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Of Sunsets and Tattoos

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Character(s): Reader X Changkyun

Genre: smut, pwp

Warning(s): praise!kink, pierced!chankgyun (is that a warning?), tatted!changkyun, breathplay, semipubluc sex

Length: 7k

Summary: In which you go to get a piercing and find that it isn’t so scary when you’re piercer is a cute boy with lots of tattoos

Friends are useless. 

You understand the truth behind these words when Minhyuk and Kihyun corner you after work an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon, smiles much too wide to mean anything good.

“So,” Kihyun begins, inspecting his fingernails with a smirk, “Remember last Thursday when you said I’d be too much of a wimp to ever get a piercing?”

You roll your eyes, pushing him back a little bit with a shove. “That’s because you are a wim–”

“False!” Minhyuk interrupts, eyes glinting. “He is no longer Yoo Kihyun, wimp extraordinaire–”

“I resent that!” Kihyun interrupts, voice indignant.

“–but rather, Yoo Kihyun, hardcore, punk rocker with an ear piercing.”

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Naughty Girl

Series: Tom Holland Imagine

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Tom cause s/o that’s jealous can be hot asf sometimes

A/N: Going to be having my internet best friend Bri revising my imagines before I post them so less spelling errors c:

Hope you enjoy this imagine after my hiatus from my migraines xx 

When I’m not typing Im on my fan account (Tiemeupspidey) -Help me reach 1k on there pls :,) I make memes and edits 


Word Count: 3k

[Reader’s POV]

     Dragging the doe foot applicator against your lips, the lipstick colors your lips. The deep red spread against your lips making them look sultry. Music played in the room so you’d know your cue. Picking up your mascara, you untwist the tube taking out the wand. Brushing it through the false lashes you were wearing. A couple of strokes to each lash and you were set.

   Sitting down in your chair you look at yourself in the mirror. The lights illuminating the room making your highlight pop. Turning your head to the side, the glitter reflects make you grin. The sound of your phone dinging has you look over. Picking it up you smile at the notification on the phone.

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Joker’s Property~Smutty September~

Prompt:  Can I get a Mr. J smut, pretty please? the reader has had enough of his behaviour, so she flirts with another man, and so J takes her right there in the club. rough pls😉

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Rough smut, sex in front of others(Ion know how to spell the word), possessiveness. 

Word Count:1.7k

TGGED: @geminioriginalsimagines @smileybear17 @khadija456fire  

@sapphire2489 @yui-miyuka

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Step One

Request: Hello~~ Can i request #2 with Seungkwan since he’s my ub and i realised that you’ve never written any seungkwan fics before >< and can you please make it extra fluffy? Thank you ♡

2) “Okay…so like…there’s only a 30% chance that we’ll die.”

Member: Seventeen’s Seungkwan x Y/N

Type: Fluff

You heaved a sigh as you shimmied out the stress in your shoulders and tugged down at the top you had on. Another scheduled date night had come to fruition with your boyfriend, and you were trying to prepare yourself for the usual theatrics. You began to go over your mental checklist of how to properly go on a date with Seungkwan.

Step one, show up on the doorstep of the dorm at exactly six p.m. You always had to meet him at his dorm. If you ever mention him taking the bus to your apartment, you would never hear the end of the whining. It wasn’t specifically that he didn’t want to take the bus (granted he was a bit high maintenance for public transportation) but he loved to show you off. If he could mention that he had a girlfriend to his members at least once a day, he would be a happy Boo. If he could actually get you in front of them, he shined with pride. 

And you weren’t about to be the one to dull Seungkwan’s shine. 

Step two, he will probably be coming out of his skin with excitement, knowing you’ll be arriving soon, but will literally act as blasé as he can when he answers the door. He’ll offer an eyebrow wiggle, or maybe a sassy sentiment about how your clothing choices were getting better since you started dating him, but more often than not he’ll just tug you in. As much as he loved to parade you around for a meet and greet, Seungkwan wanted it over as quickly as possible. 

At his core, he wanted you all to himself. Which you were more than at peace with. 

Step three, spend a moment with each of the members in the dorm at the time. On this evening, it was your favorite duo, Hoshi and Seokmin, lounging in the living area. 

“If it isn’t our favorite inconvenience,” Seokmin grinned as he enveloped you in a hug. “Seungkwannie didn’t tell us you were coming.”

“He never does,” Hoshi grumbled, standing as well to wrap you in a hug. 

“Why should I have to tell you when MY girlfriend is coming over?” Seungkwan spat, rolling his eyes. 

“I don’t know, maybe because-” Seokmin began, but was instantly cut off by the sound of heavy footsteps on the hardwood. 

“Noona!” you heard a bright voice call from down the hallway. You turned just in time to see a charging Chan take you into his arms, much larger than you had last remembered. 

“What have they been feeding you?” you chuckled, hugging him tightly in return. 

“For a kid who is so shy around girls, he has no problem getting comfortable with Y/N,” Hoshi clucked, shaking his head. You knew he was trying to tease Seungkwan, and judging by the look on his face, it was working. His cheeks were now a bright red as he took a step toward you. He pulled you back from the youngest member and wrapped his arm protectively around your shoulders. 

Step four, have Seungkwan actually get mad about showing you off to his members because somehow his feelings get hurt. 

“Aish, you can’t just grab someone like that,” he clucked with a pout. “You might’ve surprised her and she may have gotten scared.”

“Only you are frightened that easily,” Seokmin cackled, his usual bright smile present on his lips. 

“Like the time I brushed my hair against your arm and you thought it was a bug and you nearly scalped me,” you chuckled along as well, sending fluttering fingers into Seungkwan’s ribs. 

“Yah, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he muttered, unwrapping his arm from your shoulders. “I do know that we have to go.”

“You always bring over Y/N just to take her away again,” Hoshi pouted, crossing his arms. 

“I’ll come over sometime just to visit with you guys,” you smiled. “And I won’t even act like Seungkwan is here.”

“Impossible,” Seungkwan hummed, shaking his head. 

“Old Divaboo is right about that one,” Seokmin sighed. “He’s too loud to be ignored.”

Step five, Seungkwan rolls his eyes and stomps out as he tugs you from the room. 

You chuckled to yourself as he was quick to intertwine his fingers between your own. He moved swiftly down the hallway and into the elevator, launching you to the ground floor of the building. 

“And what are you laughing about?” he hummed, eying you carefully. He attempted to show disinterest as he gazed at you, but it was difficult to hide his enthusiasm. While Seungkwan was his own biggest fan, he was also your biggest fan as well. 

“How your members like me more than you,” you muttered, batting your eyelashes. “Bleach my hair and give me suspenders, I’m joining Seventeen.”

“That was one concept!” he sighed. “Have you ever seen me in suspenders since?” 

“No, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be,” you laughed. 

“Well, on our next date we’ll go suspender shopping,” he grinned. “All suspenders, all the time. Sleepovers; suspenders. Water park; suspenders-”

“Do they make swim suspenders?” you asked curiously. 

“I’m positive they have everything on Amazon,” he nodded. 

The elevator doors opened, exposing you to the busy street before the dorm building. The streetlights were bright on your faces as you stepped out and onto the pavement. Seungkwan quickly guided you in the direction he planned on going that evening. 

Step six, you have no idea what Seungkwan has planned, but you pray it isn’t karaoke again. Granted, you loved his voice. You recognized the talent that lived within your boyfriend’s vocal chords and complimented him as often as you could. You did not appreciate, however, the occasions when you were forced to go to karaoke and listen to him freestyle every Mariah Carey song known to man and make sure the crowd knew he was singing about you. In his best go at English, he would mutter a small, yet enthusiastic speech about how the song was dedicated to his girlfriend. God heaven forbid if someone in the room didn’t realize you were together.  

“Seungkwan, I love you…” you trailed, looking toward him cautiously. 

“Why do I feel like a ‘but’ is following that statement,” he muttered, continuing to saunter down the sidewalk. 

“But please, do we have to go to karaoke tonight?” you whispered with a wince. 

“Why on earth would you not want to go to karaoke?” he hummed, batting his eyelashes innocently. 

“Well…uh…for as much fun as it is,” you continued. You tried to pick your words carefully as you spoke. “I don’t…I don’t really get much time with you.” 

Yes, you’d go that route. That was the reason why you didn’t want to go to karaoke.

“Oh, jagi,” Seungkwan clucked. “You get to hear my gift so often. These people aren’t as privileged. You have to learn to share my talent and quit being so selfish.”

You grimaced and let out an unintentional sigh. 

“Quit being so upset,” he hummed. “I know we aren’t going to the karaoke bar, but you’re going to have to contain your disappointment.”

You couldn’t help the slow smile that spread across your face. Your ears immediately perked up as you focused on your boyfriend. 

Step seven, immediately regret not actually going to karaoke. 

You stood before a small restaurant, it’s roof nearly caved in, and no clear door on the front of the building. 

“Mingyu hyung said it was really good,” Seungkwan whispered, a slight panic in his tone. “So like…there’s only a 30% chance we’ll die?” 

“From the food or the ceiling caving in?” you muttered, searching the front of the building in the dim evening light. You had long since turned down a vacant alley to actual find the location Seungkwan had been searching for, so it wasn’t the most well lit area you had ever ventured in around Seoul. It seemed as if the man beside you was legitimately had begun shaking as he glanced around, not at all at ease with the situation he had put the two of you in. 

“Is it too late to turn around and go to the kara-” he whispered. 

“Door, found the door,” you nodded, a bit too enthusiastically as you shuffled to the entrance hidden behind a beaded curtain. “Found it, that means we go inside now. Into the restaurant and not karaoke. Waiter is probably watching us and waiting for us to come in. No turning back now.” 

Seungkwan deadpanned as he looked at you, not at all amused by your antics. 

“If you think I’m dedicating ‘Hero’ to you ever again, you’re wrong,” Seungkwan pouted, yanking open the door of the restaurant and gliding in. For a moment he had seemed to forget how natural of a coward he was as he led the way. 

You hurried behind him, afraid to enter the falling down restaurant, but more frightened by the idea of being left alone in the alleyway. 

Step Eight, no matter the situation, Seungkwan will probably get frightened at some point.

Seungkwan gripped your hand in his, his knuckles turning white from the pressure of his grip. 

“How are you so scared?” you whispered. “Do you really think a serial killer is going to use a restaurant as a storefront for his nefarious activities?”

“Well, I didn’t before,” he gasped with wide eyes. “But I am now!” 

“How many?” a waiter asked, seemingly appearing from no where. 

“Yah!” Seungkwan shouted, spinning with a jump as he realized the new person’s presence. “TWO PLEASE.”

You couldn’t help but snort at your boyfriend’s polite yelling. The waiter lifted his brows, muttering something to himself as he led you to a booth. You looked to Seungkwan who still had his hand placed over his heart. All color had drained from his face and he looked wearily at the back of the waiter’s head as he shuffled along behind him. 

You held to his hand as you crossed the dining room, closing your eyes for a moment as you took a deep breath in. The restaurant smelled amazing. That was a good sign at least.

“What can I get for you to…” the waiter trailed, halting his sentence as he watched the two of you curiously. You looked down at your menu, thinking nothing was out of the ordinary until you looked up again and noticed Seungkwan had slid into the booth on the same side as you. 

“I’ll have a soda,” he hummed nonchalantly, looking at his menu. 

“And I’ll have…a tea?” you answered, tilting your head as you looked from Seungkwan to the waiter. 

The waiter’s eyebrows were lifted as he watched Seungkwan. Without speaking, he spun around, off to fetch your drinks and contemplate how strange the young man was that he was now serving. 

“Uh, jagi,” you whispered, sending a soft elbow into his arm. “Why are you sitting on the same side of the booth as me?”

“So I can protect you in case the situation presents itself,” he nodded confidently. You remained silent, now your turn to lift your brows as you stared at him. 

“I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because when you’re afraid, you get clingy,” you chuckled. 

“I do not!” he gasped. He looked up from the menu and eyed the restaurant warily. “I mean…we are the only people in here…so no one would hear our cries for help…but who’s thinking about that? Not me.” 

Step Nine, no matter the situation. You love Seungkwan anyway. He was difficult to consciously not love to be honest. You couldn’t help but grin like a fool as you watched Seungkwan try to occupy his thoughts by reading the menu. He was probably the squishiest human being you had ever come into contact with and you were constantly reminded by how much excitement he brought to your life. 

Whether it be sass, unnecessary memes, sensitive emotions, or a capacity to fear everything - your boyfriend had it covered. He was obviously the complete package. 

“Hey,” you cooed, wrapping your arms around his. “Get the wrinkles out of your forehead.”

“What?” he grumbled, not looking up from the menu. 

“It’s okay to be nervous,” you hummed. “But I’m here. And I love you.”

The worry lines on Seungkwan’s forehead flattened out as he looked at you. His eyes were soft as a smirk tugged at his lips. “I love you too, but if you tell me not to worry, and we die, my ghost self will never forgive you.” 

You rolled your eyes and placed a light kiss on his cheek. “Deal.” 

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Pretty Little Pet {Reader Insert}

Imagine: A girl is trying a new scene, a club scene. Though she never thought it possible, she caught the eye of a crazed criminal. But it’s not him that wants her, instead, it’s his girlfriend.

Summary: The ‘Ace of Spades’ is notoriously known as the Joker’s club, but {Y/N} never believed she’d ever come in contact with the green-haired devil. One night, on yet another visit to her favourite bartender, {Y/N} is approached by the famous figure and practically forced upon the woman that’s wanted her all night.

Request?: Yes, one little nonny asked for a Harley imagine with a female reader. Whilst a second gave a request for the storyline. It is a little different to what was requested by the latter. But, it follows the gist of of the reader being innocent, the Joker being arrested, and Harley being interested.

Word Count: 1882

Taglist: @fandom-planet-lover

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credits to the user that made it. The DC characters mentioned are not mine, credits to the writers and producers. 

A/N: Well it has been a rather long time since we’ve met like this, and my most humblest apologies and gratitude’s for all your patience. A lot has been filling up the last couple of weeks, and I am so sorry that this has taken so long to upload. I am hoping to get into a better routine of imagine postings quickly. With just a couple more requests on my list, and then one or two more in my inbox, I will be open to more soon! Thank you again for all your support and patience! Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤  

Music blasted from the club on Atlantic Avenue, neon lights creeping through the darkened windows onto the street outside. The entrance line ran the length of the pavement and round the block, leaving the wait time at a good hour or so. When {Y/N} finally passed those doors, she realised that nightclubs were an acquired taste. All the other girls had skin tight cocktail dresses and nine-inch heels, making her stick out in the crowd with her converse and loose tank top labelled with her favourite band. Shuffling across the heat packed dancefloor, she found an empty stool at the end of the bar. She decided then and there that this would be her place for the night, unless someone changed those plans. Glancing back from the sweat covered bodies around her, {Y/N} came face-to-face with a bright eyed male.

Evening Miss, what can I get you?

For a short moment, her mouth simply opened and closed without a single word following through with the movements. Her mind ran through all of the alcoholic drinks that she’d ever had in the past, and she realised that they were few and far between. Above her, the bartender let out a small laugh as he rested his elbows on the counter top.

You seem to be new here, how about I surprise you?

Flashing a dazzling smile her way, the barely-reaching-twenty figure turned back to the spirits and liquors that sat at his command. {Y/N} watched patiently, curiously, as he chose different bottles from the display. He was tossing and twisting them, drawing in a small crowd with his performance. It wasn’t long before he set a glass in front of her, he’d decorated the rim of the cylinder with an orange slice and a small cherry. Inspecting the drink closely, she was interested to know what the blue liquid was. Turning back to the male before her, who stood drying a glass with the cloth that had hung from his back pocket previously, she raised an eyebrow in question.

It’s a Blue Lagoon, my speciality. One part blue curacao, one part vodka, and four parts lemon juice.

With a small nod, {Y/N} brought the highball glass to her lips. Smiling around its rim, she hummed softly as the concoction ran down her throat and settled with a warm sensation. Setting the drinkware down once again, she looked up to the grinning bartender.

What do you think?

It’s really good.

Crossing his arms on the countertop, the slim figure leant down with his shining teeth showing behind his smile.

Well there’s more where that came from, Miss…

When his words trailed off, she realised that the encouraging look on his face was awaiting a response.

“Oh, {Y/N}. I’m {Y/N}.

Nice to meet you, {Y/N}. I do hope you’re appearance will become a more often occurrence here.

A subtle pink tinge rose to her cheeks at the sight of his flirtatious smirk, her gaze falling slightly to hide the blush.

I’m sure it will, um…


Flashing what seemed to be his signature smirk once again, the young bartender gave a small wink before turning to awaiting customers. {Y/N} watched him from her seat, sipping her Blue Lagoon slowly. He was flipping bottles and spinning shakers, and she was somewhat mesmerised. Her voice came out soft, quiet, behind the rim of her glass as she smiled.

Nice to meet you too, Bobby.


Night after night, {Y/N} found herself waiting in line for the Ace of Spades.

Night after night, she sat herself down on the stool at the end of the bar.

Night after night, {Y/N} tried the new drink that Bobby had prepared for her.

Night after night, she talked away the outside world with the bartender that got in trouble for neglecting customers.

Night after night, {Y/N} missed the eyes that watched her from across the room.

It had been three weeks since her first visit to the notorious club. She never got up to dance, or mingle with the fellow young people that crowded through the doors. Instead she stayed perched on her, practically labelled, seat and made easy conversation with her new friend. But that night, she’d caught the obsession of the man across the room. A man that had watched her every night since she waltzed over the threshold in her skinny jeans and plaid shirt jacket. The crowd of dancing guests parted with stumbling feet when he made a beeline for the bar. His dark stare had Bobby turning pale, fleeing from where he leant on the countertop to carry out incoming orders. Confused, and even a little sad, {Y/N} sipped her latest cocktail as she watched the young bartender work with shaky hands. Her body tensed when a hand curled over her shoulder, warm breath brushing past her ear when the figure behind her leant down.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty…

A shiver ran down her spine when he spoke, slowly setting her glass down on the sticky counter. The grip on her shoulder tightened slightly as he turned her, spinning {Y/N} on the stool until she faced him. Shocked gasp caught in her throat when she met his gaze, a pair of sea green eyes that seemed to glitter brighter than the dye of his matching hair. Silver grill shined in the stream lights that flew around the room, defined by red stained lips that spread wide in a crazed smile. Pale skin seemed almost translucent, decorated in black ink in no particular organisation.

Y-you… you’re the Joker…

Gold star for the lady.

His voice was deep and husky, the sound causing goosebumps to rise over her skin with every word. Swallowing the lump that threatened to grow in her throat, {Y/N} inhaled a shaky breath.

H-how can I help you, sir?

Hands resting on her thighs, his spine bent back as he laughed at her terminology. She looked around the club with a slight tremble to her shoulders, hoping to catch the eye of someone who could help her from her predicament. Nobody dared to glance their way, it was obvious with the way people had turned their backs and drifted away that disturbing the maniac that trapped her was a dangerous affair. When his gaze returned to her fearful profile, his head tilted in an inquisitive expression. Lifting his left hand, cool fingertips lightly grasped the skin of her cheeks. A smile brightened his curious eyes as he looked over the ink on the back of his hand and how it made the girl in his captive seem happy.

I’d like to see you with a smile, can you smile for me?

Removing his hand from her face slowly, he watched the muscles of her lips twitch upward upon his request.

Such a pretty girl.

Th-thank you…

Her body tensed when his frame pressed closer, the counter’s edge probing at her spine as she leant back. When his hands found their way to her upper thighs, {Y/N} closed her eyes tightly in hope that submitting to his will would keep her alive. The grasp he held on the slight pudge of her legs moved them until she was encasing his hips.

Open your eyes sweetheart, Daddy wants to talk.

Holding back a whimper of fear, she let her eyelashes flutter open until he was overwhelming her vision. The grin on his face seemed to reach across from ear to ear, crinkling the shadows of his eyes until he was merely squinting at the girl under his hold.

You see, my girl over there, she’s been watching you for a while. She likes you… She wants you…

Though his voice trailed off to a quiet whisper in her ear, the demand laced in his tone caused that familiar tremble to return to her shoulders.

So what d’ya say, princess? Wanna come meet my girl?

Mind racing with a thousand responses a second, she knew what her only choice could be.


A low growl vibrated up his throat, the metal casing his teeth pinching her soft earlobe for a split second.

Yes, what?

Chest jumping in shock, {Y/N}’s breathing stopped for a short moment.

Yes… Daddy.

His excitable laugh filled the room, once again bending backwards with the stretch of his spinal cord. Letting her legs fall from around him, Joker pulled her from the stool with his grip tight around the curve of her hips. Stepping aside, he pushed her forward through the crowd of tangled and sweating limbs. With a stumble of her feet, {Y/N} moved amongst the fearful clubbers as they stepped aside to form a pathway once again. Eyes kept on the ground, she stopped when gold beads entered the upper peripheral of her vision. Warmth spread through her back when a hard chest pressed against her. His breath easily found her ear, breathing staggered as he watched the figure that danced behind the beaded curtain.

Time to meet Daddy’s girl.

Slender limbs stopped in their tracks, sky blue irises darting across the VIP clearing to eye up the small figure that cowered in Joker’s arms.

Aw, Puddin’! You got me a cutie!

You know I’d do anything for y-

Suddenly the whole club was filled with smoke, voices echoing off the walls amidst repetitive rounds of gunshots. Joker’s hands pressed firmly into the shoulder blades of the figure in front of him, pushing her across the VIP threshold. Unsturdy legs stumbled beneath her, wobbly knees leaving her falling forward with the momentum of what shoved her. High pitched giggling obstructed her hearing, rough sequins scratching over the bare of her stomach revealed under her lifted shirt. Shaking arms lifted her slightly from the pale figure beneath her.

I… I’m…

Nimble finger pressed against {Y/N}’s lips, keeping her quiet as the scantily dressed female beneath her found ease in rolling them a short way across the floor. Harley’s slim frame settled over the jittery girl.

Quiet, sugar. Looks like the filth want another shot at caging my Puddin’.

Nodding slightly, {Y/N} tried to relax her breathing against the smooth skin of the palm resting over her mouth. Harley made herself comfy between jean clad legs, listening to the fisticuffs that occurred beyond the shadows of their hiding spot. She focused on the familiar voices of her partner and his men, making mental notes of the plans they were conjuring through code.

And then… things went quiet.

Cautious and slow, Harley helped her fearful captive from the darkness under the table. Looking around, the two women saw the wasteland that was now the ‘Ace of Spades’. {Y/N} turned to the girl with tri-tone hair, vocals shaky as she tried to speak.

So… what do we do now?

Bright eyes burning into her, {Y/N} tried to fight the urge bubbling within her to flee.

Well sugar, you’re coming home with me. And until my Puddin’ gets out, you’re mine.

Wh-what…? Why?

Stepping closer, the insane figure held {Y/N}’s chin between thumb and forefinger so that their eyes locked easily.

I want a pet. Someone to play with me. And my Puddin’ is letting me have you. My. Pretty. Little. Pet.

Snape Fanfiction Recommendations

Snape is a character than honestly, never gets the credit (or love) he deserves. And I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, because my love for Snape is how I discovered fanfiction, tumblr, and gathered my courage to write. I’m not lying, the authors I’m recommending have really taught me a lot, whether it be Latin phrases, wonderful quotes, odd little things here and there like Occam’s Razor, flora and fauna facts, or even the finesse of sign language. So show these authors a little love, but be warned, most of these authors right for a specific Snape pairing, so if you don’t like it – by all means, don’t read it. So without further ado…

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For the nonny who wanted Pride xx

There should be more of a variety of gay clubs, in Clint’s opinion. It’s all about the pounding bass, the diva hits, the sweat and the grinding and he gets that, he does, but when you’re a deaf PTSD suffering clumsy archer with no rhythm, sometimes all you want is a really gay bagel.

So when he sees the rainbow flag sticker in the window next to the gorgeous looking cupcakes, when he takes a step back and realises the damn shop’s called Cake Boys and there’s pride flag bunting strung in honour of the day, there’s really no other option but to push open the door with a cheerful ‘ting’ and take a lungful of warm sweet air.

There’s a guy behind the counter when Clint walks in, and Clint offers an automatic grin. The guy eyes him up and down - his shirt’s a little tighter than usual, and his jeans are somehow trailing glitter - and walks through the beaded curtain behind the counter. Someone else gets shoved out in his place (and there’s no question it’s a shove, he almost crushes a cream horn).

“Hey,” the guy says. Unlike the first guy - dark hair, stubble, beautiful in the way of things that can kill you - this one’s like a perfected version of Clint. Clint hates him, just a little, on principle. “What can I get you?”

“No clue,” he says, honestly. “Never had that much of a sweet tooth.”

“Cheese danish?” The guy asks. His name tag says 'Steve’, but it’s been doctored to 'cap'n Steve’ and has a red star sticker half hanging off the edge.

“Sure,” Clint says. “That sounds great.”

“Hey Buck,” Steve hollers, “cheese danish ready?”

“Yeah, yeah, keep your freakin’ shirt on,” is the growled reply, and then the guy from before emerges, carrying a tray of faintly steaming pastry. He’s got his hair tied back but a couple strands have fallen free, and Clint gets a sudden and inexplicable urge to carefully tuck them behind the guy’s ear. He’s pretty sure it wouldn’t be welcomed, though, the way the guy’s glaring at him.

Steve bags up a danish, takes Clint’s money and makes change, and the whole time Clint’s the subject of a grey-eyed stare. He takes a bit of the danish almost absently, has to suck in air quickly to cool the lava he’s choking down, and it’s a second before the taste hits.

“Holy shit,” Clint says. “Holy *shit*.”

“Good?” Steve says, with the confidence of someone who knows there can only be one answer.

“Marry me,” Clint moans, unashamed, and Steve laughs and jerks his thumb at the angry kitchen guy.

“Bucky’s the baker,” he informs Clint. “I mostly just stand out front and look pretty.”

“Don’t want to intimidate them with the sexy death glare?” Clint says, and Bucky - whose name tag proclaims him to be 'Sarge’ and has a star and a skull at either end - looks a little startled for a second before turning abruptly and pushing back through the bead curtain, looking a little pink.

Steve watches him go, grinning fondly, and Clint feels a little pang at the obvious affection there. Obviously the both of them are too hot to be single, but Clint can pine over Bucky’s face a little if he wants to.

“Thanks,” Clint says, raising the pastry a little in a toast.

“No problem,” Steve says, and flicks another little grin over his shoulder. “Hope we see you around.”

I Touch Myself (Katlaska) - Arcadia

A/N: So this idea was really just an excuse for me to write smut. Title and fic inspired by a song Katya used to perform to. If anyone is wondering what happened to the trixya fic I was writting, I haven’t abandoned it, I’m just a little wary about the pairing after the drama at drag con, so just giving it a little break. Let me know what you think of this one though!!

**Quick little warning for light dom/sub undertones, light voyeurism, and light orgasm denial. Light because idk how to write the hardcore stuff just yet. But listing them just in case anyone is adverse to those, thanks!!

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Accidents Happen

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Request: Could you do a dean x reader college au and she and dean are seniors and just moved in together via some kind of online flat mate searcher thing and they’re both intensely sexually attracted to one another. One day when she goes to shower she purposefully leave the door open a little. Dean “accidentally” stumbles in and after she super seductively invites him in, he exfoliates her and that leads to you know what and then they do the thing and then there’s some fluff after the shower?

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,600ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: This was a fun little piece to write…

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“You’re awful, i love you...” - [The Joker/Harley Quinn/Steve Rogers - One shot].

Based onImagine: You dated the Joker before he was sent to Arkham Asylum. Years go by and you marry Steve Rogers, but your ex looks for you as soon as he’s out.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in title“Love me dead” by Ludo

Notes: When i wrote “Shooting chandeliers” i forgot to mention that i consider Ludo’s song to be perfect for Harley + The Joker. So here i am, saying it now because i love music and it inspires me. K, bye. ahaha.


Tony Stark was working on his iron suit in the back of his workshop.

He was welding the right arm and connecting electrical wires when a noise, coming from his study, distracted him. He pushed his welding mask back.

-Hello? …Pepper?

He walked into the study and stopped in his tracks when he found two men in suits and wearing masks, guarding a third man who was sitting on his rotating chair which was facing the opposite way; Stark could only catch a glimpse of his green hair sticking out.

Tony’s holographic computer was projecting each of the Avenger’s ID’s. Clearly, the man with the green hair had been snooping around.

-Who are you? –Tony asked.

The chair spun around slowly and Tony’s eyes widened then narrowed when he recognized the man; Gotham’s famous villain, The Joker.

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Come Play With Me (Joker x Reader)

Word Count: 939

I walked into the club that apparently was renowned for its atmosphere and its high quality music, dance floor and general taste. It also happened to be quite close to where Jenna, my best friend, and I were staying, making it easy for us to get back later.

I smiled as I walked through, happy to be seeing the club in all of its glory. It was all dimmed lights, bright dance floors and marble with gold. I wondered how expensive it was to run.

Jenna kept a firm grip on my hand, having been here before and knowing more of the whereabouts.

She kept me close to her as we went down to the VIP section where her friends were already partway through their night, having started early.

There were glasses and bottle of alcohol littered everywhere, but the shots party hadn’t started.

She shouted her name to the bouncer before he let us through and I found myself sitting with people I didn’t quite know in a booth that was actually rather nice.

I smiled at them trying to make small talk in the slightly more quiet area.

Waitress after waitress asked for our orders and we ordered quite a bit, most of it being the ten guys that were part of our group. They all seemed to be heavy drinkers and smoking weed seemed part of the gig too.

“So, (Y/N),” I heard one of the boys call. “Your accent isn’t from here,” he said. “I love it. Where are you from?”

I smiled politely. “______.“

“Ah,” he said before trying a completely failed accent. He laughed at himself and I laughed out of the social need to fit in. He stopped laughing and held his hand out. “I’m James, by the way,” he said.

I shook it. “Nice to meet you, James.”


In the next five minutes from then he’d moved to sit next to me and we began a conversation that felt like an eternity of making up things on the spot and laughing falsely.

I tried my best to entertain him and myself and kept chatting about random things that happened to interest the both of us. I was absolutely relieved when he said he needed to use the bathroom, having drank many, many drinks.

“I’ll either be here on on the dance floor,” I informed, smiling.

He leaned in for what looked like a slobbery kiss and I turned my head. He got my cheek but still didn’t seem to get the message. He stood up straight and grinned at me. “I’ll come find you,” he said.

I smiled politely and he walked off.

I took in my first breath of fresh air and sat back, rubbing my temples. Jenna looked at me and grinned.

“No,” I replied, laughing from the pain of the conversation.


I pulled my phone out to check my social media, bored out of my mind in this club. I wanted to dance but it wasn’t quite late enough and the dance floor wasn’t quite packed enough either.

I sighed, scrolling through meme after meme and tagging people whilst occasionally softly singing along to the songs that I knew. Whilst obtrusive, the music was nice. Whoever owned this place did have good taste in music.

“Excuse me, miss,” I heard.

I looked up and found a good looking waiter with a drink on a platter. “Yes?”

“This is for you. Courtesy of Mr. J,” he said, putting down a coaster and putting the drink on top.

I frowned. “Who’s Mr. J?”

The waiter pointed at a man behind a curtain of dangling beads sitting at a more prestigious booth. “That’s Mr. J. He runs this place.”

I observed the man. He was strangely dressed with a metallic gold suit jacket and black pants. He didn’t wear a shirt underneath and he flaunted his tattoos by leaving the jacket unbuttoned. But stranger than all of it was his hair that was dyed green. Bright green.

I frowned. What was I getting myself into? Men that looked like that looked like trouble. “Right,” I said, coming back to the waiter. “Tell him I said thank you.” For all I knew the drink could be laced with something. The slightly intoxicated bit of my brain decided that it was impossible and that Gotham had to have the same health standards as most of the Western world. Right?

The waiter nodded and smiled before walking away.

I looked at the drink before looking up at the man behind the beads. He was actually rather good looking but none the less strange. From here I couldn’t really see if he had eyebrows or not. Definitely strange. But alluring. But strange. Ugh, I was a lightweight.

I picked up the drink and my eyes were caught on some writing scribbled on the coaster. I picked it, placing the drink down back onto the table.

On it there was some not so elegant scrawl. I read it and found myself laughing a little.

It read: ‘he’s boring’.

I smiled, looking over to the green haired mess who was smiling back, his teeth glinting strangely with the light.

I put the coaster back down and picked up the drink, holding it out to the man who’d paid for it. He took his and held it out to me and we both sipped.

Then he pointed at table in front of him before twirling his finger around. I looked down at my coaster and picked it up again, flipping it.

‘Come play with me’ it read.

Mr. J smiled at me and beckoned me over.

Hey guys! Thank you for your 400+ notes on my last fic :) You sure know how to make me feel special hehe

Also! All feedback is wanted and appreciated and if you have any requests feel free to send them in!

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Savior: Josh Washington x Reader

You stood before your mirror, staring at your reflection before you had to go to work. None of your friends or classmates knew where you actually worked and nobody was going to find out ever. The door to your room opened to your manager telling you that it was showtime.

You sighed as you followed him outside to the dance floor and the bright neon lights that shined directly to the floor. From behind the bead curtains, the crowd of men before you sat eagerly while bass-filled music played.

               Faces were barely recognizable from the dim shade and your manager pushed you to stage. You staggered across the floor in clear high heels and gripped the pole, then took a casual swing. As soon as you did, your eyes locked with a pair of green ones you’d seen before.

Josh had been forced out with the guys for a casual hang at a strip club. It wasn’t his thing, and as he sat uncomfortably in one of the shotty leather chairs and watched an ungraceful girl stagger to the pole, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Until he looked at you and noticed you; after coffee and staring at you while you weren’t looking, all he could feel was embarrassment for you.

He struggled to utter your name as he sat up and put his hands to the stage; he stared up at you as you stopped against the pole and attempted to cover your face.

“Hey…” He began.

“H-H-H-Hi.” You struggled as tears filled your eyes.          You didn’t want him to see you like this, you already liked him after one cup of coffee.

He rubbed the back of his neck and attempted to find the words as you stepped down from the stage and attempted to cover yourself up.

Chris and Mike started to ask questions but Josh waved them off and told him that he’d meet them outside. The rest of the men in the room stood up in agitation, “Get back onstage!”

“You’re working here?” He asked as he shrugged off his jacket and put it around your shoulders.

You felt ashamed as you looked down and sighed, “Yeah.”

One of the men came barreling towards you and Josh talking, “You better get your whore ass onstage now.”

Josh scoffed, “Look asshole, I’m talking to the lady.”

“I don’t fucking care.” He growled as he grabbed you by the arm.

“Let go of the girl.” Josh added as he gripped at the man’s shirt.                                The man pulled out a switchblade and held it before Josh’s face, “We gonna have a problem, pretty boy?”

Josh smiled, “We just might.”

               He pushed the man away from him and the man lunged back with the switchblade, but you stepped before Josh and felt the blade slide quick and painfully, down your side.

“Holy shit.” The man backed away in fear and dropped the blade to the ground.

Josh grabbed you and helped you to a seat, then looked at your wound, “Oh god, (Y/N) stay with me. I’m gonna call 911.”

He held your hand as he fished through his pockets for his phone and dialed the number. You sighed as you stared at him talking with the emergency operator.

“You’re gonna be fine.” He muttered as he held your hand in both of his, then kissed it, “I swear.”

A Fortune teller and a Long Night.

Summary: After you and the boys have taken down a hive of Vampires they treat you to the one thing they know you love most in the world. The Carnival is in town, and the boys know there’s nothing you love more than Cotton Candy and Carousels, but Castiel doesn’t understand the attraction till he sees you.

Pairing: Castiel X Reader

Warnings: Fluffy! Smut! Unprotected sex! (You have been warned)

Exclaimer: Part two to Cotton Candy & Carousels.

Part one:

Castiel didn’t enjoy the way Sam looked at the two of you. It was strange seeing him stare at the both of you this way, with a certain kind of anger behind his eyes.  Castiel couldn’t help thinking why was he looking at you this way? Castiel looked down at you with his bright blue eyes and cocked his head to the side as he looked into your joyful expression.

You were truly happy being held in his arms, and with this information he never wanted to let you go, which could quickly become a problem, with the physical nature of his relationship with the Winchester’s he wouldn’t be able to help them if he never let you go.

He took a few steps forward with you in his arms; dean met both of you half way with a big cocky smirk on his lips making you roll your eyes before looking back up at Castiel. You couldn’t help giggling at the way Castiel held you in his arms, his jaw was set as he held you protectively, keeping you away from the muddy ground. It was sweet and completely unnecessary especially because you were wearing a pair of cotton candy pink Doc Martens.

“So Cas…you and (Y/N). You been hiding something from us (Y/N)?” you saw the humour glint in his eyes as he purposefully ratted Castiel making it hard to restrain your laugh at the serious tone. Castiel’s arms tightened around you and held you closer to his body, obviously Dean didn’t approve of the sudden revelation that was Castiel and yourself were now together. He couldn’t help the urge to protect what was his…you were his.

Castiel was suddenly broken from his thoughts by a sort of laughter from you. You couldn’t help yourself as you kicked your legs and covered your bright candy apple red lips trying to smother the laughter escaping your lips from Castiel very serious and aggressive expression.

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“I was joking Cas, relax. I know (Y/N) is like a little sister to me but I completely approve of you two. Now you two scamper off and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Dean winked at Castiel trying to do it on the sly as if you wouldn’t catch it. You rolled your eyes and chuckled shaking your head allowing curls to bounce and twist around your eye line.

Castiel looked past dean to see the younger Winchester jaw tick at his own brothers statement. That stern glare was still concentrated on him making Castiel tense again. Dean walked over to his brother and narrowed is gaze as the expression that was hard set on Sam’s face.

“Will you knock it off Sammy.” Dean clapped him on the shoulder pushing him at the same time, trying to remove him from the intimate scene that was only increasing his jealousy. Sam’s expression shifted into one of regret for not acting on his emotions sooner. Dean patted his back in a way to comfort him, but it only felt condescending.

“It’s ok Sammy, I’m sure they have a kissing booth or something here.”

Castiel had now placed you back down on your feet as you watched the two bother blend into the crowd before you. You twisted around in the loop that was Castiel’s arms and grabbed his suit jacket lapels pulling him down. His face was impassive and unmoving as you grinned like a Cheshire cat. This place allow you to escape the world you had become so accustomed to, it allowed you to relax and be yourself.

“Castiel I saw a poster for a fortune teller! Can we please go?” Castiel stood straighter and looked around him till he found the carnival scrawl letters ‘FORTUNE TELLER” lit up by orange pulsating bulbs. He tried to find any sort of indication of a prophet in the area, but there wasn’t a single one. There was no obvious aura of godliness or holiness.

“I think you are mistaken (Y/N) there are no prophets in this vicinity. If there was I would know.” Castiel tried to clarify your lack of heavenly knowledge, but if anything he made you confused. You shook your head and chuckled, he obviously didn’t get why you would want to see a phoney fortune teller.

“Castiel I know the fortune teller isn’t a prophet, that’s not the point, it’s just a harmless bit of fun.” You had managed to confuse the easily confused angel of the lord as you stood there in his arms. You quickly rose up on your toes and pressed your lisp to his in a quick peck. You ducked beneath his arms and grabbed his hands.

“Come on.” Castiel was confused to say the least, why would being told false prophecy’s be fun, they would raise your hope up without having any firm grounding or fact behind them. Making you feel nothing but regret in your own action when those prophecies didn’t come true.

You pulled Castiel behind you as you pushed through the velvet and bead curtains to be welcomed by an older looking woman. She took on the traditional gypsy look as she sat at a table in the centre of the room, tarot cards placed in a semi-circle. You slowly approached the woman who gave the two of you a warm smile, before gesturing to two chairs opposite her at the table. You sat down holding Castiel’s hand who slowly and apprehensively took a seat next to you.

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“Ah two young lovers, it’s so nice to see new love.” Castiel was confused, he was sure he had loved you since he had met you, but like he had already established, this woman was no prophet. Castiel looked at you and saw your large wondrous smile and decided to keep his thoughts silent and nodded, in false agreement.

“How can I help the two of you?” she asked her hands were laced together and she looked between the two of you. You smiled and leaned forward, grasping Castiel’s hand tighter as you looked down at the tarot cards.

“I would like you to read each of our futures.” the older woman nodded and moved her hands across the tarot cards before her. Castiel didn’t pay any attention to the older woman; he just kept his gaze on you as the woman drew the first card.

“The Ace of Cups heralds a new relationship filled with excitement, joy and happiness. This is the type of bliss you once experienced with butterflies in your stomach and a desire to spend every waking minute with your new love.” She handed you the card ad gave you a smile as she moved her hand over the cards again. You felt those butterflies rise up from the bit of your stomach once again as you looked shyly out of the corner of your eye to see Castiel silently mapping each and every one of your facial features.

“The star represents purity, oneness and transformative energy. It represents the strong bond that the both of you have with one another.” Castiel was still passive toward the woman who sat before him. His interest was taken by the woman next to him, as he gently ran his thumb over the back of your knuckles that had turned white with anticipation.

“The lovers, this further explains your unique bond, something that started as a friendship had blossomed into a love that in unique and completely natural, it is something raw that cannot be fully explained by words.  There is good chemistry and you’re likely to take your time with each other, caring for and tending to each other’s every sexual need.” Castiel suddenly stiffened at the last as did you. The words rang in your ears almost, you hadn’t even approached the idea of sex with Castiel, you still saw him as this heavenly figure that shouldn’t be touched by sex and sin.

Castiel on the other hand was struggling to contain himself. He had thought of sex with you many times, even though he had a limited knowledge of the actual act he could still image what your naked body would feel like against his own, and how your lips would feel on his, how he would feel when he…

“Castiel?” it was like he was thrown from his own throats. He looked around him slightly confused and then looked to the gypsy woman who was holding her hand out to him. Castiel dug a hand shakily into his pocket and pulled out the first dollar note he found and pushing it into her hand. He pulled you up quickly his strides long as if he was running away from the fortune teller. You stumbled trying to keep up with his fast pace.

“Castiel?” he didn’t looked back as he pulled you into his arms and looked you dead in the eye. His pupils were so dilated they completely consumed his irises. His chest was heaving heavily as he looked down at you. He slid one hand up your back and placed it in your curls pulling them slightly making you gasp. He pressed his lips firmly against your won making you sigh blissfully, as he swiped his tongue against your bottom lip.

Your head spun as you heard the familiar flutter of wings. You pulled away and found yourself in the men of Letters bunker, more specifically your room at the men of letters bunker. Your hands rested on Castiel’s chest as his strong arms kept you pinned against his body.

Suddenly he moved picking you up from the ground and threw you onto your bed you looked down your body as Castiel pulled your boots away from your feet and threw them heavily into the corner of the room before joining you on the bed.

Your breathing was erratic as you looked up at the angel of the lord gazing down at you as if you were something divine. Your heart hammered in your chest as he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours again. He nudged your legs apart with his knee trying to make himself comfortable, as he lay between your things. His hips pressing against yours as his hands moved up over your knees pushing away the petticoats beneath your dress. You gasped and panted against his lips as his warm hands rested against your thighs pushing them further apart. He shifted till his hips were perfectly aligned with yours.

Both of you let out a moan as you felt his erection press against you lace brief covered entrance. You looked into his heavenly blue eyes and saw the love that ay there but there was also the lust that consumed him. He rolled his hips inviting another moan to escape his lips as you whimpered beneath him. He pressed his lips against yours again, swallowing the noises you made as he continued to roll his hips against yours. You pulled away and looked up pleadingly at Castiel.

“Please Castiel.” Your voice was rough from moaning and whimpering, which only made Castiel push his hips harder against yours in a sudden bodily reaction pulling a long moan from both of you. Castiel realised that he liked it when you begged, not in a cruel or malicious way, but because it showed that you needed him as much as he needed you.

You could see the deliberation in his eyes as he stilled his movements. You slowly leaned up and pressed your lips against his lightly, before sliding your hands beneath his jacket pulling it away from his shoulders and moving onto his tie and shirt. His hands stayed planted on your thighs as you undressed him, peppering kisses across his stubble shadowed jaw as you pulled away his dress shirt and tie.

You hands slide over the toned body that lay beneath the suit and followed the trail of hair that led to the edge of his slacks. Your hands grasped the belt buckle and your skilfully undid it, he had no time to react as you slid you hand beneath his slacks. Castiel moaned as your hand grasped his cock, his hips bucked into your grasp as you ran your hands over his hard length.

He couldn’t help noticing your sate of full dress and quickly moved to change that. He unwantedly pulled your hand from his slacks with a groan of frustration, and pulled you up by your waist. His arms wrapped around your back as his fingers grasped the zip of your dress and violently tugged it down. Castiel pressed his lips against the taut skin of your collar bone and sensitive skin of your neck. You moan as you craned your head back, as his hands pushed down your dress and petticoats revealing that all you wore beneath your dress was your turquoise coloured lace briefs.

He moaned at the sight of you. You had never had that reaction from a man before. But Castiel was no ordinary man, his hands traced over your curves cupping your breasts as he pushed you back down onto your plush bed. He pulled away one hand and quickly tugged off his slacks and boxers in one swift movement.

He returned back to the position you ay in before. His hips pushing into yours, his erection teasing your entrance through your lace briefs, but this time there was barely a piece of fabric between the two of you. He reached his hand back up and brushed some long (Y/H/C) curls from your eye line allowing you to look up at him more clearly. His fingertips danced along the skin of your cheek, he pressed your cheek against the pal of his hand and turned your face into it allowing you to press a kiss against it.

Castiel looked down at you in pure awe as he reached don and hooked a finger over the edge of your lace briefs. You nodded giving him a love filled smile as you leaned up and pressed your lips against his, he moaned against your lisp as he quickly pulled your briefs away. You moaned as you felt his tip press against your entrance.

You pushed up your hips making his head enter you with a moan. He pressed his face into the crook of your neck, before pushing in the rest of the way releasing a moan from deep within your chest. You panted as he stretched you. You pushed your hands into his hair grasping it by the root as he stilled.

He tried to concentrate but the feeling of your drove him over the edge. You were wondrously tight, wet and warm. Castiel moaned into eth skin of your neck fearful of moving within you in case he climaxed. He felt you tug at his hair urging your to move making you slowly pull out of you and almost all of the way out.

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He had to think of something, he had had sex once and he had almost forgotten if after it was revealed that she was a reaper. He shook those thoughts from his mind and remembered where he had learned it all from…the pizza man.

He suddenly slammed back into you eliciting a scream from you. You struggled to catch your breath as he hit your G-spot perfectly. Suddenly he pulled himself up and looked down at you with a worried looked, as you tried to come down from the pleasure he just inflicted on you.

“(Y/N) are you ok?” he couldn’t’ help feeling suddenly panicked at the noise you made. You screamed, he hadn’t expected it at all. Had he hurt you? How was he to know if he was doing something right if you were screaming?

You couldn’t stop the breathless laugh escaping your lips as you pulled you panicked lover back down to you. You saw his pupils were constricted as he looked over you. You pressed your lisp to his and smiled against them reassuring him before pulling away slightly to press your lips against his ear.

“If I scream Castiel if means I really like it.” Castiel didn’t need to be told any more as he repeated his movements. You tried to stop yourself from screaming this time but you couldn’t, the feeling of him thrusting in and out of you so violently brought you unspeakably close to your climax that the actual action itself nearly pushed you completely over after the first move.

Castiel felt your nails rake across his scalp and he could contain the moans and prayers that flowed form his lips. Words in both English and enochian poured from his heavenly lips making you arch against him as he hugged your body against his thrusting deeper into you.

“I love you (Y/N).” his rough deep voice coupled with those three wonderful words sent you over the edge. You felt your vision blur as you felt yourself tighten around him. He groaned as his hips stuttered. You gasped and swore as he moaned and sighed. You climax was mutual and one of the best feeling you had ever experienced.

Castiel couldn’t let you go. Not now, not ever, and you were completely fine with that. He slowly rolled onto his side keeping himself inside of you as he held you even tighter. Your check rested against his chest revealing his ecstatic heart beat making you smile. He gently stroked your hair as you lay there, exhausted and with many question to ask each other, but first you needed to give a reply.

“I love you too Castiel.”

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- Daniel didn’t want to be dragged by Shane

- Joey’s closet was elegant and beaded and spacious

- Daniel is the wizard behind the curtain ( Joey is the curtain?)

- Daniel said that Joey kicked ass as a youtuber

- They lived within 50 miles of rah other but never met when they were younger

- Daniel moved to LA last summer and he and Joey met at an event

- Daniel worked with E! And wanted to be a news caster

- Jessie spilt tea (literally) but Jane had a towel (don’t ask why)

- Joey spent news years eve with the ausborns

- Shane’s awesome British accent

- Joey followed Daniel on Twitter and stalked him and Daniel thought Joey was spam

- Jessie dragged Dan and Phil’s outfits

- Daniel called Joey and Daniel sweet

- Underage drinking at vanity fair

- the hottest mess at vidcon was Trevor according to Joey

- Trevor taught Joey how to ride the ‘viner glider’

- Joey has a glimmer of gay magician but Trevor is a gay magician (according to Shane)

- Daniel was scared and wanted To call his Mum at this bad party

- Joey doesn’t like some of Daniels friends because he takes time to warm up to and Daniels friends are loud

- Daniel approves of all of Joey’s close friends

- Daniel and Joey live together

- Daniel said Joey has the biggest heart and is a really sweet person

- Daniel thinks it’s good that they are both very different

- Daniel would have a threesome with Joey and Daniel but Joey wouldn’t unless they weren’t friends

- Daniel said Joey did amazing at the hunger games interview thing

- Joey was on Xanax because he was nervous about interviewing the cast (you probably knew that)

- the boys were the sweetest

- Shane dragged Bethany Mota

- Shane dragged teen choice awards (YES THEY ARE RIGGED GUYS)

- Shane Joey and Daniel did a 'scene’ where they were fighting for Joey (😍😍😍)


- Shane called Janiel the future and Shoey the past

- Daniel asked who brought the lube at the end.


fanfic; joker/harley; suicide squad; harley doesn’t like competition

The music in the club drowned out most things, but not Harley’s agitated tapping of her heels against the polished floor.  

Quit it,” the Joker ordered distractedly, still immersed in his card game. One of the more braver or stupider men playing against him in their high stakes game risked a glance at Harley, but the rest of them resolutely acted like she doesn’t exist.

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