed in black armor with a dragon crest, he spends his time attempting to woo her with red roses and leather bound fairy tale books. Little does she know her knight and the prince are one in the same.

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A/N: I’m finally back with Part 2! Thank you everyone, for the positive feedback for part one! I’m glad all of you are enjoying this series so far. As of now, I’ve added Taeyeon in as well, hopefully she’ll spice things up as well ;) remember to leave feedback after reading, much love! Happy reading x

Genre: Dystopian/Action/Smut in later parts

Word Count: 10,103

Soundtrack: Yellow Flicker Beat // Lorde

Synopsis: In the land of Exotica, thirteen kingdoms reign. Thirteen different types of bestowed powers, thirteen different types of abilities, thirteen different types of gifts. In this world, everybody is bestowed with only one ability. So what happens when The Chosen One is discovered to possess all thirteen powers at once?

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Part 1 | PART 2

‘Your words cut deeper than any one your knives, Your Highness’.

My heart is still racing by the time I speed-walk over the boundary and back into the territory of the Peace Kingdoms, perspiration forming at the nape of my neck and causing my ruffled silver hair to stick to me like a second skin. I can still feel the raging heat of Jongdae’s lightning creeping beneath my skin, the hairs on my arms standing on end.

Never before have I indulged in a full-on battle with the people of the Bloodbath Kingdoms. The fact that I went in without proper backup and still managed to thrash two of them sends chills down my rigid spine; what if I wasn’t powerful enough? What if I couldn’t handle them? What if they actually tore me to shreds in the exact way the nobles mentioned? If I were less weak, less knowledgeable about my ability, I could be dead by now.

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obviously everything on the da kinkmeme is anonymous, so i don’t know that i have straight people to blame for this (i mean. i do know) but i’m pretty fucking tired of straight people deciding that Dorian and (insert female oc) should have a “platonic” sexual relationship and encouraging each other to write stories where violent homophobia is just the cutesy jumping off point for a fic about straight people’s opinions about their gay “faves”

The Confession of a Reluctant King

In celebration of the month of February being dedicated to the beautiful, darling crown prince and king of Adarlan, Dorian Havilliard, I have written a confessional piece for him, looking back on his life from his own point of view.

I hope you all like it. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I don’t know if ever truly deserved love. I think my father had a lot to do with that. I never saw him show affection to my mother, never mind myself or my brother. We were just…there; a Queen, an heir, and a spare.

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Fantasy au scenario: There is one night when Hoseok and Yoongi are talking about Hoseok's travel. Yoongi is so lost in the way he talks about other places that Yoongi culd never imagine. After all, Yoongi had spend all his life behind the walls of that castle. Hidden. Alone. It was midngiht, just the moon watching the two young guys talking. (1)


The Monarch-  Taehyung Royalty!AU

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Part: 1 (More if Requested, let me know guys!)

Member/Group: Taehyung of BTS

Word Count:2022

Author: Admin Cloud

Summary: Not everything is perfect behind these castle walls.

 In the kingdom of Saxet, there is no such thing as poverty. Many years ago, a King whose name has been long forgotten set up the rules of the land so that every person would be supported by their fellow community members. Though this sounds strange, very person outside of this bustling village must know that money has no value here. Favors are traded for goods, and every villager is willing to help out anybody in need. In Saxet, every occupant gives an oath of support when they reach the age of adulthood before they can finally become a true member of the community. This system has been in effect for hundreds of years, and every generation of royals takes a vow to their subjects that they will lead a fair and generous rule.

 The current King and Queen were blessed with a son early in their marriage, and they bestowed him with the name ‘Taehyung’, hoping that the name would bring only good fortune into the boy’s life. He grew up knowing only of the joy that floated among the castle walls, but he was not allowed to be greedy. From the time that he was barely walking and speaking, the Queen would take trips to the center of the village and have Taehyung socialize with all the other children,being blissfully unaware of the fact that they were playing with their future king. It was here on these dusty streets that he met somebody that could only be considered his soulmate, even though they were separated by social status. Even though they began growing further and further apart in their teenage years, he still considered you a close friend and frequently had dreams about meeting with you again. If only he had known that on his eighteenth birthday, those dreams would turn to nightmares.

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*moves my bed* *3 giant spiders crawl out*

slurp slurp into the vaccume u go

caught up (in you)

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Klance (Keith/Lance)
Rating: Teen and up: for language, lots of kissing
Summary:  Lance allows himself to be led, following Keith’s quick pace with eager steps and a racing heart.

Author’s Notes: you know the feeling you get where you just wanna mash their faces together? yeah, that’s what inspired this entire one-shot. At some point, elements of a bet were added, but that’s not really the focus.

Shout-out to @flusteredkeith for being the first to encourage this, and then @stardusted, @klance-my-way, and @voltrash for continuing to support it.

Anyway, I hope you guys like it! :D

Also on AO3.

When cool fingers slide underneath his shirt, Lance draws in a shuddering breath. He scrabbles to grip something, not really particular about whether he manages to grab a fistful of shirt or, as actually happens, a handful of ass, and slants his mouth over Keith’s. He’s too eager and their teeth click together, but Keith angles his head differently with a slightly disgruntled sound in his throat and pushes against Lance with strength that the taller man had forgotten about.

He feels the cool metal of the castle wall behind him, the chill seeping through his shirt, but everything else is practically on fire. Heat pools in the pit of his stomach and spreads from where Keith’s leg tangles between his own, where Keith’s hands trail across his abdomen, where Keith’s eager mouth moves against his, and Lance can’t be bothered with rational thought. He cares even less about the reasoning when Keith presses closer and Lance’s mind short circuits with the thought, Holy Crow, his tongue’s in my mouth!

A sound builds up from somewhere deep in Lance’s chest, not quite a moan though not far off, but it’s muffled by Keith’s mouth, and he feels a smirk against his lips.


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 The Signs as my Favourite Women in Literature pt. 4 (Water)

Cancer - Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
At the beginning of the novel, Jane is an isolated, quiet child who struggles with an aunt and  cousins who mistreat her. As a result, she develops an inner strength and when she finally has the opportunity to go to Lowood School, she proves herself to be an intelligent and determined student. She possesses a thirst for reading and education as well as a vivid creativity. She believes not only that knowledge is her key to freedom but also is taken captive by fantastic stories which are her only escape from reality. Her ability to draw and to give knowledge to others through teaching, gain her self-confidence and a leading position at school. Jane represents proper English womanhood by behaving decent, frank and sincere but you can definitely say that she is a rebel at heart. She believes that women are worthy of intellectual activity and goals in life like every man. When she first comes to Thornfield and meets Mr. Rochester, she immidiately falls in love with the place and she feels intrigued by its owner. It’s compeletely new for her to truly be herself but she feels that Fairfax Rochester accepts every aspect of her body, soul and mind and she can’t help developing a deep and unconditional love. Readers can watch her putting her defenses down, opening her heart and becoming extremely passionate. But where other people’s beliefs are clouded by feelings, Jane remembers who she is and preserves that fierce self-respect and her idea of equality. When she finally leaves Mr. Rochester she can’t forget him, knowing that he is her only true love. Jane knows what really matters in life and sees not only the obvious but also the inner beauty of things and people. Even when people diappoint her, she can’t help but seeing the good in them, trying to forgive them if they’re worth it.

Scorpio - Anna Arkadyevna Karenina (Anna Karenina)
At first sight, Anna Karenina seems like a decent and overly attractive, passionate and educated wife. She cares deeply for her family which is the reason why she visits Moscow in the first place: to help saving her brother’s marriage. Although she can’t find it within her to love  the man she is married to, due to his rational and cold personality, she loves her son Seryozha. He is the reason she refuses a divorce, which would grant her freedom but means the loss of her beloved son at the same time. Anna is elegant in the way she talks, walk. and dresses, she loves reading English novels and writes children’s books. It’s especially when she meets and falls in love with him, that we see her rebellious and passionate spirit to live life on her own terms. She finds it fairly injust that she has to suffer from social isolation and the contempt of others simply because she loves the wrong man. That is why she continues to go to concerts or other public events, where she is recognized by only few people but preserves a grace and elegance that are strikingly disarming. Anna’s highest goal and most important principle of life is love. She can’t stand the idea of lying to herself and playing a role simply because her life is bound by duty. So she breaks away from social norms and rules because that’s the only way to love and be loved by Vronsky, who isn’t so eager to do the same thing for her. Anna seems egoistic, for she ignores the ideal of living for god and goodness and instead follows the path of her heart disregarding the people she hurts or abandons in the process. At the end she dies for comitting a crime that only women in that society could be accused of because it was totally normal for men to betray their wives. But Anna dies for the privilege of being herself and following her own will and passion, which is stunningly brave and admirable.

Pisces - Éowyn (Lord of the Rings)
The reader gets to know Éowyn as an unhappy character, who has to watch over her uncle, while her brother is free to roam outside the castle and fight and generally is able to do everything she wants to do too. No one really sees what’s happening inside her, they assume that she is ok with being kind of a nurse because that’s what girls do. In fact, Éowyn possesses the same fierce spirit as her brother but she is destined to stay behind the safe castle walls watching the world fall apart. She feels like she is living in a cage epecially because she also has to bother with Gríma, who looks forward to possessing her as a reward for clouding her uncle’s decisions and mind. When she first meets Aragorn, she is stunned by his handsome, strong and kingly appearance. The young maiden longs to fight by his side and to finally escape into the outside world and as a result she falls in love with him. Éowyn’s actions are mostly driven by emotions, which is why she fights Sauron with the Rohan army because it means following Aragorn. However, she is a brave and loving woman, who is determined to protect and fight for her people, home and family till death. She has strong ideals of what is wrong and what is right, just and injust. And the handmaiden believes in trust and if she trusts someone, she expects the trust from them in return.

Soulmates in the Shadows (Val x Kenna)

Summary: Val and Kenna have been keeping their trysts a secret from the world. What happens when one of them wants something more?

Author’s Note: This is written for one of my giveaway winners, @ivyschoice. She requested for a Kenna x Val fanfic, with the prompt “I’m tired of being your secret.” I also tied this in with this week’s #ChoicesCreates prompt “Do you believe in soulmates?” (Rating: M, sexually suggestive but not explicit).

Soulmates in the Shadows (Val x Kenna)

Her dark brown hair was strewn over the pillows, framing her face like a lion’s mane. Fierce, regal, beautiful. She looked up at me with heavy-lidded with eyes, biting on her lip as she broke into a smile. “See you in the morning?,” she asked softly.

I nodded, tying my hair up in a ponytail. “In the morning,” I replied, leaning down to kiss Kenna on the forehead. The moonlight bathed her form, covered only by the sheets of the bed we had laced with our lust and desire a few hours ago.

“Kenna,” I whispered, kneeling before her. With her eyes closed, she angled her head towards me. I cleared my throat, looking at the floor as I mustered the courage to ask her a question I had been holding within me for a long time. “Do you believe in soulmates?”

My question was met with silence. I looked up and saw Kenna fast asleep, her breathing deep and steady. I smiled, brushing her hair away from her face. My Queen, my lover. I tiptoed into the shadows, making my way out yet again from her chambers in secret.

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Hey! So with the Princess x Newt series, would it be too much to request one of them almost getting caught together one night by her Husband? You can decide if you wanna add smut or not ;) Thought it could be cute to imagine him trying to hide in a ridiculous spot while the reader tries to act like everything's normal! Haha! No rush! And if by chance you remember, could you tag me? If not, no worries! Thanks, girl xx

Here you gooooo~ Quick note to readers: Grindelwald looks like his stupid Depp version lol Because in my story Graves is the precious King.

For more of my princess series go Here

Imagine: Being the Queen and almost getting caught with your lover, Newt.

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You walked down the garden path, laughing at something Queenie had said. She was your most loved friend, someone you could always count on in the dark of times. And as fate would have it go, these times were indeed very dark.

“I still think you should run off together. Oh, how romantic that’d be!”

“We both know that would be nearly impossible, Queenie. Besides, I can’t very well leave behind my subjects to the wrath of….my husband.”

She looked at you with sympathy, knowing you’d never betray your kingdom like that. But, she knew where your heart lied, and Grindelwald was not it.

“Are you going to see him again?”


She gave you a knowing look, rolling her beautiful eyes at you. “You know very well who! The handsome manservant who visits your bed chambers at night.”

You playfully hit her arm, giggling along with her as she teased you for sneaking off with Newt more than once. Ever since he came back into your life, it was nearly impossible to separate again. But, every time you met it was a risk.

“He’s no longer my manservant…”

“Well, is he not a man who serves his queen…even if that’s in the bedroom?”

“Ugh, you are insufferable…”

Queenie just giggled, linking her arm with yours as she led you through the palace rose gardens.

“Tell me, what’s he like?”

“I’m not answering that.”

“Why not? I tell you all about my-”

You took a seat on the bench, smiling over at her. “And I wish you didn’t, my dear friend.”

She scoffed at you, pushing her blonde hair behind her ear as she looked over at the castle walls. Her lips stretched into a wicked little grin, and she got off the bench.

“Farewell, my lady. I must be off now.”

“Wha-where on earth are you going?”

She just pointed towards the large wall of vines that clung and tangled around the stone of the castle, and you glanced over to see Newt walking through them. His green eyes ever fixed on you. It was an instant reaction, and your heart sped up.

By the time he reached you, Queenie had gone. His steps were slow, almost teasing in nature as he made his way to you. He stopped just before you, kneeling down, his boots digging into the soil.

“My Queen.” Newt took your hand, kissing the backside of it as he smiled up at you. And all you could do was smile back, even through the anxious feelings.

“Newt…we agreed that-”

“You mean you agreed.”

“We agreed to never be seen in public and-”

He took a seat next to you, eyeing you through his wavy auburn hair. “So sorry…but, I don’t believe I see anybody here but us. Hardly public, wouldn’t you agree?”

With a heavy sigh, you cradled your hands in your lap, giving him a warning look. “You’re playing a very dangerous game here, Scamander.”

“Y/N, I’ve been playing a dangerous game since the moment I set eyes on you.”

Newt rose from his spot, extending his hand to you which you reluctantly took. You glanced around the garden, worriedly looking for any sign of the King’s guards or the king himself.

“Walk with me?”

You hesitated for a second, but smiled and followed your lover down the same path you were taking with Queenie.

Newt strolled along, not even caring that there was a chance of being caught. You had to envy his attitude, because on the inside you were a mess of emotions. He picked up on this, and he gently placed his hand on your lower back.

“Settle down.”

“How can you act so…at ease?”

He shrugged, giving you that lovey smile of his. “I love you. If I have to die for that then-”

“Don’t say such things.”

“Even if it’s the truth?”

“Especially then.”

“As you wish…”

You looked over at him, trying to ease the guilt you felt. “And what have you been up to?”

Newt looked up in thought, trying to figure out a way to word this without you scolding him once again. “Experimenting on potions.”


“Yes, your highness I’m well aware that practicing any form of magic will result in my head being removed from my body.”

“I’m just worried that you’ll be harmed.”

“Worrying means you only suffer twice.”

He grinned at you, trailing his fingers along the strings of your dress. He leaned closer to you, his lips pressing a soft kiss to your temple. He wanted so badly to just hold you to him, and never let anyone take you again. You leaned into his touch, closing your eyes as you battled the nerves. How you wanted to truly follow Queenie’s advice and run off with him, but at what cost?

Newt just sighed, looking around before pushing you behind some large bushes and up against a tree. His lips connected with yours, all his pent up passion finally coming out after days of not having you.

“Newt, please…” You angled your head away, trying not to give into the touch of the man you loved and adored. But, he only chuckled, brushing his lips across yours.

“Do you truly want me to stop?”

You looked up at him, biting at your lower lip.


It was all he needed from you, and he pressed his body against yours as he kissed you deeply. Your tongues tangled, and he groaned hotly into your mouth. His touch was addicting, and all your resolve had crumbled into a pile of nothing by the time his palms dipped under your dress, lifting the item and spreading your legs.


Your fingers dug into the bark of the tree, crown slowly slipping off your head as Newt snapped his hips forward. He moaned into your neck, using the tree as leverage as he quickened his pace.

“Don’t..don’t stop…” You whined out, bringing a hand up to lace your fingers through his hair. Newt kissed a trail up your neck, nose nuzzled into your cheek in his moment of pleasure. You were close, both of you were, and all you wanted was to feel that momentary high.

“Find her!”

The King’s voice rang through the gardens, and you gasped, pushing Newt away as you caught your balance. Newt, not entirely aware of the trouble yet, gave you an odd look. But, when he heard the foot steps of guards roaming the area, he cursed.

“Merlin’s beard.” He pulled his pants up, not bothering to button them as he looked around for an escape.

“You have to hide!” You whispered as loudly as you could, pushing at his bare chest to get him to leave. He stumbled back a bit, slightly annoyed at the situation, but he opted to hide in a bush along the edges of the castle. He gave you one last troubled look, before pushing through them.

You smoothed out your clothes and hair, trying to look as innocent as possible. With a deep breath you made yourself known to the King and his men.

“What is all this yelling for? You’ll wake the dead like that, my dear husband.”

Your hands were clasped in front of you, offering him a fake smile as you came into view. The King scowled at you, arm resting over his sheathed sword as he grew near.

“My Queen, where have you been?” He leaned down, his breath ghosting over your neck as he whispered dangerously. “Or shall I ask, with whom you’ve been with?”

Your heart nearly stopped, but you collected your thoughts and straightened your posture.

“I do not appreciate what you’re implying of me.”

Your tone was heavy with warning, telling him to back off for this was a dangerous subject to bring up. Thankfully, he did leave you alone. Grindelwald smirked, taking his full height once more as he began to walk away.

“You’re needed in the throne room. A very urgent matter I’m afraid.”

“I will be there shortly.”

“Don’t keep us waiting. We wouldn’t want rumors of an adulterous queen now would we?”

His grin made you want to impale him with that same sword he seemed to cherish, but you took his insults with a sense of grace. You made sure he was gone before turning back towards the clearing and beckoning Newt to come out once more. The wizard fell from the bushes, grumbling about your husband, and something about a thorn bush.

“Oh, Newt…” You squatted down, holding his shoulders as you tried to help him up. He had somehow managed to properly dress himself…minus the few thorns, and twigs that stuck to his clothing.

“I’m so sorry, Newt.”

He seemed more bothered than usual, and he refused to meet your eyes as he brushed the dirt off his coat. He started walking off, stopping just for a minute.

“Good day, your highness.”

“Newt, wait-”

He didn’t listen though, and he continued walking off towards the stables, leaving you there with nothing more than a wave of his hand.


A/N: Yeah I don’t know why I gave it an angsty ending lol The story just took me there.

Your Highness - Prolog

(A/N): As I promised, Prolog for Your Highness is finally here! Enjoy! You can still be tagged if you want. :)

Summary: (Y/N) was a princess in the past but decided to live an almost normal life. After she’d escaped from her home, she was found by Charles Xavier better known as Professor X. She was taken to the School for Gifted Youngsters where she learned how to work with her ability until she was recruited to the Avengers Tower. No one knew about her past and her royal status. She kept it as a secret until one day; someone discovered who she really was and decided to bring the princess back home.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x enhanced princess! Reader

Warning: none

Rating: 15+

Words: 2300+



               A massive clock from 1846 standing next to an expensive statue was ticking annoyingly. A tic-tac sound coming from them was making the young princess fiddle with a pen she was squeezing between two fingers. She was sitting in a comfortable chair behind a mahogany table, pretending to be listening to the woman in front of her who was walking from one place to another, talking only in French and about the French revolution. The girl knew the language like the back of her hand and there was probably nothing new she could learn. French was her second language as were four other.

Her (e/c) eyes drifted to the window and noticed small snowflakes slowly falling down on the ground. Christmas was knocking on the door. The gardens were covered in first snow and everyone was in a festive mood – everyone except the princess. There were public occasions where her presence was highly expected. She hated them – every single one of them.

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In 2007, the small town of Urueña, Spain decided to become a Villa del Libro, or a town of books. This is what it looks like.

Imagine a small medieval town behind a high wall. A castle stands on one end, and all around are vineyards and fields of wheat. Imagine that within the walls the entire town is devoted to reading and writing. Imagine that the entire town is, in essence, one magical bookstore.

One of many European wonders, this fairytale for bibliophiles exists in Spain. The place is called Urueña, and it is only a two hour drive northwest from Madrid. The town sits within a medieval wall, surrounded by vast plains, in the region of Castilla y León. In recent years, it has transformed itself into a Villa del Libro, a village that celebrates books.

Fewer than 200 people live in Urueña, according to the 2014 census. But these few villagers run 12 different bookstores, meaning that there’s one bookstore for every sixteen or so people. Some are general interest shops; others specialize in old and rare books. One focuses on the region of Castilla y León, another on children’s books. A shop called El 7 Bookshop specializes in books about bullfighting. Another concentrates its collection on books about wine, and this one is called The Cellar.

In addition to the bookstores, Urueña is home to an institute of ancient calligraphy that offers classes in the old writing techniques found in medieval handwritten tomes. Similarly, the Artisan Book Binding Workshop of Urueña holds seminars on how to physically create and unite the spines, covers, and pages that make up books

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This Small Village In Spain Is Home To More Books Than People

By John on January 12, 2016

In 2007, the small town of Urueña, Spain decided to become a Villa del Libro, or a town of books. This is what it looks like.

One of the old medieval gates leading out of Urueña, Spain’s Villa del Libro. Image Source: Flickr

Imagine a small medieval town behind a high wall. A castle stands on one end, and all around are vineyards and fields of wheat. Imagine that within the walls the entire town is devoted to reading and writing. Imagine that the entire town is, in essence, one magical bookstore.

One of many European wonders, this fairytale for bibliophiles exists in Spain. The place is called Urueña, and it is only a two hour drive northwest from Madrid. The town sits within a medieval wall, surrounded by vast plains, in the region of Castilla y León. In recent years, it has transformed itself into a Villa del Libro, a village that celebrates books.

Fewer than 200 people live in Urueña, according to the 2014 census. But these few villagers run 12 different bookstores, meaning that there’s one bookstore for every sixteen or so people. Some are general interest shops; others specialize in old and rare books. One focuses on the region of Castilla y León, another on children’s books. A shop called El 7 Bookshop specializes in books about bullfighting. Another concentrates its collection on books about wine, and this one is called The Cellar.

In addition to the bookstores, Urueña is home to an institute of ancient calligraphy that offers classes in the old writing techniques found in medieval handwritten tomes. Similarly, the Artisan Book Binding Workshop of Urueña holds seminars on how to physically create and unite the spines, covers, and pages that make up books.

One of the twelve bookstores in the small town of Urueña, Spain. Image Source: Flickr

Urueña also boasts five well-run museums. Naturally, there’s the Museum of the Book and Writing and the Story Museum. But there is also the Ethnographic Museum, run by a local scholar of regional folklore, Joaquín Díaz, that’s set in a 18th century mansion. The nearby Museum of Music houses ancient and valuable instruments from across Europe and around the world. Finally, the e-LEA Centre hosts exhibits and lectures on literature and writing. While already a center of learning and history, Urueña made a conscious decision to become a Villa del Libro in 2007. It joined the International Organization of Book Towns and modeled its re-branding after cities like Hay-on-Wye in Wales or Brevedoort in the Netherlands where tens of thousands of tourists come every year for literary festivals or simply to look through the second-hand shops. So far Urueña is the only internationally recognized “book town” in Spain. At present, Urueña attracts 40,000 bibliophiles to its narrow medieval streets every year. They cross the vast plains of Castilla to search through old tomes; listen to lectures on writing and take classes in calligraphy, and of course to talk to one another about the pleasures found in books.