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No One’s Roasted Like Gaston.[Oneshot].

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Title: No One’s Roasted Like Gaston.
Pairing: Implied!- Gaston x Reader.
Rating: T.
Words: 2,231.
Summary: Gaston thought he was undeniable to women and even some men. Has he finally found his match?

There was nothing particularly notable about the early mornings, at least, not anymore. The sky above was it usual mixture of pinks, purples and some lighter hues of blue as the sun rose and lit up the clouds, giving them a rather unique looking glow. There was a small wind, but not chilling, and brought in the lingering scent of meadows and trees. You got used to those aspects and they slowly became the norm. You began to not notice them at all, and remarked them as being every day life. If one wanted to really shake things up in a morning routine, they would count the cobblestones that made up each walkway in the village. But, that’s the thing. No one ever wanted to shake things up. They wanted things to stay the same for that is the way they had been living for as long as anyone could remember. With change came the unprecedented fear that something terrible would happen as a result.

It was the hustle and bustle of such a small village did leave one breathless and forgetful on occasion if you didn’t pay attention to where you were going and why you were going there in the first place. If one was aimlessly walking in the morning time while the sun peaked into the valley, one might be trampled by those selling goods and merchandise. Some too expensive, and some not expensive enough and left you wondering whether you had been scammed or if you had gotten a good deal.

Aimless and mindless were surely your vibe this beautiful morning. You had nowhere to be, nothing to do or see and so you actually took your time to walk through the village during one of the busiest times of day. There was a variant of smells, some of which you happened to thoroughly enjoy. Fresh bread, springtime air, a small caddy on the corner before the village square that was selling freshly picked roses. Contrary to the flowers smelling divine, the actual vibrancy of the colors caught your attention and dwindled you to stay and admire them for longer than you had intended . Vivid reds, pastel pinks, yellow whites. It looked as if these flowers belonged immortalized in a painting for the entire world to enjoy.

Smiling at the vendor who was a few feet to your right, you plucked a light, dusty pink rose out of one of the buckets full of water. It dripped down your fingers onto your wrist causing a small shudder to shoot down your arm. Miraculously, it looked as if a skilled painter had dipped their brush in the sky during dusk, mustered up enough color to splotch onto the petals of the flower. Some parts were darker than others, but all around, it was a very delicate and soft appearing flower.

“Beautiful.” You could hear someone behind you say. And without the need to turn around and see the speaker, you were already well aware of who it was. Probably looking at himself in the reflection of a window again, you snickered quietly. It was as if you could see the bright red uniform from your peripheral vision and it was already giving you a headache. Setting the flower back into the metallic bucket, you gave the vendor one more glance over and polite smile before drawing your attention to your left, with the unsuccessful hope of getting out of there without Gaston being connected at your hip.

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reasons why Gloria Estefan should play Abuela Claudia when the revival of In the Heights inevitably comes

- she’s cuban
- she likes Lin-Manuel Miranda and has said before she’s really proud of his work and what he’s doing for the Latino community
- he’s won Grammy awards, she’s won Grammy awards, they already have so much in common
- she’s cuban
- she’s roughly the same age as previous performers playing Abuela Claudia
- she’s cuban
- her voice is beautiful and makes flowers grow in a trail behind her wherever she goes
- I really love her and I want it to happen

i. Some days I wish I had been there to reach my arm out
to catch you before you had fallen—
Readjusted your crown before it slipped off your head
and shattered on the floor.
Some days I wish I had the chance to go back in time
and fix all the mistakes I had made—
Shielded you from all the horrors and traumas you were exposed to,
opened your cage and let you see how the world really worked.
Some days I wish I had treated you more like a brother
and less like an opponent—
Shown you some compassion instead of preparing for battle.
I wonder how different things would have turned out
if I had just shown you an ounce more of love.

(But those days are few and far between.
Most days I wish I had been the one
to have pulled the trigger
and pushed you off the throne myself.)

ii. “But he’s your brother.”
And I suppose they are right.
You are still my brother.
You were my brother then, and you are my brother now.
Even now, you are still my brother,
and you will always— until the moment my heart stops— be my brother.
At least the press are still getting their information right.
What a fucking terrible thing that is.

iii. I am still trying to scrub the smell of you
out of my life.
I have learned that you are a wretched scent—
One that refuses to leave once someone has invited you in.

(You are cigarettes clinging on a smoker’s clothes
years after they have quit;
Grease on a cook’s hands
hours after they have come back home;
Booze on an alcoholic’s breath
the day after they have sobered)

Even my room reeks of you—
Even after all this time we’ve spent apart—
Even after death—
Even after everything that I’ve done—
I claw at my arms for so long in the shower these days.
trying desperately to rid myself of you,
that my skin is starting to turn raw.
I’ve gone through my memories and
swallowed the ones with you in it,
chased them with pills and booze and dust—
reveled in the feeling of your name sliding down my throat,
knowing it’ll be gone by morning.

(How much longer is this going to take?
How much longer until I don’t think of you every Goddamn second of my life?
How much longer until I’m free of you?)

iv. You are
a room full of red roses:
Beautiful at first
but after a while you

(I am drowning on the petals that you have left behind.
These flowers are beautiful no longer.
Your thorns are digging into my sides,
pushing into my ribcage—

I can’t breathe.
I can’t speak.


v. I wish I could apologize for the way things turned out.
I’ve tested the words on my lips
and everything about them feels wrong.
But knowing that you wouldn’t give a damn either way
settles something inside of my chest.
Because, if I’m being honest, I don’t give a damn, either.
I’m not sorry for your sake.
I’m sorry for mine.
I wish things could have been better.

—  2/? Five Things Kevin Wants To Tell Riko (And Definitely Never Will) Part One (via deadravenkings)
❝ Just like you baby. ❞

Plot: RM and you are both idols and your groups are on the MAMA SHOW AWARD and he shows skinship, he is boyfriend material on the show, on the red carpet and after the show

Rap Monster xReader

Words count: 1,1k+

For @littlee-cutiee, I hope you like it! Kyu^^.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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‘Welcome to all those who have just tuned into this amazing event,’ One of the presenters of the major awards said, ‘If only you could all feel the amazing vibe that is going on right now.’

‘Look at all these amazing artists,’ The female presenter said with a smile, before waving towards someone for their attention, ‘Ahhh Rap Monster!’

Said male turned to the elder lady and had a soft smile on his face. He extended his arm to a beautiful female who held onto it gently and followed him with the dress flowing freely behind. You walk with your boyfriend of a good 2 years. He had been such a gentleman since arriving to the awards show. Not only because you were both idols but because he was genuinely looking out for you, despite this not being your first MAMA. From helping you out of the limo to helping you put on your shoes before stepping into the public eye, because he didn’t want you to bend down in your beautiful dress that now adorned your perfect body.

‘Hello.’ He bowed, you still at his side.

‘You look rather dashing tonight, Rap Monster-ssi.’ The presenter complimented him with a warm smile, ‘And so does your beautiful girlfriend. Please tell us who you are bother wearing.’

‘My beautiful girlfriend and I are wearing Versace, but her beauty does more justice then my face does to the clothing.’ He now had his hand on the lower part of your back, sending shivers up your spine.

‘Please give us a preview of the amazing outfits.’ The celebrity couple were asked as a camera panned you and Rap Monster.

Rap Monster wore a black fitted suit with a red shirt that matched your stunning dress. His tie was a black bow tie that matched his black waistcoat and formal shoes. There was gold cufflinks that brought the entire outfit together. His hair was styled up with his signature smile on his face. Stepping back he gestured you so take front stage. Taking your hand, he made you twirl around so that everyone could just see how gorgeous you were looking tonight. You wore a long flowing red dress with a long back and front neck line. The sleeves were red lace, that had an intricate pattern, that ran down to your wrist with a deep slight up your left leg. You wore golden heels that matched your boyfriends cufflinks. Your hair was styled in an elegant messy bun with simple jewellery accentuating your beautiful face.

‘Doesn’t she just look so damn beautiful?’ He asked the two presenters before placing a kiss on your knuckles.

‘Absolutely stunning.’

‘I am one lucky man, aren’t I?’

You couldn’t help but chuckle, ‘You are so cheesy, Joonie.’

Lacing your fingers together, he guided you towards the walk through, ‘Rap Monster!! Over here!!!’

Being used to this, the both of you begin to pose for each click of the camera that came your way, ‘Yes over here!!!’

‘The camera’s love you Jagi.’ Rap Monster said through a smile as you both turned your head at every shout.

‘So they love me or you, Mr Rap Monster?’ You teased as his arm moved from your lower back to around your waist.

‘How about a kiss!?’ A reporter shouted out towards the two of you.

Looking at each other, Rap Monster didn’t hesitate one bit in placing a soft yet passionate kiss on your lips, ‘That is such boyfriend material !!’

‘I would like to agree with that.’ You giggle as you both break apart and laugh at what the fangirls had just said towards Rap Monster.

Skinship was something Rap Monster was never afraid off. From holding your hand, to a quick kiss and all the way to sexy whispers in your ear that would have you weak at the knees. You mentally thank yourself for having him to hold onto during those times. Walking into the main venue, you both went to take a seat. Both your groups were placed next to each other, so you were able to sit next to him throughout the entire show. Even though your group had only been around for two year, he never held that against you. He always treated you like a real artists and his Queen. Settling down, you crossed your legs and he placed his strong hand on your thigh. Leaning over, he pecked your neck before you placed a hand over his.

‘The young talent is phenomenal to see tonight!’ The host began his introduction, ‘Just look at all these beautiful and handsome idols! Aren’t they just simply amazing? Don’t worry old idols, you are all as amazing as well’ The crowd cheered, ‘And isn’t the young love just as wonderful?’

As he asked that, the camera zoomed to you and Rap Monster sitting with your groups, ‘Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!’

‘Wait what?’ You asked, shocked at the chanting that was happening.

Placing a hand on your face, Rap Monster caressed your cheek before placing a delicate kiss on it, ‘Aren’t they just adorable! Ah young love is always so inspiring. We hope for good music due to this happiness, Rap Monster.’

Nodding his head, Rap Monster smiled before pointing at you and hold a thumbs up. The show progress and you had slipped backstage to get dressed for your groups performance. All changed, BTS was before your group. Watching your boyfriend from the wings, you smiled at how god damn sexy he looked doing what he does best. Looking to the left and seeing you, he gave a quick smile and wink in your direction before returning to the show. You could swear that he had you swooning for the reminder of his stage. Soon you took the stage and the crowd went crazy.

‘Y/N!’ You heard a distinctive voice yelling out and you couldn’t help but smile hard as you spotted Rap Monster fanboying over your dancing and singing. Himself and Suga held up a board with ‘We Love You Y/N’ sprawled on it in big letters.

Chuckling to yourself you make a cute heart with your arms above your head before finishing off the performance with a bang. The last award was given as you and your group went backstage to change. With the show ending, you went to get your things together. In a changing cubical, you slipped on the dress when suddenly you felt a presence behind you. Their hand zip the dress up and place a sweet kiss on your neck.

‘You were amazing, baby.’ The familiar voice made you melt in his touch, ‘I am so luck to call you mine.’

Turing around you see he is all dressed in his formal clothing as well, but his arms are behind his back, ‘What you got there, Joonie?’

‘Just some beautiful flowers for an even more beautiful woman.’ He produced a bouquet of stunning red roses.

‘They are gorgeous.’ You take them in your hands and inhale their sweet fragrance.

‘Just like you baby.’

Forbidden Flame

Part 1 (Here) Part 2

“Now Now,” Michael interrupted as he put a hand on each of your shoulders. “What the fuck is my best friends hand doing up my little cousins skirt?” You both quickly pulled away from each other you felt your face burning red while Isaiah shot right up to his feet.

“Didn’t see you there mate,” Isaiah was trying to avoid the conversation. You couldn’t be bothered with all the hiding especially now you weren’t really hiding anymore.

“We need to talk, but not here,” you break the awkward silence between you all and head for the books room.

“What are you doing?” Isaiah asks clearly worried.

“I can’t be bothered with it anymore.”

“If your brothers find out they’ll kill me.”

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Will You?

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Description: You’re on We Got Married with Taeyong ^_^

Warning: None

“They’re coming today, so be prepared.”
You had been informed earlier today that a film crew would be coming over, with an announcement for you, but your manager wouldn’t say what for. Only that this will span over the course of the next few months.
You had frowned, confused at the sudden announcement, figuring it would be a good idea to just stay home and ponder over what it could possible be, waiting for the film crew to arrive and tell you what was going on.
And that’s exactly what you did. Lounging around your couch in an over sized hoodie, watching TV and waiting for the doorbell to ring. Which happened around noon, just when you were starting to slip into sleep again.
You sprang from your seat, and greeted the film crew crowding around your front door, cameras already on, filming you as they handed you a red card.
“What’s this for?” You asked the crew, but got no response, only a slight nod from one of the crew towards the card, indicating for you to read it. Holding back a sigh at being ignored, you carefully opened the envelope and removed the card, flipping it open.

To: _____
You have been chosen to be on this season’s “We Got Married”.
Your first potential husband will be waiting for you in the park.
From there you will have exactly one hour to have your first date(get the counter from the crew) and you will then move on to your second potential husband.
Then, your new life of marriage will begin.
Congradulations from,
The WGM Crew

“We Got Married?” You asked the crew. “I’m getting married?”
Again, you got no answer, only being handed a handheld timer, and then was ushered to get dressed and go to the first place to meet your first “husband”.
The ride to the park was quicker than you had hoped, but you were thankful you hadn’t been given long to wonder about this whole “husband” deal. Although you did fidget a lot on the way, fiddling with the hem of the skirt you decided to wear.  
You were the first to arrive, a potential husband no where in sight, so you took a seat on one of the park benches, watching the birds and squirrels hopping around. Tracing some letters and designs in the dirt below the bench, you nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard a soft hello from behind you. Flying from the bench, you spun on your heals, and came face-to-face with a young man. 
“H-hello.” You greeted, trying not to look to shell shocked, and bowed to him.
“Hello.” He bowed back, then held his hand out. “I’m Lee Taeyong.”
The young man was nice, and kind, not being phased by your shyness as he led you to his car that you would be taking to the spot he chose for your first date. Apparently he had chosen a somewhat quiet coffee shop, explaining it was a good place to “get a bite to each and get to know one another”.
Being a gentleman, he paid for your coffee and the muffin you picked out, and even pulled the chair out for you when you sat at the small booth near the back, and being reminded by the crew to start the date timer.
The two of you sat in a somewhat comfortable silence, as comfortable as you could be with someone you just met, as you both sipped your coffee.
“I don’t know what they tell the wives.” Taeyong started, breaking the silent. “But they tell the husbands to get together a date plan first, to give us some time to prepare. Johnny told me about this place, said the coffee was really good, and that this would be a good first date idea.”
“If we get married, I’ll have to remember to thank him. The coffee’s amazing.”
“It is.” Taeyong smiled, not only at you liking his date plan, but just the mention of marrying you made him smile.

WGM Question Time
Q: How did you feel when you met your potential bride/husband?

Taeyong: “I was…pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t expected her…but I think I’ve already made my choice on who I’m marrying.”

You: “I was shocked, to say the least. I spent a lot of time thinking about who my husband could be, but he never crossed my mind…but I’m excited.”

The date passed quicker than you would have hoped, the annoying beeping of the timer interrupting the in depth discussion the two of you were having over chicken recipes. You could see Taeyong’s annoyance when the crew cut the chat short, reminding him he needed to take you to switch spouses with the other couple.  
The other husband was nice, you couldn’t deny that. But you could easily tell he had already chosen who he wanted, and was just trying to get through the date so he could get back to her. Even with that, he tried his best with you, taking you on a walk through this massive flower garden his mother had told him about. The two of you chatted lightly, that awkward kind of chat you have with an old friend you never really cared to see again, trying to waste time until you both got to reunited with the person you wanted to be with. Thankfully, the time flew quickly, the beautiful colored flowers being left behind when you left to the final place, where you would pick your husband, or go home…

“We’ll take the two girls, and when your name is called, each husband will go to their wife choice. Once with the wife, the husband will propose. If the wife has written your name on their card, the two of you will go home, pack, and move in to the honey moon house.” The crew member explained calmly, passing you and the other wife a card and a pen, telling you to write your husband choice on the card.
“What happens if you don’t get picked?” The other wife asked.
“Then you go home.” The crew shrugged.
What if he doesn’t pick me? You wondered, handing the pen back before you were led to where you would wait for your possible husband.
You waited patiently, anxiously, as the first husband’s name was called, until he came across you. Clutching the card, you tried to steady your breath. You were the first wife, the other girl was further in the building. Bowing to you, the husband mouthed a “sorry” as he continued walking, obviously to the other wife.

WGM Question Time
Q: How did you feel when the first husband passed you?

A: I was a little hurt, but relieved that I wouldn’t have to tell him no. I’m glad he went on, I hope they’re good together.

You heart nearly jumped in your throat when Taeyong’s name was called, you strained your ears to pick up on his steady footsteps coming down the hall.
Oh god. You gulped when you saw Tae’s form turn around the corner, standing still when he spotted you. What if he keeps walkin-
Taeyong walked slowly into the middle of the room, keeping his eyes on you as you pulled on your sleeve anxiously.
“Hello again.” Taeyong smiled, bowing to you. “Can I ask something?”
“S-sure.” You stuttered, nodding slightly.
Taeyong smiled again, taking another step towards you.
“Did you have fun with me today?” He asked, another step taken.
“Yes.” You smiled lightly.
“Did you enjoy our time together?”
“Did I make you happy?” The space between you was decreasing.
“Do you think I could continue making you happy?”
“I think so.”
“Then,” Taeyong whispered, stopping a foot from you, dropping to his knee. “Will you marry me?”
You smiled at him, holding the card up, opening it and displaying the words “Taeyong Oppa, let’s get married!” to him, watching him grin.

WGM Question Time
Q: Are you happy with your spouse choice?

Taeyong: “I couldn’t be happier. I knew the moment she was already talking about us getting married, she was the one for me. She already clicked with me, and I think I clicked with her. I’m looking forward to our marriage, I’ll be good to you…jagiya…”

Star-Crossed Lovers

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Requested by @phan—anime:

“Can I request a Loki imagine ? Where you and him are secretly dating and when the avengers find out they are really scared for you but when they see how sweet he is with you they give up and think that they are adorable together 😂 I hope this makes sense- if you decide to do it can you tag me please !? Xx”

Warnings: Fluff, swearing

Notes: Slight AU where instead of Loki impersonating Odin he is on the run from him.

11:23 pm. 

The bright red digits glowed at you from the alarm clock placed on your bedside table. Your eyes flickered down to the small space between the floor and your door to ensure that it was still dark indicating that the hall lights were off and that everyone else in the tower had gone to sleep.

He should be here.

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Kiss Me Better (12/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 705

Summary: More museum shenanigans.

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When you finished the mummy exhibit, Bucky tugged on your arm, leading you to something that caught his eye. 

“Can we?” he asked, indicating to a sign about a space presentation. 

You pulled out your phone to check the time. “Sure. We have more than an hour until the next showing, though. Wanna get some lunch?” 


You bought the tickets and headed out to find somewhere to eat. You opted for a diner, which thankfully, didn’t have any problem with Bucky ordering his guacamole bacon burger. Bucky took a long time to eat, as he talked the whole time; about the dinosaurs, the mummies, and the book about the ‘piggie’. You were in awe of the change in him, and hated to stop him short, but you needed to get going if you wanted to make it back in time. 

He watched the show, mouth agape and hardly daring to blink. A couple was sat near you, speaking in low voices during the show. Bucky turned and shushed them. You covered your mouth in fear of bursting out in laughter, earning you dirty looks from the couple that no doubt expected you to scold him. After the show, you noticed Bucky was starting to become sluggish. It was nearing his nap time, but you still had one more thing you wanted to see before heading back. 

“Was dis?” he looked at the greenhouse looking thing in confusion. 

You took his hand and led him to the front. “Let’s find out.” 

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The Plan Pt.2 -Will

Anonymous said to simplysdmnPart 2 to your WillNE imagine? Xoxo love your writing

A/N: This has been in my ask for a long time so figured it was The Plan. Sorry for the wait babe! Hope you like it! Thank you @whateverbabeslove for the help. I love you <3 (Give her a follow while you’re at it!)

The Plan Pt.1


I woke up the next morning to a message on my phone off of an unknown number, reading the message I saw it was Will, a smile instantly hitting my face. The memories of last night started flowing in and putting an even brighter smile on my face. I looked up at the ceiling and laughed. Stephen’s stupid plan actually worked.

Hey, this is Will, could you call me when you see this?

I sat up and dialed the number as quick as I could and waited for a reply.

“Morning Y/N?” I smiled at his voice.

“Hey. How are you? Sleep well?”

“Other than this deadly hang over, I’m fine, what about yourself?” He chuckled.

“My head is throbbing but what can I expect?”

“That’s true. You up to anything today?”

“No. Just think I’m going to hang out with the boys today. What about yourself?”

“I’ll be with Gee and Stephen today.” 

“Nice.” He hummed, leaving us in an awkward silence.

“Since, we’re not doing anything special today, actually never mind. Forget I said anything.” I smiled at his awkwardness.

“No, go on. I’m not one to judge.” He huffed.

“This is going to sound proper weird and basic. Would you like to meet up for Starbucks today? We have nothing better to do today but you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” He voice got faster as he spoke. I could already tell he was shy and didn’t know how to say what he wanted to say.

“Will, I would love that. What time and what Starbucks?” He gave me a time and made sure I had enough time to get ready.

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my towel and clothes pushing Cal out of the way.

“Y/N! I need to shower too! If I remember correctly this is my flat!”

“Yeah? Well, I’ve got a some sort of a date soon so I need to hurry.” He stopped arguing and started questioning me until I shut the door on his face. I brushed my teeth and hopped into the shower. Once I was done, I dried myself down as quick as I could and got dressed. I had ordered an Uber just before I got into the bathroom so I could leave as quick as possible. I grabbed my bag and said goodbye to the boys and made my way to my Uber.

He was already there sitting at a table with a seat on the other side of the table. His leg was bouncing telling me he was nervous. I smiled and walked into the coffee shop and sat down across from him. He jumped out of his seat when he looked up.

“God, you scared me.” He laughed, his hand on his chest.

“I’m sorry.” I giggled, standing up to give him a hug.

“What are you going to drink?” 

“Let me pay just this once.” I pleaded.

“Not happening, go on tell what are you going to drink.” I told him my order and told him I’d pay him back.

“No way, so they literally followed you home?” He looked shocked.

“Yeah, my mom and I were so creeped. We took so many turns that wouldn’t lead us home but they didn’t want go away.”

“That’s crazy, that’s how your address got leaked?”

“Yeah, I moved out after that I didn’t want crazy people showing up at my house.” I laughed.

“Make’s sense.” We talked more for a bit more before we decided it was time to leave.

“I hope we can do this again.” I told him as we walked out Starbucks.

“Me too.” His face turning red.

“You’re so shy, it’s so cute.”

“Don’t be like that! You were the same last night!” I giggled as he pulled me in for a hug. 

“See you soon.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek before getting into my Uber home.

I sat in front of my makeup desk, making sure that everything was perfect. My hair was lightly curled and fell on my back. My makeup was dark but made it look a little bright in some places. I adjusted my dress one more time so I wasn’t uncomfortable when I sat down or when I walking. I slipped on my shoes and made my way to my living room, waiting for Will to come.

The door bell rang and I practically ran to the door almost tripping over myself. I stood in front of the door, fixed my self and gracefully opened the door. 

“Jesus Christ Y/N. You look fantastic.” He looked me up and down. He looked gobsmacked.

“Will, stop.” I shied away but opened the door further to let him in. “I mean look at you in your tuxedo, looking all fancy.” He smiled.

 “But we both know all eyes are going to be on you tonight.” He pulled out a bouquet of flowers behind his back and handed them to me. “These are for you. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.” I giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him as I went to find a vase. Once I found a vase, I grabbed my purse and jacket and we made our way to the restaurant.

 The dinner was filled with laughter and and smiles. The conversation was flowing smoothly along with the alcohol.

“Can I try what you got?” I asked him as I peered over my plate to look at his.

“Only if you let me feed you.” I sighed playfully and leaned over the table with my mouth opened. He put whatever he was eating in my mouth and then I sat back down.

“What’s that?”

“Some sort of chocolate cake.”

“It’s very rich, I don’t like it very much.”

“I like it excuse you.” I rolled my eyes and laughed. Once we were done our dessert we sat and talked for a little more until we decided to leave.

“Just before we go, God I don’t even know how to say this.” He voice was laced with nervousness making me worry,

“Is everything alright?” I asked, taking his hand in mine, making him gulp.

“Yeah, it’s just thought it was time I asked you. We’ve known each other for a few months now and I’ve decided that I just, oh God, if I’m being honest I’m shitting myself here Y/N.” I laughed and squeezed his hand reassuring that everything would be fine.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to be my girlfriend? You don’t have to say yes by the way.” He looked extremely nervous and it took all my might not to give him the biggest kiss I could ever muster and say yes. 

“Will, I would love that.” I smiled brightly. He sighed in relief and kissed my hand.

“I was so worried you’d say no, I swear I’m about to cry, I was shitting it.” He blabbered on, making me laugh.

“You always worry for no reason but it’s cute.” He smiled.

“I think I could get used to being called cute all the time.” He laughed.

“Me too.”   

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to kitten kisses on the tip of my nose. Sirius was awake next to me. He had a cute little smile on his lips and I could see his cheek dimples.

“Goodmorning my love..” He whispered.

“Goodmorning pads..”

He soflty kissed my lips and giggled through the kiss.

“I have a suprise for you!” He giggled.

“Really? I have one for you too but you’ll have to wait for tonight” i said.

“I can’t wait!” He said kissing me cheek.

He stood up and grabbed something under the bed.

“What are you doing!?” I giggled.

“Wait a second Merlin!” He giggled too.

He sat on the bed with his hands behind his back. A few moments later, he revealed a big bouquet of white roses. My favorites.

“Will you be my Valentine?”

“Of course I would! Pads they are beautiful!”

“You like them?” He asked.

“Of course I do! Well i’m gonna give you a part of my suprise now..”

I got out the bouquet of Red and Black roses I picked for him and handed them to him.

“Re! My favorites!” He said, his eyes lighting up.

“I knew you would like them..”

We stood up and put them in a vase next to our beds. I approached my nose to smell the beautiful flowers. I felt Sirius’ warm body behind me. His hands went under my jumper and he brushed his fingers on my skin. I turned around and he grabbed my hand.

“I’m not done with your suprise love!” He said.

“Really?” I smilled.

“Come on! I’ll show you.” He grabbed my hand and guided me to the broomcloset. He grabbed his broomstick and we ran outside. A few couples were oustide walking and making out. He sat on his broomstick and told me to hold on tight. We flew over the beautiful lake. The sun was out and shinning. He then stopped on a small island full of fireflies. There was a small picnic table by the water. The table was filled with cinnamon rolls and fruits.

“Your table is ready sir!” Sirius said, helping me get off of the broomstick.

“Sirius.. this is beautiful! You did that yourself?” I asked.

“I did.” He smirked.

“I knew you were romantic!” I giggled.

We sat down face to face and ate breakfast. All morning long we stayed on the beautiful island. Sirius was feeling tired so we went back to the castle to cuddle before my suprise;)

I’ll write tonight!
February 14th 1976

Valentine’s Day Special #35

(Not stated) Modern AU 💙  Crush on coworker Law requested by Anon

Being the intern in a hospital was no small feat. There was a lot of scrambling around and following the doctor’s orders. You were working under Trafalgar Law, an experienced but also impassive surgeon, The first couple of weeks you went to the hospital and followed him around, the bored look on his face almost intimidated you. You had heard rumors that interns wouldn’t last a week with him because of the cruel undertones when he talked to them. Maybe that’s why he kept you around. You weren’t the best intern but the way that you answered him crudely at times amused him. You also weren’t willing on giving up this internship. It would be handy to have it for the future.

He was impressed that you stayed so long working under him. In turn, he became much more tolerable and even civil with you. The both of you spent a lot more time together than the nurses did since you had asked him to mentor you while on the internship. He was annoyed at first but now he was used to your presence and didn’t mind it anymore.

Valentine’s Day came around and it was your task for the day to deliver the flowers to the patients’ room. You spent the day just running around the halls, delivering flowers, small stuffed animals, balloons, anything. You were grateful to get off your feet and slumped down in the break room. 

Law had entered the break room and put a vase of flowers down on the counter. You raised your eyebrow at the sight of them and sat up to get a better look.

“Who’s flowers are those?” He slid his lab coat off and hung it up on one of the hooks so he could take his break. He looked through the fridge and took out the lunch he brought to work.

“They’re mine.” 

“Are they for you or for you to give them to someone?” He took a seat at the table you were at and smirked at you.

“Why? Expecting flowers from me?” A dark blush covered your cheeks and your eyes narrowed at him, your crush on him was obvious and he always chose to tease you about it.

“No! Just wondering who would give you flowers.” He took a bite of the onigiri he brought and raised an eyebrow, the smirk still on his face.

“From what I heard, you would.” You could feel the blush reach your ears and crossed your arms, looking to the side. He rolled his eyes and looked over at the flowers. “Don’t be snippy. That was from a patient’s family. As a thank you or something.”

“That’s nice of them.” He shrugged and ate another one of his onigiris. 

“Yeah. I’m not much of a flower guy though.” He pushed the container of his towards you so you could take the last of the onigiris. You hesitated but you took it and ate it. 

“I don’t know. Flowers would compliment the gloomy and dark look you have going on.” He raised an eyebrow at you as you giggled. He hummed softly before closing the container and tucking it back in the fridge to get later. 

“Not gonna happen.” He checked the time on his watch and got up, going over to the hook and putting his lab coat back on. “I’ve got surgery. Make sure you’re there afterwards to check on the patient with the nurses.” You nodded before getting up as well and heading back to work.

He watched you leave before picking up his phone and making a call. When it was all done and over with, he went to the operating room and put on scrubs to start the surgery. 

You had learned that after the surgery he went home after picking up the empty container from the break room’s fridge. After a talking with the patient and finding out how their condition was, you took yourself to the break room to get your stuff and head home. When you walked in, you noticed a vase full of flowers at the table that you usually sat at. You raised an eyebrow and went over, wondering if someone left flowers behind. 

The flowers were beautiful, various bright flowers and near the edge of the vase there were dark calla lilies that contrasted the bright flowers nicely. You didn’t want to snoop but you looked at the card. Maybe you could take them home and bring them back for your coworker. You read the tag and a dark blush filled your cheeks.

To (Y/N),
Bright flowers contrast against my gloominess, right?

lizardcool17  asked:

Little red riding hood AU where Michele is little red and Emil is the big bad wolf

  • Mickey is the cutest 8-year-old in the whole town (except of his twin sister of course) and loves wearing everything red. No one knows why. He just does. And they let him because he’s cute in it.
  • One day mom tells him granny Crispino got sick
  • Mickey feels bad about it and so he packs up some of granny’s favourite cookies and some tea into his backpack and instead of school he goes to visit her
  • He’s a good boy and knows not to walk on the road because cars are dangerous, so he goes through the forest. It’s a longer way, but he knows safety is first!
  • He keeps singing throughout the whole journey
  • He’s a very good singer, he always gets a solo part at the school performances and mom and dad are very proud of him. And he’s proud that mom and dad are proud of him. And his voice is high and cute.
  • That’s how the big bad wolf spots him
  • He walks alongside Mickey quietly not to make the human kid spot him. He doesn’t attack, he waits. And he watches.
  • Mickey arrives to a nice meadow and decides to pick granny some flowers. She loves flowers.
  • The second he leans down, the wolf leaps forward!
  • He nudges Mickey’s hand away from the flowers with his snout
  • Mickey screams
  • Suddenly there is a giant wolf in front of him, his teeth bare, growling loudly, Mickey is sure the wolf would eat him.
  • But the wolf doesn’t move.
  • He stays at his spot, looking angry, as if he was protecting the beautiful flowers behind him.
  • Mickey looks at him for a little while and then tilts his head, maybe he knows what’s going on there.
  • “I shouldn’t pick the flowers?” he asks, not daring to move still. 
  • The wolf doesn’t answer, obviously, it’s a wolf, but he visibly relaxes.
  • Mickey, finally snapping out of the shock, smiles and squats down. He reaches into his backpack and throws the big wolf a little snack. 
  • “You’re a good boy, looking after pretty flowers. A very good boy.”
  • The dog starts following Mickey. He goes with the kid all the way to granny, helping him to get through the forest, nudging his butt with his snout lightly when Mickey slows down too much. 
  • And Mickey rubs him behind ears when he’s sure the wolf won’t bite his hands off. He’s a giant, but he looks so friendly all of sudden
  • Grandma is scared when she sees them together at first, but turns out the wolf is harmless. He just curls up at the door on the porch and waits for Mickey to go out again.
  • Mickey comes home in the evening and gets yelled at not only for not going to school, but also for bringing a giant wolf with him
  • Mickey refuses to let him go
  • The wolf doesn’t seem to be willing to leave his side either
  • And so Mickey calls his new best friend Emil
  • Emil loves to be calld a good boy
  • Emil always brings everything you throw him
  • Emil welcomes Mickey at home every day by standing on his back feet and placing the front ones on Mickey’s shoulders
  • Emil is the happiest boy because now he has Mickey protecting him too
  • Emil and Mickey sleep cuddled up in one bed all the way to Mickey’s adulthood
#50 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “could you write dating Van but he’s jealous of ur closeness with another boy - bondy or bob maybe but it’s purely platonic like you guys just have the same sense of humour but it sort of causes trouble?”

As soon as you got home the first thing you did was connect your phone to your charger. It had died around lunchtime, and you got lucky that Bondy hadn’t cancelled your friend date. While your phone was resuscitated, you thought about what you’d wear that night. Van said you had to dress up, and that scared you a little bit. You had a few options but finally settled on a pale yellow silk dress that came in at your waist and flared out to give you a flattering shape. You were looking for the necklace he’d given you when you heard your phone buzz with life.

There was a message from Bondy from before lunch, confirming lunch. There was a picture message from him from after. It was the one you had a stranger take of you and him sitting on a weird gold tiger/human hybrid statue. It was set up as an art installation, and there were multiple signs begging people to not sit on it. As soon as you both saw it, you turned to each other and knew it was fate. The photo was beautiful and ridiculous. You would have taken the time to post it to Instagram, but there were also five missed calls from Van. He was not the text messaging type. You called him back and he picked up straight away.

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I am bloody scared
I am more scared than I have ever been at any point in my life
I am beyond scared

My walls
I feel my walls coming down
Brick by brick
Stone by stone
Flower by flower
Moss being pulled away

I feel my wall
Ever so gently
But, crumbling all the same

This man
He is genuine
He is unique

He has done something
No one else has…

He is dismantling my wall
Brick by brick
Stone by stone
Pulling up the flowers and gently replanting them
Pulling away the moss and placing it on other stones

He has made my wall barren
Revealing its true self
He has not backed away in fear of the appearance of my wall

He has picked away at the mortar
He is curious about me
He is genuinely interested in ‘me’
What makes me tick
What I like

I have willfully answered questions
I have go on tangents about subjects
Then it occurred to me

My wall
He has scaled it
No, he has gently and carefully
Loosened bricks
Loosened stones
Made my mortar pliable
And has simply
Walked through my wall

No fan fair
No pyrotechnics
He humbly, graciously strolled through
The entire time talking to me
Learning me

Then I realize
We are standing
In my courtyard
Behind my walls
I look around and I see
The beautiful flowers he replanted
The moss he applied to other rocks
How beautiful and warm my courtyard is

He is smiling gently
Sun bathing his broad shoulders
His hazel eyes all knowing
He whispers….

“Who is your Master?”


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One Day | Oh Sehun

Rating - Fluff

Word Count1.2k+

Summary - In which you attend your sister’s wedding with your boyfriend Sehun - along with his group members - and you begin to think about your future.

Originally posted by luderella


As I put the last flower in my beautiful unni’s hair, I gave her a smile through the mirror of the dressing table she was sat at. It was her wedding day and we were both beyond excited.

“I can’t believe you’re already getting married, I could’ve sworn it was yesterday when we were running around the house playing tag” I chuckled before feeling a tear roll down my cheek, and I instantly wiped it off. But it was too late, as she looked at me with watery eyes as well. “Hey! Don’t you dare start crying! I spent half an hour on your make-up” I scolded as she lightly laughed and attempted to fix the little damage she made.

“Finally found my Mr. Right…” She sighed as she admired a picture of her and he fiancé, which was stuck to the mirror. “Speaking of, when’s yours arriving?” She asked looking up at me as I blushed

“I’m not sure I texted him a few minutes ago, he said he’s going to arrive with the boys in about 20 minutes” I smiled, fixing my dress as she smirked “What?” I laughed as she shook her head

“I was rhetorically speaking, but you actually answered as if I was asking about Sehun” She giggled as I gave her a light shove. “You really like him don’t you?” She smiled and I lightly nodded. Oh Sehun was everything that I could ask for in a boyfriend; He’s caring and sweet, takes care of me but still gives me the freedom to live my own life, he’s my rock whenever the world is knocking me down and he’s simply just the perfect person to be around. He had gotten close to my family through the course of our dating life, that’s why he was mostly invited to all of my family events and vice-versa.

Sehun’s POV

I fixed my bow tie for the hundredth time looking in the mirror and checking whether my hair looked too messy, or too slicked back. I know that none of the attention is going to be towards me this afternoon, which I will enjoy quite a lot. Meaning, I’ll be able to spend more time with Y/N and share her happiness. Her family had also invited the rest of the boys, and by observing the annoyed expressions they were giving me, I’m pretty sure I was the one taking the longest amount of time to get ready.

“Your bow-tie is fine! Your hair is fine! Your suit is fine! Everything is fine. Seriously we’re gonna get late!” Junmyeon hyung, exclaimed before plopping down onto the couch along with Chanyeo

“It’s not like it’s your bloody wedding! It’s her sisters, you’re just Y/N’s date” Jongin added and I shot him a glare.

“Don’t worry, our maknae is definitely her family’s future son-in-law” Minseok continued, but Junmyeon hyung calmed them down before things got out of hand. Sure, Jongin had a point, but now that I’m practically family to them, I should look equally as presentable. I heard my phone go off, notifying me that I got a text, so I checked it.

Baby: You’d better be setting off; the groom’s side has already arrived

Me: Got it! See you there beautiful x

Baby: Bye handsome x

“Okay, Lets go!” I announced as I got my keys out and they all let out a relived sigh

“Okay so let me get this straight, when we tell you a million times, you don’t listen. But when you receive a text from Y/N, you’re out the door in 0.3 seconds. I see” Baekhyun laughed

“Don’t make me regret taking you guys along with me. When we’re there, all of you are mature and sophisticated. Nothing else” I instructed as we got into our cars.

“Our Maknae is becoming a big boy!” Yixing hyung exclaimed fanning his eyes as if he was about to cry of happiness.We drove to the venue which was a beautiful open field, with white garden furniture with a mix of baby-blue and lilac decorations. Y/N had worked her little socks off these past 3 months planning this wedding and everything looked perfect. I saw her perfect smile beaming at the guests who had arrived early as she showed them to their tables. I smiled to myself, staring at her with sheer admiration in my eyes, realizing once again, how lucky I was to have her.The boys soon cleared themselves out to their table, chatting with the other guests as I stood watching Y/N fixing some of the decorations, and I decided to finally greet her


As struggled fixing a little lily that had fallen off of the flower display, I felt someone creep up behind me and my heart began to race. I calmed down as I caught a whiff of Sehun’s familiar musky scent and he reached up from behind me and fixed the flower.

“Hey beautiful” He whispered in my ear as he placed his arms around my waist, placing his head in the crook of my neck and I let out a giggle

“Hello handsome” I greeted turning around in his grip so I could face him, linking my hands behind his neck.

“May I just say you look breathtakingly gorgeous today” He cheesily smiled as I looked down at our feet. He seemed more silent and tense than usual as I felt his arms flex at the sight of my parents

“Do they still manage to make you nervous?” I giggled placing my hand on his cheek and he lightly shook his head before letting out a nervous laugh “Then what is it?” I asked getting slightly worried as he was never like this when my family was around

“I don’t know… It’s just… It’s a big day for your sister, do you really want me and the other dimwits here?” He asked quietly as I shook my head as I turned to see the boys messing around on the table

“Sehun you’re one of the most important people in my life, so are those dimwits. Trust me I want you here as much as everyone else does” I reassured as I got up on my tip-toes and gave him a light peck on the lips.

 The program soon began as the traditional exchanging of vows and what not took place. That was heartless. I apologize. But as my sister slipped a ring onto her new husbands finger, Sehun came closer to me, wrapped his arms around my waist once again and placed his head on top of mine

“That’s going to be us one day yeobo” He teased and he kissed my cheek as felt them heat up. I lightly shoved him backwards, only earning a light laugh and I shook my head “I’m being serious jagiya, there’s no one else in the world, who I’d rather spend the rest of my life with” He cooed swaying us lightly at the beat of the soft tune, playing in the background. I turned around to face my beautiful boyfriend, just enjoying his presence in such an important event in my life and I placed my head on his chest

 “I love you Sehunnie…” I mumbled looking towards our intertwined fingers as we continued to slow dance along with my family as my sister was having her first dance

“I love you too Beautiful. More than anything” He whispered back before pulling me into a passionate kiss. Maybe that is going to be us one day…

A/N: Hope you guys loved reading this as much as I loved writing it! 

-Shazz xx